Thursday Had Arrived; Nothing Scheduled Yet!

I don’t have a beer gut. I have a protective covering for my rock hard abs

Getting organized is a drag!  I bought Microsoft 1Drive a couple of years ago and have 5 TB of storage available so I decided to put all my documents on the 1Drive.  It took me a couple of hours to find/move/organize the documents up into 1Drive.  I found documents I had been looking for for quite a while!

We went to get Sue’s hair cut and I walked to the hardware store, adjacent to the hair salon, and did some shopping.  I purchased ew oil for the air compressor and some liquid to put on wood that goes into the ground and keeps the wood from rotting…I think it is copper sulfate!

When I went back to get Sue her barber said “She is so pretty, you better take her out to lunch!”  The lady was right…Sue is quite beautiful so off we went two doors down to Taco Surf!

We is talking some good groceries here!

While dining, my ol’ trusty iPhone 6s began acting up again…phooey I thought, I’m too old to fight with this phone so after lunch I went ot Cerritos and spent $1500 on a new iPhone 10Max plus AppleCare plus some little “much needed” goodies!  I got a new trackpad, a case for the phone, an adaptor so I can still use my old headphones and something else…I forgot now!  I now have 256 GB of iPhone storage…OMG, what the heck will I do with that???

More learning required!

Home again and Sue is still crashed so I was quiet with the new toys until 4:00 PM when I had to take a shower and get ready for dinner with Mitch!  I got the Apple store goody bag in the house without her seeing them…no, just kidding, she doesn’t care!

We had dinner with Mitch this evening at Old Ranch…it was Italian night so we both added a couple of pounds!  He is doing well,,,two hours no drink and no cigarettes…we are so very proud of him!  If we needed help, we always thought he would come to the rescue so now we have him back in case.  He is a good guys!  Now we have Robin, Joe, Michele, Pete, Mitch, Colleen ready willing and able…kinda nice having great kids!

Back home we decided Gilmore Girls would be a great way to spend the evening so we watched multiple episodes. Yes…tonight was indeed a “tookie night”!

So off t be but alas, my Echo Dot in the garage was playing its little heart away with songs on the 1950’s so, out to the garage I go at 12;30 PM.  I saw a web and decided to take the camera and to my surprise, Mr. Spider was busy as can be!  When I broke the bottom of the web so I could get under it, he ran tot he house and tried to hide.  The derned thing was about 3/4 ” long and had fangs needle sharp ready to bite little ol’ me…I got out of his way pronto!

I “fought” getting the new iPhone whipped into shape which means re-establishing passwords and Blue-Tooth links everywhere but it will be worth it in the long term!  I crashed at midnight!

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Mid Week And We Went To The Theater

This new clock I bought can supposedly speak, but only time will tell.?

Time for some errands!  It is getting cooler so I went out and got a velour blanket.  We have a small one that is 70″ by 50″ but my feet hand out…Bed, Bath, and Beyond had one for a single bed which is perfect for my nap time! Velour or velours is a plush, knitted fabric or textile similar to velvet or velveteen. It is usually made from cotton, but can also be made from synthetic materials such as polyester.

So very soft…..

We are off the South Coast *Repertory, Second Stage.  We have season ticket as the productions are generally quite good.  Greg Leach is going with us this evening so it will be fun all the way to, during, and from!

* Repertory – the performance of various plays, operas, or ballets by a company at regular short intervals

The show began at 7:30…We are in Row 3

Did we say “theater”?  We are off to see “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike “. Summary: In Bucks County, PA, Vanya and Sonia share a country house where they fret endlessly—and amusingly—about their hapless lives. When Masha, their self-absorbed movie-star sister, and her much, much younger boy toy, Spike, visit for the weekend, the entire household gets hilariously upended. Rivalries are rekindled, resentments rage, the housekeeper blurts out strange prophecies and Masha announces she’s selling the house. A tongue-in-cheek homage to Chekhov, this Tony Award-winning comedy was  “deliciously madcap” 90 minutes of enjoyment.

South Coast Repertory presents “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” by Christopher Durang, directed by Bart DeLorenzo. Cast: Tim Bagley (Vanya), Jose Moreno Brooks (Spike), Jenna Cole (Sonia), Svetlana Efremova (Cassandra), Pamela J. Gray (Masha), Lorena Martinez (Nina). Julianne Argyros Stage, September 30 – October 21, 2018

We really enjoyed the play…quite funny and Greg knew one of the actors and had been in a play with her about ywenty years ago!

After getting home we watched a little TV and then crashed.  It was a great evening!  Tomorrow we hope to make the Phoenix Club for the first time in almost a month!

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It’s Tuesday And All Is Well

My wife said that if I don’t get off my computer and get ready to go dancing she’ll slam my head on the keyboard, but I think she’s just jokinfjreoiwjrtwe4to8rkljreun8f4ny84c8y4t5gsnyjjrg35!

Errand day… I headed to the bookstore to keep Sue supplied with reading materials, then tothe wine store to pickup non-alcoholic wine, and finally to the hardware store just to window shop!

After breakfast we went ot the heart doctor to get an OK for the next procedure…all is well.  He reminded us that all the years of smoking are catching up with us…so message to Connor…put down the damned cigarettes!  He didn’t say bacon was bad…just not too much of it!

We do egges first and then bacon…that’s what vegetarians do!

We stayed home all afternoon with Sue reading and me messing around the shop moving some tools around between drawers!  Plus I now have Alexa trained to handle four sets of lights around the house on voice command and they are also on a predefined schedule.

We started watching “The Man in the High Castle” which is a Prime series.  It is pretty good so far. We are just getting to know the characters!  It is a drama and a little ruthless given the war-like attitudes of the Jaqpanese and Germans.  Perhaps a little too close to home…what “could” have been?

Did You Know?  The Man in the High Castle is an American television series depicting a dystopian alternate history. Created by Frank Spotnitz, the series is produced by Amazon Studios, Scott Free Productions, Headline Pictures, Electric Shepherd Productions and Big Light Productions. The series is based on the 1962 novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick. In the alternative 1962, the Axis powers have won World War II and divided the United States into the Greater Nazi Reich, comprising more than half of the eastern part of the continent and the Japanese Pacific States to the west. These territories are separated by a neutral zone that encompasses the Rocky Mountains. The series follows characters whose destinies intertwine after they come into contact with a series of propaganda films that show different histories.

We finished the evening with the Gilmore Girls which is really a good show even with the occasional liberal pot-shots.

As I headed for bed, I remembered all the history classes I took (as a hisotry major) about WWII and the lead-up to the insanity WWII brought on.  It’s scary to watch the left go nuts just like Hitler’s party before he took over.  They need to be taken on and beat back,  We, as a country, need to join together and talk and find the commonality we always had until the socialists took over the Demorat Party.

Enough of thinking about bad things…today was good and tomorrow will be better!

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A New Week; This Is Good!

“I always take life with a grain of salt. Plus, a slice of lemon. And a shot of tequila.”

After getting up and checking the phone, we saw several text messages from the Chartiers (our son-in-law and his bride).  Apparently they really enjoyed Alexa!  Lisa says “Do we have stories to tell you!”.  We can hardly wait!

OK… This was in 2007 but they are still cute!

Today we begin with “Lights, Camera, Action!”.  We are sitting at the dining room table having a bowl of cereal and slam…bam…grind….bzzzz!  What the heck?  I runs to the door, swings it open, and sprints to the front gate only to see our neighbors termite infested tree getting a serious haircut!

Say bye bye to Mr. Tree!
It came down in about two hours and was gone forever!

It’s a good thing that it is gone as over the years, it lost two major branches each of which could have killed someone.  The inside of the tree (the core) was full of varmits (termites, opossums, and alligators) and therefore weakened the limbs to the point any rain or strong breeze would see them drop on their own…hopefully not on anyone or anything!

I had to make a hardware store run and a visit to the wine store so off I go and I was greeted by Christmas…I have yet to have pumpkin pie and Christmas is on the stores…too early!

We did a little work around the house and got ready to go see Dr. Spenser, Sue’s back doctor.  Our appointment was at noon!  The SI joint shot killed the pain for four months as she had the x-ray guided SI joint pain shot on June 12th of this year.

While waiting, I did some reading on the Clinton Foundation…pretty amazing how two lawyers (since disbarred) start out in Arkansas with very little and become multi-millionaires having only government jobs?  Makes one wonder?  If you are going to serve your country, you ought NOT serve yourselves first!  Bring back honesty into the government…drain the swamp!

Oh how very true!

We arrived at the back doctor about 30 minutes ahead of time and therefore got in right on time.  He took one look at Sue and said “Guess it is time for another shot, heh?”.  We have an appointment next week for a visit to Long Beach Memorial Hospital for an out-patient procedure.  He gave us some pain pills in case the pain gets bad…I was honest with him and showed him the pills I had to use last night because of her pain…he was pleased with our honesty.   We are NOT pain killer people!

We returned home and decided to dine on  Tibetan/Neplease/Indian cuisine so off to the Himalayan Grill we went.  We were the only ones there as the shopping center is getting a makeover and only two businesses are open!  As usual, the food was fantastic and the service outstanding!

Malai Kofta showcases vegetable dumplings in a curry sauce and is topped with cilantro. Flavors of India, Tibet and Nepal are featured at Himalayan Grill in Huntington Beach. 

Back home, we both took mini-naps before heading to Melanies/Malarkeys for our standing staff meeting with Irene.  We sat and devoured a very large pretzel, I had two “beers” and Sue had her “wine”.  The sunset was not spectacular but interesting.

We continued with Gilmore Girls…good show…excellent writing!

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Sunday; Be Good To Us!

Indeed: My email password has been hacked. That’s the third time I’ve had to rename the dog.

After three different names, I answer to anything!

It’s Sunday morning but stupid football is on and that screws up KFI 640.  I would not listen to a football game if it was the only thing on the air. Football died for me about two years ago!

So, we have an electronic internet connected thermostat in the house and we get reports.  This one is interesting!  It says in September of tnis year we used a lot less cooling a to a lesser extent heating that the previous year!  Interesting to get the reports!

We are doing good!!

Today is definitely a rest day until 4:00 PM at which time we switched gears and headed for Old Ranch for the monthly dinner dance! Did we say “dinner?”

Bob ordered the ribs and it filled the entire large dinner plate.  I, on the other hand, decided to order “healthy and had an entire swordfish on a burger.  The fries were OUTSTANDING…normally I pass up fries but Arturo told the cooks “make ’em crispy or they are coming right back!”. They were perfect!

We had twenty-eight of us this evening with only the Kuhn’s, Woolston’s,  and Seberns  missing in action!  We danced and chatted and shared all evening.  Great time with friends!

We were happy to see Kathy out and about.  It’s makes us quite happy to have all of our friends together and  truly enjoy each others company!

We headed home at 9:00 PM and we watched some Gilmore Girls.  Sue’s back was beginning to hurt about 10:15 PM so I sent her off to bed.  We finally had to resort to “pain pills” by 11:30 PM as the back was killing her preventing her from sleeping.  Glad we are going to the back doctor in the morning (noon).

I stayed up until about 1:30 AM to make sure she was sound to sleep and that my arrive would not wake her up!  This means I will take a nap tomorrow.

I leave you with a thought…

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After All Night Of Rain…

It’s raining so hard the animals are starting to pair up!

Time for some laughs!  I got up a little early and needed some cheering up.  The Kingfish got the ol’ giggler going…he is about to get rich again off Andy by buying life insurance…what could go wrong here? 

It is still raining…I did a yard walk and everything that is supposed to be dry still is, a good thing!

We had a good breakfast, Sue laid down to rest the back, and I worked on Alexa.  I finally got the intercom to work!  I also learned not to intercom with an Alexa close by or the feedback is deafening!

Speaking about Alexa, Sue and I sent one to Pete and Lisa and this is Pete setting it up!  They called with a lot of frustration but we said keep piddling with it and it will work fine.

I know he was cussing me under his breath!

Lisa called back as was so excited about it!  Pete’s first question was, “What is the weather”?  I am sure they will have a load of fun with it!

It’s noon and we had a great lunch so it is off to the performing arts center to see “The Carol King Story”.  The Carole King Musical tells the inspiring true story of King’s remarkable rise to stardom, from being part of a hit songwriting team with her husband Gerry Goffin, to her relationship with fellow writers and best friends Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann, to becoming one of the most successful solo acts in popular music history. Along the way, she made more than beautiful music, she wrote the soundtrack to a generation

It was one terrific performance!!!

Did You Know? Carole King (born Carol Joan Klein, February 9, 1942) is an American composer and singer-songwriter. She is the most successful female songwriter of the latter half of the 20th century in the USA, having written or co-written 118 pop hits on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1955 and 1999. King also wrote 61 hits that charted in the UK, making her the most successful female songwriter on the UK singles charts between 1952 and 2005.

Carol King in 2012

Homeword bound in a lot of traffic as it is still raining a bit…but, we can see blue sky over in our neck of the woods!

The sky is beginning to dry up!

We decided to stay in this evening and take care of the back so we can go out tomorrow to Old Ranch and meet everyone!  By the time it was 10:30 PM Sue’s back was so sore she was in tears…I finally got her comfortable after using Aspercreme and arranging the bed so she could sleep (we have a Sleep Number bed with all the bells and whistles).  I stayed up until midnight before crashing.

I have not been walking a lot but the machine keeps track daily anyway!

Still managed a mile…better than nothing!

Good night akk!

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Friday Is Here Again!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it uses up three thousand times the memory!

Today was an OK day…we got appointments to see the heart doctor, urologist, and the back doctor so needless to say, next week is full!

With all my heart!

So, I worked in the shop in the morning attempting to fix the garage door magnetic sensor but alas, the damned thing was so small I dropped it, it bounced, and bye bye sensor.  This being 74 sometimes sucks!  So, I went on-line and bought three new sensors…one of them will work and they are big enough that I will not lose it!

Sue teases me about “my shop”…it’s nothing compared to some folks but I have now everything I need and tools to spare! All nicely organized, spare grinding wheels, all bits sharpened and organized, etc.  It is a pleasure to go fix someting now…only if I could see to do it! 

Random Memories:  I remember when I was ten years old, Dad took us to a hardware store and got a set of tools for me.  A hammer, electric drill, brace and bits, screw drivers, pliers, and other things a good “Arkansas Took Kit” would need.  They all fit into a tool box.  To this day, I still have the brace and bits, the tool box, and the electric drill.  Everything else was either lost or wore out after 65 years of use.  I think of my Dad every time I look at the tool box or open the drawer and see the old electric drill.  Oh, what I owuld given to have him come into my shop and show him today’s technology with battery powered saws and grinders, and jig saws and drills.  He owuld certainly be amazed! 

The older I get, the more I miss him and appreciate his wisdom!  Dad passed before Joe was born but I sure would like them to meet for an hour…I think Dad would be proud!

We did in most of Tuesdays Chinese and we have one more meal remaining. Sue has a way of taking the leftovers and freshening them up to taste better than brand new…it’s a gift!

In the afternoon, we watched a movie and I went shopping for goodies at the market…they have the GIANT Blueberries back again.  Guess what? They are from Peru!  Peru is the 4th largest grower of Blueberries i the world.   We, in the US, grow 269,257 tons of Blueberries!

Absolutely delicious…We use them on cereal and ice cream every day!

We are going to miss dancing at the Elks tonight as Sue’s back is not up to the travel and we have a play at Segerstrom Performing Arts Center tomorrow so rest is requited.  We are planning to see “Beautiful” The Carole King Musical”

Tonight we are going to rest but guess what, it is NOT the leaves rustling outside…it’s “raining”…well, kinda sprinkling heavy!  The ground is not yet totally wet (at 7:13PM) but more may be on  the way and we need all we can get! Now (7:32 PM) we are getting thunder and some lightening.

It’s still coming down and occasional flashes of lightening at 11:00 PM.

We got more than expected but we need it all!

We watched some TV and crashed at 11;00 PM after Gilmore Girls and tookies.

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Thursday Was Not So Good

“Everything is going to be alright. Maybe not today, but eventually.”—Unknown

We hung around the house all day today.  I did some playing with the garage door opener switches but that was about it.

We did get an appointment with the urologist so that is moving in the right direction.

we went to lunch with Robin at the Mexican/Caribbean Grill in Seal Beach but they were out of the vegetable tamales so Sue had to settle for the Chile Relleno as that is the only other thing that is vegetarian 

Did You Know? In Mexico, it consists of a stuffed, roasted, fresh poblano pepper (a large and mild chili pepper named after the city of Puebla), sometimes replaced with a Hatch chile, Anaheim, pasilla or even jalapeño chili pepper. In 1858 it was described as a “green chile pepper stuffed with minced meat and coated with eggs”.

In current cuisine, it is typically stuffed with melted cheese, such as queso Chihuahua or queso Oaxaca or with picadillo meat made of diced pork, raisins and nuts, seasoned with canella; covered in an egg batter or simply corn masa flour and fried. Although it is often served in a tomato sauce, the sauces can vary.

Some versions in Mexico use rehydrated dry chiles such as anchos or pasillas.

In the United States, chiles rellenos are usually filled with asadero, asiago,[citation needed] or Monterey Jack cheese, but can also be found with cheddar or other cheeses. The chile is then dipped in an egg batter and either pan-fried or deep-fried. Chiles rellenos are a popular cuisine in the state of New Mexico, where the Hatch chile is revered for its slender (rather than round) shape and medium-to-hot flavor. In the US, rellenos are typically served with red or green chile sauce or mole.

Just when we think all is going well, it is something else.  Sue’s SI joint is acting up (intense pain in the lower back making sitting.walking extremely painful) so she crashed early, about 3:00 PM and slept until 7:00 PM  We watched some TV but my 11:30 the pain was pretty intense.  We called it a “bad” day.  We called it a “bad” day except for the visit with Robin which always makes things better!!

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Over The Hump We Go!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucius.

Today started bright and early in the morning with a smile and an appointment with the carotid surgeon. We avoided breakfast and decided to have lunch with Robin…should have known our 11:15 AM appointment with the doc ended up being at 12:45 AM. We called Robin and did a wave off  until tomorrow for lunch.

Time telling lessons needed! )His morning surgery was like ours, it lasted longer than he expected.

We were supposed to out with Mitch to dinner but we didn’t get out of lunch until 2:00 PM so we waived off dinner tonight.  We will do something this weekend.  

The doctor said “All is well” and that we need to come back in 90 days for another scan of the neck using the ultrasound device to see how the repair is coming.  But, on the bright side, she is clear for the aneurism procedure.  I called and started the ball rolling in that department. Dr. Rayhanabad wished us well…His brother is in charge of the next procedure!

The device sends high-frequency sound waves to the arteries in your neck. The sound waves bounce off the blood vessels and form images or pictures of the insides of the arteries.

We went out for Chinese food after the doctors appointment and didn’t get home until almost 3:00 PM.  Of course we went to Panda Inn as their food is really great and we know most everyone. 

Does Chinese food make you gain weight? Yes, anything can make you fat, but Chinese food with fiber-free rice (very high calorie per oz), fried meats, MSG (yes, there’s a lot) has very little nutritional value. The issue is that you’re getting calories with very little benefit. Plus you are consuming tons of sodium that will make you retain water.

Leftovers can be kept for three to four days in the refrigerator. Be sure to eat them within that time. After that, the risk of food poisoning increases. If you don’t think you’ll be able to eat leftovers within four days, freeze them immediately.

For the most part, I dine on MooShoo vegetables which has no rice….simply vegetables with eggs:

  • 3 Eggs (lightly beaten)
  • 1 Lb Green Beans (trimmed and cut into 2-inch pieces)
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper (cut into thin strips)
  • 2 Cups Napa Cabbage (shredded)
  • 1 Cup Shiitake Mushrooms (sliced thin)
  • 6 Scallions (sliced thin)
  • 2 Cloves Garlic (sliced thin)
  • 1 Cup Bean Sprouts.
I probably like it because it looks like a taco!

After returning home we waited for the cleaning folks who got here at 3:30 PM and I asked that they do the master bedroom/bath first so Sue could rest.  They did and Sue hit the sack at 4:00 PM…at 5:00 PM they departed and I came in deciding to rest…we both woke up at 7:00 PM!

TV and tookies were in order for the rest of the day!

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Just Sittin’ And Waitin’

A couple years ago my therapist told me I had problems letting go of the past!

When will this cold be over I asked myself and myself said “Never”!  I don’t feel bad but the lingering cough is driving me nuts which is not a long drive!

Sue was feeling better, all the bandages are now gone and things are healing up.  

I spent an hour battling with Alexa as she will not open the garage door all the time. I think the problem is the command is “Nexx Garage, so something” and she (Alexa) hears “NEXT garage, …”  So I wrote the app manufacturer about the issue and we will see if that fixes it.

The mailman is now asking how Sue is doing as he delivered so many cards he feels part of the family.  He asked if he could collect limes from under our tree and I told him “Pick all the limes you want…we planted it for our son the Marine and Peter doesn’t hardly drink anymore so we have more than we need” .  He is Pilipino and his wife has many receipts that require limes!

What are they going to make out of me??

Sue and I have been having dessert after lunch, something new for us!  The problem we run out of custard bowls in about four days and have to either wash them by hand or put them in the dish washer.   I came to the rescue, with the help of Amazon!  I placed an order!

I ordered two sets of eight…we now have the world supply and can go 8 days without having to wash dishes…clever,,,until I had to find a place for them!

For some reason, I could not get the memory about the first color TV out of my head.  Many stories came to mind but most vividly were Mom moving the TV and the frat house!

Random Memories:  So I was thinking about the first color TV’s and I distinctly remember when they came to deliver it a technician came to “set it up”. The setup included “degaussing” As the repairman does it, it looks really cool…especially   while the CRT is powered. Kids loved the color effects (but then lock your degaussing coil safely away so they don’t try it on every TV and monitor in the house!).  The technician told Mom, “You should NOT move the TV once this procedure is dine”…that was like a red flag to a bull!

Within a week, Mom had moved the TV all over the Den (we are lucky it was so heavy as we never saw her try to move it up the stairs in the ot the living room! 

With fond memories, I recall the many times I took all the tubes out of the set, labeled them and off to Thrifty Drug Store with burnt fingers to buy a replacement tube (or two).

When I moved into the Chi Phi Fraternity house at USC, I took that old TV…which was still working…and we had the only color TV on Greek Row.

KIds would have no idea what this thing did!  It sure made people buy a lot of tubes…many they probably really didn;t need!

We stayed around the house today just doing piddly little jobs that needed doin’. Tomorrow the vascular surgeon should give her the OK to proceed to the next procedure!

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