Practicing Doing Nothing!

The energizer bunny went to jail. He was charged with battery.

Sunday morning, and what shall I do?  I placed a call to Mary to see if she was up, and she was.  I got an invite to breakfast.  From unshaven and in my jammies to Mary’s house in forty minutes flat, a new record!

As I knocked on the door, I heard Scout braking that familiar phrase, “Who is going to walk me?”  I said I would, and three seconds later, the harness was in my hands, and Scout was doing the dance of the seven miles; he thinks it is seven miles around the hood.

Mary’s house has a beautiful view from the kitchen and dining room.

Returning home, I could hear Miss Mary banging around in the kitchen; I so wanted to hit the triangle and yell, “Come and get it!”  I controlled myself and just walked into the kitchen slowly with my tongue dragging the ground.  What Mary can do to eggs can only be described as amazing.

When I cook, I know there will be broken yokes with smidgeons of eggshell implanted in the result.  At Mary’s, the meals look like they have been painted onto the plates.  We had eggs, sausage, turkey bacon, potatoes, and a half-bagel toasted.  She even cut up some onions and put it into my eggs. And as if by magic, there was Tabasco sauce by my plate.  She knows the way to my heart!

My job was the morning BM! Being the gentleman I am, I asked Mary, “What would you like with your Bloody Mary?”.  She, being a lady, said, “Anything, try something new!”  Well, Mary will NEVER do that again!

Perhaps I was a little overzealous?

After watching our Sunday morning TV show, it was decided the hot tub was the proper answer to the question! I happened to have my swimsuit in the car from the last time we hot tubbed and having been in the trunk for a week, it was dry!  Some of the silver sequins have fallen off, but nothing was revealed!

I prepared another BM, this time in plastic glasses, and we dove in.  Usually, we stay 30 minutes, but this time it was an hour and a quarter.  We just got to talking about “stuff,” and the time just whizzed away. On our way out we looked like two old prunes!

I asked Mary about the rumor involving Frosty The Snowman!

She would neither confirm nor deny the report!

An Amazon Echo just happened to be in my car, so I set it up to play music, and we tried some of the commands.  Great fun!

The jaws are open and ready to receive!

After the hot tub, Mary got a blast of ice for the back, and she said the back was returning to normal.  In the afternoon, she did wash, and I took a look at the side yard gate, which needed some attention as it does not always lock when it closes.

I took Scout for his nightly walk. It’s tough; it’s five miles round trip, an all of it was uphill!

The portable massage table was set up, and I rubbed her lower back with hot oil to make sure it would be OK to return to work tomorrow.  From all indications, the back is now 90% returned to normal.

We watched some TV, and by 8:00 PM, it was beddy-bye time for us old folks.  I headed home in The Silver Fox, and Mary got ready to crash.  By the time I was home, she was reading her book, which she promised to loan to me, and I was moving wash to the dryer.  It’s Monday tomorrow, and we needed our rest.

We never realized that doing nothing was so tiring, ha!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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