To The Yard And Beyond…

Yes, Paul hit the front yard again! He did the Blood Orange tree removing the dead branches inside the tree and giving the inside of the tree some night.

Indeed it is bright blood red

Did You Know? The blood orange is a variety of orange (Citrus × sinensis) with crimson, almost blood-colored flesh.
The distinctive dark flesh color is due to the presence of anthocyanins, a family of antioxidant pigments common to many flowers and fruit, but uncommon in citrus fruits.Chrysanthemin (cyanidin 3-O-glucoside) is the main compound found in red oranges. The flesh develops its characteristic maroon color when the fruit develops with low temperatures during the night.
Sometimes, dark coloring is seen on the exterior of the rind, as well, depending on the variety of blood orange. The skin can be tougher and harder to peel than that of other oranges. Blood oranges have a unique flavor profile compared to other oranges, being distinctly raspberry-like in addition to the usual citrus notes.

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Took It Easy Today So We Could Dance Tonight

Sue was getting over a little illness so we stayed close to home.  Paul did some shopping at the market, which is always a great surprise to Sue when he gets home.  We did leftovers for lunch as we needed some room in the frig!

Paul headed to the front yard and cleaned up.  It is the end of the season and the fruit has been dropping so it was time to cleanup.  HE trimmed the inside of the lemon tree and went on the roof to pull off the dead fruit that was still hanging.

In the afternoon, Sue took a nap and Paul worked on the computer finishing off severla pages and getting prepared for this weekends activities!

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We simply stopped the clock and stayed home until noon when we visited the doctor. Afterwords, we went to Old Ranch and shared a veggie burger and a glass of wine.  Paul pigged out and had apple cobbler!

Letting the world go right by!

Then back home and rested some more.  We watched NCIS and some Frasier before crashing!

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Celebrating A Retirement After Almost 50 Years

Thought for the day!  The little jerks have not fought a war in 60 years… We could decapitate their general staff with a strong magnet!

Pretty silly looking!

We went to Bill Wolett’s retirement party in Long Beach at the Claim Jumper. We enjoyed ourselves getting to renew old acquaintances and of course, seeing our daughter Robin. Join the party!

Bill Wolett Retires After 50 Years 8/15/2017

After getting home we stayed home as Sue was “under the weather”.

Etymology: From under the weather bow (“affected by bad weather; seasick”); weather bow is a nautical term referring to the side of a ship exposed to bad weather.

After the party we headed home to make sure Sue got some rest as she has been battling a little illness.  We watched some Frasier and then crashed.

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Monday, A “Normal” Day

We had lunch at El Zarape in Cypress with Diane and John.  Great food and great time. We passed by there hundreds of times but didn’t realizr how good the food was AND the owner met us and mentioned he knows vegetarian and can do many things for us!

We then headed home to get ready for Malarkey’s where we spend three hours with friends yucking it up!

We attempted to explain to Ghislaine how Beer Can Chicken is made

It was easier to watch the sunset!

Magnificent Sunset!

A great evening with friends and Wally bought dinner for us all!  Time to go home!

We watched “A Tsar is Born” which episode 151 of the Frasier series. There were 263 episodes so we still have 100+ to go!

What a great idea!

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Walking And Dancing

First things first… Paul took a walk while listening to the House Whisperer on KFI 640 AM.  Always useful information!  The day was great and the humidity was lower than the last week!

Good solid hour at 2 1/2 miles and hour!

The summertime flowers are still quite beautiful but thos house reminded Paul of Christmas… Reds and greens!

Walking in the morning

Paul took a nap so as to get ready for the monthly Old Ranch Dinner Dance this evening at 5:00 PM. We were really surprised as Mike brought Bridgette for a short outing and they danced!  We were so happy to see her up and about!

Looked like they were several months ago!

Iris kept loosing her spoon so Paul ordered five of them.  After a bit, Paul slipped them into her purse and then asked Arturo to come visit the table and ask Iris if he could look at her purse as there has been a shortage of spoons recently.  We all got a great laugh out of this!

Spoon thief, caught in the act!

We headed home and watched some TV before crashing.

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Resting And Chuck’s 60th Birthday

We rested today.  Sue paid the bills which Paul put the finishing touches on Janice’s trip to Antarctica!  Say what?

OK… Here it is in a nutshell.  Paul loves to do “Vacation Forensics” meaning he takes a mess of pictures, brochures, itineraries, notes, scribbles, etc., and turns then into a web-friendly travel-journal.  It takes many hours to make one but Paul gets to live the trip, see and hopefully improve each picture, and throw out the fuzzy ones saving someone from being bored.

We has done many and if you want to see and example, try “Janice of the Jungle“.

At 4:00 PM we headed to Old Ranch as we were “sponsoring” a friends birthday bash at the ranch.  There were 140 people celebrating Pete (Chucks 80 year old father in law) and Chucks (60th) birthdays.

Chuck is an excellent singer and of course sang several songs with the band but on the second song, he thanks Sue and Paul for arranging the party at Old Ranch and asked us to go up and dance… What could we do but dance!

Two for One

Great fun all evening long!

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Disneyland With Robin & Nick Plus GG Elks

We decided to go to Disneyland and the Duda’s are always up for that.  Nick starts college next week so he got to select either the OC Fair or Disneyland!  We departed our house about 2:00 PM and headed to Catal for a post lunch drink!

We met Robin at the watch store as we found our form Bob that we liked one of the watches there… We forced her to tell us which one!  While shopping, Paul spotted a young man worrying about a bracelet for his wife.  He looked at many and finally decided upon a $40 one. As he handed his credit car to the saleslady, Paul grabbed it away and paid for it cash saying “Nice to see a husband paying so much attention to his wife… Have a great day!”

We have shopped here many a time over the years!

The man was so flabbergasted, we was speechless!  The sales lady came around the counter in tears.  Paul just thought it would be nice to do… After all, only $40.  The store wrote us out a Fast Pass for the Haunted House getting us not only in the Fast Pass Lane but to the front of the line!

Doing something nice for someone always comes around!

We went to the Haunted House and it was closed for repairs.

It was broke when we arrived but after dinner, it was operating again!

It was so hot that we decided to go back to Catal and have a lite meal!

At 6:30 PM we departed, leaving Robin and Nick, for Garden Grove Elks! We met up with the Branders, Zaitz and others for an evening of dancing!

To home, and as you know, we met up with the Frasier gang. We watched “The Show Where Woody Shows Up”… Great fun and Woody has not changed!


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Patty’s Place & The Phoenix Club

Today was Rita’s birthday.  Sue’s Mom has been gone eighteen years and we still miss her!

Rita And The Babies (Valentine and Mickey)

More golf… Twice this week!  We played only seven holes as Paul’s breathing was becoming labored probably because of the humidity.  We went in to have some Happy Hour before heading to Patty’s and finally to the Phoenix Club.

While at Patty’s Place we got a text from Renee and no, we are NOT great grandparents again (sort of)!  Renee’s little guys is four days old so we have a proud papa who sends us updates.  Renee is our bartender at Catal and he and Nicole are just great people!

Meet Christian Renee Alcala

After a lite dinner, we went to the Phoenix Club and met up with Connor who promised to stop smoking today!

Homeward bound to catch some Frasier before crashing for the night.

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Busy Day

We thought we had a luncheon date with Bernie and his kids.  After we got to Trani’s in Long Beach, Paul read last night’s text messages and they had to cancel.  Dang, Paul and Sue just had to have a nice quiet leisurely romantic lunch together!  We loved it!

Decisions Decisions

That evening we had a Starlighters Board Meeting in Villa Park as we are the secretaries of the board.  It was an excellent meeting since we were surrounded with friends!  It was at the home of Marilyn Bailey which is beautiful!

Since we were so closed to Jan Mongel, we called he up and said ” We are on our way”.  It is a requirement to surprise her otherwise she will prepare a feast at 9:00 PM!  This way, we shared some cheese and crackers and kill off a bottle of cold wine!

About 11:00 PM, after a rousing evening of chatter about nothing, we departed for home to catch a Frasier before going to bed,

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