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Thursday And It Is Wet Aain!

We got up late after last night’s adventures!  We walked the garden, and it looked great; the tomatoes were taking off, as well as several other plants. Mary fixed coffee this morning as we were both trying to wake up. … Continue reading

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Wet Wednesday!

It’s wet again!  Another inch is expected today!  Our cleaning staff arrived at 8:25 am, and we departed soon thereafter.  Off to Tustin in The Silver fox so Mary can do her PT.  I went to the burger joint, had … Continue reading

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Tuesday And The Silver Fox Went To The Doctor!

We were up again at oh-dark-thirty as we had to be in Tustin at 9:00 am to drop off The Silver Fox.  He was getting his 35,000-mile checkup, plus he was due for a new set of tires. Our handyman … Continue reading

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Monday Is Here And It Is Dry!

Memories:  Dad Took My Car Apart!  My first car was a new 1962 Chevy Impala Supersport.  I loved that car, and it was a mere $3000!  I drove that car everywhere, and after three years, it had 175,000 miles on … Continue reading

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Sunday; All I Quiet On The Western Front

The day was perfect for working the garden, BUT we had to wait until 10:30 am so it would not be so cold! A broke up one of the two bales of straw and tossed it into Mary’s two-wheeled wheelbarrow.  … Continue reading

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I Am A Bachelor Most Of The Day!

Mary and I worked in the office for a while before she jumped in the shower for her trip to Pasadena for a six-hour CME (Continuing Medical Education) activity.   We decided I should stay home and try to work off … Continue reading

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Friday Has Arrived And It Is NOT Wet!!

We walked the garden, and the tomatoes are going very well; they have doubled in size since we planted them three weeks ago.   We pick off the suckers.  Pruning tomato suckers is often recommended because the resulting new stem competes … Continue reading

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Ronnie Said, “Venus What??”

We walked to the garden, but the patio flowers made us stop and admire them.  They are enjoying all this wet weather.  One of them took a lot of punishment as it blew over three times with all the wind … Continue reading

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Make Up Your Mind; Sunshine Or Rain?

As soon as I got up, I checked the rain gauge. In the past two days, we have received 2.75 inches of new rain! The forecast calls for another 1/4″ of rain today with thunderstorms at 11:00 am. It’s another … Continue reading

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It’s Raining Again!

We stayed at home the entire day although we were supposed to go to Seal Beach for lunch;  we were waived off by Robin.  There was a major accident on the 91, and Robin turned around and decided to work … Continue reading

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