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Does It Ever Stop???

As my amazing mother would often say, “I’m busier than a fart in a whirlwind!” We checked the trap, and Bunny #2 has not visited the cage, even though he has been in the yard several times.  We will get … Continue reading

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Friday Was Busy!

Joe and Bob came over this morning to finish removing and replacing the solar system panels and repairing the attached points. The work went easy for them as they were high on the learning curve. Each attach point was removed … Continue reading

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Thursday Has Arrived!

We were up and moving early and walked in the garden. We enjoy seeing the dew on the leaves and the dew shines like little diamonds on mornings when the Sun is out. Morning is wonderful.  Its only drawback is … Continue reading

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June Gloom Never Went Away Today!

We got up early to clean the house before the house cleaners came!  Go figure. We strolled the garden quickly to check on the wraskilly wabbit activity.   We had our morning coffee by the firepit. The June Gloom was going … Continue reading

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Something Is Wrong; We Have Zero On The Calendar!

I was up at 6:30 am, which was expected, but someone else did not rise until almost 9:00 am.  She got hooked on a movie and didn’t come to bed until midnight. Scientists have finally discovered exactly how much sleep … Continue reading

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We Are Off And Running!

At 6:30 am, I took off for Los Alamitos to meet with the dermatologist.  I arrived early, and he had a cancellation, so I was back in Orange by 8:15 am, just in time for the gym.   While I was … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

We are having family and friends over to celebrate at 11:00 am, so we needed to be up and get things ready!  We called Colleen to thank her for Mary’s Mother’s Day gift; Mary loves frogs! By 10:00 am, we … Continue reading

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We Vegetated Today!

We were not up late last night, but neither of us wanted to move this morning!  We were up early and called Colleen while enjoying our cup of coffee.  We each had a bagel and watched a series called “The … Continue reading

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Celebration Time!

It is Friday morning, and we have a pretty full day, starting with Joe coming over with Bob to repair our solar system, which caused leaks in the roof last winter.  Then, at 8:30 am, we had to head for … Continue reading

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Another Busy Day!

June Gloom has come early this year.  The sky is grey every morning, but by noon, the sky is blue, and the birds are flying backward to see where they have been! May and June are typically the cloudiest months … Continue reading

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