Goodbye Thanksgiving; Hello Christmas

What do they sing at a snowman’s birthday party? Freeze a jolly good fellow!

We are ready to meet the challenge! Undecorating has been completed, and today we bring Christmas down from the attic, all 50 boxes!

But first, on a retired Saturday morning, we rise at 5:30 AM and get ready to go to an 8:00 AM soccer game in Whittier. We were invited to join Amy and Joe watch Charlie and Alex do their magic on the soccer field; the boys are rather good!

We even got thank-yous from the boys via text messages from their cell phones!

Alex takes on the champs!

The girls talked and cheered on the guys. Amy and Mary get along quite well. We watched an 8:00 AM game and then Charlie’s game at 10:00 AM. After four hours of sitting, we had to head home because our car wash guy was coming over.

On the way home, we stopped at Subway and shared a turkey sub; it was perfect!

Mary and Amy cheer the boys on.

Mary fixed a care package for Bill, who is in Costa Mesa. He has stage four cancer and is going through some tough times. Without family, we attempt to keep him fed because cooking for two is not easy! I did a fly-by while Mary stayed home and got everything ready to go into the attic from the Thanksgiving/Halloween activities.

Juan showed up about 2:30 PM, and he washed our three cars. Then I asked him and his two helpers to take down Christmas. He thought it would be just a couple of boxes; he was surprised when he looked into the attic! Mary accumulated 27 years of decorations, and I had another 35 years. This year we will combine our decorations and hopefully reduce the couldn’t of boxes by a few, or at least we will organize the contents by room.

I mentioned to Mary that I used to decorate a twelve-foot tree and loaded it with goodies; she was still surprised when six large containers labeled “tree decorations” came down the ladder!

While watching all the work, I did mention to Mary, “If you’ve ever watched a butcher wrap pork chops, you’ve seen me wrapping Christmas presents.”

They are almost done.

Once Christmas was down, Mary went up to make sure everything was done. Then she told the guys where to put the ten containers of Thanksgiving/Fall. Up it goes not to be seen again for eleven months!

The guys load ten boxes of Halloween/Fall back into the attic.

That was the best $100 I ever spent! After sitting a while, we decided to go to Jan’s and bring her a care package. Leaving the house, I saw the front, and the trees had just turned on (they are on an Alexa-powered timer set to go on at sunset and off at sunrise). It looked pretty good!

We are started; red and green trees in the front windows.

The sun was setting, and I slowed down and took a snapshot of the street going to Jan’s house; she is only a mile and a half away, so we see her 2-3 times a week.

We are on our way to Jan’s house.

Jan has also been decorating, and she is ahead of us already! Her little friends were sitting on the bench awaiting visitors. I had an urge which I could NOT control. I turned to Mary and blurted out the following:

      • What do snowmen wear on their heads?
        Ice caps!
      • What do snowmen eat for lunch?
      • Where do snowmen go dancing?
      • How do snowmen travel around?
        By icicle!

Little people greet us.

Mary and Jan went through the care package and discussed Thanksgiving recipes. Jan ran the cooking displays and contests for the OC Fair for many years and is a published author of six cookbooks! She is our go-to person for things gastronomic!

Jan unpacks the “Meals On Wheels.”

While at Jan’s, we often call old friends and reconnect. TOnight we called Norma and visited with her. Next week we will have lunch with her and catch up on all things historical. We, Jan, Mary, and I have known Normal for many years as a dancer. Her husband of many years, Jerry, passed perhaps three years ago. She is funny and enjoys a good visit.

We call our old friends to say hello!

We departed about 9:00 PM and went home and crashed again! It was a good day, with the only downside being that The Silver Fox has to stay outside since his spot was taken in the garage with Christmas containers.

Tomorrow we will start the decorating process. Where are Robin and Colleen when we need them?

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The Day After Thanksgiving 2021 And Mary Stays Home!

Friday is the beginning of my liver’s workweek.

We were up bright and early and trekked to the soothing waters of the swim spa.

6:18 AM, and in we go!

We were in before the sun came up at 6:28 AM. The world was quiet, but we had our Alexa in the window of the office, so we plated appropriate music like Bubby Darin’s “Splish Splash,”

We tippy-toe around so as not to arouse the neighbors!

After our cup of coffee and feeding the baby, we get down to serious work! The rest of the day was taking down Thanksgiving and packing everything up to go to the garage attic area until next year.

I had to make a Home Depot run to get six more containers, and now we have ten Fall/Thanksgiving/Halloween containers, but they are in the same boxes and carefully labeled. While I was gone, Mary took down the Thanksgiving Tree.

Late in the afternoon, the doorbell rang, and it was a package for Mary. The shirt she ordered me on November 1st finally arrived!

I wore it all day and now have it for next year!

After the mailman did her thing, we went to the box, doing incantations to attempt to make the bills go away. We did get an INvite to the Packard International Christmas Soiree.

Paul and Richard at the Packard showing in Floral Park.

Tomorrow Juan is coming by to wah our cars and unload the garage attic with all of our combined Christmas containers, which I believe will fill p half the two-car garage.

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A Day To Remember; Off The Grid!

What would a barefoot man get if he stepped on an electric fence? A pair of shocks.

We Got up this morning to start getting ready for Thanksgiving day, and, low and behold, the light wouldn’t come on in the bedroom. So a little further investigation revealed the lights are off to 4,721 households in our local area because of the high winds.

You can see all the Thanksgiving pictures right here!

Fortunately, I remembered I have an 8 kW generator in the heat shed… So, I drug it out, brought it to the garage, and after three long tugs, it kicked right in. Success, Mary and I could now take a warm shower and get cleaned up. The food maybe I’ll cold but it will be pretty.

Our “Guard Turkey” was on duty. Courtesy of Jan Mongel!!

I’m happy and I married well! Mary is a real trooper because instead of getting all excited, and upset, she looked at me with those beautiful eyes and said, “Paul, this will be a real adventure.” The day was an adventure. Plus, with our amazing friends, everyone took the day in stride.

It does not take any electrical power to drink even at 8:00 AM! (I am glad we do not do margaritas!)

We called everybody and put them on notice that things could be a little hectic considering we have to run off generators. We have to cook everything on microwaves or toaster oven’s and fortunately because we talked to Colleen, she suggested using the BBQ to heat the turkey and ham!

Our barbecue is doubling as a regular oven today. Finally, with the two burners turned down to 50%, I got the temperature inside the barbecue regulated at about 350°, which is just exactly what we needed for the ham and the turkey. The other turkey is over at Jan Mongell’s house, getting cooked in her charming, well-equipped, and powered kitchen.

We recalled everybody and said, “Come on over, the fun has just started!” Be prepared!

We managed to put it all together!

Sufficient food was available for an army of 1000. Friends are the family that you choose and we chose well! Everybody went home with bags of goodies and Irene got the grand prize, the turkey carcass. I see soup in her future!

Food everywhere!

Robin, always a trooper, takes a well-deserved rest! Bob and Nick, her husband and sin, worked miracles getting the generators set up and doing the heavy things I can not longer easily do! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Robin finally takes a rest!

The kidding and frivolity went on all afternoon! A day spent with friends is always a day well spent. Joe and Amy were a delightful addition to the celebration1

Paul & Donna; two cutups!


We had a wonderful time and as usual, we worked as a team to make sure was OK even with no power! Mary and I are like a well-oiled team!

We make an excellent team!

After dinner, everyone pitched in, and clean-up was easy, thanks to Joe’s floodlights and the generators. That reminds me, my wife was so “house proud” that when I get up to sleepwalk, she had the bed made by the time I get back. The first Thanksgiving in our new home and we felt so blessed to be surrounded by lobed ones!

We cleaned up courtesy of Joe, who brought floodlights!

By 8:00 PM, everyone was gone, and we crashed! We were without electricity! It was like camping out! We let Joe’s generator run until it gave up the ghost around 6:30 AM.

I was sleeping and at 2:0 AM the entire house went bright! We have power again. All the lights were set on! We got up and wandered around the house returning things to “normal”.

Tomorrow Juan, our cr wash guys is coming about 3:00 PM and after washing our cars, we and his sidekick are going to take down our forty-plus boxes of Christmas decorations. I can’t do it anymore but he is young and for $100 he does anything! We will start decorating for Christmas on Sunday; we have a lot of combining to do!

This is our second Christmas together!

It seems as if it was only a year ago!


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Geting Ready For Thanksgiving

What sound does a turkey’s phone make?” “Wing, wing, wing!

We were up early and started preparing for Thanksgiving. We did some errands first, like getting two new tables, just in case, and then to Walmart to get all the fold-up chairs they had. Then we went to Ralphs for some last-minute goodies, and we were hungry by then, so Rockwell’s came to mind!

Now it was time to visit Marie, and the lines were pretty long, but we survived and picked up three BRBs (Big Red Boxes) of Thanksgiving delights.

When we got home, we unpacked the boxes and worked to fit them in our two refrigerators and outside freezer. Everything did NOT fit, so we returned to Ralphs and got a styrofoam box. Then we remembered that we had ice chests at home, so we had four bags of ice later; we had everything put away safely for tomorrow.

Now it was time to set up the tables. We are having about twenty family and friends over, so we needed three tables. By golly, we had room. We love the big house!

I took the time to ask Mary, “When do you serve rubber turkey?” She was awaiting the answer with trepidation, but here it comes. “Pranksgiving!

Thank you, Jan, for the tabletop!

Everyone has a place, but now we had to make sure we had enough dishes, bowls, and pans! Due to us putting out things together, we had an over-abundance of serving and cookware.

We did our lay everything out to see if it fits things.

While I set the table, Mary worked in the kitchen. She settled on the table centerpieces. Her roses from Monday were still in great shape, so they were pressed into service.

Table setting and centerpieces came next!

One last walkthrough before tablecloths and place settings will be set out.

It looks like it is ready to go!

We called Colleen and talked to her for about 40 minutes! She is always a delight and brings us happiness.

Alexa is at it again!

Mary looked at what Marie did and decided she could improve on the stuffing. The stuffing was modified with onions, celery, mushroom, and walnuts. Mary was quite correct; the stuffing was now excellent.

Mary fixes Marie’s stuffing.

Then she had a moment; what do I add to the dish to really make it stand out?

“MM-m-m-m-m-m-m-m, what should I do next!”

It was about 6:00 PM, and we still had two hours of work to do, and we kept going until 8:00 PM when we crashed. Tomorrow will be an exciting day.

We poured our first wine of the day at 8:00 PM and promptly went to sleep. Good night all; tomorrow will be exciting!

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Mary Is Retired; Day #1

Work hard and save your money and when you are old, you will be able to buy the things only the young can enjoy.

Can you believe it? The first day of retirement, and we are up at 6:00 AM heading for the hot tub! We are still planning for Thanksgiving as the people count is about twenty family and friends. The house is plenty big enough to handle twenty, and we get to test the new kitchen!

After getting out of the tub, I walked into the kitchen and started a serious conversation with my dear wife.

I got “the mommy look” in return!

My intelligence seems to be increasing at my ripe old age of 76 because I called our handyman to hang the Christmas lights on the house. Part of the reason is if I get caught on a ladder, the doctor threatened to operate! Tom is a super handyman, and we enjoy his company. We got all the light hung save for some down the side of the house, but son Joe is bringing another box on Thanksgiving.

Tom got us a new garbage disposer which is QUIET. The one that came with the house was new, but I believe it cost $19.95 at the local hardware store. When you turn it on, the windows rattle, the dog howls, and every other time I faint. I suspect the disposer was used in a movie to make scary sounds before it retired and was installed in our kitchen!

Ah-ha! We heard big a truck, and it was Moon Nursery delivering our babies. Well, our baby trees. We got a Valencia Orange, a Ries Avacado, and a golden maple. they arrived, and dirt started flying

The delivery truck has arrived!

We had our decorations up to greet the new arrivals; we wanted them to know they would have a good home!

We are decorated for Thanksgiving.

Mr. Avacado came first. The Reed Avacado s only available during the summer and fall months. It has a lighter, more subtle flavor and is about the size of a softball. As the Reed ripens, its skin remains the same green color, unlike other types.

Here comes the avocado tree.

Next was the golden maple, which we put right in the center of the front yard. It looks small, but there are two big ones down the street approaching thirty feet tall!

The Golden Maple is next.

What do we use as fertilizer, Moon Juice, of course? It is “Super Charged,” which means it is twice as expensive as other fertilizers,

Yes, it is called Moon Juice.

The Valencia Orange gets placed, so it will have plenty of space to grow into a fruit-producing powerhouse. Now we will have oranges. That made me remember when Mary and I went to the market to buy some oranges and apples, but they didn’t have any. It was a fruitless trip.

We already have two oranges.

The avocado has a place of honor planted deep in the backyard; it will provide shade and be nice to look at year-round. I remember I tried to make guacamole with an unripe avocado. It was pit-iful.

OK, sit down; you knew this was coming. Mary told me of the time she accidentally got some avocado in her eyes. She was worried she might get guac-oma. I apologize!

The avocado is already growing.

Meanwhile, in the front yard, the workers admire their planting. The tree will lose its leaves and go formant, but what is impressive, the bark will turn bright red in its dormancy.

He admires his work.

While Tom was working, Mary and I went to the market to pick up some trays for Thanksgiving. When we got home, we attempted to put them in the outside frig. Well, the trays we so big the door would not close. I gave the door a push, and we slapped duct tape on the door to keep it shut. I hope everyone is hungry on Thursday!

His tummy was so full I had to tape the door shut!

The telephone rang, and it was Gary, our mason. He is going to the Elks tonight to get reinstated based on our recommendation. He invited us to go so we accepted. We got cleaned up and headed to the Santa Ana Elks for Taco night. We sat with him and Judy, his wife, and had a good time. The tacos were super, and we chattered for almost an hour.

We decided not to go to the ceremony because the rest of the week will be busy. We departed about 7:30 PM and headed home to crash.

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Mary’s Last Day Of Work (…At The Office)

I love how in horror movies, the person will ask, “Is anyone there?” As if the killer would say, “Oh yeah, I’m in the kitchen. Want a sandwich?”

It’s Monday, a very special Monday, so here goes the song of the week from my old memories. I remember 1958 well. I danced to his music in the gym in high school; they called them sock-hops!

Today is a special day. Mary goes to work for the last time! It’s a little scary, primarily since she has worked since she was fourteen. Forty-three years a doctor taking care of others, now all she has is me to take care of.

I am looking forward to having her to myself every day without her departing for Huntington Beach twice a week! She is not too sure, but the fun is just about to start!!!

Look out world, here we come!!!

I remember well the day I hung up my hat, which was 5359 days ago ( 14 Years, 8 Months, and 1 Day). We celebrated this evening, and I tried to get her to sing along with Willie Nelson!

While Mary worked, I also worked around the house. I cleaned up the leaves from yesterday’s windstorm, straightened up the workbench, put away the slow-cooker meal, walked Five Miles, did some wash, and went to Home Depot. I finally got cleaned up at 4:00 PM and headed to Mary’s work for the last time.

The traffic was heavy, but I was on a mission. When I arrived, Mary had been the center of attention all day. She was wearing her Retirement Crown!

Lookin’ good Doctor Mary!

We needed to get to Patty’s Place to start celebrating. Remember, you’ll never have to ask for a day off ever again! We decided we would leave her stuff at the office, go over Friday with the van, and pick it up.

Mary was escorted in, and everybody wished her Happy Birthday because of the hat; we had a good laugh about that!

You, my subjects, may now be seated!

Everybody got there right on time with David and Dianne leading the parade of merrymakers, or should I say Mary makers?

Always a smile,

Dianne is always a pleasure to be around!

Great friends!

Becky and Mary make a chip-shot toast to Mary’s retirement. Remember: Think about retirement as being two six-month holidays per year.

Mother and daughter time! Becky enjoyed the party! Retirement isn’t the end of the road, but just a turn in the road.

It was an enjoyable evening of fun with family and friends. We missed Dan this evening, but he had an engagement he had to make, but we got Becky, and that was good.

We are there

Come a little bit vloder!

Robin came directly from work since work was a 1/2 mile away!

We found Patty’s Place, our happy place!

I had no idea what to get Dr. Mary, so I decided roses would make her happy, one for each year she practiced medicine. She will have to count them when we get home! I reminded Mary, “The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.”

We are going to have a lot of fun together!

We headed home and crashed; it was an exciting day. No more getting up early unless we want to, and goodbye 22 (the freeway)

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Woo Who, Nothing To Do!

Gardening: Man’s effort to improve his lot.

OK, here it is: I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I’ll let you know.

After last night’s exhibition of fine dancing, we were tired, and our eyes didn’t open until 8:30 AM. Perhaps it was because the winds were so strong it kept waking us up? I reminded Mary of the old law of non-smokers, “The cigarette smoke always drifts in the direction of the non-smoker regardless of the direction of the breeze.”

We had to inspect the yard after the howling winds we had last night!

We checked the last of our veggies, and surprisingly enough, we still have some. The okra was doing well and will get used this week. One of the most exciting facts about okra is that its seeds can be a substitute for coffee.

You can dry, grind, and roast the seeds to make a replacement for coffee, and the taste is reportedly not that far off from traditional coffee. Unlike the ones made from actual coffee grounds, the best part is that this okra coffee is caffeine-free and won’t keep you up at night.

I see this guy being fried this week!

Mary gets creative!

Cook it with tomatoes or a little vinegar, and the slime goes away!

While walking with Mary, I noticed the green beans were dry; we just had too many to eat. So, in my head, I remembered we could harvest the seeds and cook them! Scout volunteered to watch me work harvesting the seeds.

I told Mary I knew some people that were so cheap, they ate beans to save on bubble bath.

Scout helped me harvest dried string bean seeds for tonight’s dinner.

We needed supplies! Potting soil some small plants for the empty barrels. Off we go to Home Depot with a fly-by at Jan’s to drop off some food.

Our favorite place to shop!

When we got home, I emptied the car, and Mary hit the stove again, preparing tonight’s dinner. The zucchini was delicious, and we did cauliflower while I turned on the BBQ and did a Bubba-Burger. I read in the newspaper yesterday a local restaurant was going to try snail burgers but then realized they’re not really fast food.

I can’t keep this lady out of the kitchen; she loves to cook!

I set the table and finished off the burger while Mary brought out the goodies; wow, a feast fit for a kind on a diet!

While dining, we saw several seagulls flying overhead. I of course had to ask Mary, “Why do seagulls fly over the sea?” She responded with a mommy-look and I knew I was going to be in trouble, I was close to the stairs so I could escape if the answer was not acceptable so I blurted out, ” Because if they flew over the bay they’d be bagels!”

We had dinner on the patio.

The meal was terrific, and we had a fine wine with dinner; two-bi=uck Chuck! We sat outside until a little after sunset and headed inside to clean up and watch a movie.

At the end of dinner, I asked Mary, “Please find a recipe that contains yeast and shoe polish? She questioned me on my suggestion and I had to respond with, “Every morning you will rise and shine!”

I cooked up a burger to add protein to the meal.

After dancing yesterday and working all day in the yard, I was too pooped to pop, so I crashed. I woke up about 2:00 AM, and the TV was on, so I hit the remote. We have to be up extra early tomorrow as I am taking Mary to work, racing back home to see the tree people, and then getting ready to celebrate Mary’s retirement.


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We Went Dancing!!!

The hula dance is simple: you put some grass on one hip, some more grass on the other hip, and then you rotate the crops.

First things first, the swim spa!! We had our hot coffee and discussed the plans for the day, The water was a warm 95, and I have placed a heater right by the stairway si our robes get warm as we soak.

We got into our “grubbies” and worked in the yard. MAry planted about 15 daffodils using our auger/power drill system. Below she is trimming back some of the plants we have in containers.

We worked in the yard most of the morning.

The flowers around the patio were overgrown, and when they get tall, they tend to fall over, and the stems break. I cured the problem by cutting the plant way back. In a month, it will be whole again!

We cut back the blue flowers as they were overgrowing everything.

We planted two roses in our big tubs; one was a Mr. Lincoln, and then my favorite is the Julia Child or Butter Rose. Mary’s is blossoming and growing tall, while mine is just starting the bloom.

MAry’s favorite rose, Mr. Lincoln, is coming on strong.

The wall is almost six feet tall, so you can see Mr. Lincoln is peaking over the fence to our neighbors.

It is a vibrant red and has a magical fragrance.

My rose is doing OK but she is short not like her friend Mr. Linmcoln.

Looks like rich butter!

While trimming, I am careful of the Praying Mantis as they are voracious bug eaters. A man went to Dr. Mary complaining that he kept seeing some insect buzzing around him. Mary just told him not to worry; it was just a bug that was going around.

I told Mary, “I and going to develop an exercise routine for our friendly insects.” She did NOT look surprised but was interested enough to ask how it was going. I replied, ” It’s not going that well. Guess I have to work out the bugs.”

Mr. Mantis visits us, yeah!

Mid-afternoon, we stopped and got gussied up for the big dance with Starlighters. I had not been to a dance since July 2019. We were asked (we volunteered) to be the official greeters and check everyone in, which was a good idea. It was a good idea; we got to meet and talk to everyone. Only three couples were surprised to see us together.

Bob assisted us in getting get up for the reception activities.

The music was fantastic because Nick Pepper is also a dancer, although he will not admit it. Tonight was a formal affair, so it was nice to see the tux and gowns come out from a year or more of hiding.

We danced to the music of Nick Pepper!

Did we dance? OMG, we danced and danced all evening. I mentioned to Mary that I invented the limbo dance… I didn’t have any money and was trying to get into a pay toilet.

Not to be outdone, Mary replied, “Dancing is a wonderful training for girls; it’s the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it.”

We tore up the dance floor!

We enjoy dancing, and some of the steps I used to do are coming back slowly. We dance everything but the tango because I do need to sit once in a while. We are going to take two-step country classes. Bother of us have done it but we don’t remember all the necessary moves.

We danced almost every dance this evening.

We departed the dance about 10:30 PM, and I suggested we stop for a drink at Aces Bar & Grill on Chapman. We wanted to see if it were quiet and we could have people stop there after a dance. Well, we were NOT surprised. The place was jumping, and it was so loud even some young folks were standing outside. A group of six “twenty-somes” commented on our get-ups and asked about dancing. They volunteered to take our picture, so here we are.

I did mention to Mary, “I once dated a wild girl. I took her to a bar. She gave the mechanical bull her phone number.”

Home Jeeves, it is time to crash!

Aces is about one and a half miles from our place, so we headed home because our ears hurt from the noise even though we chugged our wine and were there for six minutes. We took Scout for a visit to his yard, and then we came in and crashed. It was 12:15 when we turned off the lights. We dropped like flies; it was a good tired!

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Friday Is Here; After Today One More Working Day!

Now Fridays aren’t the best day of the week anymore… they all are!

Mary listened to the TV News, Channel Five KTLA, and a cement truck flipped on the 22 Fwy, so we planned an alternative route. Just before leaving, the SigAlert was lifted, and so was the truck! 8:00 AM, and Mary was ready to go to work, for the last time on Fridays!

I have a list of things to do today, so I hit the trail running! I hung several pictures, trimmed two bushes, eliminated two more boxes from the office, worked on the website, went to CVS and the bank, put up one-third of the Christmas lights, walked Five Miles, and went to lunch. By 5:00 PM, I was pooped!

MAry got home at 6:00 PM, and we talked for a while mostly about this being her last week of work after 43 years of being a doctor.

No more having to put up with new people who do NOT want to work!

We decided to watch a Hallmark Christmas Movie. By 9:00 PM, we were done and went to sleep. Summary: A Christmas Wedding Tail is the story of a pair of passionate pooches, Labrador Rusty and Poodle Cheri, who fall head-over-tails in love. The two smitten pups conspire to get their respective owners, Susan and Jake, to wed. Despite Susan’s and Jake’s compatibility, their new blended family turns out to be more than Rusty and Cheri had bargained for. Now, the calculating canines must channel their pooch powers to keep their family from ending up in the dog house.

It was a cute movie; pure Hallmark!

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Friday Is Approaching; RD-3 (Retirement Day Minus 3)

Why don’t retirees mind being called seniors? Because the term comes with a 10% discount.

It was O-dark-thirty when Mary arose and woke me from a sound sleep. She had to be in Huntington Beach by 7:30 AM for a meeting of the PNI group at Denny’s. Wes, like a dutiful husband, I was up at 4:45 AM and turned on the heater in the bathroom for my lady! It is a job I enjoy as it makes her happy!

I told mary, “Exercise works best first thing in the morning… Before your brain figures out what you’re doing.”

Usually, I would go with her, but we are expecting! Ah ha, gotcha! We are expecting a new golden maple tree along with an orange and avocado, and they were supposed to be here in the morning.

It is called a “Silver Maple.”

Mary made it home by about 10:00 AM, and we did some chores around the house; then, we called the tree company. Oops, there would come later between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Great, now we can go to the Elks for Girls Night Out.

We got to the Elks after stopping by Jan’s to do a “Meals On Wheels” delivery at about 11:30 AM.

I told Mary, “Isn’t it fun getting older? is a terrible fallacy. That’s like saying I prefer driving an old car with a flat tire.”

There was some event underway, and they had old cars on display!

Well, at 3:00 PM, we called again, and wouldn’t you know, they waved us off until Monday morning. We were only upset that they did not call and tell us; we had to keep calling them! We ordered our lunch early and still got to visit with everyone before going home and meeting the tree folks.

Mary packed up another “Meals On Wheels” package, and we visited Bill, who is in the throes of fighting cancer. He was happy to see us, and we visited him for about an hour before returning home.

We made a stop by Jan’s place on the way home and assisted her with reducing the weight of her house by two bottles of wine; we are friendly people. We visited Jan for a good hour, and then finally, we headed home to visit Mr. Scout.

Its always enjoyable to visit Jan.

It was 9:00 PM, and we crashed; ka-boom, we were out like a light.

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