Getting Down To Work

Fact: Science has a number of different ways of defining time. To cover just a couple: There’s astronomical time, which is measured in relation to how long it takes Earth to rotate on its axis. In astronomical time, a second is 1/60th of a minute. And then there’s atomic time, which dictates the numbers that you’ll see on a clock. According to atomic time, one second equals 9,192,631,770 oscillations of a cesium-133 atom. Measuring the vibration of an atom—which, in simple terms, is the gist of what oscillation is—is the most accurate way to track time.



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Laid Back Until 4:33 PM!

Fact: Every person on Earth is living in the past. This may sound like the plot of some sci-fi, time-travel thriller, but it’s actually a fact of human biology and the trickiness of time. Our brains don’t perceive events until about 80 milliseconds after they’ve happened. This fine line between the present and the past is partly why some physicists argue that there’s no such thing as “now” and that the present moment is no more than an illusion.

We were slugs today! We did get up early, which resulted in us going into the swim spa and having our morning coffee. After soaking for almost an hour, we walked the garden making mental lists of “to-do’s.” Dang, we have a lot of stuff to do!

I was pleasantly surprised when I got a text for Bran and Susie-Q (Justus), and they will be doing the Celebration of Life for Sue next month. They were one of Sue’s favorites, plus they are terrific individuals.

I like birthdays, but I think too many can kill you.

Quite a cake!

Time to dance, and the girls hit the floor first! You know you’re getting old when you have more candles on your cake than friends at your birthday party.

The birthday crowd was missing Jerry, who was home with his wife, who contracted COVID.

The birthday kids!

We returned home and crashed!

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We Awaited The Arrival!

Fact: Dentistry goes all way back to when humans first had teeth…well not quite that long. However, one study found evidence of teeth being drilled in skulls that dates from 7,500 to 9,000 years ago. The holes were likely made using a prehistoric bow-drill. Could that be the work of the first dentist? Other biting research conducted by the University of Bologna, Italy on a 14,000-year-old skull found that “one rotten tooth in the jaw had been deliberately scoured and scraped with a tool,” according to the BBC. That makes dentistry one of the oldest recorded professions and is definitely a reason to smile.

The sun was still struggling to get up above the horizon when we were outside having our morning coffee. 8:00 PM was the target time. He made it just under the wire.

Ten yards coming your way!

The pumper truck was really busy today as it had to move 10 yards of cement from the street clear to the back of the property which is a little over 200 feet. You could tell the pump was struggling to get it back there.

The pumper had almost 200 feet to reach the garden.

It took longer to make the connections with the hose and run the hose clear to the back than it did to actually for the concrete. Those parts filled the entire back of a pick up truck.

Lots of hose!

It looks like a chick attic snake and I know that Scout, The Wonder Dog, was a little worried about it.

I mean a lot of hose.

You’re comes the mud; Gary and his measuring stick right in front of where the concrete came out of the hose so we didn’t have to do much moving of the mud around once it was in the ground.

The concrete pours out smoothly.

Mary to the rescue! I wondered where she was and about 20 minutes later she came out with a big plate of blueberry muffins and I mean blueberry. She took all of the blueberries that we had in the fridge into them in the batter and it was really juicy

Mary baked muffins for the guys.

It took just about an hour to do the poor in all of the beds. This is the first pour and it is setting the foundation for the walls to go around the various beds. Next week we start laying the brick for the beds which will be roughly 22 inches tall, just right for us to sit down and do our gardening.

The mud was poured in an hour.

It was already in the 80s when the truck started pumping the concrete out so we had to work fast to make sure it didn’t totally set up before we leave the first course of brick.

We had to work hard before it set up!

I went inside the house and got my trusty drone and flew it over the property now you can start to see where the beds are. There are five beds each of which are 25 feet long and most of them are four feet wide. The bed at the bottom right is 7 feet wide because that’s where we’ll grow our corn and melons next year.

The next pour will be the concrete between the beds and the two walkways at the top in the bottom of the garden. We expect that to occur in about 3 1/2 weeks.

Our drone took pictures of the hard from about 150 feet up.

I love the construction work it’s time to have fun. Bob and Robin came by the house at around 4 o’clock and we headed to the Santa Ana Elks for their 120th birthday party. We got dressed up in costume.

To the Elks and a visit to Hawaii!

We have a good time together and tonight.

Just us.

We could not get by without doing the Robin pose.

The required pose!

Robin & Bob didn’t have to drive tonight because I acted as a chauffeur so he may have had maybe one little Drinky poo too much.


I did have a drink!

The alley was set up on the stage and Bob bowled two strikes back to back!

Bob does the pineapple bowling activity

The prize you ask, it was a 45 gallon jug of red wine.

Bob won the pineapple bowling activity.

I think the ladies may have been ashamed of Bob and I for what we did. But I can’t really recollect what it was, it must’ve been bad.

Did we make the girls ashamed of us?

We headed for home after 10 PM and ran into two hoochy-koochy girls in the parking lot.

I hope Mary and Robin didn’t see us!!

It was a good night and the food was not too bad considering every serving 170 people in a short period of time. The music was great, and we danced and danced and danced until the wee hours or 10 PM, whatever comes first.

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Great Fun

Fact: Neil Diamond is best known for his iconic song, “Sweet Caroline”, (you’ve definitely heard it at the Drive stadium), along with hits such as “I Am… I Said”, “Song Sung Blue”, “Cracklin’ Rosie”, and of course, “Cherry, Cherry”.

Yeah yeah, concrete comes tomorrow. I watered the dirt so the concrete will not be affected by the dirt.

Everything is ready to go!

The next project was to replace the 3/4″ casters on the mobile TV stand with 2″ casters so they will roll over the rugs easier. We have a hardwood floor but the baby, Scout, does not like walking on it very much.

Rolls like a champ now!

We got all gussied up and headed to the Neil Diamond show at the Santa Ana Elks. Vicky joined us along with Robin, Bob, and Donna. We had a great time.

Soling the problems of the world.

Yes, Dr. MAry and Donna hit the floor and wiggled all night long to the music of the 1970s.

Bob and I got up and danced to this kind of dancing because the music was so good. The next morning I knew I had overdone it; my knees were sore.

We had great seats right up front.

The show lasted two hours and by 10:00 PM we were both tired. Robin came home with us and stayed overnight.

The moon was bright as we pulled into the driveway.

It was a full moon!

I love this quote from my favorite guy. Tom Sowell is A-Number-One in my book!

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Girls Night Out!

Fact: One of President John Tyler’s grandsons is still alive today—and he was born in 1790. How is this possible? President Tyler, the 10th US president, was 63 when his son Lyon Tyler was born in 1853; Lyon’s son was born when he was 75. President Tyler’s living grandson, Harrison Tyler, is 93. Lyon’s other son Lyon Jr. passed away in 2020 at the age of 95. The Tyler family still maintains the President’s home, Sherwood Forest Plantation, in Virginia.

First, I got the newspaper and checked the obituaries, and I was not in it today. That’s a beautiful way to start the day. We looked at the calendar, and no doctor’s appointments, another plus for this fine day.

However, we did have to heat south at 7:30 AM because we had an appointment at the gym. I go running when I have to – like when the ice cream truck is turning 60, or I need a lift to the bakery. Ah, Exercise: The joy of flex.

We finished our self-mutilation in about 55 minutes and walked out with our tongues dragging the ground. We had to get some gift cards from Starbucks, but Mary was out like a light when we arrived there.

When we arrived home, Ed and Betty stopped by, and Ed took a look at my upstairs air conditioner. We decided it was probably the running capacitor, but we had no way of checking it here. Ed took it to the running capacitor hospital!

Now down to serious business, Girl Night Out at the Elks. Someone took a movie of our antics.

Upon getting home, Mary got the cooking itch again, and off we went. We cooked until 9:00 PM.

Neil Diamond will be here tomorrow evening, and we have a table for ten set up!

Yes, we are going!

Bob came in on the Honda with wheels burning rubber and bugs in his teeth! He looked better; the butterflies gave him that “ridden look.”

Bob took the training wheels off before the picture was taken.

Mary hit the kitchen again, doing a stir-fry with meatballs. The yellow is from the yellow squash, which was delicious and pretty. Squash are classified as either summer or winter varieties, depending on when they are harvested.

Summer squashes!

Summer squashes are harvested when immature while the rind is still tender and edible.


Spicy meatballs to go with the squash; can’t beat that! Why did the meatballs tell the spaghetti to go to sleep? It was pasta bedtime.

Oh boy!

Mary plated everything up while I got the vino ready. We watched a movie called The Age Of Adaline. A young woman, born at the turn of the 20th century, is rendered ageless after an accident. After many solitary years, she meets a man who complicates the eternal life she has settled into.

Time to dine!

We watched “Montford: The Chickasaw Rancher” during dinner; it was an excellent movie. A remarkable story inspired by the life of renowned Chickasaw cattleman Montford T. Johnson, a man who overcame incredible hardships to establish a ranching empire along the famous cattle highway of the American West, the Chisolm Trail.

By the time dinner was over, we had decided to crash. It’s going to be a busy weekend.

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Hump Day! We Are Off And Running!

Fact: Just over 96% of the total amount of the world’s water is held in its oceans, according to Water in Crisis: A Guide to the World’s Fresh Water Resources via the United States Geological Survey (USGS). However, that’s primarily saltwater. To find the bulk of the world’s freshwater, you need to trek to the poles, as 68.7% of it is encased in ice caps, permanent snow, and glaciers

I could not resist poking fun at another of Biden’s brilliant appointees. How can one man surround himself with such a collection of poor choices? Oh Well!!

The perfect idiot!

We were up again at 5:00 AM and headed to the Los Alamitos hospital for the pulmonary test; this time, the machine worked. It was done in the radiation department for a reason I do not understand! The technician was outstanding.

I was locked up!

There were eight tests, two of which were repeated after eight minutes of breathing activity. Spirometry is one of the most common pulmonary function tests. Spirometry measures how much air you can breathe in and out. It also measures how fast you can empty the air out of your lungs. Spirometry helps diagnose breathing problems such as asthma and COPD.

Then I did a body plethysmography test, which measures how much air is in your lungs when you inhale. It also checks how much air stays in your lungs after you breathe out as much as you can.

That was followed by a lung diffusion capacity test measures how well oxygen moves from your lungs into your blood. This test is similar to spirometry. You breathe into a tube attached to a machine. The test can help diagnose a disease of the blood vessels between your heart and lungs, and it can show the amount of damage done by a disease such as emphysema, a disease in which your air sacs are gradually destroyed.

After four BM’s this morning, I nearly melted the plastic hoses. Oh, BM means Bloody Mary!

I blew a 1.2!

On the way home, we stopped at a place two blocks from our home to look at dirt. We can buy 20 yards of soil mix for about $1,200. We figured another $500 for amendment and we are good to go. The people were very helpful.

We know where to get dirt!!

The day was HOT! Being fairly smart, we had a little lunch at home and headed to the movie theater. We left the air conditioning on so that Scout The Wonder Dog and our house cleaners would be OK.

It is four miles from our home.

We arrived at the theater and made our way to screen #9 with our little pile of concessions; M&M’s and a hot dog for daddy! We saw “Elvis,” which was a story of how Colonel Phillips bamboozled Elvis for many, many years. The movie was quite good and told the real story. Tom Hanks did a magnificent job.

The show was not out until almost 6:00 PM so we went to Donna and Bob’s for the Starlighters Board Meeting, where we spent two hours planning for the next few dances.

While taking a picture, my cameras revealed what I looked like two years ago! I was a fizzy little bugger back then.

Two years ago !

Donna came in the middle of the dates and dance-type discussions. She volunteered to figure it our; we are in trouble now.

Don’t ask!

We finally had to give the job to the adult meeting supervisor, Vicky! We finally have a not-so-firm idea of what we might be doing, maybe.

Figuring out the dance types (formal, semi-formal, or casual)

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Just Plain Busy!

Fact: Few odors are as pleasing as “new car smell”—and not just because it’s nice to be in a brand new car. But while the scent may be strangely satisfying, the fact is that it’s pretty much just a combination of 50+ chemicals (known as “volatile organic compounds”) that are released into the car, decaying quickly over time. The concentrations found in a typical new vehicle aren’t dangerous, but among the VOCs that make up much of that new car, smell are those found in nail polish, auto fuel, and petroleum.

The day began with us checking out the drip system as two of the pots seemed dry. After I removed the 1/2″ line and blew into it, the water flowed freely. I added a sprayer to the end instead of the dripper. The water covered more area, and the plant was happy.

Tom, our handyman, dropped by and did several small jobs. We left him at our house while we did a quick errand.

Tom to the rescue!

We covered all the chairs from the Saturday swim party and got the remaining water toys inside their little house. It was off to Home Depot to get a new pot, a screen door, and some other goodies. We decided to call a screen door installer and have them do the job.

I got a new faucet for my bathroom as the one that came with the house was slipping. We got an excellent Braun system that will last for years, and Tom installed it for us; he hates plumbing also.

Then the outside temperature was 90 degrees, so on came the air conditioning, and we stayed inside the comfortable 76-degree house until it was time to go to the gym.

I showed Mary a recipe from Facebook, and she had to try it. The recipe called for hollowing out cabbage and placing meatballs inside with a sauce. The cabbage goes into the oven for 90 minutes at 400 degrees! I did have to ask her, “What do you call Chinese cabbage that composes music? Bach Choy.”

We had extra meatballs, so they stayed outside in the pan.

The lady needs a chef’s hat complete with 101 pleats!

The creation is ready for the oven!

We went to the gym at 4:00 PM, and on the way, we saw a truck overturned, spilling cabbage all over the highway. It was horrific! We slaw it happen!

Come on, Doc, I am trying to exercise!

After departing the gym in great pain, we dropped by Jan’s at 5:00 PM to enjoy an afternoon visit and glass of wine. We left Jan’s at 6:00 PM and raced home to put Mary’s creation into the oven. While it was cooking, we watched a movie on the 60″ portable roll-around TV.

Dinner was served at 7:30 PM, and it was magnificent! Again I asked Mary, “What’s the difference between a unicorn and a head of cabbage? One is a funny beast, and the other is a bunny feast!”

The result was fantastic!

We opted out of the swim spa this evening as we have to be on the road at 7:00 AM for another try at the pulmonary function test at 8:00 AM. It was a good day.

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We Had A Full Day!

Fact: Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.

We were up at the crack of dawn as we had an appointment at Los Al Medical Center for a pulmonary function test. We arrived on time and were greeted by a technician who waived us off! The machine was busted! So by 9:00 AM, we were in a quandary; do we stay and have breakfast or go home? We opted for home as that’s the best place to eat. Mary worked her magic in the kitchen while I did several repair jobs.

The Silver Fox whisked us down the 22 freeway, and by 10:00 AM, we were home. We watched a movie as it was too warm to go outside, and at 3:00 PM, we were dressed and ready to rock and roll. We rolled down to Laguna Canyon and met up with friends for an afternoon at the Festival of Arts.

We entered the grounds at 4:00 PM.

We enjoyed sitting and having wine while we waited for dinner planned for 6:00 PM. We walked around the artwork to pass the time.

Interesting collection of “art.”

Terra Laguna Beach is the on-property dining destination and event venue focusing on California cuisine with sustainable food practices utilizing farm stand fresh ingredients and creating artfully crafted meals. Surrounded by nature and creative expression, Terra Laguna Beach offers guests an artistic culinary experience unique to this place and space.

We had a private area above the restaurant.

Vicky was my next-door neighbor for thirty years and a fantastic person! Not too often do we sit next to each other because the kibitzing goes on continuously.

Thank you, Vicky, for putting this together!

Dinner is done; time to enter the outdoor theater!

Mary, Vicky, and Donna. Ladies, the show is about to begin!

We entered and found our seats. We have the best in the house! Row G is perfect!

Inside we had perfect seats.

There were sixteen of us this evening, and we are all like family to each other.

Bring on the show! Vicky, Paul, Mary Yollie (Vicky’s sister), and Irene are left to right.

It is a wonderful world.

A kaleidoscope of international art becomes your passport to distant lands, cultural celebrations, and fascinating history in the 2022 production of Wonderful World. Transported through the theatrical art of living pictures, the Pageant sets sail in pursuit of seasonal festivities, ancient and modern, promising new surprises at every turn. Prepare to be amazed by the Pageant’s intoxicating blend of original music, storytelling, and stage illusions. WONDERFUL WORLD is a love letter to our common humanity,

The picture was interesting, especially when the figures moved!


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Time To Dance!

Research also proves that dancing reduces stress and tension for the mind and body. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute studies have shown that dancing also prevents heart disease.

In the morning, we worked in the garden, deadheading some of the flowers and working on the drip systems. We watched our televangelist at 11:00 AM while having lunch. We dilly-dallied inside for the rest of the afternoon as it was too warm to be outside.

At 5:00 PM, we dropped by Jan’s on our way to Chino to dance. We danced for two hours before heading back home.

Mary with our friends, the Capps.

It was an easy day; we needed that!

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More Celebrating; Yeah!

Fact: Birthday cards are extremely popular in the US. Why so? That’s because 58% of all cards purchased in the US are birthday cards!

Charlie had a birthday, and he asked Mary and I if his friends could come over for a swim party. Duh, let’s do a party! The gaggle arrived at 11:00 AM and headed for the pool!

Teenagers: Those old enough to know everything. I overheard one of the teens say, “What do you call a Star Wars droid that takes the long way around? R2-Detour.

The pool was a warm 87 degrees!

They were in the pool for a good two hours! After getting out of the pool, the boys disappeared, so we went to find them. Wow, almost like the 1950s again as the boys were in the street playing baseball. Joe flew my drone over the game and took videos.

After two hours in the water and a lot of pizza, they tried their hand at baseball!

It was a beautiful but warm day. I kept the house at 76 degrees, so the adults spent most of the time inside next to the chilled wine! There was a nice breeze so sitting on the patio was also an option.

We got the pizza from First Class Pizza and had it delivered. It was truly a fantastic pizza.

It was a beautiful day!

During gift opening and dessert time, Charlie made a killing. Joe and I offered to hold his money but were refused. We look honest, I think! I also heard one of the boys say, “Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl in the bathroom? It has a silent pee.”

There was more food, dessert, and presents after the baseball game.

The “cake” was excellent. We all walked around with blue frosting o our faces.

Charlie is not a cake fan, so a LARGE cookie was served.

Joe’s inlaws and their friend Diane and sister Mary joined us. The ladies enjoyed the pool, especially after Joe and I moved the portable umbrella over to where they were sitting.

We all had a ball! Alex was after the brownies!

After everyone departed, we went into the pool to enjoy the 88 degrees water. After an hour, we were waterlogged and headed inside and watched some movies before crashing for the night.

We love family, and today was just super for everyone.

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