Our Friends Are So Nice

We have been out of commission for a while now but this past week we missed four dances… Phoenix Club on Thursday, Toppers on Friday, Starlighters on Saturday and the Jam Session on Sunday.  Vicky, our next door neighbor, dropped two cards by for Sue and when she opened them, they were full of wishes and signatures of our friends wising Sue’s return to health.

So many kind and caring friends

Paul continued “chores” and “fixits”.  Today Paul fixed the bathroom faucet… The little device on the end that makes the water into a stream had been malfunctioning for a long time squirting water out the side of the spout and onto the counter… No more, 10 minutes work and a $4.75 replacement part and that problem is now history!

Paul worked in the yard planting shelling peas along with onions and strawberries!  He also brought in some cauliflower and cleaned it up so he could make cauliflower soup tomorrow.

Only one trip to the hardware store today, what is this world coming too?  Sue was horizontal most of the day but she got up at 8:00 PM so we could watch some of our series and a little but of Grey’s Anatomy.  We crashed at 12:30 AM.

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Saturday Was Another Productive Day Around The House

We decided early not to go to the Starlighters dance and while looking at the calendar, we discovered we had tickets to see Jay Leno at Cerritos.  We called several people but alas, they were all busy!  Finally, we were able to give the tickets to our friends the McEntee’s.  Fifth row center, they will enjoy the show and they will be with friends (several people bought tickets to see Jay Leno when we did the mass purchase).

Paul did errands, wrote the next 30 days birthday and anniversary cards, went to the market and post office, and also did a Staples run… Paul is still organizing things!

In the afternoon, Paul worked in the garden.  Mid afternoon, the nice people from Amazon delivered his new Makita 6 1/2 battery powered circular saw.  Paul dropped everything and fired it up cutting several slices out of some one inch plywood, cut like a knife through butter!

Paul loves having no power cords to drag around!

Sue was mostly resting/asleep today so Paul continued on his quest to do chores.  The “camera Drawer” was next on the list. Paul had lenses in the drawer from camera long gone bye bye.  Half the drawers contents disappeared.  He even found fresh Kodak film… Well, fresh meaning it was still in the box!

In the later afternoon the middle bedroom was the target!  Paul re-did the electrical cords by putting in an adaptor to one wall socket.  The adapter had six gazintas (goes into’s) plus four computer plugs.  Gone are the old extension cords.  It’s funny, in the old days having six plugs into one socket was a fire hazard…. Today it’s nothing because the power pulled by each individual items is peanuts.  Example: the light stand light was 150W, with LED’s it is 9W!

Sue got up and Paul fixed dinner (three table spoons of soup) and we watched TV until about midnight!


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We Stayed Home; Didn’t Go Dancing

Sue is still not up to snuff so she rested all day and Paul did “chores” meaning fixing or working on things that needed work for years!  Today he did not walk as Sue was down for the count.  Chores today… Yes indeed!  Paul cleaned out two “junk drawers” and brought the pencil and pen count down to less than 100,000!  We had pens dating back before ink was invented!  OK, maybe not that bad but all we needed was a hand full of pens and pencils.

Paul also worked in the garden bringing in some cauliflower which he pickeled using white vinegar, sugar and a mess of pickling spices.  He tasted it after about six hours and then determined that he ought learn the difference between a tea speen and a table spoon, especially when it comes to hot pepper flakes!

Oops! No wonder the cauliflower is so hot!

We were supposed to go to Topper’s but alas, we decided it would be better to stay close to home.  The last thing we want is to get Sue exposed to that nasty flu!

Paul fixed dinner but that was a lesson in and of itself.  How hard is it to put butter and cheese on a slice of baguette?  VERY HARD!  Sue is an excellent teacher (and willing subject of Paul’s cooking attempts).  We finally ended up with someting mostly edible.  Thank goodness for ice cream and instant chocolate chip cookie dough!

We watched TV and hit the sack around midnight.  Yes, we are binge watching “Grey’s Anatomy”.


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Another Day At Home…

Paul hit the pavement about 9:30 AM after assuring Sue would be going back to bed and resting.  The target today was Staples as Paul was looking for three small clipboards to keeps lists better organized.  He walked for two hours.

The map feature works great… The small “pip” just down and over from the third-mile marker is Paul inside Staples tring to find clipboards!

Chugging right along!

While walking Paul got reminded of the next holiday, probably time to get reservations to go out with the gang if we can.  For the last several years we went to Il Garage in Stanton for Valentines day dinner.

Tis’ the season

This flag needed an up-close picture… Paul wants one for his yard!

Indeed… Only another couple of weeks!

On the way home, the chairs were spotted in a neighbors front yard, Adirondack‘s perhaps?  Paul was afraid of using them but next time, he may stop and enjoy his diet coke he got at Subway!

Good idea… Wonder if they would mind?

Did You Know?  The Adirondack chair (in Canada, more commonly called a Muskoka chair) is a simple chair made of wood or man made materials, generally used outdoors. Originally made with 11 flat wooden boards, it features a straight back and seat and wide armrests. The advent of various man made materials have allowed for this style of chair to be made from polymers and other hard impact plastics.

The first Adirondack chair was designed by Thomas Lee while vacationing in Westport, New York, in the Adirondack Mountains in 1903. Needing outdoor chairs for his summer home, he tested his early efforts on his family. After arriving at a final design for a “Westport plank chair”, he offered it to a carpenter friend in Westport in need of a winter income, Harry Bunnell. Bunnell saw the commercial potential of such an item being offered to Westport’s summer residents, and apparently without asking Lee’s permission filed for and received U.S. patent #794,777 in 1905.

Berries are berry good for you!

He cleaned up the mess from yesterdays plantings and filled up two 100 gallons trash can with trimming, leaves, and weeds! A successful afternoons  work!  He also gertilized the Blueberries as they were beginning to bud and he wanted to give them a boost at this strategic time.

In the evening Paul and Sue stayed home, something we never do on Thursdays as that it Phoenix Club night but Sue was not up to it.  We stayed around the TV, watched movies, and dran our non-alcoholic champagne with Paul’s chocolate chip cookies!

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Chores And More Chores

Sue has not been feeling well and has been spending a lot of time horizontal.  This has given Paul time to do those pesky little chores that have needed to be done for years!

Example you ask? OK, in the kitchen, the cabinet which holds glassware (water and wine glasses, champagne glasses, etc.) had two shelves that were “buckling” due to the weight.  They were at odd angles and the small plastic braces at the ends of the selves had cracked from old age.  Paul headed to the lumber yard and picked up some 3/4 inch dowel, cut the dowel into twelve separate nine inch pieces and strategically placed them at the ends and middle of the shelves…. Voila’, the shelves are not back to normal and stronger than ever! Took maybe an hour overall (considering the shelves had to be unloaded, glasses washed, and replaced) yet it was five plus years coming?

The truth is sometimes hard to take!

In the afternoon, Paul did a run to H&H Nursery in Lakewood and picked up four grapes plants and four berry plants.  He moved the asparagus to a different location on the garden and planted the grapes and berries.  The berries and grapes are each different so it ought to be fun!  The berry plants were put along the back wall because their roots have a tendency to be evasive… Along the back wall the only place they can go is into the neighbors year or into our swimming pool!

Two years and it will be snack time along the north wall!

We decided NOT to go out so when Adrianne (our dear cleaning lady) came by, we went into another room while she worked he magic in the master bedroom/bath… Then we moved Sue back into that area  while Adrianna finished the house.

Usually we go somewhere in the afternoon/evening but today we stayed home and PAul make some chocolate chip cookies for Sue and we watched two HAllmark movies, an NCIS, and of course Grey’s Anatomy.  Episode #18 tonight entitled “Thanks for the Memories”

A bunch of characters!

Paul’s favorite character so far is Miranda Bailey who is  introduced to the interns as “The Nazi” in the first season premiere because of her blunt attitude and demanding for respect. When she was still a resident, Webber once pointed out that she disliked nearly every attending she worked under; the attendings take her seriously due to her formidable reputation as an excellent surgeon. Off the bat she tells her interns to ‘not bother sucking up cause I already hate you and that’s not going to change’.

She is excellent!

We crashed for tomorrow is another “chores day”.

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Long Walk Day… Doctor Visit

It’s Tuesday and that means time to go to the bank since MLK’s birthday had the bank closed yeaterday. While Paul was at it, he headed to the pharmacy so the walk was almost five miles in a little over two hours… 11,000+ steps!

Long walk… Great walk!

Paul stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond while on the walk. He was looking for a heated coat for Sue while she watches TV.  He ran into a neat Ziploc product.  Stuff in clothes, pull a vaccuum, and volia, the space taken is much smaller!  Perhaps some of the coats and jackets hanging in the closet can be reduced in size?

Ziploc is a brand of reusable, re-sealable zipper storage bags and containers originally developed and test marketed by The Dow Chemical Company in 1968, and now produced by S. C. Johnson & Son. The plastic bags and containers come in different sizes for use with different products. The brand offers sandwich bags, snack bags and other bags for various purposes.  Read More….

What will they think of next???

Winter is certainly here as evidenced by many of the trees in the hood. Golden trees, blue skies, and mild temperatures.  California is beautiful except for the silly politicians who are destroying it with their goofy rules and love for illegals!


We went to the doctor in the afternoon… Good news, bad news.  We are taking the news seriously and making some changes!  We did NOT go out this evening opting for a relaxing evening at home, something quite new to us.

We watched three episode of Grey’s Anatomy, only 290 more to go!

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It Is Sunday And Again We Rested!

Today was a short-walk day. Paul had a target of the bank but while listening to the radio, they announced it was MLK Day and the banks were closed.  Immediate right-turn was initiated and he headed for home.

Too bad MLK is not still around, then perhaps the crazy libs would not be so crazy… MLK had a head on his shoulders and a moral compass that is sorely missed today!  Great man, great loss!

That was just as good as Sue was resting/asleep so Paul continued his chores and did some errands.  Off to the pharmacy to pick up some of the new meds.  He got two new orchids since the one we have looks so pretty, we expanded the forest!

Even with an abrupt change in direction, still got almost 2 miles in!

As you know by know, Paul has been on a “power trip” recently and he uses the Chai Technology tool.  Before crashing last night, the previous weeks energy usage in the house was examined.  Done good… Another 4% reduction!

Average daily usage now at 16.3 kWh, last year it was three times that!

Before getting up this morning Paul checked the usage and the house was at an all time low of just 273 watts.

Paul found that the frig in the kitchen was turned all the way to the coldest setting…. No wonder everything was icy!  We adjusted it to the “recommended setting” which will reduce the cycle-time  of the frig and hence the power usage is less.  Now we must check the outside freezer and frig also!

The house still uses almost 300W when “everything” is turned off but we have three refrigerators (which run on occasion), the cable box, modems, computers on standby, charging stations, nightlights, and of course the extension plus running to Vicky’s house!

Seems goofy to worry so much but $300/month decrease in the power bill adds up… That’s almost $4,000/year… Real money!

Just like three 100W light bulbs!

In the afternoon we went to Malarkey’s to see the sunset although we were a tad late and Paul forgot the phone so no sunset pictures.  Paul did the chiopino because the calories were quite small and the flavor was quite excellent!Irene was doing just fine… We laughed and giggled for a couple of hours before going home and watching TV.  All in all, a productive day!

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Dancing Day At Old Ranch

Today was slow… Sue was really tired and not feeling well so we didn’t leave the house until about 4:30 to go to Old Ranch for the monthly dinner dance!  Paul did some errands getting a few plants and getting ready to plant grapes in the back yard!

Bare root is a technique of arboriculture whereby a plant is removed from soil in a dormant state, from which it can more rapidly acclimate to new soil conditions.

We had grapes in the back yard but took them out when we redesigned the garden.  Now it is time to put them back as, at our stage in life, we do not need so many vegetable plants as we used to have.

Off to Old Ranch, Paul did not take pictures as he was attending to Sue and therefore had little time.  We have 24 friends with us tonight and had a ball dancing of the sounds of Steve Dudek!  We didn’t dance but got a lot of visiting in!


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It’s Saturday…

Today was Amy’s birthday… We are so lucky to have a wonderful daughter-in-law!  The lady is a class-act!

Paul took off walking and made the Bank Of America and then down Seal Beach Boulevard to Chik-Fil-A for a diet coke.  Walking walking walking…

Almost five miles!

Sue was feeling pretty bad so we stayed at home.  While she slept, Paul did “chores” around the house including getting the closet lights in the computer room working again.  He also did some shopping at Home Depot (tools and other goodies).

We decided later in the afternoon to stay home again and not go to the Garden Grove Elks.  We rested and Paul took care of Sue.  We watched some TV as we are now into the second and first full season of Grey’s Anatomy.

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Friday And We Were Supposed To Dance

So far this month Paul has done 19 miles walking. Today is time for another jaunt through the badlands of Rossmoor!  Today’s trip was to Staples to get some goodies!  HAving a target is a good thing!  The numbers on the path are the mile-markets the program (app) puts onto the map!

Off he goes!

PAul passed “The Tree House” on the way.  It is a work of art!  At Christmas time it is decorated to the hilt!  An amazing structure.

Love the tree house

Paul heard someone say “Please may I pass” and he looked down only to see a snail!  It was likely Paul’s imagination as the snail was made from solid rock!

Paul actually passed him

During the last leg

See the geese inside the oval? Fly right over our house!


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