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Acclimating To Tropical Weather In Florida And Meeting With The “Kids”

We stumbled into the hotel at an ungodly hour, dragged ourselves to our room, and promptly realized the only thing that could revive us from our zombie-like state was breakfast. Brains… I mean, pancakes, please!.  We went to the hotel … Continue reading

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Day Zero (Traveling), We Is Off For The Caribbean!

During our morning stroll through the garden, we greeted every plant and critter like they were old friends.  It’s like our little version of “The Garden of Goodbyes and Hellos.” We visited our flowers since they get little attention during … Continue reading

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Oh my… It was froggy outside this morning but t it is still supposed to be 89 degrees. We stumbled our way to the gym at 8:15 am for an 8:30 pm appointment to have our bodies busted and broken. … Continue reading

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T – Minus Five!

This morning was supposed to be all about packing for our upcoming trip, but we got so engrossed in tending to the garden that we lost track of time! The garden had its own plans for us. We’re juggling preparing … Continue reading

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Monday, T-Minus Six!

We are packing and getting ready to go!  But first, the garden needs some TLC.  We walked into the garden for a few minutes and then headed to the gym to get our muscles pulled, pinched, poked, constricted, contracted, pressed, … Continue reading

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It Was Saturday Yesterday So Today Must Be Sunday!

The sun rose, and so did we. We stumbled into the kitchen for our coffee and convinced ourselves that a five-hour workout was a good idea. The poor little cart named after  Mary got more exercise today than we did, … Continue reading

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It Is Saturday, All Day!!

We had a laid-back day!  We got up and walked in the garden before cleaning up and departing for the Tustin B of  A, Orange County Nursery, doubling back to CVS for a few goodies. So get this: I waltz … Continue reading

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The Smoke Is Waffs Through The Air

We woke up fashionably late today, almost 7:00 am, after our wild partying shenanigans yesterday.  Because of our wonderful family and friends, the kitchen was spotless, and the house was immaculate!  The partying thing was terrific! Scout was in the … Continue reading

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Happy 4th Of July

Happy Birthday, America. May you have many, many more. You can see all the photos on our website! We were up early as we are having company this afternoon and want to be ready! Everyone began showing up at noon … Continue reading

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It’s The Turd Of July!

The day got underway with a quick walk through the garden.  As I was turning the corner, I heard a p-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-t   p-s-s-s-s-s-s-t. I looked around and saw Lizzy sitting on the fence.   Lizzy is like our very own superhero lizard, … Continue reading

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