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  • Awaiting The Rain After The Theater And Starlighters

    Posted on January 21st, 2017 Paul No comments

    We departed for Seasons 52 at 10:30 AM and arrived right on time.  The Seasons is just a great place to go.  We were met by the General Manager and he escorted us to our regular table and already ordered our bottle of wine.  The service was just great and food fantastic.  Paul did the cup of churizo and kale soup… It sounded  weird but it was amazing.  Paul also did his trout… Seasons has the best in town… Prepared simply with a squeeze of lemon.

    Simple is best

    We drove across the street to the OC Performing Arts Center and saw Matilda.  The musical’s narrative centres on Matilda, a precocious 5-year-old girl with the gift of telekinesis who loves reading, overcomes obstacles caused by her family and school, and helps her teacher to reclaim her life.

    The show was delightful

    We walked across the court yard to The Center Club and had a drink before going to the Starlighter’s Winter Casual at Howard Johnson’s in Fullerton.  We got to visit with both of our favorite bartenders while we waited.

    To Fullerton via every freeway possible!  Seriously!  South on the 405, north on the 55, west on the 5, east on the 57, west on the 91 and getting off at Lemon Street in Fullerton.

    Starlighter’s Winter Casual Dance 2017

    It’s 11:00 and we are on our way home!



  • A Wonderful Day Indeed

    Posted on January 20th, 2017 Paul No comments

    Finally… The liberals are gone!  We did have high hopes that Obama would be a middle of the road don’t rock the boat guy but alas, we was indeed a socialist liberal lying dufus.  So happy he is gone.

    While Trump is not perfect… He is honest and wants to return our country to greatness.


    The best thing… Obama is gone.  Now we need to rid ourselves of the remaining democrats and RINO republicans.  Through them out… Drain tghe swamp!

    We capped off this wonderful day with a Topper’s Dance!

    Great fun with friends

  • Rain Rain Go Away… It Did!

    Posted on January 19th, 2017 Paul No comments

    The forecast stated “rain all day”… We waited and nada… zip… zero!  Paul decided to go for a walk mid morning as the clouds did not look threatening!

    Before the walk, we took pictures of the orchid plant that Jennifer McC gave us.  It is just beautiful!  Thank you Jennifer!

    Our Orchids are blooming again!

    Paul walked for an hour with no breathing problems.  A good thing.  The drainage ditches often gets full when we have heavy rains but this morning is was flowing nicely and all the leaves and dirt were gone to the sea!

    The water was flowing clear

    It had rained about 4:00 AM so the flowers were still wet.  When the sun came out between the clouds, the flowers were beautiful.

    The red flowers were magnificent in the morning dew

    One of Paul’s favorite yards was swamped with water! We needed today to dry out and soak up the standing water.

    The ground was pretty well saturated

    Sue did the treadmill and watched a movie before cleaning up and heading to Patty’s Place for a pre-dance nibble!  The “steak soup” is a weekly special and it was just wonderful!  Check fixed Paul a “hot toddy” and it seemed to work to get the cough under control!

    With Paul’s cough, this came to mind

    Off to the Phoenix Club where we danced in the Pavillion so thank goodness there was no rain!  Connor called us on the way and was home sick… He sounded horrible!

    Lilly visited Disneyland!

    We danced until the place closed and went home to watch TV before crashing.

  • Getting Prepared!

    Posted on January 18th, 2017 Paul No comments

    Yes indeedy doo!

    We woke up this morning and the house was 66 degrees.  We are happy Paul took the brass monkey into the garage last night!  It was 46 degrees outside and the forecast looks wet for the next several days!

    Three storms coming this way

    Thursday thru Monday should be wet… Good for the garden!

  • Easy Day

    Posted on January 17th, 2017 Paul No comments

    Today was “Old Timers Day” meaning we went to the local Taco Surf location and met up with the folks Sue used to work with ten years ago.  We have been gone now about 9 years and 9 months so when someone new comes up, we know the face but the names begin to escape is.  Linda Lane joined us today.  Too bad Robin was on the east coast!

    Can’t miss Taco Surf… Under the Water Tower

    Afterwords, we went home and did some chores around the house including getting ready for the three incoming rainstorms heading this direction.  Later in the afternoon, we stopped by Old Ranch  and met up with Bunnaford.

    Home away home for an evening at the treadmill!

  • Busy Monday!

    Posted on January 16th, 2017 Paul No comments

    Bob and Donna had the day off so we took advantage of the situation and went to Temecula.  Join the fun!  We went to a different set of wineries this time as none of us had anything to pick up since we went on October 18th and got everything!

    Great fun!

    When these two get together….

    Had to giggle about that!

    We visited several new baby dogs, had a nice lunch, and tasted most of the afternoon.  After heading home, we stopped by Kobe Steakhouse for a lite meal before going home to watch the TV.

    Sashimi Salad

    Did You Know? Carpaccio is a dish of raw meat or fish (such as beef, veal, venison, salmon or tuna), thinly sliced or pounded thin and served mainly as an appetizer. It was invented in 1950 by Giuseppe Cipriani from Harry’s Bar in Venice and popularized during the second half of the twentieth century.

    It was named after Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio. The beef was served with lemon, olive oil, and white truffle or Parmesan cheese. Later, the term was extended to dishes containing other raw meats or fish, thinly sliced and served with lemon or vinegar, olive oil, salt and ground pepper.

    Octopus Carpaccio

    Our meal was super!  The sake and wine was perfect! We watched some TV and then hit the sack!

  • Work Day Then Fun!

    Posted on January 15th, 2017 Paul No comments

    We did chores today in preparation for dancing this evening.  Sue did the treadmill and paid the bills while Paul spread a bail of straw beneath the front year and side yard fruit trees.  The straw does such a great job as mulch and actually looks pretty good also!

    Late in the afternoon, we got cleaned up and headed to the Santa Ana Elks for the Jam Session!  It was a good dance.  We sat with the Branders and Donna and Bob so there was banter back and forth all evening.

  • Rested, Dined, Listened

    Posted on January 14th, 2017 Paul No comments

    We spent most of the morning resting for the events of the day!  Paul worked in the garden spreading another bail of straw under the fruit trees and Sue made some magic in the kitchen.

    After the treadmill, we got cleaned up and headed to the Arte Cafe for dinner with Bob and Donna.  We are off to the Cerritos Performing Arts Center to heard Doo Wop III.

    Very affordable and excellent dining

    The program read: Enjoy The Best of Doo-Wop Vol. III when the genre’s icons unite! Jam with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group The Legendary Teenagers (Why Do Fools Fall in Love), The Fleetwoods (Come Softly to Me), and Cleveland Still & The Dubs (Could This Be Magic). The lineup also includes Brian Hyland (Sealed With a Kiss), Jimmy Charles (A Million to One), The Olympics (Western Movies), and The Dukes of Doo-Wop.

    Afterwords we went home and watched some “Last Man Standing” before crasing.

    Did You Know? February 2017 calendar structure will not occur again in your life time; unless you’re related to Methuselah (the progeny of Adam and Eve, who lived to 969 years old).  February 2017 has:

    4 — Sundays,
    4 — Mondays,
    4 — Tuesdays,
    4 — Wednesdays,
    4 — Thursdays,
    4 — Fridays &
    4 — Saturdays.

    This happens once every 823 years.

  • Happy Birthday Amy

    Posted on January 13th, 2017 Paul No comments

    We did lunch with Robin at the Yucatan Grill in Seal Beach.  It was great to see her and catch up on all the latest!  She has about 18 months until she can retire and perhaps move into another field of endeavor.

    Today was also Amy’s birthday and she is out with the girls to celebrate.  We sent her a text and a couple of notes.

    Amy gots a birthday today

    Amy is our daughter-in-law and we are so very happy to have her in the family.  Happy Birthday!

    Amy is just beautiful young lady inside and out!

    Robin met us for lunch and we exchanged the latest.  We had not been to the Yucatan for several weeks and the “shrimp diablo” was outstanding.  The habanero sauce warmed up everything!

    Super to visit with Robin

    After lunch, we went home to do treadmill and then got ready to go to the Elks Lodge to dance the night away!.  Brad and Susie-Q, Justus, was on duty this evening and the music was outstanding!

    Dance lessons in the back of the Elks Lodge

    By 10:00 we were ready to crash.  We went home and watched a little bit of TV before crashing.

  • Slow Wet Day!

    Posted on January 12th, 2017 Paul No comments

    It rained most of the day with a few dry periods lasting 30 minutes at a time.   It was dry enough to plant a new set of shelling peas.  We stayed inside and watched TV and worked on the website for the most part.

    We just enjoyed each others company!

    Late afternoon, we got cleaned up and headed out to Old Ranch for a quick drink before going to the Phoenix Club for dancing.  The rain got fierce about 6:30 coming down in sheer buckets.

    We had Connor join us at the Phoenix Club and that was nice.  It appears as though he is going to be moving to Florida for his work and escape the California tax structure… Can’t blame him although we warned him about the weather in Florida!

    We have had a reserved table for 15 years

    The band was great this evening

    Connor gave us the latest info on his side of the family

    We hung around the Phoenix Club until the band went home.  We watched a little bit of the telly before crashing!


  • Sweet Goodbyes And Cough Meds From Patty’s Place

    Posted on January 11th, 2017 Paul No comments

    Paul took the CD’s over to Dr Gomez first thing this morning.  After returning home, Brian and Jan called and we decided to go to Cucina Enoteca in Newport for our “Goodbye Lunch”…

    They are off to the UK one more time!  We are hoping the damned Obummer Care will go away so people like them can get their insurance reinstated and doctor back meaning the Finch’s will stay in the USA instead of flying back and forth.  After the Obummer Care, their insurance was cancelled and to buy the same thing they had was four times the cost plus a super large deductible!

    Our meal at Cucina Entoeca, as always, was excellent!  Brain and Paul shared a super combination of a Hero Sub with Beef Noodles.  The girls did pizza.  We are sad to see them go but they will be back, hopefully by St. Patrick’s Day!

    Cucina Enoteca… An excellent restaurant in Newport

    The flavored hummus are quite interesting!

    Did You Know? Hummus  is a Levantine and Egyptian food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.  Today, it is popular throughout the Middle East (including Turkey), North Africa (including Morocco), and in Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe. It can be found in most grocery stores in North America.

    Love having the toasted bread with various flavors of hummus

    While at the restaurant, Dr. Gomez called and confirmed his diagnosis of COPD.

    Did You Know? Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a type of obstructive lung disease characterized by long-term poor airflow. The main symptoms include shortness of breath and cough with sputum production. COPD typically worsens over time. Eventually walking up stairs or carrying things will be difficult.

    Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are older terms used for different types of COPD. The term “chronic bronchitis” is still used to define a productive cough that is present for at least three months each year for two years.

    Tobacco smoking is the most common cause of COPD, with a number of other factors such as air pollution and genetics playing a smaller role.

    We are going to visit the doctor again and we plan to take Connor with us!  Our grandson is 20 and is still smoking!  Gonna kick his TLB (Tiny Little Butt) unless he stops smoking now!

    We drove down the beach (PCH) going home and the weather was clearing up after this mornings rain.  The clouds were interesting.

    The clouds were amazing on the way home

    We stopped at Patty’s Place to deliver Chuck a bag of tangerines and Grapefruits.  We stayed for about an hour.  Paul had a cough and Chuck mixed up a “cough syrup” which worked quite well.  It was hot, full of lemon’s and mint and some mild alcoloh!

    Leaving Patty’s Place about 7:30

    We headed home and did the treadmill while watching “Last Man Standing”, “Cheers”, and “NCIS Los Angeles”.  We crashed at midnight.


  • Doctor & Sushi, Huh?

    Posted on January 10th, 2017 Paul No comments

    We started off the day with rain and that was OK as it was pretty mild.  We got ready to go out and see the new pulmonary doctor, Dr. Gomez.  Really a neat guy!  We came prepared with the complete story of the breathing issues and he was amazed we were so prepared.  It did not take him long to understand a) we were engineers and b) we were a well oiled team!

    NOTE FROM PAUL – I am so happy that we are both so interested in each other so much we go to each other’s doctor and listen, participate, prepare and inquire as to what is said.  Being alone, when you are a little nervous already,  often leaves to missing critical questions, getting off track, not being able to recall what the other one knows…  I am blessed with a wonderful partner in life!

    He suggested a complete breathing test which had a fancy name.  It took an hour and Paul never breathed so many ways in his life.  Suck in, blow out… Stop-Start, slow-fast… He was literally seeing stars at the end of the test.  The results was not seen by the doctor but the technician, a beautiful and talented young lady, gave Paul the “thumbs up” meaning nothing appeared to be serious.  She said the bronchial tubes seemed to be  “blocked”… perhaps inflamed… Whatever that means.  The question is, acute or long term?

    Paul’s lung capacity, even after thirty years of smoking (Grandson Connor, listen to this) he was at 87% of normal for a 72 year old.  However, smoking can have a long term effect on the bronchial tubes leaving the ability to fill and exhale significantly reduced.

    The blue main tubes (main bronchial) in the center of the image are “blocked” meaning not allowing full air flow to the lungs.

    We spent about two hours at the office and then ran home to pick up the CAT scan CD’s from the scanning facility (Total Care).  We will drive them over to the doctor tomorrow morning.

    After returning home, we headed to Kobe Steakhouse for dinner.  Paul did the sushi thing and ordered hot saké (rice wine) for Sue to hold in her hands… Works better than gloves.

    DID YOU KNOW – Sake, also spelled saké in English, is a Japanese rice wine made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran. Unlike wine, in which alcohol (ethanol) is produced by fermenting sugar that is naturally present in grapes, sake is produced by a brewing process more like that of beer, where the starch is converted into sugars before being converted to alcohol.

    The brewing process for sake differs from the process for beer in that, for beer, the conversion from starch to sugar and from sugar to alcohol occurs in two discrete steps. Like other rice wines, when sake is brewed, these conversions occur simultaneously. Furthermore, the alcohol content differs between sake, wine, and beer. Wine generally contains 9%–16% ABV, while most beer contains 3%–9%, and undiluted sake contains 18%–20% (although this is often lowered to about 15% by diluting with water prior to bottling).

    Paul was horrible, as usual, and texted these pictures over to Joe, our son, who just loves sushi!

    A rare find – Seven legged octopus?

    The sushi chef, who really likes us, made a little special things called a “wecyou”.  He said it was cream cheese, and shrimp wrapped in butter lettuce.  Looked like we were being watched.   That’s we called it a “We See You”.

    We felt like we were being watched

    Bunnaford dropped by to say hello as she was going to Old Ranch and to text us back and say where she was going would take longer than just dropping by!  That was great as we bought her a good glass of vino and she could only finish half of it…  Guess where the remaining part went?  Yup!  Mixed well with the saké!

    We headed home which is about six winding blocks away and hit the treadmill and watched “Last Man Standing”, “Cheers” and an “NCIS New Orleans” mixed in so we could get our violence fix.  We finally crashed at midnight listening to the pounding rain!  Looks like another wet one tomorrow.

    It was a pretty good day… Blood Panel was perfect, prednisone started, breathing test complete… Just waiting for the results!

  • Visiting The Doctors… Sort Of!

    Posted on January 9th, 2017 Paul No comments

    We are up and at it since Paul  had a 11:15 AM appointment with Dr. Asbill and then off to the dentist for both of us.  The appointment with Dr. Asbill was to verify Paul needed another prescription extension for a heart medicine and it turns out Paul did  not need it… Another pesky pill bites the dust!

    While with Dr. Asbill, we opened up a discussion on the seven month battle with breathing, pneumonia and bronchitis.  He strongly suggested a pulmonary doctor look at all the data.  We followed his suggestion and made arrangements to see Dr. Gomez tomorrow at 2:20 PM.

    Dr. Asbill suggested prednisone immediately followed by a complete blood panel.  His observations was that after listening to Paul’s lungs, he said “Your lungs do not seem happy at all”.

    Dr. Asbill sometimes understates things but he is excellent as he does not jump to conclusions.  He stated “Fighting pneumonia and bronchitis for months without a fever just doesn’t add up!”.  He is very thorough.

    By the time we departed his office, Paul’s coughing was so bad that going to the dentist for a cleaning would have resulted in biting our dentist and we really like Dr. Flemming.  We cancelled out on him and just went home and rested, got the medicine, and stayed home until it was happy hour time.

    To Malarkey’s and beyond!  Irene joined us with Wally and Ghislain.  We will not have Greg for several month’s as he has signed up for an extended AA course called “Big AA”.  Please read about AA in Wikipedia.

    We dined in the bar for a change as the TV’s were turned down pretty low!

    The day was slightly rainy but it had cleared up so the sunset was subdued but interesting.  The many inside lights reflected against the glass giving us an eerie view of the sunset.  We all laughed and giggled and heard about the latest goings on in Paris from Wally and Ghislain’s month long stay in France over the holidays.  The Muslim infestation was pretty bad and people are considering mass deportations.

    The view out the window with the reflections was interesting

    After dinner we headed home and again attacked the treadmill and watched TV until about midnight.  It’s going to be a big day tomorrow with the new doctor and perhaps some answers.

  • Between The Rains!

    Posted on January 8th, 2017 Paul No comments

    Dang… It’s wet and wonderful these days!  Every other day we get rain and it looks and feels so very good! We have been gardening for years and winter time in California is perfect. We have broccoli, lettuce, onions, beets, peas, strawberries, cauliflower, and asparagus in the back yard.

    The front yard is loaded with grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, limes, and apples.  See our mid-January garden.

    Well, it might not be quite that cold!

    We went to our monthly Old Ranch Dinner Dance and had a load of fun.  PAul was still coughing and he didn’t take many pictures.

    We returned home to do the treadmill and watch some TV before crashing.

  • Did We Say Busy Day?

    Posted on January 7th, 2017 Paul No comments

    Lunch at Seasons 52, OC Performing Arts Center, Downtown Disney with Amy and Joe to celebrate Amy’s birthday, and finally to the Garden Grove Elks for dancing.  Yes, we be on the go!

    Seasons 52 was excellent as always!  Paul had the trout which was cooked to perfection!

    Golden Beet Salad at Seasons 52

    The stuff mushrooms we done perfectly.  The stuffing was crab and spinach!

    Escargot was so hot Sue used the plate as a hand warmer

    We headed across the street to the musical “Rent”.  Not for us… It was horrible.  NO story line and the music was classless.  We walked out at the first intermission.  For the life of us, we cannot understand what anyone saw in this  production other than noise.

    We went to Disneyland a little early!

    Brave souls – They went to Small World!

    The kids (Amy and Joe) went alone… Alex and Charlie stayed with Grandma Michele!

    Looked like a scene from “The Birds” at the entrance

    We dined with Amy and Joe at Catal and, as usual, it was excellent! Amy’s birthday is really in another week but we got to celebrate with her early!

    Great fun with family!

    After dinner we went to the Garden Grove Elks to dance to the Grumps of Orange County!  We danced until about 10:00 PM when Paul’s cough began to act up.

    We finished the evening laughing to “Last Man Standing”.

  • Friday… Dance Day

    Posted on January 6th, 2017 Paul No comments

    We decided to go to the Himalayan Grill for lunch and it was terrific.  Love those spices!

    Thukpa finds its origins in the Eastern part of Tibet.

    Afterwords,  we came home and did the treadmill plus watched some TV before going to Old Ranch for a pre-dance cocktail.  We were then off to Garden Grove for an evening with the gang.  Paul’s breathing issue also raised it’s ugly head so we only danced a few before going home about 10:45.

  • Back To “Normal”

    Posted on January 5th, 2017 Paul No comments

    During the day we watched TV and Sue hit the treadmill.  Later on, we cleaned up and went to Old Ranch before going to The Phoenix Club to dance to the Nine Carat Gold  big band.

    Dancing at the Phoenix Club

    We closed the place down departing ay 10:30 for home.  We watched some TV and crashed at 11:35 PM.

  • Bronchitis Go Away

    Posted on January 4th, 2017 Paul No comments

    Damn germs won’t die.  Paul was hacking his head off and we decided to simply take it easy and rest!  The cleaning folks are coming so we had to escape for  few hours.  We had not seen a movie at a theater in a long time, so we went to see “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”. J. K. Rawling’s is a prolific writer!

    We had a glass of vino  at the Japanese restaurant next to the theater prior to the show starting.  We know the bartender fairly well and she said she has been missing us!

    Summary:  The movie was about the adventures of writer Newt Scamander and the New York secret community of witches and wizards.  The movie takes place seventy years before Harry Potter reads the book in school.

    Great movie with lots on entertainment!

    Pretty good movie!  Midway through the movie, the doctor called and put Paul on more antibiotics plus cough medicine with codeine… Perhaps success this time?  After the movie, we dropped by the pharmacy to get the meds and then to home for a few minutes to take the meds!

    Off to Patty’s Place where Paul did a half order of prawn appetizer… Perfect 300 calories!  Sue enjoyed her wine while Paul did orange juice (codeine + driving = no-alcohol).  The prawns were perfectly cooked and the lemons were so very juicy!  Paul was glad he had the chef put the other half of the prawns in a “takeout” box or they would have disappeared!

    Patty’s Place Prawn Appetizer just hit the spot!

    Home away home we departed quite happy!  Sue hit the treadmill while Paul pushed the TV remote and manipulated through the wilds of Netflix.  We watched and laughed to “Last Man Standing”!  It is so funny Sue had to stop the treadmill a couple of times and regain her composure.

    The iPhone vibrated and it was an incoming message… Becca and Lilly had gone to Knott’s and Lilly became “Tiger Lilly”!

    Our own Tiger Lilly

    We crashed with a big smiles on our faces!  Tiger Lilly was the perfect end to a perfect evening!

  • Pasadena Here We Come!

    Posted on January 3rd, 2017 Paul No comments

    Paul started the day with another CT chest scan to try and figure out the bronchitis issue going on!  Paul and the CT Scan Technician are worried that people will talk… We know each other quite well these days!  She says “You again?” and Paul undresses (i.e. takes off his watch and puts away the iPhone). He was done by 8:50 AM and immediately headed for home so the days adventure could begin!

    We are off to Pasadena to see the Rose Parade floats… Our first “journey” of the year.   This year Joanna joined us making it special.  Joanna is employed by the Rose Garden TeaRoom in at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens and has served us for several years.  She is well known by Irene and Greg (both of which stayed home today and did not brave the cold!)

    We departed at 9:00 AM and arrived just before 10:00 AM which was perfect as Joanna joined us within two minutes!  Joanna is a Pasadena local.

    It was indeed a cold Winter morning… In the low 50’s

    The crowds were minimal early on so the walking was pretty easy.  All in all the walking was easy and certainly no dust on the ground as it had rained a couple of days earlier.

    Joanna was hearing things (Click to visit the parade pictures)

    After walking for several hours, we went to Old Town Pasadena and dined at Cafe Santorini which always is a wonderful experience.  The Greek dining experience was outstanding.

    Great fun and time to visit! (Click the picture and visit us)

    After a delightful meal and a super visit with Joanna, we went home and on the way decided to stop at Patty’s Place.  We visited the locals, exchanged serious words with Chuck, and then home for the evening.

    Sue did the treadmill and we watched reruns  of Cheers and Last Man Standing on TV.  Netflix is such an outstanding deal…  No  commercials and bing watching is so very easy!

  • Zip Nada

    Posted on January 1st, 2017 Paul No comments

    The grunge has got us (we both are coughing now) so we stayed inside and did nothing except watch some TV.  At 5:00 PM we went to Old Ranch for Happy Hour and stayed to visit with our friends the MIzer’s. Time to rest and try to get rid of the bronchitus!

    Even though it was an uneventful day, we had a lot to celebrate!  The fourth stooge will soon be gone!  We are often amazed at how such a complete looser could be voted into office.  Even though we did NOT vote for him, we had high hopes he would be OK but his constant lying, socialist leanings, and complete inability was simply horrible.

    The fourth stooge is leaving… YES!

    We returned to Netflix reruns which get our minds off the daily treadmill of life!

  • Finally… 2016 Bites The Dust!

    Posted on December 31st, 2016 Paul No comments

    2017 looks so very good for our battered country… Finally an adult in the leadership role! Even though Paul was “sick” with the bronchitis, we went out to celebrate 2017!

    Only a few more days with the children in charge… Something to be happy about!

    Go Trump

    We rested most of the day and then headed to Santa Ana Elks Lodge to spend a couple of hours celebrating with the gang.  Paul had a hard time breathing so we did not last to midnight at the Elks.   10:30 PM was about it for this New Years!

    The dance band was Nine Carat Gold…. Simply wonderful! Join the fun!

    New Years Eve 2017 at the Santa Ana Elks (Click the picture to join in on the fun)

    We had a wonderful dinner before departing at 10:30 PM.

    The lobster was so juicy you could tear off chunks and eat it with your hands.  It was the best lobster Paul had ever had… ever!  The steak was so tender that a knife was not necessary and we are talking and inch-and-a-half think bacon wrapped delight!

    We managed a smile at New Years Eve 2017 at the Santa Ana Elks (Click the picture  and join us)

    The gang sent us a photo at midnight and we got it as we watched the “rerun” of the ball dropping in New York.  We missed being there but it was better to be resting at home.

    Thoughtful friends wished us Happy New Year in a photo at midnight (Click the picture and join us)

    Everyone had a load of fun including the band who thought dinner was the best they had at any venue in recent history!

    We crashed about 12:30 PM and got ready for another recovery day!

  • Why Us? Paul Catches The Crud!

    Posted on December 30th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Paul was not feeling 100% during our quick trip north but after getting home the breathing became more labored… He decided to go to the doctor!  Looks like bronchitis again!

    More pills and rest.  We had to cancel out our traditional trip to the Mission Inn with the Dudas which was very disappointing. Now we are going to miss a dear friends birthday party this evening.

    Think Healthy

    We planned on staying inside and quiet so we can perhaps go to New Years Event at the Elks!  While Paul was not 100%, it was mostly the bronchitis and a cold combined.   We watched the boob tube and rested!

    Being old is not for the faint of heart!  Paul is fortunate to have his best friend by his side making sure he was headed down the road to recovery!

  • Today Was Cleanup Day!

    Posted on December 29th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Our 1,000 mile trip to the great north was completed and the Porter’s and Hale’s were visited!  Today, we spent the day cleaning up from Christmas.  We wrote our thank-you notes, put away the Christmas clothes and Santa hats, and went to the market to stock up for the weekend.

    In the late afternoon we went to Old Ranch for Happy hour and then we went to Kobe Steakhouse for some sushi and time to rest!

    Of course Paul texted Joe with pictures of the sushi and Joe sent back pictures of their desert campsite.  When Joe was a little guy, we would head to the desert every time we could.

    Brings back memories!

    We know who the smart family member of this family is…  Amy was back at camp in the cozy warm trailer curled up next to the fireplace with a good book.

    Joe, Alex, and Charlie hit the road

    They look pretty good in their desert garb!  Joe (left), Alex (center) and Charlie (right).  They are excellent riders with the flags flying.  By the way, the flags are so other riders can see them as they move through the hilly terrain.

    Everyone had a super time staying for several days enjoying the cool desert and great riding.  No dust on this trip!

    Paul had a little more sushi and some sake before going home and settling in for the evening.

  • Returning The Next Day Via Stockton

    Posted on December 27th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We departed Diane’s at about 10:00 am and after a few miles on the freeway, the iPhone rings!  Oh dear… Paul left the cosmetic bag at Diane’s so we did a one-eighty and headed back!  That was OK as Tom had a doctors appointment near lunch time.

    We visited Aunt Kaye and Cousin Tom in Stockton.  We met them at Strings Italian Restaurant in Lodi and had a great lunch! See the pictures.

    Retracing our steps… Kind of! (Click to see pictures)

    The trip home was uneventful although there was a fair amount of traffic.  It got as low as 37 degrees on the Grapevine but without rain we had no snow.  It was late at night as we came into the LA area so if there was snow on the ground, we missed it.

    We meandered across the city via side streets in Pasadena (courtesy of Paul talking and not paying attention to GPS).  We got home around 10:30 PM and after a drink, we crashed for the evening.

    Almost 1,000 mils in 38 hours plus visiting… We ere both too pooped to pop!

  • Zooming To Saratoga

    Posted on December 26th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Time for a road trip and we are off to see Diane, Pat, Hannah, and Lisa.   we are off like a shot!

    It’s about 450 miles from our home to Saratoga.  We departed at 9:50 AM and arrived there at 6:15 PM as we hit a lot of traffic.  None of the traffic was in LA!

    We only took a few pictures as we have done this trip so many time.  See pictures

    Six hours plus stops including lunch at Andersen’s Split Pea Soup! (Click for the pictures)

    We love Andersen’s but even it was busy today.  Maybe it was due to Christmas being on Sunday?  At Andersen’s there was a line for restaurant seating but Sue decided we would sit at the counter… A stroke of brilliance!  We walked right in, sat right down, we were served immediately and the counter turned out to be very comfortable plus a lot quieter than the booth area!

    The traffic was not heavy but constant for the rest of the trip!  We stopped several times at the rest stops to stretch our legs.  We arrived at Diane’s at 6:15.

    We had a good visit with the Porter’s.  Both Hannah and Lisa were there and the house was full of doggle-barks (doggies).  We stayed up until past 11:00 PM sharing and visiting.

    Saratoga is cold… It got to 33 degrees that evening so we snuggled and shared the heat!

    Tomorrow, we are off to Stockton to see Kaye and Tom.

  • Christmas Dinner At The Panda Inn

    Posted on December 25th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Many of us who are “empty nesters” get together on Christmas Day and celebrate at the local Chinese Restaurant while watching “A Christmas Story”.

    Empty Nester has many definition including kids out of town, kids doing their own things with their families, kids stationed overseas, etc. We celebrate each other! Join the fun!

    We made arrangements to take over the bar so we had private tables for 40 people and we go at 3:00 PM and stay until about 6:00 PM.  We get in between the two rush hours so we get the best staff.  No exception this year!

    Another year to celebrate the season with family and friends (Click to join the fun)

    We watched the movie at least twice and with the table arrangement, everybody walks around and visits each other.  We are so very blessed to have such a wonderful collection of family and friends.

    We are especially blessed to have the Duda’s and Liles’ join the activity and be with our dancing friends.  This year Bunnaford and Tom came by and we had several newbies to the adventure!

    Christmas dinner is just special… Not to mention, not fuss and no muss!

    We quickly pointed this out to the Branders (Click for the pictures)

    While the adults were adulting, Charlie and Alex kept busy creating masterpieces of art and visiting with the “old folks”.

  • Christmas Eve… Disneyland Here We Come

    Posted on December 24th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We did it.  Sue’s 53rd consecutive visit to Disneyland on Christmas Eve! Join the fun!

    Fun with Family

  • Thursday And Christmas Continues It’s Excitement

    Posted on December 22nd, 2016 Paul No comments

    It was raining this morning so we stayed inside.   Paul wired up another Amazon Echo (we have three now)  and Sue puttered doing chores, After lunch Sue did the treadmill.

    We watched “My Christmas Love” from Hallmark Christmas Movie.  Summary: A hopeless romantic who can’t ever seem to give a guy a real chance begins receiving each of the “12 Days of Christmas” as gifts anonymously at her door. As she tries to figure out who is sending the gifts, she begins to believe that the mystery suitor could finally live up to her expectations.

    Remember the Twelve Days Of Christmas

    We then watched “My Christmas Dream”.  Summary:  Christina, the manager of McDougal’s flagship department store, is determined to land the manager position for their new Paris location. She sets out to impress Victoria, the store’s owner, by creating the best holiday display in McDougal’s history. Fresh out of inspiration despite assuring Victoria otherwise, Christina turns to a recently-fired store employee who also happens to be a talented artist and single dad to his young son.

    We then went to Old Ranch for some Happy Hour before going to Kobe for dinner. We sat with the Burns the Catheys, the Sanders, and others who popped in and out.  It’s wonderful to have such good friends that we can visit and share with.

    Did we say Kobe?  It was cool outside and Sue’s hands were freezing… Paul to the rescue… Oh how Paul suffers to make Sue Happy… He had…HAD… to order hot sake!

    Japanese Hand Warmer…. Actually Hot Sake

    We know the sushi chef’s pretty well and they always make a little something special for Paul.  This was  salmon wrapped around scallops with a jalapeno topping. Nummy Nummy!

    A gift from our chef… Beautiful

    Paul had to dine on octopus!  It is delicious!

    Love the octopus… This was cooked perfectly!

    We watched another Christmas movie from Hallmark entitled “My Christmas Dream”.  We are just simply romantics…  Love the Hallmark Channel!  It’s nice to have quality TV available!

    My Christmas Dream

    Summary: Christina Masters (McKellar), the manager of McDougal’s flagship department store, is determined to land the manager position for their new Paris location. She sets out to impress Victoria (Hall), the store’s owner, by creating the best holiday display in McDougal’s history. Fresh out of inspiration despite assuring Victoria otherwise, Christina turns to a recently-fired store employee (Haydn-Jones) who also happens to be a talented artist and single dad to his young son. As they work side-by-side, the business relationship becomes personal and she finds herself falling in love. Will the allure of her dream be too strong or will she choose to follow her heart?

    We ended up the evening watching two episodes of Cheers before crashing for the night!

  • A Restful Day.. Preparing For The Weekend

    Posted on December 21st, 2016 Paul No comments

    It awesome to have such a wonderful grandson!  Paul bought a Honeywell wireless thermostat but got a little nervous about wiring it up.  One call to Zachary and he was on his way.  We worked together for two hours and voila, we can control our heater/air conditioning from anywhere in the world!

    Thank You Zachary!

    We rested today and in the last afternoon went to Old Ranch for a cocktail before heading to the Center Club (adjacent to the OC Performing arts Center).

    At 7:00 PM we walked a few feet to see “Elf”… Frankly it was a great disappointment.

    Elf The Musical

    Entrance to the Center Club

    Entrance to the Center Club

    Spicy! Taco Soup

    Driving home in the rain

    We returned back to the Center Club after the musical. We got home about 11:45 PM so we just crashed.

  • Celebration Day!

    Posted on December 20th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Paul got out and walked for an hour this morning.  It was really needed! Join the walk and a few snaps.

    Run Run Reindeer

    We rested most of the day to get prepared for a busy evening.  We did our annual Naples walk this evening starting at the Himalayan Grill in Sunset Beach.  We then went to Naples and walked for a while before returning to Sunset Beach and That’s Amore Italian Restaurant.  Please join the fun!

    We love our family!

    Having family and friends nearby is a very special thing.  We miss you Colleen and wish you were back in California.

    Watching our family is very entertaining and rewarding

    We got home about 11:00 and just totally enjoyed the evening.

  • Temecula…Malarkey’s…Hallmark

    Posted on December 19th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We are off early and heading towards Tececula to do some tasting and more pickup of wines from our clubs.  We went with the Finch’s while Ed and Kathy went in their own car.  We dined at Falkner and the food was, as usual, outstanding!

    Europa is coming along nicely

    After Temecula we went VFR to Malarkey’s for the Monday evening Happy Hour!

    David joined us at Malarkey’s

    We enjoyed out time there but needed to head for home to do the treadmill.

    Just us!

    Hallmark Christmas Movie entitled “Sleigh Bells Ring”.  Summary: Recently divorced, Pauline struggles to get into the holiday spirit while heading up her hometown Christmas parade. With the help of a Christmas sleigh and a handsome woodworker, Pauline is destined to turn her luck around, rekindle her holiday spirit and even find time for love.

    Nice message

    Gluttons for punishment, we wathed another on entitled “A Perfect Christmas”.  Summary: “A Perfect Christmas” follows a newlywed couple celebrating their first Christmas together. They invite their families to join them for the holidays, but when Steve (Dillon Casey) is laid off just before Christmas and Cynthia (Susie Abromeit) discovers she’s pregnant, they both keep their news secret in hopes that the celebration runs smoothly.

    Family fun and messaging

    Time to crash!

  • Slow Sunday? Nope!

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    It’s Sunday… Time to join Bob and Donna for a Marriott Long Beach Airport brunch!  Yummy and two hours to share… Quality time.

    Bob and Donna departed for Chrsitmas shopping and we went home for 30 seconds before going ot the Cerritos Performing Arts Center to see the “Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain”!  It was an amazing experience… How everything from Bach to the Beatles can come out of eight ukuleles is amazing.

    Amazing sounds from UkelelesAfter the ukulele’s, we went to the the Santa Ana Elks for the monthly Jam Session!  We had a little food and then danced for several hours.  We closed the place down this evening as we chatted with Conrad and Jan M. for 45 minutes afterwords.

    Fun with friends

    We got tome about 10:30 and watched “White Christmas”.  We had NO idea is was going to be two hours long so we poured ourselves into bed about 12:45!

    Bringing back memories!

    The thud you hear is us…

  • Engine Room! Take Us To Warp Seven!

    Posted on December 17th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Off we go into a whirlwind!  We began with a great lunch at Seasons 52 where Paul, as usual, did the trout!  Marianne and Craig joined us for lunch before we went across the street to the OC Performing Arts Center to see “The Nutcracker”.  A cast of more than 100 performers took audiences on a dreamlike adventure, amid colorful, larger-than-life scenery, dancing toy soldiers, mischievous mice, sparkling snowflakes, and a glittering Christmas tree!  The ballet began at 2:00 and was over about 4:30.  We tried the Center Club but there were not open yet.

    Ballet At The Nutcracker

    From one venue to another… and so different! We went to the Fullerton Elks and saw “The Alley Cats!”  Amazing. Join the fun!

    Having fun at the Fullerton Elks

    The Alley Cats had brand new Christmas Suits from!  We ordered one for Del!

    Del models an Alley Cats Christmas suit for us!

    Time to go home and relax… Tomorrow is another whirlwind day!

  • Happy Birthday Paul & Topper’s Mistletoe Ball

    Posted on December 16th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We rested up today as the weekend is going to be so busy and it is Paul’s birthday!

    We watched a Hallmark Movie entitled “Broadcasting Christmas”.  Summary:  When her on-air partner decides to depart America’s favorite morning show, Veronika Daniels announces that she will be choosing her new co-host from a handful of candidates that includes Charlie Fisher, a local NY newscaster who is the son of a broadcasting legend. However, when Emily Morgan, a human interest reporter for the local Connecticut station, makes an impassioned on-air plea to be considered for the job, the game changes for everyone as video of Emily’s declaration goes viral and the network brass decide to put her in the running. Veronika delights in the healthy competition she sees brewing, and encourages the candidates to bring their A game in the segments and stories they do between now and the Christmas Day Telethon, when she will announce her choice. As the competition narrows, and it becomes clear that either Charlie or Emily are going to get the job, they begin to rediscover a spark between them that started long ago.

    Another wonderful Hallmark movie for the holidays

    We got cleaned up and went to Old Ranch where Bunnaford and Teri bought a Birthday Day drink for Paul.  We had to go in our Tuxedo and Gown as we were on our way to Topper’s.  Off we go to Topper’s Mistletoe Ball!

    Great fun and 80 people this evening.  Come join the fun!

    Eighty hearty souls danced the cold of the evening away!

    The Christmas People

  • Big Day For Cyndy!

    Posted on December 15th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Our dear friends Bob and Donna have a daughter who decided to become a nurse.  That’s a load of work but she is a go-getter so off she went two years ago. She worked hard for the past three years and volia, the day is here.

    Cyndy got her nursing pin today meaning she is now a nurse!  The activities started at 10:00 AM meaning we departed at 8:30 AM because of the expected traffic.  Her family and friends made the trek to downtown Los Angeles to participate in the Pinning Ceremony which was held in the Wellness Center of LA-USC’s original hospital… The same one Paul was born in 72 years earlier. Please join the fun

    Celebrating a great event – Cyndy is a nurse!

    Afterwords, we celebrated at the Border Grille.  Join the tun!

    We all celebrated!

    We departed in the rain and went VFR to home to freshen up a bit before going to Cerritos Performing Arts Center to see the Donny and Marie Christmas Show.

    Superstar siblings Donny (59) and Marie Osmond (57)  deliver a family-friendly show filled with dancing, humor, holiday tunes, and their hit songs, including Puppy Love, Paper Roses, Morning Side of the Mountain, Soldier of Love, and the No. One A Beautiful Life. The Osmonds “look great, sound terrific and move like pros.

    High energy was an understatement

    We headed for home and watched the last episode of Star Trek Enterprise… It was a disappointment!

  • Dining Out & Dining Out

    Posted on December 14th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Our cleaning service comes on wednesdays which was today so we had to leave about 11:00 AM.  We decided to try a new Italian Restaurant in Seal Beach next to O’Malley’s on Main Street.  It was excellent!  We then did some chores… We needed new buttons for Sue’s Christmas sweater so we went to Joann’s in Huntington Beach.

    We returned home for a while and then decided to go to Kobe Steakouse.

    Octopus for the first course

    Paul had to text Son Joseph and let him know we were doing sushi… Poor guy was at Chucky Cheese… Ewe!

    Course #2 – Tuna Sushi with Jalapeno

    Finnaly, the piece de resistance…

    Fresh Sushi!

    Paul had a large hot saki (white rice wine) which was perfect for this cool winter day!  We then headed home to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie entitled “Love You Like Christmas”.  PAul worke don the website with the laptop and Sue did the treadmill!

    Summary:  Maddie, a high-powered marketing executive, is on her way to a client’s wedding but her plans are derailed by car trouble. When a fork in the road leads her to Christmas Valley, a town in love with Christmas, an unexpected encounter and a group of strangers that start to feel like family will have her questioning what she’s really been missing in life.

    Getting to know the country life

    After the movie, we watched the last episodes of Star Trek Enterptise.


  • Slow Day/Quick Evening

    Posted on December 13th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We stayed home today and did some chores.  Sue hit the treadmill and we watched a Hallmark Movie entitled “A Journey Back To Christmas”.

    Summary: A WWII era nurse is transported in time to 2016 and meets a man who helps her discover the bonds of family and that the true meaning of Christmas is timeless.

    Bringing back the 1940’s

    We got cleaned up and went to a reunion of the Boeing group Paul was involved with before retiring in 2006.  We met at the local El Torito Mexican Restaurant.  Please join the fun!

    Having fun with friends

    We departed and went to Patty’s place to visit the locals.  Great fun!  Finally, home and to the dining room table and watched the second to last episode of Star Trek Enterprise and an episode of Cheers.


  • We Slowed Down Today… Sort Of!

    Posted on December 12th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We paid bills, planned the week, and did the treadmill before going to Malarkey’s for Happy Hour.

    While doing the treadmill, we watched a Hallmark Christmas Move entitled “Find Father Christmas”.  Summary: Christmas for Miranda is a painful reminder of the family she never had. Her mother died when she was young, never revealing the identity of her father. But, three days before Christmas, she unexpectedly receives a clue as to the whereabouts that takes her to a beautiful New England town where she meets Ian, a young man who helps with her search. As the clues lead to her father’s identity and Miranda discovers the possibility of love in Ian, and she learns that her father lived in the small town and now she knows his family (her brother and her biological father’s wife). She faces a terrible decision… Should she share the truth and risk losing the family she has just found, or leave and keep the secret forever? This Christmas promises to be life-changing for Miranda with a new chance at life and love.” Starring Wendy Malick, Erin Krakow and Niall Matter.

    “Finding Father Christmas”

    We went to Happy Hour at Malarkey’s with David, Greg and Irene and had a ball.  It is always amazing to us how we can sit at a table for a couple of hours once a week for years and enjoy the company… Never at a a loss for words…  Just plain fun!

    Sunset at the beach!

    Wee returned home to watch another Hallmark Movie Channel Christmas movie entitled “Operation Santa”.  Sue did some more treadmill.

    Summary:  As her new romance blossoms, a single mother is dismayed when her boyfriend, a military sergeant, is deployed right before Christmas. Determined to not let it ruin the holidays for her and her children they decide to give back to the struggling military families on his base and, as their efforts go viral, they are rewarded in ways they never imagined. Stars Tricia Helfer and Marc Blucas.

    Great movie

    When the movie was over we watched Madam Secretary and then Star Trek before calling it a day!

  • Another Busy Day

    Posted on December 11th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We began with the Old Ranch Santa Brunch which was special because we got to visit with our Son Joe, his amazing wife Amy and the varmints… Charlie and Alex. Join the fun!

    Simply a joy to be with!

    After the brunch, we went home for a few minutes, changed and came back to Old Ranch for our monthly Dinner Dance.

  • The Big Day Is Here

    Posted on December 10th, 2016 Paul 1 comment

    The big event of the season… We took one hundred family and friends to the annual Candlelight Dinner Theater Christmas Play in Claremont.  We began this tradition 30 years ago with just the two of us and over the years we added people and now we have 100.  As a side note, this year was Robin’s 23rd year going to the play with us!  She started four years before Grandson Nick came along!  Wow!  Please join the fun!

    Just a fantastic day with family and friends

    After returning to Old Ranch, we hung around for a cocktail with several of the folks and then headed to the GG Elks for an evening on dancing and cavorting! Join the post play fun!

    Yeah Yeah The gangs all here!

    We were ready for more festivities… Garden Grove Elks here we come!

    Merry Christmas all!

    After returning home, we watched a Hallmark Christmas Movie entitled “I’m Not Ready For Christmas”.    Summary: Holly’s world is turned upside down when she suddenly finds that she can no longer lie – thanks to her niece Anna’s wish to Santa Claus. As Holly’s career and love life go into disarray when her lies catch up with her, she must learn to judge between the truth and what is right. Stars Alicia Witt, George Stults and Dan Lauria.

    Santa makes it all happen!

    No Star Trek tonight…  We are too pooped to pop!

  • Slow Day… For Us

    Posted on December 9th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We stayed close to home only going out during the day to the market. We were resting up for “the big day” on Saturday!

    After the market, we headed for Old Ranch and met up with the Cathey’s and Bunnaford.  We giggled and laughed for a while before going to the Garden Grove Elks Lodge.  We had a good evening dancing and sharing with friends!

  • Movies And 1000 Lightes

    Posted on December 8th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We watched two Hallmark Christmas movies today.  We first watched “A Crown For Christmas“. After getting fired from her job as a maid at a ritzy New York hotel, Allie reluctantly accepts a temp gig as the governess to a young girl who is part of a powerful family in Europe that lives in an actual castle.

    Pure magic

    We then watched “Christmas Visitor“. The film concerns the story of the Boyajian family, who have not celebrated Christmas in 11 years, since their son John was killed on Christmas Day 1991 during the Gulf War. With their daughter Jeanie potentially facing a life-threatening illness, George decides they should once again celebrate Christmas; however, Carol adamantly refuses.

    George heads to watch over the town’s veterans memorial and is accosted by several teenage punks, who are scared off by “Matthew”, a hitchhiker passing through town. As Matthew and George talk, Matthew claims to be a Gulf veteran who is the same age as John and served in the same regiment as John, although the two did not apparently know each other.

    George invites Matthew to spend Christmas with his family, asking him to tell his wife and daughter that he knew John while they served together. George’s ultimate plan is to get the family to once again celebrate Christmas, which works. But as Matthew makes up stories about himself and John, George begins to wonder about Matthew’s true identity when his stories include details that only John would have known (including a notable surgical scar from an athletic injury).

    At the end, it is revealed that Matthew is actually John  making a supernatural visit (by revealing the scar mentioned earlier) in order to restore the family’s Christmas spirit.

    A supernatural visitors

    Off to Sherman Gardens we go to see “Night Of 1000 Lights”.  We had a load of fun.  Please join us!

    Love those lights

    Upon returning home, we watched Star Trek before crashing about 11:30.


  • Golf And Happy Hour + Christmas Move = Fun!

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    Today was December 7th and we did stop and remember what happened 75 years ago today!

    We will NEVER forget

    We played golf again today and had a great time even though is was pretty old… In the low 60’s.

    Batting the ball!

    The crazy pelicans were discussing dinner options… We could hear them!

    The goofy pelicans

    It was dark when we departed for home to change and go to the Starlighter’s Board meeting in Santa Ana.

    As we departed for the Zaitz

    Fun with friends… Well, fun may be an overstatement.  We did our board member obligation before heading for home and a Christmas movie.

    Another great movie from Hallmark: December Bride

    Hallmark Christmas Movie: December Bride – Aspiring interior designer Layla is dreading the Christmastime wedding of her cousin who’s marrying Layla’s ex-fiancé. Although Seth is the one responsible for introducing the bride and groom, she begrudgingly accepts his offer to be her date as she’s out of options. Seth gets carried away at the reception and announces they’re engaged, forcing a mortified Layla to keep up the pretense.

    We ended up watching Star Trek solve the difficulties of the universe before crashing at 11:30 PM.

  • Golf/Happy Hour/Patty’s – A Perfect Day!

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    We played nine holes of golf at Old Ranch and Paul did a “selfie” showing his Santa golf attire!

    Santa plays golf...

    Santa plays golf…

    After golf we went to Happy Hour before going to Patty’s Place for a drink and dinner.  Upon returning home, it was too late for the treadmill so we caught up on the latest NCIS episodes. Then off to the dinning room and the little computer  to watch Star Trek!  We are now at Season 4 Episode 12 “Babel One”… Only twelve more episodes to go!

  • Happy Birthday Robin!

    Posted on December 5th, 2016 Paul No comments

    TRADITION!  Yes… It is Robin’s Birthday and we are off to Disneyland and Catal.  Sue and Paul stopped at Catal first and waited for the Duda’s.  Of course we had a small little drink!  By the time we all got together it was about 2:30 PM or so.  We went to the Downtown Disney Grand Californian Hotel and  saw the HUGE gingerbread house before going into California Adventure. Join the fun!

    The gingerbread house was humungus!  Six feet tall with windows that lit up and lots of details!

    Having Fun With Family

    Having Fun With Family

    We grabbed a seat by the tree and a nice gentleman took the shot! Paul was informed that the vote also said we must ride the Ferris Wheel in California Adventure…. Paul’s face went pale!

    Sit! Stay!

    Sit! Stay!

    We then walked into California Adventure (Bob and Nick was dragging Paul)  and went VFR to  the Ferris wheel which is Paul’s favorite high altitude torture device (maybe not really).

    They look so happy when it is 1,876 feet straight down!

    How can they look so happy when it is 1,876 feet straight down!

    Paul managed a smile but did not show his hands which had all his fingers crossed for good luck and a safe landing!

    Sue did it again! She got Paul into that death trap!

    Sue did it again! She got Paul into that death trap!

    We made it back to Terra Firma and Paul kissed the ground, missing some chewing gum by mere inches, and then we departed for Catal to celebrate!

    Full tummies and a weeks supply of laughs and giggles!

    Full tummies and a weeks supply of laughs and giggles!

    We headed for home and watched a Hallmark Christmas movie entitled “A Wish For Christmas”.

    Hallmark 2016 Christmas Movie: A Wish For Christmas – Sara Shaw is the type of woman who prefers to sit on the sidelines at work, but when her big idea for a Christmas initiative is stolen, she makes a wish to Santa that she’ll finally have the courage to stand up for herself. Santa grants her wish, but only gives her 48 hours. As the clock ticks, Sara will discover how to channel the Christmas magic and speak her mind all on her own.

    Simply delightful movies to make one feel warm and fuzzy

    Simply delightful movies to make one feel warm and fuzzy

    Then back to reality… Star Trek!  We are winning the battle!

  • Sunday Was More Fun Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

    Posted on December 4th, 2016 Paul No comments

    First things first… To the Rossmoor Lady’s Club Christmas Home Tour!  We saw five homes and it was interesting to see how homes diverge from their originals.

    Great fun!

    Great fun!

    We got a lot of practice using the map!

    We got a lot of practice using the map!

    After the home tour, we went to Old Ranch for a drink and then back to our home to pick up Jan and Brian.  We are going to dinner at The Arte Cafe before going to see the Irish Tenors!  We really enjoyed the Arte Cafe as their food is super.  Brian and Paul had their special which was  Chilean Sea Bass and it was terrific!

    Wonder dining

    Wonderful  dining

    We drove over to the Cerritos Center For The Performing Arts  to see The Irish Tenors.  The guys were magnificent with the first half being classical Irish Christmas songs and the second half was newer favorites.  They ended with GOD BLESS AMERICA and the entire room was standing up and singing.

    Friends attend the play

    Friends attend the concert

    We had seats in the second row.

    Magnificent sounds...

    Magnificent sounds…

    We departed for home and watched some TV before crashing for the evening.

  • It Was An All Day Day!

    Posted on December 3rd, 2016 Paul No comments

    Huh?  Well. we departed home at 11:00 AM and returned at midnight! First we went to Seasons’s 52 for lunch and then across the street to see a Christmas Carol for our 28th time!  Join the fun with family!

    Special moments with family

    Special moments with family

    We could not take pictures during the play so Paul ripped off a couple just before the curtain went up!

    We are getting ready for the show

    We are getting ready for the show

    Joe and family sat one row in front of us.


    Another wonderful production of “A Christmas Carol”

    We then headed home to change into formal wear and go to LAX for a dinner dance.

  • All Is Well The Hats Were Found!

    Posted on December 2nd, 2016 Paul No comments

    Today began with Sue going to the hair salon to get a trim.  Paul dropped her off and went back home to look for the Santa hats.  After the trim, we went to the Himalayan Grill for a great lunch and to make reservations for the 20th…  The celebration of Paul’s birthday and the walk through Naples.

    We thought we would have to cancel Christmas as Paul could NOT find his twenty Santa Hats!  He worked outside for two hours going through each of the 60 Christmas storage boxes and zip, nada!  No Hats!  So, Paul finally went in the house and looked in the closet. (OK, Sue suggested that earlier) What is this “wine box” at the bottom of the closet?  DANG… There they were in all their glory…the missing hats! Christmas can proceed on schedule!

    We got all cleaned up and went to Old Ranch for a drink about 5:00 PM before going to Santa Ana…  Good move as we were late to Santa Ana but got a GREAT table on the dance floor.  Join the  fun.

    Donna dropped by the table and grabbed Paul’s hat so she could look like Santa.

    Welcome to the Santa Ana Elks Christmas Tree Lane 12/2/2016

    Perhaps a dwarf Santa or deranged Elf?

    Paul, delivering one of his well known zingers, informed her  it was NOT a hat… It was his thong!


    Oops! (p.s. The picture above is NOT Paul)

    Needless to say the thong was tossed across the table and Paul got the “Mom look” from Donna and Sue.

    Paul is in hot water.... again!

    Paul is in hot water…. again!

    We also relived the great sushi adventure with Brian and Jan.

    Jan may never forgive Paul

    Jan may never forgive Paul

    We departed for home about 10:00 PM and watched some Star Trek before crashing…  Tomorrow is a BIG day!


  • To The Huntington

    Posted on December 1st, 2016 Paul No comments

    We went to the Huntington Library with Brian and Jan Finch.  We saw NASA’s Orbit Pavillion and it was quite interesting. Apparently some musicians looked at the missions of the satellites and developed “sounds” for that particular mission so when the satellites are overhead, the music is played form any of 24 speakers located on the inside of the sphere. Join the fun!

    Listen to the sounds of the Earth Observing Satellites

    Listen to the sounds of the Earth Observing Satellites

    While walking through the gardens Brian and Paul stumbled up the “sausage tree” and our thoughts immediately went to Hans!


    We the took a walk through the cactus gardens and then to the Tea Room for an “High Tea”.  we ate little goodies until we were ready to bust!

    Brian attempts to figure out the menu!

    Brian attempts to figure out the menu!

    We walked the Japanese and Chinese gardens before heading for home and sushi!  Brian attacks the sake and sushi!  Great fun for all.

    Oh oh....

    Oh oh….

    We then headed for home to watch a Hallmark 2016 Christmas Movie called “A Christmas Melody” before watching Star Trek.

    “A Christmas Melody” revolves around Kristin (Lacey Chabert), a beautiful, stylish divorcee who is a talented clothing designer and her young daughter. Kristin has just had to close her small Manhattan boutique to return to her Ohio home town and live in her parents’ former home. It’s an adjustment for Kristin and Emily – especially when she runs into her former high school rival Melissa (Mariah Carey). Melissa is president of the PTA and tries to make Kristen feel as unwelcome as possible. Kristen and Emily struggle to find their new normal with the help of the music teacher Danny (Brennan Elliott) and Kristin’s Aunt Sarah (Kathy Najimy), the local coffee shop owner. With a little holiday magic and music, Kristin and Emily find that home is where the heart is.

    Cute movie...

    Cute movie…

    OK Star Trek… Here we come!

  • Great Last Day Of November

    Posted on November 30th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We stayed near the house most of the day as Paul thought he was getting a bug but that was not the case.  we went to the nursery about 2:30 to pick up some new vegetables.  The derned sow bugs got to several baby veggies and we did not see them under the mulch until it was too late.  The bugs are now gone and we are ready to replace the plants.

    Old Ranch is decorated for Christmas

    Old Ranch is decorated for Christmas

    We stopped by Old Ranch for a glass of wine before going home.  At 5:00 we headed to La Mirada to stop at Mr. V’s before going to Charlie’s and Alex’s Whittier Christian Christmas Play held at the La Mirada Performing Arts Center.

    Mr. V;s had interesting beers

    Mr. V’s had interesting beers and the service was OUTSTANDING!

    While we did not expect anything special it was an amazing production.  Probably 100+ kids all in the K-6 grades did AMAZING.  We found ourselves toe tapping and applauding all the time!  Even the first grade violin serenade was good.

    Charlie, Alex, and their cheering section after the play!

    Charlie, Alex, and their cheering section after the play!



  • Golf, Patty’s And A Movie

    Posted on November 29th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Paul hit the sidewalk today for an hour plus.  He did not take a lot of pictures as we are waiting for December 1st to get here.

    Chugging right down the avenue

    Chugging right down the avenue

    The walk was great as Paul spotted many pictures when the ol’ trusty Canon comes out on December 1st!

    Definitely winter time in Los Angeles

    Definitely winter time in Los Angeles

    We then had a great lunch of veggie sausage and Theden’s sauerkraut!  Fantastic!  Now it is off to Old Ranch for nine holes of golf!  We had fun batting that silly ball around.  We did some happy house before going home to change!  Change, you ask?  Of course, we went to Patty’ Place to deliver grapegruit to Chuck and receive a Christmas gift basket from he and his bride!

    Home Jeeves…. Time for the treadmill and a Hallmark 2016 Christmas Movie! Thank you Hallmark!  We watched “Just In Time For Christmas”.

    Plot Summary: Lindsay has to make a tough decision: stay in her small hometown and marry longtime beau Jason, or accept a once-in-a-lifetime job teaching at an Ivy League college thousands of miles away. Fortunately, a magical messenger gives her a priceless Christmastime gift: Lindsay is instantly transported three years into the future, so she’ll be able to make the decision today that will be best for her future. Stars Eloise Mumford, Michael Stahl-David, William Shatner and Christopher Lloyd.

    Just In Time For Christmas

    Just In Time For Christmas

    We then hit the last episode of Season Three of Star Trek…  It’s been a wild ride!

  • Monday And We Know What That Means

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    One more time around the block for Paul.  An hour walk revealed new decorations everywhere!  After returning home and having lunch we went to the market and then headed to Malarkey’s Irish Pub for our Happy Hour!

    We had crazy Greg, the Finch’s and the Rodecker’s.  Irene was playing in the snow today!


    The sunset was just “OK” today as the clouds seemed to dampen the effects

    We met up with Brian and Jan so Brian could do his first hamburger of this visit!  We coordinated schedules for the remainder of the week.  Wally and Ghislaine are heading to France for Christmas and we will not see them until December 31st.

    The Champion Chomper at work

    The Champion Chomper at work

    Paul did the Shrimp Scampi and avoided the hamburgder… It was NOT easy!

    First burger of this visit

    First burger of this visit

    Ghislaine yelled “What is happening” and all of a sudden a huge black cloud descended on the sunset… Pretty amazing!

    Looked a little spooky outside

    Looked a little spooky outside

    It was warm and cozy on the inside however!

    Looked much better inside

    Looked much better inside

    When we got home, we watched a Hallmark 2016 Christmas Movie while Sue did the treadmill.

    A Bride For Christmas – After Jessie Patterson (Arielle Kebbel) calls off her third engagement – at the altar! – she swears off serious relationships until she finds “the one.” That is, until charming but chronically single Aiden MacTiernan (Andrew Walker) comes along. Unbeknownst to Jessie, Aiden has bet his friends that he can convince a woman to marry him by Christmas – which is only four weeks away – and Jessie is the target of his bet. As Aiden attempts to court Jessie by first hiring her to decorate his apartment, Jessie looks to her sister, roommate and interior design company partner, Vivian (Kimberly Sustad) as her closest confidant. To complicate matters, Jessie is doggedly pursued by her most recent ex-fiancé, Mike (Sage Brocklebank), who still wants to marry her. When Aiden finds himself falling for Jessie too, will he call off the bet and truly pursue her?

    We just love the Hallmark movies

    We just love the Hallmark movies

    The to Star Trek Enterprise where we watch three episodes… Everytime one ended we looked at each other and said… “Just one more”.  we are now at Season 3 Episode 24.  After tomorrow we have Season 4 remaining and that has 24 episodes.  The next series will be Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the third live-action television series in the Star Trek franchise and aired in syndication from January 1993 through June 1999. There were a total of 176 episodes over the show’s seven seasons.

  • Really A Lazy Day

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    Paul finished off the Topper’s newsletter with the help of Editor-In-Chief Sue.  After printing 60 copies, he took off on the morning walk.

    Paul walked to try and keep his weight under control…. You know, it is that time of the year! Seems everyplace we go it a food challenge.  Paul is thinking about blinders and a clothes pin on his nose to keep from wanting to eat!


    Around the neighborhood we go… Where we stop, nobody knows

    Well, ding-dong!  The wicked-witch is gone… Oh, sorry Hildabeast!

    Decorations are starting to appear in earnest

    Decorations are starting to appear in earnest

    Is it an early present for Paul or simply a decoration?  Paul took the high road and did not try to open them!

    For me?

    For me?

    When Paul got home, he continued working on the 2016 Feuerzangenbowle Website while Sue did the Topper’s invitations. That means folding the 60+ newsletters, stuffing them in envelopes, putting on labels and stamps, sealing the envelopes and getting them ready to mail!

    We then sat down to watch a Hallmark 2016 Christmas Movie while Sue did the afternoon treadmill.  We watch two Hallmark Channel Christmas movies before the treadmill was done and we were catching cabin fever.

    A Crown For Christmas – After getting fired from her job as a maid at a ritzy New York City hotel, Allie reluctantly accepts a temp gig as the governess to a young girl who is part of a powerful family in Europe that lives in an actual castle. After arriving, Allie learns the girl is named Princess Theodora and her father is Maximillian, the King of Winshire. The King informs Allie that the Princess has a tendency to terrorize authority figures, a predilection that has grown worse since her mother’s death. Yet governess and Princess wind up hitting it off while at the same time a spark forms between Allie and Max. However, Countess Celia is expecting to wed the King. Will Max take a stand for his feelings for Allie and make it truly a merry Christmas for all (or at least, most)?

    A Crown For Christmas

    A Crown For Christmas

    We had time for another Hallmark 2016 Christmas Movie so we watched “A Christmas List”.

    Christmas List – Isobel plans a storybook Christmas with her boyfriend, including a snow-covered cottage in the Northwest, and a carefully composed bucket list of classic holiday traditions. But when the boyfriend goes AWOL, the list proves challenging and a tempting new romance turns her life upside down.

    The movie is based on the novel “The Christmas Bucket List” by Ella Fairlie, and stars Alicia Witt and Gabriel Hogan.

    Hallmark Christmas List

    Hallmark Christmas List

    We got cleaned up and headed to Old Ranch for a night cap! Dang… The place was empty so we stayed and visited with the staff as it was Sunday night and they had to be there.  The cold and windy weather chased everybody away!

    we went home and watched some Star Trek before crashing!

  • A Day Off? Not Likely!

    Posted on November 26th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We were up and at them with Paul working on the Friday evening website prior to going for an hour walk around the neighborhood.  After returning home, we cleaned up and headed for Seasons 52 in Costa Mesa for a wonderful lunch.  Paul did the trout as usual and it was still fantastic!  The manager joined us at the table and presented us with a really nice wooden box contaiing a special cork screw.  He said it was because we were such good clients having joined them many many times this year!

    Then, off to the Orange Country Performing Ats Center to see Moma Mia.  Lousy story line but great musical!

    It was raining hard at the break

    It was raining hard at the break

    MAMMA MIA! is the ultimate feel-good show that has audiences coming back again and again to relive the thrill. Now it’s our turn to have the time of your life at this smash-hit musical that combines ABBA’s greatest hits, including “Dancing Queen,” “S.O.S.,” “Super Trouper,” “Take A Chance on Me” and “The Winner Takes It All,” with an enchanting tale of love, laughter and friendship. This was our fourth time seeing the musical and every time feels like the first time at MAMMA MIA!

    Great show... Toe tapping music

    Great show… Toe tapping music

    It was a rainy afternoon and when we went into the theater at 2:00 it was threatening and at 5:00 PM when we departed it was pouring so we stopped at the Center Club and spend and hour or so having a glass of wine and Paul had oysters.  We met and, sue to the rain and few people,  talked extensively to Chris, Director of Food and Beverage.  The Center Club is private but as a member of Old Ranch CC, we can visit them anytime.

    Entering the Center Club

    Entering the Center Club

    The club was warm and not terribly busy so we sat at the bar until the rain let up.

    The oysters were terrific

    The oysters were terrific

    Departing the OC Performing Arts Center going to the Elks was a short drive… Maybe eleven minutes max.  The rain was pretty much a heavy dew by this time.

    Rainy drive to the Elks

    Rainy drive to the Elks

    Ah! The Garden Grove Elks seems like some.  The people are so friendly and we have Brad and Susie-Q playing this evening so we danced quite a bit.   The Zaitz, Roberts, Kuhn’s Brander’s were all there plus Irene joined us a little later.

    Slight rain when we arrived and dry/black skies when we departed

    Slight rain when we arrived and dry/black skies when we departed

    In the back room the Christmas Tree was already set up and spreading cheer!

    The Elks was warm and inviting

    The Elks was warm and inviting… Our first “official post Thanksgiving” Christmas Tree

    We danced until about 10:00 and decided to head for home.  The skies were cloudless and the rain had stopped totally.  We made it home without a hitch!  Time for some Star Trek before crashin… Tomorrow is really a lazy day!


  • Feuerzangenbowle Time!

    Posted on November 25th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Hans and Kerstin have again invited us to their beautiful home to celebrate the Christmas season with a Feuerzangenbowle. This is our fourth year of celebrating the day after Thanksgiving with the Thedens and friends and it is always a great affair.  Join the fun!

    So much fun!

    So much fun!

    We headed home and watched some Star Trek and talked about the evening all the way home.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Posted on November 24th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Yeah! Another year has passed an we are giving thanks again! Join us at Old Ranch and later in the day with our son and grandson and great greatddaughter!

    We enjoy the holiday with friends and famly

    We enjoy the holiday with friends and family

    We went to Old Ranch Country Club for Thanksgiving and celebrated for three hours dining on turkey, watching the GREAT TURKEY FIGHT between Hans and Mr. “T”, and visiting.

    Eighteen friends and family members joined us today!

    Eighteen friends and family members joined us today!

  • Great Day In The Neighborhood

    Posted on November 23rd, 2016 Paul No comments

    Another pre-Thanksgiving walk was in order. Paul prepares himself for the coming food coma. He said he would be good this year but that never happens!  We have three places to go which means three plus plates of goodies.


    It was a good walk this morning


    Love those flowers


    So beautiful… Mother Nature brightens up the day


    Thanksgiving decorations were out in full force


    Indeed it is!


    The first Christmas Tree in Rossmoor


    Santa went flat!


    The first wrapped tree this season!

    After the walk, we went to Old Ranch and played nine holes and then some happy hour with Bunny, James, and Linda!  The game was a bit slow as we were paired up with another twosome but it was OK.  Bob and Carla were very interesting and Bob and Paul’s  golf games were somewhat alike!

    After Happy Hour we went to Happy Hour Squared, Patty’s Place for a drink and Paul had dinner.  Then off to home to get ready for the big day!

  • Walking And Golfing

    Posted on November 22nd, 2016 Paul No comments

    The day began with Paul taking a walk in the neighborhood!


    45 minutes today… Bad legs


    It was a good walk and Christmas is already out and about!


    The flowers were beautiful this morning


    Mr. Gobble at your service

    We then headed to Old Ranch to enjoy a round of golf!  The best hole is #9 as Lilly comes to visit.

    Fact 1 – The swan mates for life
    Fact 2 – Swan Upping – the swan census – Swan Upping is a yearly ceremony in Britain in which mute swans on the River Thames are rounded up, caught, marked, and then released during the third week of July
    Fact 3 – The historic ceremony of Swan Upping dates from the 12th century, when the Crown claimed ownership of all mute swans. Traditionally, the UK King or Queen owns all unmarked mute swans on the River Thames
    Fact 4 – Swan meat was once regarded as a delicacy in England especially during the reigns of the Tudors when they featured in great banquets
    Fact 5 – The Black Swan is featured as an emblem on the Australian state of Western Australia and are also displayed on the coat of arms of Canberra
    Fact 6 – The collective name for a group is a bevy, or lamentation
    Fact 7 – Males are called cob
    Fact 8 – Females are called pen
    Fact 9 – The names given to babies are signets (cygnets)
    Fact 10 – The legs of the swan are normally a dark blackish grey colour


    “Thanks for the grub Grandma”


    Eating every little bit!

    After golf we went to Kobe Steakhouse with Luisa to have a sashimi and sushi dinner.  We visited for a couple of hours before going home!


    The fish were ready for the sacrifice


    The sushi looked wonderful….


    Paul did the sashimi (no rice)


    Our chef, Manny, gave us an additional “on-the-house” selection he made just for us

    We texted Joe with a picture of our meal and Amy texted back that Joe left to get some sushi to go….  We made him hungry!


    Notice the “to-go” box Joe got from his “drive-thru sushi joint”

    We sped home and Sue hit the treadmill before we watched Star Trek.

  • Great Day

    Posted on November 21st, 2016 Paul No comments

    It’s Monday so that means Malarkey’s. We are celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Zack and Becca. They make a beautiful couple!


    Looking good!

    We of course went to Malarkey’s for Happy Hour.


    The sun was setting across the bay


    Black and white adds some nostalgia!

    We went home and watched some Star Trek before crashing for the evening…. Golf tomorrow!

  • Puttering Around And Dancing

    Posted on November 18th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Paul took it easy (sort of) today to allow the antibiotics to work on the lungs.  We got gussied up and headed to the Petroleum Club for our monthly Topper’s Dinner Dance.  Great fun.  Please join us!

    Fun with friends

    Fun with friends

    We danced until the wee hours … About 10:00 PM Topper’s time.

    Just Little Ol' Us

    Just Little Ol’ Us

    We crashed because tomorrow is another big dancing day!

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