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  • Sinko De Mayo

    Posted on May 5th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Sue got up earlier than Paul this morning!  Paul was enjoying an extra long sleep.  We had breakfast and then Greg came over the water.Yes… It is here.  TIME magazine reports that “Cinco de Mayo started to come into vogue in 1940s America during the rise of the Chicano Movement.” The holiday crossed over from California into the rest of the United States in the 1950s and 1960s but did not gain popularity until the 1980s when marketers, especially beer companies, capitalized on the celebratory nature of the day and began to promote it. It grew in popularity and evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, first in areas with large Mexican-American populations, like Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and San Jose.

    Now that there is a lot of Bull

    Now that there is a lot of Bull

    Bunny and Sue celebrating

    Bunny and Sue celebrating

    On the front counter greeting guests

    On the front counter greeting guests

  • We Are Moving Like There Was No Tomorrow!

    Posted on May 4th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We got up to watch the fight of the century!  The fight, we think, was all about the squirrel being too close the the birds next so mommy and daddy bird was dive bombing the squirrel!

    Sqwalk Sqwalk Sqwalk! Flap Flap Flip!

    Squawk Squawk Squawk! Flap Flap Flip! The fight was on!

    We had breakfast and then planned to go out for a walk

    We had to leave on our walk because Adrianne, our house cleaner and friend, was due in today!  Of course we had to clean up the house for the house cleaners…  Everyone does it!

    Off for the walk.. We walked for SEVENTY minutes and Paul did not have any shortness of breath.  Sue remembered why she does NOT take dancing shoes for long walks.  Sue, as amazing as she is, makes for an excellent task manager.  Every time he slowed down he could hear the whip crack!

    After the walk we were hungry and decided to go to the Panda Inn in Cerritos.  Paul popped a champagne-split and Sue did her chardonnay.

    "I am hungry!"

    “I am hungry!”

    We had plenty leftover meaning Chinese is in our future!  We also made reservations for Christmas Day (many of us get together and watch “The Christmas Story”).

    The Momma Panda kept her eyes on us the entire time!

    The Mommy Panda kept her eyes on us the entire time!

    The cleaning folks had not texted us after lunch so we decided to go to Old Ranch where we met up with Robin, our oldest daughter.  She was half-way home (it had already taken 90 minutes), LAX to Corona is a long ride!

     Great to get out of the house and see a panoramic view of nature

    Great to get out of the house and see a panoramic view of nature

    We visited for a half and hour and sent her on her way for the next segment of her two and a half hour journey home!  Bob is out if town on a gig playing  in Arizona and somewhere in the Palm Springs Dessert area!

    Home here we come as Paul was tired.  Paul laid down for a few minutes before our Grounds-Keeper dropped by for a short visit.  Greg and us just talked and laughed for over two hours. We swapped stories, learned about coal, and laughed some more! Great visit with friend Greg!

    Sue decided we needed a little dessert so she  whipped up a bowl of FRESHLY PICKED BLUE BERRIES topped  by s scoop of sangia-berry sorbet!  Wow!

    Ours had blue berries all over the sorbet

    Ours had blue berries all over the sorbet

    We continued to watch the West Wing before crashing about 11:30!

  • Busy Day, Good News Day

    Posted on May 3rd, 2016 Paul No comments

    We had a good night’s sleep and was ready to go!  Sue fixed breakfast, we cleaned up, and we were off and running.  First to the hair parlor, then the bank, and then to  the cleaners.  Lunch was at the Yucutan Grille in Seal Beach.

    Good Grub!

    Good Grub!

    Now time for the truth!  Off to the Cardiac Doctor for the first post-op visit.  He was amazed that we were doing 45 minute walks already.  He said no need for cardiac re-hab!  Just keep walking.  He adjusted the “meds” a bit.  Paul has a small amount of “water” on the lungs which the lasix ought control!  We are going to see him next Thursday before Catalina.

    We returned home and Paul did some picking and Sue did some cooking.

    Fava Beans about to be opened up

    Fava Beans about to be opened up

    Shelling is pretty easy as long as you have a sharp knife.

    Amazingly sweat

    Amazingly sweat

    Like eating a bowl of sugar!

    Squash? Tastes like butter

    Squash? Tastes like butter

    The one in front was a little too big…  We love the baby squash!

    Pick the bean away from the waxie cover

    Pick the bean away from the waxie cover

    Cooked but need to have the bean extracted from the cover.  Pretty easy to do IF you have small fingers.


    Dinner is served


    We watched three episodes of The West Wing before crashing around 22:00.

  • A Beautiful Day Is Ahead Of Us

    Posted on May 2nd, 2016 Paul No comments

    It was a great day.  We ate breakfast and then headed out for a 52 minute walk!  We walked the neighborhood and even waived at our local “Raggamuffin” (commonly known as Bunnaford).  Join the walk!

    Walking time inreases every day

    Walking time increases every day

    We add a half a block every time we go out.

    Roses were magnificent

    Roses were magnificent

    We then took showers, paid the bills, and finally got ready to go to Malarkey’s for a Happy Hour with Greg and Irene.  No Greg this evening, he had a household emergency.

  • Excitement? Yes!

    Posted on May 1st, 2016 Paul No comments

    We decided to crash about 10:30 last night but at 1:30 Paul heard Sue having problems.  Sue had a temperature most of the day and no appetite at all.  Paul got up and tried to assist her in returning to bed but could not do it.  She was so weak she could not walk.

    She collapsed to the floor and Paul called 911.  The guys were out in about five minutes and took her to the Los Al Hospital Emergency Room for a checkout.  Her temperature was almost 103 and she was listless with zero body strength.  Paul followed in the van bringing the purse and cane.

    Our night time nurse was terrific evening bringing warm blankets for Paul who was freezing.

    She has a bladder infection which was running rampant

    Sue had a bladder infection which was running rampant

    After receiving the drugs plus a dose of Excedrin, Sue was able to go to sleep.

    IV with appropriate drugs and she was out

    The IV with appropriate drugs and she was out like a light!

    Went she woke up the doctor filled he in on the problem, ordered medications from the local CVS, and she had regained her strength including the ability to walk from the car to the house.

    We got home about 8:00 am after a harrowing evening in the ER.

    Paul had breakfast and watched Sue like a hawk!  Paul took pictures of the May garden and then walked about 44 minutes just around the local block!

    We watch “The West Wing” before crashing about 11:30.  We both slept until about 2:00 am and then again until 7:30 am!



  • Gardening, Marketing, Dining, Done!

    Posted on April 30th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Good night’s sleep… In two halves. From 11 – 1 all was well until the lasix kicked in… Had to make great water. Paul stayed up from 1-3 am and then tried to crash and it worked. 7:30 am never looked so good… 4 and 1/2 hours solid as a rock! Thanks to Sue’s little afgan.

    Definitely Paul!

    Definitely Paul!

    We had a good breakfast and awaiting the arrival of Greg and the Duda’s who joined us at 10:00 for some additional gardening! Greg and Bob are learning a lot and keeping Paul’s garden looking like something out of Sunset Magazine!

    Wallking the wall

    Walking the wall

    Meanwhile, where is Greg?

    He was easy to find!

    He was easy to find!

    Robin decides to provide some adult supervision before going to the market1

    Weed inspection? Wow! She is a tough old broad!

    Weed inspection? Wow! She is a tough old broad!

    Robin,, Sue and Paul went to the market and Paul got 45 minutes of walking plus Paul got to select some goodies for his recovery… like Lemonade, multi-flavored bagels, etc.

    Oh No! More pills!

    Oh No! More pills!

    When we got back, Greg and Bob were sitting on the back porch of the plantation admiring their work! Bob said the tomatoes and onion really smelled good!

    Bob made a little friend

    Bob made a little friend

    Robin and Bob had to go to Disneyland to pick up Nick so Greg, Sue and Paul went to “That’s Amore” for a late lunch/early dinner!

    Dino knows his Italian food well!

    Dino knows his Italian food well!

    Having grand kids is a wonderful thing!  Zack dropped by to take the Avalon out of his house (the car cover) and take it out for a spin.  It’s been in the cover for several weeks!

    Having family is so important!

  • Weird Day

    Posted on April 29th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Paul went to bed early (midnight) and forgot his nighttime pills meaning he  was up at 4:00 am!  Paul signed up for a medical study, at the hospital,  to aid future patience about what to do about the broken sternum.

    The only complaints Paul has had has been the chest where the sternum was repairs and his butt!  Prior to this, Paul never sat still.  We were always on the go somewhere!

    The sternum is sawed through to access to the heart!

    The sternum is sawed through to access to the heart!

    The sternum or breastbone is a long flat bone shaped like a necktie located in the center of the chest. It connects to the ribs via cartilage, forming the front of the rib cage, and thus helps to protect the heart, lungs,and major blood vessels from injury. The sternum consists of three regions: the manubrium, the body, and the xiphoid process.

    The word sternum originates from the Greek  meaning  chest.

    Paul had the plates plus the normal wires to close up the sternum after the operation

    Paul had the plates plus the normal wires to close up the sternum after the operation

    When one leaves the hospital they doctors tell  you not life more than ten pounds, do NOT raise your arms, do not pull  up withe the arms, etc. The study is being done by a CSULB Professor and he is measuring the pain levels on hundreds of post operative people  doing exactly what the doctors saw not to do!.  It is done within two weeks of the surgery and again after ten weeks.  Using a sonogram, he measures the deformation of the sternum during these “to be avoided” maneuvers.  His research is pointing to NOT telling people to stop moving their arms after a surgery and in fact do so to encourage healing! He showed up at 11:00 and was done by noon.

    Bob Zaitz dropped by to get the Starlighters envelopes/invitations and to visit with us!

    After that we net James at Old Ranch for a drink.  Paul was hungry so we ordered a half-turkey deli sandwich!  It was outstanding!

    We returned home and crashed!  Sue hit the sack about 10:00 and Paul about 30 minutes later!

  • Up And At It…

    Posted on April 28th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Wow!  Had a solid six hours sleep!  Woke up a little “wet”… Perhaps moist is a better word!  Paul just covered up with another blanket and out-waited the clock until almost 6:00 am.  We had a great breakfast and then Paul donned his running outfit for a 40 minute walk around the neighborhood. Join the walk.

    Looking good for an old man!

    Paul in his running attire

    Paul in his running attire

    We went to lunch with the Finch’s… To our favorite steakhouse! Maderas in Los Alamitos!  The finch’s had a Maderas special hamburger (they thought it was the best hamburger in the world)  while Paul enjoyed a veggie taco and Sue did the veggie enchilada!

    Brian and Jan came home with us to get a closeup look at our summer vegetable garden.  After they departed we went to Old Ranch and met with Marianne and Craig.  We headed for home and are in the evening.


  • Restful Day… We Took It Easy

    Posted on April 27th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We got up around 7:00 and Sue did her hand exercises while Paul worked on the website.  (The website is over 10,000 pages and requires updates as technology moves forward so he does a little at a time!)

    Breakfast was super and then we were off and walking.  We did 33+ minutes this morning without a problem… Except for the occasional periods where the clouds got in the way of the sun and it got cold, we had a fine walk.  Join the walk!!


    Paul dood it… Four weeks ahead of the suggested recovery schedule!

    We came home to meet up with Crazy Greg who spend two hours watering/weeding in the garden.  Paul even went outside and snipped off the grape vine (if you don’t they produce more green and less grapes.

    We had a quick lunch and departed the house for a few hours so our house cleaning staff could do their thing! We went to Old Ranch where many people came by to wish Paul well and check up on Sue.

    We had dinner (stuffed peppers) and then headed for The West Wing for another three episodes!

    We crashed at 11:30 and Paul slept through the night not waling up until after 5:30 am… Whoopee!  It was amazing!  Tomorrow will be a good day!


  • Working On Recovery

    Posted on April 26th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We got up around 6:30 this morning my Sue prepared a wonder and healthy breakfast.   Sue got on her walking uniform, grabbad the whip and off we went for a walk!  We are supposed to be doing about 10 minutes but with her love and insistence, we did 27 minutes making it entire;y around the block! Join the walk!

    Paul is so blessed to have such a careing wonderful wife and best friend!

    Paul is so blessed to have such a caring wonderful wife and best friend!

    After getting home, Paul took one oh best showers ever… Adhesive falling off  by the pounds!  We rested a bit and then headed to Old Ranch for lunch with the Bunnaford,  She is visiting Susie tomorrow so we wanted to say goodbye. Good lunch… Too much to eat!

    Lunch at Old Ranch

    Lunch at Old Ranch

    After returning home, Mike Andersen stopped in for a visit.  What a nice man… He has the right view of life.  We gave him  the garden tour and he took some Swiss Chard home with him!

    Paul took a nice nap and awaited daughter Jeanette to come over for dinner with Connor.  We went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Very nice!

    Dinner with Jeanette and Connor

    Dinner with Jeanette and Connor

    We headed for home and watch The Left Wing until crashing around 11:45.

  • Recovery Means Walking!

    Posted on April 25th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Good morning!  Every day is beter than the one before!  We were up at 6:00 and Paul worked on the website while Sue exercised her fingers!  We had breakfast and yes, the Blueberries were amazing!

    We went for our walk.  Paul is supposed to do five minutes but were made it twenty with ease.

    We were trumpeted as we passed by!

    We were trumpeted as we passed by!

    They almost looked like a candy cane.

    Looked good enough to eat!

    Looked good enough to eat!

    The greens and yellows are beautiful!

    Mother Nature is amaazing

    Mother Nature is amazing

    Paul took a nap in the recliner and Sue did some chores. All of a sudden Paul heard the gardener and raced out the door to see if they would do a couple of chores for us…. No problem!  They pulled some weeds that we missed on Satruday and we took Danny around  back to see the big garden.  He was amazed and, in fact, took a video to show his friends who are thinking about gardens.

    We had a great (and healthy lunch) before we went for a walk and readied ourselves for a Malarkey’s visit.

    We met up with Irene and Greg about 5:00 and stayed until 7:00.  The wind was terrific so there were few boats in the channel.  We wondered if the Catalina Express was running this afternoon.  On the way home we saw rainbows and experienced many “heavy drops” of rain.

    We then got ready to crash, talked to the Chartier’s, and watched The West Wing” before crashing.

  • Recover Is Underway…

    Posted on April 24th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We got up about seven am and printed out the Topper’s Newsletters.  We get to mail it before the first of May!  Paul worked on the computer for a while working on the gardening site and other area needing work.

    Wow! It always works.

    Wow! It always works.

    Breakfast was frosted flakes with fresh blue berries and te last of the cinnamon roll!  We then went for our morning walk.  We were supposed to do 5 minutes but ended up doing nearly fifteen minutes.

    Time for a shower!  Paul loves the tank less water heater… The twenty minute shower was fantastic.

    We rested for a while before going to Seal Beach to have lunch at Cafe St. Germain.

    Geat food, interesting wines, and contenental atmosphere

    Great food, interesting wines, and continental atmosphere

    We sat there for quite a while enjoying a glass of champagne (Paul can’t do wine because of all the chemicals introduced into his body from the operation) and a glass of wine.

    Paul is so lucky to have his best friend and love of his left to take care og him!

    Paul is so lucky to have his best friend and love of his left to take care of him!

    Vicky and Del came over to visit and that is always special.  Next door neighbors for 25 years!  Afterwords, Paul’s fashion consultant stopped by bring him another set of amazing sweats!  Light  and dark gray top with black bottoms.  We visited for a while and then did our evening walk… 15+ minutes… Not too bad!

    Dinner time…  Indian meal from the Himalayan Grill!

    Simply delicious!

    Simply delicious!

    Time for TV!

  • Another Great Day

    Posted on April 23rd, 2016 Paul No comments

    Breakfast from the garden! Well, Paul had corn flakes and a small piece of cinnamon roll also!  The blueberries are fantastic and we see about four-six weeks , maybe more, ahead.  Right after breakfast, Sue said “Standup and march!”  Orders from the “”high command that Paul’s recovery was continuing.

    The only flower in our entire garden and he welcomed us with bright blood red leavers... Thank you Charlotte!

    The only flower in our entire garden and he welcomed us with bright blood red leaves… Thank you Charlotte!

    We marched three doors up the street and then  two doors down the street before returning home to go up the driveway and visit the garden.

    The spring time foliage was simply beautiful1

    The spring time foliage was simply beautiful1

    Paul never thought walking six minutes could feel so good!

    We have such a big garden that the “kids” came over to help.  Greg and Bob took Paul’s directions and learned a lot about tomatoes, the soil conditions and even how to water?  How to water you say?  Yes indeed!  Soak around the roots, no water on the leaves, no direct on the leaves, and slow and long.  We had four hoses going all at once!

    Time To Pick!

    Time To Pick! Breakfast is served!

    Knock Knock!  The door opened and in walked the Duda’s,  the Adams’s and crazy Greg!  They came by to fix up the garden.  They worked for two hours stuffing the tomatoes back in their cages.  The girls went to the market with Sue so we could stock up on healthy foods!  The grandsons, Nick and Theo did video games!

    A noon we all went to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) and Paul had his Chinese Chicken Salad… He even had a sparkling wine!

    Yes indeed... Paul can't checkout of this hotel!

    Yes indeed… Paul can’t checkout of this hotel!

    Back to home and Carri stopped by followed by Mitch and Luisa!  We were pretty tired.  Sue drug Paul out for one more walk before the stars fell across the sky!

    We had a lite dinner before seeing The West Wing.  We crashed about 11:30 betting ready for anothe exciting day.

  • Long Day But Ah So Nice

    Posted on April 22nd, 2016 Paul No comments

    We got up about 5:30 and Paul worked on the Topper’s Dance Club invites/newsletter while Sue did her hand exercises. We had breakfast at about 7:30. Breakfast was cinnamon roll, yogurt and fresh strawberries from out of our garden. We took a good walk around the house to visit all of our veggies, they are doing great. We ran into Vicky and Logan… Logan was watering his tomatoes all by himself.

    "I can do it all myself Grandma"

    “I can do it all myself Grandma”

    Sue picked a load of Blueberries which in the back yard. We are driving the birdies nuts because normally tey can sneak inside the netting but this year, we did it right!

    The net keeps the birdies away

    The net keeps the birdies away The three posts are fourteen feet across just perfect for the 14′ x 50′ roll of plastic netting.

    Sue picks them just ahead of breakfast soo they taste magical! The deepest darkest blue one could imagine.

    The sizes are perfect. Nice and juicy!

    Loads means loads... Nice and plump

    Loads means loads… Nice and plump

    A new adventure, Paul shaved and took a nice long shower trying to peel all the sticky-stuff from his skin… This process will take weeks!

    Paul took his first walk through the garden.

    Walking in the garden

    Walking in the garden

    We decided to go to “That’s Amore Restaurant” for lunch and invited Irene and Greg to join us! We had a ball laughing and giggling the lunchtime away. Paul went for the Egg Drop Soup and had the best Scottish Salmon in the world! It was melt in your mouth excellent and the presentation was spectacular!

    Simply melt in you mouth amazing!

    Simply melt in you mouth amazing!

    Telling stories with dear friends! Irene met Mark who is also Greek but a very happy US Citizen. He told us how amazing it was to live in the USA and how different it was from living on his island off the coast of Greece where there were no expectations

    Giggles... The order of the day!

    Giggles… The order of the day!

    “That’s Amore” is a wonderful restaurant located in Sunset Beach across from the water tower. Try it… You will like it!!

    Brian and Jan came for to visit as they are about to leave again soon! We had a nice long visit and also loads of giggles.

    Charlotte Brought Paul flowers and stayed for a few minutes before heading home. She was nice enough to use our Sunday tickets to see Cindarella at eh theater because there was NO WAY Paul cold have walked tha distance. Paul ecen got some more flowers.

    Rebbecca, Miss Lilly and Zachary stopped by and we visited for a while. Zack is going to come up with a better WiFi location so our iPadPro doesn’t keep dropping out.

    Joe came over and we visited for a long while. We reminisced about the past, talked about the grandchildren, and giggled ourselves silly. He is so much like Paul it is amazing. before Sue fixed Paul a great Himalayan dinner. We did the Daily Diary and are now going to settle into two hours of “The West Wing”.

  • First Full Day Home

    Posted on April 21st, 2016 Paul No comments

    Paul got up around 1:30 am and worked on the computer for a while before going back to bed at 3:00am.   It was a good morning and Paul had a good, albeit “small” (banana yogurt and a small piece of cinnamon roll), breakfast!  Sue walked Paul around the yard and we got to visit with Vicky and Del… Always enjoyable.  We are going to hire Crazy Greg as our gardener… He really did a bang-up vegetable gardening.. The garden never looked so good!  He worked over two hours making everything look fantastic!

    Crazy Greg is just like the brother Paul always wanted.

    Sue stated “We are going out for lunch… Where do you want to go?”.  With that question, there is only one answer…. THE HIMALAYAN GRILL in Sunset Beach.  The waitstaff were a bit shocked as Paul rolled in using a walker.  We ordered our standard fare and they threw in some green lentils ta-boot!  We had a glass of wine and were on our way.  Our waiter was so kind carrying out the bag of food that was larger than Sue! With all the chemicals they fed into Paul, there was another reason for going to the restaurant!

    Works every time!

    Works every time!

    We returned directly home except for a little stop at That’s A’more Italian Restaurant were we have an order for Tequila awaiting us.  We went tequila tasting at That’s Amore with our wonder friends Javier and Evelia on Saturday.  Javier found “the good stuff” and he could not get it at his secret source so we ordered a case to surprise him!

    Friends are so very very important in life….

    After getting home, Paul was pooped-out and went to bed for 90 minutes before Little -Lisa arrive with Jeffery the wonder Dog! Zachary, Becca, and Miss Lilly came by to visit Paul and the garden!

    Hey Dad! What is a kumquat?

    Hey Dad! What is a kumquat?

    Our oldest daughter dropped by to pick up the rest of her things before heading to Corona!  She was a life saver.

    Picking fresh from the garden

    Picking fresh from the garden

    After Zack and Becca departed we face-timed with the Chartiers!

    We stayed up until about 11:30 watching “The West Wing” before crashing!



  • Yes I Did! And Survived!

    Posted on April 11th, 2016 Paul No comments
    2:45 Monday Afertnoon

    2:45 Monday Afternoon Paul got the “Big One”

    There Paul was, at Sue’s hand therapy appointment and voila, the big one.  Paul had been having symptoms for a few weeks but thought it was just indigestion!  It were not.  The next week and a half was a blur but finally Paul landed back home.  Sue had the same thing happen June 8th 2011!

    Day by day…  Let’s see…

    April 11 Morning – Stayed around the house and worked on bird cage to birdies around our blueberries.   We  went to Sue’s hand therapy at 2:45 and then we were going to Malarkeys, a typical Monday.  He got sick to the stomach, had a pain in neck and teeth, both arms were very weak, he got got sweaty, was finally was frightened.  He told Sue at checkout “Let’s hurry”… Did not let on.  Paul drove drove out onto Katella and directly to Emergency Room  which was about a mile away.

    Sue knew is was serious as Paul did not open the car door for her but headed directly inside.

    Paul told them of a “cardiac event”.  Was was send to triage immediately.   We went inside ER and waited for a while.  Finally go a room and saw doctor. Told would have to get angiogram ASAP.

    April 12th (Tuesday) – Finally got fit in the angiogram schedule.  The doctor said it was probably just a stent needed. Greg and Irene was with us.  The news was deafening.  The angiogram was at noon. An angiogram is an X-ray test that uses a special dye and camera (fluoroscopy) to take pictures of the blood flow in an artery (such as the aorta) or a vein (such as the vena cava). An angiogram can be used to look at the arteries or veins in the head, arms, legs, chest, back, or belly.  Results said no stents… Full on blockage of three coronary veins!

    Paul was transferred at 9:00 to Long Beach Memorial CCU  in an ambulance. Results confirmed, emergency bypass at noon on 13th!  They did not want to wait another minute because of the blockages. Our son Joe came over to wish us well

    April 13th (Wednesday) – In Long Beach Memorial!

    We got scheduled at 1:00 in the afternoon and out by 6:30.

    Right before going into the or Paul visited Joe, Greg, Robin and Irene.  The last wave was scary. Do not remember anything except Sue’s last words… “I love you”.   After being transferred to the operating table, I was awake about 45 seconds before lights out.

    With Robin, Irene, and Greg close by I was assured she would be OK which Paul was out of commission!

    Soon Paul was in recovery and visited and sent everybody home… Nothing to do until he wakes up in the morning.

    Look here if you want to see how it is done…. Not for the faint of squeamish!

    By 8:00 PM I was out and awake and talked to the doctor.

    Paul still had the song in his heart

    Paul still had the song in his heart

    April 14th (Thursday) – Just a load of TLC.  We told the kids as there was nothing they could have done so it was good that Jeanette, Michele, and Colleen stay home.  Our oldest, Robin, goes right by the hospital every morning as she knows the most about us and was happy to stay with Sue during the evening. The Finch’s stopped but but did not come up.

    We missed the Phoenix Club but phoned Jan and they made an announcement

    April 15th (Friday)  – Loads of TLC… We missed Toppers but Ed Roberts took loads of photos for us! Paul got his little heart.  It serves a serious purpose.  If one has to cough, holding the pillon hard to ones heart it releases the pain from the broken sternum bone.

    Paul has a new heart!

    Paul has a new heart!

    April 16th (Saturday) – We were felling pretty good about going home then we got a heart arrhythmia.

    Arrhythmia... Don't ask me?!

    Arrhythmia… Don’t ask me?!

    We missed Garden Grove dancing… Getting to be a habit!  We also missed the Laguna Canyon Winery Blending Party.

    April 17th (Sunday) – Joe and Amy visited. Amy landed Paul her iPad to watch movies, great!  Sunday was just a day to relax.

    April 18th (Monday) -Paul was transferred to the Telemetry Unit… It is an area were patients are “wired up” to a central console so the technicians can monitor all action?  Off and walking!

    April 19th (Tuesday) -Paul was still in  the Telemetry Unit… Off and walking and teasing the nurses!!

    April 20th (Wednesday) – Time to go home but it took all day!  We finally got out of there about 7:00.  Irene brought Paul some XXL zip up sweats, they fit!  We got home about 8:30 as the sun had set and the full moon was out.

    Home at last!!

    Home at last!!  It is good to be!

    It is great to be home!

    Identical (repaired) hearts

    Identical (repaired) hearts

  • Busy Day…

    Posted on April 9th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We went Tequila tasting at That’s Amore in Sunset Beach with Javier and Evelia.

    Javarier enjoyed his surprise tasting

    Javier enjoyed his surprise tasting

    In the aafterniin we rested and then watched TV for a while.

  • Busy Day… Aren’t They All?

    Posted on April 8th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We visited with Diane and Pat and then headed to the Bowers Museum to see the Mummies and have lunch. As we headed ot, were were greeted bu our Charlotte!  A gift from Charlotte two years ago and the only flower” in our garden!

    She was wearing her diamonds this morning!

    She was wearing her diamonds this morning!

    As we headed outGreat lunch, as always!  The Korean steak was superb! The Mummies were extremely interesting and we spend a hour and a half walking the displays and reading all the well documented information about mummies.

    Paul gave it a try!

    Paul gave it a try!

    Mummies of the World portrays a once-in-a-lifetime collection of real mummies and artifacts from across the globe. This compelling collection, presented with reverence and dignity, includes ancient mummies dating back as far as 4,500 years.

    Baroness Schenck von Geiern and Baron von Holz were naturally perserved in a crypt under the Sommersdorf Castle in southern Germany. Their mummified bodies are part of the "Mummies of the World" exhibit at the Bowers Museum. ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: MummiesPreview.0318 Ð 3/16/16 Ð NICK AGRO, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER- BACKGROUND Preview of the Mummies of the World exhibit at the Bowers Museum. These are mummies from all over, Latin America, Europe as well as Egypt and other places. Climate-controlled exhibit, lots of stories behind these mummies.

    Baroness Schenck von Geiern and Baron von Holz were naturally preserved in a crypt under the Sommersdorf Castle in southern Germany. Their mummified bodies are part of the “Mummies of the World” exhibit at the Bowers Museum.

    A fascinating mix of old and new, this captivating collection bridges the gap between past and present with contributions from 10 world-renowned Institutions and two private collectors.

    Embark on a journey into the extraordinary world of mummies and mummification. Through modern science, engaging interactive and multi-media exhibits featuring 3-D animation, explore how mummies are created, where they come from and who they were. Using state-of-the-art scientific methodology, discover how modern science enables researchers to study mummies through innovative and non-invasive ways, offering unprecedented insights into past cultures and civilizations.

    What secrets do mummies hold about the past? What clues do they bring us for the future? A journey awaits as we unravel their mysteries.

    Very interesting exhibit

    Very interesting exhibit

    We then headed for home and then went to dinner at Maderas Steak House where we found the experience to be excellent. Paul’s ribs were out of this world and Pat said his were terrific.  Lisa joined us so we had a piece of birthday cheese cake.

    Maderas Steak House is right around the corner from us

    Maderas Steak House is right around the corner from us

    After going home and freshening up, we headed to Garden Grove to dance and allow Diane and Pat to rest up for Saturday. The gang was there and Lee (Paul’s High School Girl Friend) joined us this evening.

  • Diane Be On Her Way! Yeah!

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    Paul worked in the garden for a while as the rain began.  Everything is ready for the great storm which will not happen.  Paul finally opened up the Jalapeno Spam and freid it up with two eggs!  Sue shared her veggie item and we had a great brunch!

    Not overly spicey... Interesting

    Not overly spicey… Interesting

    The rains came… Well, sort of a hard sprinkle.  We went to the market to stock up on Diane/Pat snacks and sodas.  Wow, Paul looked at all the different Pepsi’s!  In the older days, there was Coke and Pepsi… Now there are twenty different flavors including one with “natural sugar”…  We are so confused.

    Diane and Pat got stuck in traffic so we decided to go to Old Ranch for a drink before going to the Phoenix Club.  Because of the rain, Paul just had coffee which meant we had to stop three times on the way to the Phoenix Club!

    We have danced here for years

    We have danced here for years

    Conner joined us this evening… He growing up to be such a nice guy!  We turned around and Donna had Connor out dancing a swing.  If Connor only knew how he could be a true “lady killer” if he would learn to dance and show the girls his talents!  DANG!

    We headed for home and Diane and Pat were awaiting our arrival.  We stayed up until past midnight gabbing about everything under the sub (except politics).  Tomorrow is another day!

  • More Golf, Happy Hour, and Rest!

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    We had lunch at Old Ranch before playing 14 holes.  It was a cool day and James was with us through the ninth hole.  He forgot his sunglasses and decided it was too bring to continue after nine.  Bullwinkle joined us on three and Bunnaford joined us on ten.

    We played through fourteen and then decided to call it quits.  The patio was calling us!



    After golf, we went home and cleaned up so we could go to the Starlighters Dance Club Board meeting and then over to Jan’s for an evening of stuffing our faxes!  Jan’s house… I meant “The House Of Food”!  We popped over the Bob Zaitz, walked in the door and food was everywhere!

    Run for your life... More food!

    Run for your life… More food!

    All Jan could say is “Just a little more”!

    This would feed a battalion of soldiers

    This would feed a battalion of soldiers

    We escaped with our lives and four extra pounds!  We headed home and watched some more of “The West Wing”

  • Sue Plays Golf… Chips! Plus Happy Hour!

    Posted on April 5th, 2016 Paul No comments

    Sue started pitching today and did pretty well.  We played nine holes and then went to Happy Hour with JAmes and Bunnaford.

    More giggles with Rocky and Bullwinkle

    More giggles with Rocky and Bullwinkle

    Allison commandeth the Sun to stop!

    Allison commandeth the Sun to stop!

    Laughs and giggles

    Laughs and giggles

  • Hands And Malarkeys

    Posted on April 4th, 2016 Paul No comments

    We did some chores and Paul finished off the winter garden. See what we are up too!

    We be planted... New we waits!

    We be planted… New we waits!

    We went to hand therapy and then off to Malarkeys for Happy Hour with Greg.

    The Sun exploded in brilliance

    The Sun exploded in brilliance

    Back home and to the MacBookPro and “The West End”

  • Hither And Tither Today

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    We did chores around the house early and then took Lisa and Hannah out to Patty’s Place for brunch.  Pastrami was the king of the day!  We enjoyed brunch with them.  We decided to go to Orange County Winery in Corona Del Mar to check the hours of their facility on PCH. It was closed!  We then went to their main facility in Newport Beach.  We shared a great cheese plate and had several tastings.  We bought two cases of wine before coming home.

    At home, we put our “left-overs” in the frig and then went to Old Ranch.  She shared a couple of hours with Miss Charlotte and learned about her Hawaii trip with emphasis on the turtles!

  • Saturday Was Fairly Relaxing

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    Paul worked n the garden finishing the summer planting.  We picked Swiss Chard, beets, and onions.  Sue did chores and then we had lunch at home… Wow, something different.

    Sue did the treadmill in the afternoon and we are getting caught up on our NCIS shows!  We got cleaned up and headed for  Garden Grove’s Inaugural Ball.  We met up the the Branders, Zaitz, Woolstons, and Pat &  Margo.

    This was Lisa’s 21st birthday “Night Out” with the girls.  We were “worried” so we arrange to have Teri drive them (she is a professional driver and kick boxer… think body guard).  They had fun!  We worried much less.  We got a text and their first “Foo Foo Drink” was a Pink Cadillac.

    Drink #1 for the evening!

    Drink #1 for the evening!

    We headed home at 10:30 and ended up staying up until 1:30 watching The West Wing.

  • Friday Was Busy

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    We did some chores around the house with Sue cooking and Paul working in the garden.  We wanted to go to Maderas Steakhouse and try their vegetarian menu and wow… It was surprisingly good.   On the way, we stopped at the Post Office to mail the Topper’s invites.

    Paul did the baby back ribs with green hot sauce while Sue tried the veggie burrito.  We will definitely do it again!

    A very nice local restaurant that we will begin to frequent!

    A very nice local restaurant that we will begin to frequent!

    There were many selection of the veggie menu.  We have several more dinners we want to try!  Check their menu out.

    We enjoyed a nice quiet lunch in an intimate setting

    We enjoyed a nice quiet lunch in an intimate setting

    It was dark, fairly quiet and nice background music.  All in all a new hangout!

    We departed Maderas and went to Sue’s hand therapy appointment.  It is making a difference as she can almost begin to hold a gold club again!  Excellent progress.

    After the appointment, we went to Old Ranch to hook up with the gang and see what the latest was!  Jon called from New Hampshire and we sent him pictures of everybody.  Jon knows them well!

    Bunnaford waves to Jonathan (our oldest grandson) who is on the phone!

    Bunnaford waves to Jonathan (our oldest grandson) who is on the phone!

    The sun was beginning to set so that means we are off to the GG Elks to meet up with gang #2!

    The sun she is setting so it is time for GG Elks

    The sunset was nice and soft tonight

    At GG Elks it was a bit warm inside so Paul went outside and took a snapshot of the ham radio tower.

    Ham radion tower in the park at the GG Elks

    Ham radio tower in the park at the GG Elks

    We danced until 10:30 to the music of Jusstus… Great music!  We headed for home and continued to watch The West End.

  • Thursday To The Doc’s And Then Phoenix Club

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    We had an early appointment at Dr. Ceverha, the neurosurgeon.  Was a delightful experience.  He was very straight forward and said he prefers NO surgery and he will try some medicines to alleviate the headaches!  The back operation to “sew up the spinal cord” is simply too dangerous!  We liked him a lot and will stay with him for a while to see if he has the right idea!

    We went home and had brunch and then took off to H&H Nursery to get the remaining summer veggies.

    Fun in the garden

    Fun in the garden

    When we came home, Sue hit the treadmill and Paul managed the TV remotes.  We got cleaned up and headed to the Phoenix Club and danced until about 10:30.

  • Full Day Ending At Patty’s

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    We went to Old Ranch to have breakfast with James and Lisa. Lisa had her cream cheese stuffed french toast.

    The earliest known reference to French toast is in the Apicius, a collection of Latin recipes dating to the 4th or 5th century; the recipe mentions soaking in milk, but not egg, and gives it no special name, just aliter dulcia “another sweet dish”.

    Under the names suppe dorate, soupys yn dorye, tostées dorées, and payn purdyeu, the dish was widely known in medieval Europe. For example, Martino da Como offers a recipe. French toast was often served with game birds and meats. The word “soup” in these names refers to bread soaked in a liquid, a sop.

    Lisa had he first “legal” drink!  We had Teri join us for breakfast as she will be the designated driver for Lisa and Hannah’s night out!

    First drink! Slurp... Gurggle... Burp!

    First drink!  Slurp… Gurgle… Burp!

    After breakfast, James joined us for golf on the back nine.  The temperature was mid-sixties with a slight breeze.  Sue putted and we are a few short weeks from her golfing again!

    A magnificent day for golf!

    A magnificent day for golf!

    We did some Happy Hour with Bunnaford and James before leaving and heading for Patty’s Place.  We sat around and discussed the world, heard a few jokes and Paul introduced Escargot to Greg!



    Greg and Paul agree… The snails are OK but the butter sauce and a good piece of bread make the meal!

    The iPhone and Wiki make us very smart!

    The iPhone and Wiki make us very smart!

    After returning home, Sue did the treadmill and we watched NCIS New Orleans.  When the treadmill was done, we went back to watching “The West Wing”

  • Tuesday! On The Go!

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    We were going constantly today!  We had two doctors appointments and had to fil in the time inbetween. Paul’s Mom would say you are “like a fart on a hot griddle”.  What does it mean? Unpredictable, changeable, indecisive. Rapidly changing one’s plans from one option to another, totally unrelated one.  Loved her sayings!

    My parents and Grandparents had all sorts of funny expressions

    My parents and Grandparents had all sorts of funny expressions

    First stop was Sue’s doctor where the bone density test shows her bone density has INCREASED and there is no change of osteoporosis!  Yeah!  We headed home and Sue prepared our brunch made from Himalayan leftovers and some spaghetti and meatballs from Garden Grove.  She makes left-overs taste wonderful!

    Sue did the treadmill for nearly an hour and a half.

    Then off to the hand therapy appointment at 4:00.  We decided to go to Old Ranch and visit with friends.  We departed Old Ranch about 7:30 after Paul enjoyed his lamb chops!

    Super Lamb Chops at Old Ranch on the bar menu!

    Super Lamb Chops at Old Ranch on the bar menu!

    We watched four episodes of The West Wing before crashing!

  • Lazy Monday

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    Paul planted the yellow corn today!  We hope it is as great as last year!

    It has NOT been that hot yet!

    It has NOT been that hot yet!

    We saw Dr. Kidd at 10:00 to see how the fingers are doing… The x-rays show all is well!  We tried to see the Neurosurgeon buy alas, he was called into an emergency situation right before our appointment.  Good news is the nurse-practitioner, who has worked with the doctor for twenty-five years, looked at the MRI and said it’s repairable!  We are back to see him this Thursday.

    Dr. Kidd is simply fabulous! Great sense of humor and a realist!

    Dr. Kidd is simply fabulous! Great sense of humor and a realist!

    From there we went to Garden Grove Elks to pick up some champagne we bought through the Christmas Basket charity.  We like the charity so we bought a mess of champagne. We spent an hour yakking with Greg Silver and found out he and his bride like to cook… We shared some receipts.

    Then off to Malarkey’s to watch the sunset.  It was not very dramatic today… Loads a grey clouds!

    Watching the sunset from Malarkey's

    Watching the sunset from Malarkey’s

    Home and West Wing.


  • Saturday… The Fun Begins

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    We did our annual Easter traditions starting by a family lunch followed by doing Easter Eggs at our home

    Fun With Family

    Fun With Family

    We then headed home to do eggs! Great fun and time to share!

    Himalayan Grill, we love you!

    Himalayan Grill, we love you!

    We headed for home… About 5 miles away… To continue great fun with the family.  Time to die the eggs!

    Robin enjoying herself

    Robin enjoying herself

    The egg activity took several hours… With everybody laughing and giggling the entire time.

  • Happy Easter!

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    We went to Disneyland late in the day and had dinner at Catal!  Join the fun!

    Dinner with family abd friends

    Dinner with family and friends

    Off to see Mitch, Luisa, and Penny with the Lind’s (Zachary and Becca and of course Miss Lilly).  We returned home and continued our Est Wing


  • Easter Sunday…

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    Sunday headed to Disneyland to be at the Happiest Place On Earth to celebrate and then off to Catal for dinner with the Finch’s, Duda’s, and Greg plus Lisa! We love traditions!

    Dining with family at Catal in Downtown Disney

    Dining with family at Catal in Downtown Disney

    More time to share with family and friends. After dinner we went to visit Luisa, Penny and Mitch at their new home in La Mirada. We had a great time visiting them and we got to visit Miss Lilly and her Mommy and Daddy!

    Thank You Lord for another time to celebrate and share with our loved ones. We miss those not here but they are in our thoughts…

  • Getting Ready For Easter Eggs

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    We stayed close to home most of the day getting ready for the Easter weekend.  We had to go shopping and get the last minute goodies.  We stopped by Old Ranch for some Friday Happy Hour before going to the GG Elks for a dance.  Great fun with friends!


  • Huntington Library

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    Today we hit the Huntington With Greg and the Finch’s.  We had a terrific time.  Please join us!

    Welcome To Spring

    Welcome To Spring

  • Golf With James And South Coast Reperatory

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    Nine holes with James was great!  The weather was fantastic!  Sue fed the geese and they sure know her!  We went home a little early and got ready to go to the theater.  We saw a truly great play entitled “Going To A Place You Already Are”.  Summary:  Is there a heaven?  Joe says no; it’s all a bunch of hokum. His wife, Roberta, has always claimed to agree. But lately she’s beginning to wonder, especially when they  find themselves in church a lot, having reached the age when funerals are more frequent than weddings. Their granddaughter, Ellie, doesn’t have time in her own busy life to ponder the after-life. But when mortality confronts them, her grandmother’s claim to have gone to heaven and back doesn’t sound so crazy after all.  With thoughtful storytelling and quiet wit, Brunstetter looks at beginnings, endings—and an enigmatic angel.

    Thought provoking and funny!  Great entertainment!

    Thought provoking and funny! Great entertainment!

  • Catalina No – Lyon Yes

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    It’s our 9th anniversary of being retired so we planned to go to Catalina and finalize our plans for may.  Well, Sue checked in and was told you can go over but you better come back at noon because the boats will stop running due to the “gale force winds” in the channel!  We went to Sherman Gardens and had brunch at Cafe Jarden.

    Great times in the garden!

    Great times in the garden!

    After lunch we took the Finch’s to “The Secret Place”.  Join the fun!

    Lyon Air Museum

    Lyon Air Museum

    We stopped at Cucina Enoteca on the way home to see the infusion expert.  We arrived home to drop of the Finch’s and decided to return to Old Ranch for a few minutes.  We sat with Kathy Sears and heard about her hilarious tatoo story!  Linda and Bunnaford were at the ranch and we heard about “Fiona”.

    We returned home to watch The West Wing.

  • Malarkey’s

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  • Sunday On The Run

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    Sue did the treadmill for the second time this month.  She is going slow but she does 90 minutes and the hand does not seem to hurt too bad!  We got cleaned up and headed to the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts to see the Cab Calloway Orchestra with Cab Calloway’s grandson as the leader.  We had seat in the second row and it was spectacular.  Never seen so may styles of “Zoot Suits” in one place.  The Cathey’s, Zaitz, Branders joined us along with Greg, Iris and Wil.  Great fun!

    Summary: With Cab Calloway’s grandson C. Calloway Brooks at its helm, the Cab Calloway Orchestra delivers hot Jazz, Blues, Boogie, and Swing, delighting crowds all over the country. The group’s famous songs include Minnie the Moocher (Hi-De-Ho), Stormy Weather, and It Ain’t Necessarily So. Called New York’s best-kept secret, Alice Tan Ridley emerged from the Big Apple’s subway platform and rocked the nation on America’s Got Talent with a voice that the New York Post called “electrifying.”

    We made the 30 minute move from CCPA to the Santa Ana Elks in about 20 minutes… No traffic at all!  We met up with the Branders, Finch’s, and the rest of the gang for the Jam Session!  We departed gor home around 9:00 and watched three episodes of “The West Wing”… We are now into the fourth season!


  • Wedding And A Dance

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    We stayed closed to the house most of the day just doing chores.  We had a wedding to go to in Fullerton and then off to Anaheim for the Starlighter’s Dinner Dance. Allison and Danny get hitched.  It was a veruy nice ceremony at the Fullerton Elks lodge.  We rnjoyed the entire experience.

    Allison and Danny get married

    Allison and Danny get married

    About 8:40 we departed for the Starlighter’s dance at the Embassy Suites.  Wyatt Haupt was there so that meant the music would be spectacular… and it was!

  • Breakfast With Lisa And A Topper’s Dance

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    We had breakfast with Lisa at Old ranch.  James was busy with a contractor.  We did not play golf but went home to work on chores.  We then headed to Topper’s for a St. Patrick’s Day Dance at the Petroleum Club.  Join the fun!

    Great fun with friends

    Great fun with friends

    We dance to the sounds of Jim Gillman.  It is amazing how three pieces can sound so good!

    Thanks to Ed Roberts, we where they this evening

    Thanks to Ed Roberts, we where they this evening

    We headed for home afterwords and watched four episodes of The West Wing.

  • St Patrick’s Day

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    We had a busy day beginning with playing nine holes at Old Ranch and then going to Malarkey’s for dinner at 3:00 PM.

    Great fun!

    Great fun with James!  Sue is back to putting!

    Great fun with the Finch’s and Gregor!  Join us at Malarkey’s.

    Great fun!

    Great fun!

    We then headed home only to return to Old Ranch to drop off a birthday card before going to The Phoenix Club for a dancing evening!  Join the fun!

    Off to The Phoenix Club!

    Dancing the night away!

    Dancing the night away!

    Yup!  We watched some West Wing before crashing.

  • Veggie Steakhouse – Happy Hands – Old Ranch

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    We had to go to Sue’s hand therapy but on the way we stopped at Madera’s Steak House to have a glass of wine.  Were we shocked when the waitress/bartender told us that they have a separate vegetarian menu!  Wow!  We looked at it and of course Paul had to order something!  He ordered a baby-back rib and macaroni and cheese sandwich…  The ribs were made from tofu but they were pretty good!



    We then headed to the Healing Hands therapy office and that was good.  The people were quite friendly and seemed to know their stuff.   Sue does her exercises 4-5 times a day.


    Learning how to recover.  This exercise moves blood from the hand into the arm to reduce swelling

    The office is right on Katella and they seem to be very nice!

    Right down the street from Katella Deli

    Right down the street from Katella Deli

    After the therapy session, we went to Old Ranch for a while before going home and watched The West Wing. We are at the end of season three.

    The West Wing is an American serial political drama television series created by Aaron Sorkin that was originally broadcast on NBC from September 22, 1999, to May 14, 2006. The series is set primarily in the West Wing of the White House, where the Oval Office and offices of presidential senior staff are located, during the fictitious Democratic administration of Josiah Bartlet (played by Martin Sheen).


    Our view

    Our view of the course from the patio was excellent.  The recent rain provided us some snow on the mountains 45 miles away!

    It was beginning to get dark as we headed for home but home is only six minutes away!

    Daylight Savings Time is here!

    Daylight Savings Time is here!  The sun was setting on the way home!

    As the sun sets it makes for an interesting view of the neighborhood!

  • Cooking/Eating/Cooking/Eating

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    Sat what?

  • Good News

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    We went to see Sue’s heart doctor, Dr. O’Neill,  and the news was terrific!  We went to Ralph’s market to do shopping for St. Patrick’s dinner tomorrow.  We decided to go to Bristol Farms to get several special items including the corned beef.  This was a good move because we stopped by Cucina Enoteca for an infusion and a visit with the troops!

    We ran out of time and had to go to Malarkey’s directly to meet up with Irene, Greg, and the Rodeckers.   The folks at Malarkey’s put our shopping items in the frig so we did not have to drive all the way home.  We did some karoke…  Not “us” but Wally, Ghislaine, and their friends!

    The sun goes down!

    The sun goes down!

    A beautiful voice!

    A beautiful voice!

  • Busy Day…Duh

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    We started the day going to the Cerritos Performing Arts Center to see “It’s Magic”. It was a great show but we had to leave at half-time so we could meet our guests at Old Ranch.  With a cast of award-winning performers from around the world, including Hollywood’s Magic Castle and Las Vegas, the It’s Magic! extravaganza leaves audiences speechless and spellbound with sleight-of-hand illusions, stage tricks, and comedy and variety acts. It’s “the best magic show in town!”

    Its Magic Small

    Today was our monthly Old Ranch Dinner Dance.

    Great Fun... Great Friends

    Great Fun… Great Friends

  • Saturday Is Time To Rest! No!

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    We finished off our errands we could not do from yesterdays rain storm and had some time remaining.  Sue suggested we go to “That’s Amore” which is the Italian restaurant that took over the location were Panda Palace existed!  Turned out to be a good plan!  Business was slow and we got to spend some time with one of the hostesses and met the bartender!  Paul tried the egg/spinach soup and it was amazingly good!  We will have to plan for dinner or lunch in the near future!

    Returning home we completed the website for the Rondelier’s before getting changed to go to the Ceritos Performing Arts Center to see the Follies.  Interesting start time… 6:30 PM.  We decided to go to Mimi’s for an early dinner and that was very very good.  The service was outstanding and our meals, including Sue’s corn chowder, was excellent!

    We went with the Brander’s and that always makes any event special!  We laughed and giggled the entire evening!


    To the Follies and beyond!   Tribute to the Follies (a salute to the Ziegfield Follies, the Follies Bergere, and the Palm Springs Follies), features variety performers Tony Sandler(of the popular Sandler and Young singing duo),Olate Dogs(winners of America’s Got Talent), and world-champion comedy jugglers the Raspyni Brothers. Also appearing are musician-comedian Pete Barbutti, The Lindy Sisters vocal group, veteran showgirl Dorothy Kloss, and singer-dancer Ken Prescott. The Follies Dance Troupe and Follies Orchestra also perform.

    Four-time juggling Gold medal winners and two-time International team champions, the RASPYNI BROTHERS provides the perfect balance of comedy and coordination. Using audience participation, hilarious improvisation, and great comic dialogue, the duo has been known to launch cabbages midair with flying blow darts and blazing torches. The pair’s act claimed the 2007 International Juggling Association Lifetime Award of Excellence.

    Also appearing is musician-comedian PETE BARBUTTI, a founding member of the musical comedy-vocal quartet The Millionaires, which toured the country for six years, settling in Chicago, then Las Vegas, where it quickly became a favorite on the Las Vegas strip. Barbutti has received numerous awards, including “Entertainer of the Year” honors in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, an “Artistic Achievement Award” from the American Federation of Musicians, and a “Most Valuable Player Award” from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).

    THE LINDY SISTERS is a retrospective 1940s trio of songstresses with three-part harmony reminiscent of The Andrew Sisters, The Kings Sisters, and The McGuire Sisters. The ensemble is “consistently first-rate!” hailed The Scene publication, always displaying “particular care … to accuracy of the trademark close harmonies, attitudes, and even the bits of choreography as done in the original song presentations.”

    The Guinness Book of World Records lists DOROTHY KLOSS as “the oldest still performing showgirl in the world.” As a precocious Chicago teenager, she taught a young Bob Fosse how to Tap dance, won a Tap competition herself at the renowned Miss Abbott’s Dance School, and secured her own act at age 15. Kloss, who has appeared with Liberace, Mel Torme, Howard Keel, Kay Starr, and Chico Marx, has a Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.

  • Friday Was Fairly Quiet

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    We stayed around the house for the most part today.  Thinking a lot about Connor who turns twenty today!  Twenty, OMG, that was over a half a century when Paul turned twenty!

    We had a strong rain storm do a “fly-by” today.  It began at 2:00 and was done by 5:00.  It started just as we keft to house to do our errands, naturally!

    We checked the yard for rain damage but it came trough with flying colors!  We tried to do several errands but the storm played havoc with the power grid.  We could NOT pump at the 76 station, the dry cleaners computer died and they could not find our clothes, and the CVS pharmacy computers were off-line and we could not renew or get our prescriptions!

    We headed home and got “gussied up” to go to the Rondelier’s Dinner Dance in Altadena! It’s a 45 mile trip but worth the trip!  Join the fun!

    Rondeliers Dinner Dance 3/11/2016 March Winds at the Altadena Towne & Country Club

    Rondeliers Dinner Dance 3/11/2016 March Winds at the Altadena Towne & Country Club

    Dang, we do clean up pretty well!

    The turnout was small, that's bad!  The floor was wide open, that's good!

    The turnout was small, that’s bad! The floor was wide open, that’s good!

    COming home was a breeze and in fact we watched some more “West Wing” before crashing for the evening.

  • It’s Thursday And Back To The Links!

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    We headed to Old Ranch to play at least fourteen with James and Bunny joined us at the turn!  Wonderful day for golf.  We are starting back slow to enable Sue’s hand to get better before really getting back to golf.  Sue fed the ducks and they we delighted to see her coming right over an quacking loudly!

    We finished fourteen and came in for some visiting before heading to The Phoenix Club!  Today is the last time Connor will be a teenager!  Our third oldest grandson turns 20 tomorrow!  The band made a great announcement just after Connor headed for home!  We had fun with the announcement!

    Who Do We Worship?

    Who Do We Worship?

  • Wednesday Was “Tax Day” Number One

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    Our accountant has been with us for over 25 years and we have watched her family grow up.  Pamela is delightful and knows us well,  We bring her piles of well organized papers and she gives us bad news in a couple of weeks.

    Today our appointment was at 2:30 so we had to go to Old Ranch afterwords as our house cleaners were still at out place working.  We did a bit of Happy Hour and then headed home to continue watching “The West Wing”.  Love the interplay between the actors even though they are on the opposite side of the spectrum from us.

    We had two tomatoes remaining to find a home so Paul got the idea to plant them outside the wall next to our dear neighbors.  We wanted their grandson to plant them and watch them grow and he did!

    A future gardner in the making!

    A future gardener in the making!

    So this morning Paul went out and attached labels to the supports… The tomatoes are now called a “Logan” and a “Clark”!

    "Grandma! My tomato needs a little drink!"

    “Grandma! My tomato needs a little drink!”

    Back home again and off to the TV for more “The West Wing”

  • Golf Day

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    We played nine with James and then did some Happy Hour at Old Ranch.  We ended up staying quite late then Linda, Charlotte and Bunny joined the group! We discussed the weather and we had to ask Charlotte how much “wayne” she got at her home!

    Huh? What does this mean?

    Huh? What does this mean?  Charlotte’s husband’s name is Wayne!

    We have fun at happy hour although after six cups of coffee Paul was sloshing!

  • Monday Was Doctors Day

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    When we got up it was raining like mad and terrific winds were all around. We spent the morning at the doctors offices.  Good news, the cast and splint is off and Sue is headed to rehab!  We went home afterwords and had some of Sue’s lentil soup.

    Did you know? Lentils were unearthed in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic layers of Franchthi Cave in Greece (9,500 to 13,000 years ago), in the end-Mesolithic at Mureybet and Tell Abu Hureyra in Syria, and sites dating to 8000 BC in the area of Jericho. The ancient Greeks were lovers of lentil soup, as attested to by a comment by Aristophanes: “You, who dare insult lentil soup, sweetest of delicacies.” Lentil soup is mentioned in the Bible: In Genesis 25:30-34, Esau is prepared to give up his birthright for a pot of fragrant red lentil soup (a “mess of pottage” in some versions) being cooked by his brother, Jacob. In Jewish tradition, lentil soup has been served at times of mourning, the roundness of the lentil representative of a complete cycle of life.

    We ended up at Malarkey’s with Irene and Greg and watched a terrific sunset.

    Greg reveal the results from his storm damage

    Greg reveal the results from his storm damage

    The Sun is about to set

    The Sun is about to set

    Almost there...

    Almost there…

    A brilliant ending to our day

    A brilliant ending to our day

    It gets dark quickly

    It gets dark quickly


  • Sunday Was Great

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    We started the day with a walk thought the garden to see that the rain last night did not do too much damage.  We then got ready to go to the Garden Grove Elks for the “Wine Tasting Event”  that helps the Elks Christmas Basket program for the poor.  We stayed about 45 minutes because we had to be in Cerritos at 3:00 for the “Big Band Festival”. The Branders, Hanlon’s, Kuhn’s, Roberts’s and Irene.  Magnificent show!

    Toe tapping great!

    Toe tapping great!

    During a time of war, it was the music that united a nation. This jazzy, spirited tribute to the 1940s Swing era features singers, dancers, a Big Band orchestra, and tunes from icons of the time, including Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, and Benny Goodman. Much more than a concert, it’s an authentic and inspiring celebration of American history and culture.

    After the show, most went out to dine.  We decided a BBQ place was not for vegetarians and we went to Old Ranch where we met up with old friends.  We had lentil soup and it was terrific!

    After going home, we watvhed some more “The West Wing” before crashing an awaiting the big rain  storm.

  • Hair, Soup, Bills, Tomatoes?

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    We got up and began work around the house with emphasis on planting tomatoes!  We drove to the hair salon for Sue’s appointment and then returned home for lunch and back to gardening.  Sue passed the time doing our bills and making a pot of soup!

    The garden is looking great!  Please visit the latest pictures.

    Ready for St. PAtrick's Day

    Ready for St. PAtrick’s Day

    We stopped by Old Ranch and Paul had an interesting discussion with three people!

    They were not very responsive to my questions!

    They were not very responsive to my questions!


    We then got ready to go to Garden Grove and listen to Jerry Benton!  Great music and loads of fun!

    The forecast was for rain!

    The forecast was for rain!

  • Friday Was Tomato Day

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    We went to Roger’s Garden to attend “Tomato Mania”.  We went with Greg so it was, by definition, fun!  We picked up 38 tomato plants but some of those went to James and Teri.

    200 kinds of tomatoes for sale

    200 kinds of tomatoes for sale

    While at Roger’s we looked up and who was there but Jeanette!  She was shopping for her garden.  We asked if she wanted to go to lunch and she said yes!  Cucina Enoteca was our target.  We had a great lunch and visited for two hours.

    Jeanette explains her garden layout

    Jeanette explains her garden layout

    We went home and headed to the garden with Paul planting about half of the tomatoes before getting ready to go out.  We went to Old Ranch for a cocktail before going to Garden Grove to dance.  We danced for several hours before going home and continue watching “The West Wing”.

    Leon devours a piece of birthday cake

    Leon devours a piece of birthday cake

  • Off We Go!

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    We needed something to do so we decided to go to the Lyon Air Museum at the John Wayne Airport!  What a wonderful surprise!  Great building, fantastic displays, and a super staff.  We spent two hours wondering around and would go back anytime.  Join the visit

    B-17 Flying Fortress

    B-17 Flying Fortress

    We then went to Cucina Entoeca before going home to change and head south to the Phoenix Club to go dancing!

    Tamera fixes Paul a new non-alcoholic drink

    Tamera fixes Paul a new non-alcoholic drink

    Bubbles - Paul's middle name!

    Bubbles – Paul’s middle name!

    The sun was setting as we headed from home

    The sun was setting as we headed from home

  • Here And There!

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    We played golf with James and Sue  drove the cart and fed the ducks and geese.  The geese were very happy to see her.  They walked right up to her and honked! We did some happy hour after nine holes.


    Sue feeds the geese

    Off to Patty’s Place! We visited with friends and ordered dinner but Paul was smart… He ordered it to go!


    Hot water warms the hands!

    We continued watching “The West Wing”.

  • What Are We Growing?

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    We walked around the garden today checking out everything.  Lucky we did as the cauliflower is ready to pick!

    We grow almost everything we eat which is nice because we know what has been used on it… Mostly water!!  Visit our Winter garden.

    We grow a little bit of everything!

    We grow a little bit of everything!

    After getting ready to go out we headed for Cucina Enotica in Fashion Island and enjoyed some cheeses and an infusion.  Sue suggested we stop at the Newport Harbor Elks to see if Greg was around.  We texted him first and met up with him at the Lodge and visited a while.


    At Cucina Enoteca

    We enjoyed a great cheese plate and one of their special infusions.


    Our friend Greg joined us at the Elks

    After coming home, we continued our binge-watching of “The West Wing”.

  • Mondays Are Always Fun

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    Sue took Paul to “Fly N’ Fish” in Newport to keep him out of the garden (and let his back and hands recover).  We had a great meal!   The cioppino was excellent!


    See Paul in the mirror?

    We heard about the restaurant on KFI radio Saturday. Cioppino is a fish stew originating in San Francisco, California. It is considered an Italian-American dish, and is related to various regional fish soups and stews of Italian cuisine.


    The chiopino was outstanding


    Great view out the window



    Decorated for Saint Patrick’s Day


    Another amazing sunset


    Will Paul ever tell the story about his mother running away from home?

  • The Garden Again Calls

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    Paul worked in the front yard while Sue paid the bills!  Paul worked in another eight bags of mulch and trimmed the pomegranate tree plus staked up (i.e. caged) a volunteer tomato from last year.  It already has small tomatoes on it!

    The tomato volunteer is looking so good!

    The tomato volunteer is looking so good!

    We put in 2000 pounds of mulch this year!  It does make a difference.

    The beds are ready!

    The beds are ready!

    Departed fpr the Garden Grove Elks month;y Pizza Sunday where we met up with Iris & Wil plus Mike & Bridget.

    Amazing Pizza for $10!

    On the way home we stopped at Old Ranch and caught up with Bunnaford, Dave O, and the Cathey’s.  We ere tired and came home.  We watched on “The West Wing” before crashing at 9:30! That is a record for us!


  • Work Must Stop! Fun Must Begin!

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    Paul spent most of the day between the computer room and outside. We were preparing the mailings for the dance clubs meaning we had to do a newsletter/invitation for the Topper’s and mail them out plus for the Starlighters we do the invitation plus we also prepared the yearly dues letter.  We do the mailing labels for both mailings. It takes several hours!

    In the garden, Paul worked in about eight bags of mulch and fertilized the plums and citrus trees. Sue made magic in the kitchen!.  After brig married 200 years I still can’t figure out how she can devise such good stuff from nothing!

    Paul went to the garden and Sue with the frig!

    Paul went to the garden and Sue with the frig!


    The broccoli was about 30 minute old when it jumped in tot he pan!


    Sue added her magic to the broccoli and it was soooooo good!

    At the end of the day, we got cleaned up and went to the Arte Cafe for dinner with the Branders before going to the Cerritos Performing Arts Center to see The Little River Band!  The performance was, in our eyes, not very good as the band was way too loud and the “singers” mumbled into the microphone and were frowned out by the three guitars and drums. Perhaps we are too old and need to be able to hear what the singers are trying to stay.

    Little River Band (LRB) are a soft rock band originally formed in Melbourne, Australia, in March 1975. The band achieved commercial success, not only in Australia but also in the United States.

    The crowd seemed to like them?  Go figure!

    The evening return to good when we got home and continued watching “The West Wing”.

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