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Hump Day! We Are Off And Running!

Fact: Just over 96% of the total amount of the world’s water is held in its oceans, according to Water in Crisis: A Guide to the World’s Fresh Water Resources via the United States Geological Survey (USGS). However, that’s primarily … Continue reading

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Just Plain Busy!

Fact: Few odors are as pleasing as “new car smell”—and not just because it’s nice to be in a brand new car.  But while the scent may be strangely satisfying, the fact is that it’s pretty much just a combination … Continue reading

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We Had A Full Day!

Fact: Bats always turn left when exiting a cave. We were up at the crack of dawn as we had an appointment at Los Al Medical Center for a pulmonary function test.  We arrived on time and were greeted by a … Continue reading

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Time To Dance!

Research also proves that dancing reduces stress and tension for the mind and body.  National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute studies have shown that dancing also prevents heart disease. In the morning, we worked in the garden, deadheading some of … Continue reading

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More Celebrating; Yeah!

Fact: Birthday cards are extremely popular in the US.  Why so?  That’s because 58% of all cards purchased in the US are birthday cards! Charlie had a birthday, and he asked Mary and I if his friends could come over … Continue reading

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To The Fair!

Fact: The OC Fair has welcomed more than a million guests every summer since 2005 when it first hit its million-person mark.  It was only 21 days then; it’s 23 days now!  See all the pictures from the fair right … Continue reading

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Fact: 90% of U.S. money has cocaine on it.  A study revealed that 90% of the dollars circulating in the economy have cocaine from exposure or drug use.  Traces of cocaine were found to reach 0.006 micrograms (several thousand times … Continue reading

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Mid-Week Already! Happy Birthday Irene!

Fact: Some in Britain still practice an ancient way of celebrating birthdays by placing thimbles and coins in the cake’s batter.  The person who will get the coin will be wealthy, and the one who receives the thimble will never … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Donna!!

Fact:  The most common birth date in the United States, excluding leap years, is 22 May. We adjusted our gym time because we celebrated with Donna and Bob in Laguna.  Colleen visited her mother and met us in Laguna, spending … Continue reading

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Monday, Time To Kick Back!

Fact: There are 32 muscles in a cat’s ear.  This feature is what allows cats to swivel and rotate their ears so that they can pinpoint the source of the noise.  But what’s more incredible is that they can move … Continue reading

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