Rain Rain Stay Right Here

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

Thank you, family and friends, for all the support during this time! We are grateful for everything!

OK, I will not give up! It isn’t in my jeans or genes. Our hallway closet started jamming about a week ago. Over time it was becoming more difficult to open! I adjusted it, and after two days of messing with it, I told Sue yesterday that I was going to replace the entire door. Of course, she said, “Fine, do it!.”

This morning I took the mirrored door down and examined it.  While it was lying across our dining room table, much like a patient in the operating room, I discovered the problem. It was a broken block of plastic that held the pivoting screw and allowed the door height to be adjusted.

The replacement part could never be found, so I went to the garage, grabbed my “household tool bag,” and began scratching my head! An idea popped into my tiny brain; jam the block back into the original position and then place two small sheet metal screws through the mirrored door frame and into the plastic block! It was a perfect solution! The door is back up and working just like it always did for 25 years! I love having a fully outfitted and well-organized shop!

Don’t laugh, it works!

I told Sue last night that I never knew I was so messy. When I got up this morning, I looked around, and several counters were full of “stuff.”   I was sure that we had a poltergeist in the house!  Maybe it was a “Paultergeist”? However, blame was palpable; I did it myself! So, I cleaned up the mini-messes, which took all of five minutes, and now everything looks just fine!

Sitting at the desk, it was evident that moisture was in the air.  The rain was quite heavy for a little bit and backed off to a heavy drizzle.   The local “weather guesser” nailed it this time (had to be an accident), so I was ready, let it pour.  We need all the water we can get!

I headed to the convalescent hospital to be there at 11:00 AM sharp. I have the menu from The Crooked Duck in case Sue wants something different from what the hospital serves.  We visited for a while, and then lunch was served.  She had a delicious ham sandwich, exactly was a vegetarian looks forward too!   We pointed to the flag on the label, and the server got somewhat red-faced.  Sue asked for a vegetarian vegetable and cheese omelet.  Within 20 minutes, she got her wish, and it was pretty good (I ate half of the new arrival).

Returning home after a couple of hours, it was still raining hard! It is winter here in the hood!  Zachary called to ask about grandma, and apparently, the rain was very light in La Habra.  I was worried about his new driveway, but it had just sprinkled, and that was good for the curing concrete.

Winter in the hood through the windshield (after all, it was raining)

Nothing to do outside, so I attacked a closet and eliminated about 50% of the contents! Mr. Trashcan was not empty anymore. If we need Halloween napkins, we will buy them! I threw out two cases of “emergency food,” which was probably OK, but I had replaced it with two cases in December. We can eat for about a month on the MRE’s and other canned goods we have stored plus the ten cases of water we rotate through.

While on my hands and knees peering back into the cabinet beneath the liquor cabinet,  I found a bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne with a thank you note from my old group at work.  To this day, I do not know what I did, but there was a sweet note and a letter with a Dom Pérignon Champagne, dated 1998.  Damn, I hope it is OK after being in our closet, on its side, for 22 years!

Dom Pérignon is a brand of vintage Champagne produced by the Champagne house Moët & Chandon and serves as that house’s prestige champagne.

Dom Pérignon is named after a 17th-century Benedictine monk, Dom Pierre Pérignon (1638-1715), who is said to have invented sparkling wine during his tenure as cellarmaster at the Abbey of Hautvillers, near the town of Épernay.

Many of the best champagne labels, such as Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and Dom Perignon have vintages that are specifically made to age nicely

4:00 PM is approaching, so it is time to clean up, dress up, and head to Old Ranch for the monthly dinner dance. I stayed from 5:00 PM until 5:45 PM and then headed to the hospital with a gourmet grilled cheese and well done French fries in tow. Sue was not very hungry this evening, plus she just had a pain pill, so I stayed with her for 90 minutes and decided it was time to return to the dance, which I did.

The gang was still going strong when I arrived at Old Ranch. I even danced a couple of dances to see if I remembered!  We stayed at the Ranch until almost 9:00 PM.  At my table, Irene was teaching the hand-jive. See the evidence below:

On the way home, I called Lee (my high school sweetheart) as she was supposed to be there this evening.  She said she was a tad under the weather.  We talked for 30 minutes about home-care as she had to do that with her husband before he passed.  She was quite helpful.

Finally, the Silver Ghost pulled into her nice warm (and dry) garage.  She was tired of the rain but happy to have received a bath!  I messed around with the computers for a few minutes before crashing about 11:00 PM.

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A Lovely Day It Is!

To My Bride Sue: You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known, and even that is an understatement. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

It’s Saturday, and we are raring to go! Where too? I took an empty wine bottle from the counter, sat on the floor and gave it a spin.  It pointed ESE (East-South-East), which translates to Ralph’s Market.  Stupid wine bottle, next time I will use a gin bottle (but first I have to empty one, that gives me an idea!).

The market is the first destination of the day, so into the Silver Ghost and we are away. Oops! The Ghost was sputtering, coughing, and as I glanced down at the fuel gauge, it revealed the Ghost was running on fumes!  We processed an interrupt and visited the local 76-station.   Gulp, guzzle, and a slight belch, and the Ghost was ready to go!  I thought to myself, “Dad would have had a coronary if he saw the $60 indication on the fuel pump!”

Hello Ralphs, and thank you for the savings on  Hormel pre-cooked bacon, regular $19.99 on sale for $9.99! I bought four packages, so I am ready for the next several months!

So easy to use! Forty-five seconds in the microwave, and you have crisp bacon.

I picked up other necessities of life.  I was a little flustered when I was picking out a comb for Sue, and this little old grey-haired lady ask what I needed a comb for!

The gang was expecting Irene and me tonight at the Santa Ana Valentine’s Day dance but I called Irene and just could not go to a Valentine’s Day occasion without my Valentine.  Irene understood.  I made my calls and also made sure the tickets were used,

Looking at my calendar, I saw it was our granddaughter turns 29 today! Happy birthday Becca! She had her picture taken with a friend.

She is a beautiful young lady!

The family picture even tells more.  We are so proud of the family!

Remy, Becca, Zack, and Silly Lilly

I visited my bride at 11:00 AM sharp, and she already had her PT for the day. She was dressed in black and ready to go. We toured the facility using the wheelchair careening around the corners on one wheel and nearly knocking over the food delivery cart.  I need to find Sue a horn for the wheelchair, just like she has on her chair at home. Ensure #2 was down the hatch! At 2:00 PM, I headed home for a nap, and it was needed. Robin called, and she and Traci were coming to visit Sue about 4:30 PM. We all arrived there within five minutes of each other.

If she sees this picture, I will get shot. No lipstick and hairs out of place! I think she is beautiful as-is!

We visited Sue and then at 6:00 PM Traci, Robin, and I went to dinner at “The Crooked Duck,” which was 550 feet from the hospital!  We found it on our iPhones using our restaurant location app.  The YELP report was 4 and 1/2 stars, so we could not go wrong! It was an experience as we had to stand in line for 30 minutes, but fortunately, the line was next to the bar and, well, you know!

Did You Know? The restaurant’s owner was told the legend of “the crooked duck” by his uncle at the family’s summer house on Island Lake in Illinois. The legend is about a man who accidentally hit a duck while he was out water-skiing on the lake. Everyone on the boat was horrified at what they had just witnessed, and thought for sure he had killed the duck. As everyone sat there staring at the water in disbelief, and what they thought was a dead duck, it started to move.

All of a sudden, it started to swim towards the shore in a very peculiar manner. When it reached the lake’s shore, it waddled away, but it was quite obvious the duck’s neck was now crooked. The duck with the crooked neck was seen from time to time by people out on the lake, an acknowledgment to the resilience of a duck. Joey never forgot about the legend or the duck, and “The Crooked Duck” is his tribute to that duck!

Traci is headed to New Jersey in July to be with her daughter; we are going to miss her for sure!

Based upon Traci’s assessment (Traci ran a 175-bed hospital at one time) and Sue’s desire, if Sue can walk by Tuesday, I am going to bring her home and get “in-home care” as she will get better faster, and we can do PT 2-3 times a day.  I know it will make me happier!  The hospital is excellent, but nothing is as nice as home!

The dinner was excellent! The girls split a Monte Cristo, and I overate and had three-quarters of a sandwich on my own. The last piece went home with Robin!

Did You Know? A Monte Cristo sandwich, also called French toasted ham and cheese, is a fried ham and cheese sandwich, a variation of the French croque-monsieur. In the 1930s–1960s, American cookbooks had recipes for this sandwich under such names as “French sandwich,” “toasted ham sandwich,” and “French toasted cheese sandwich.” Swiss cheese is typically used.

I returned to the hospital, and the pain med had kicked in as she was groggy.  We talked for a few minutes, and then I headed home.  I watched half of another goofy science fiction movie and gave up and went to bed about 11:00 PM.  I do not use the heater when Sue is gone, so the house was about 68 degrees when I slipped under the covers!  After listening to George Nory for a few minutes, I was toasty.  We enjoy the radio show “Coast To Coast AM.” BTW, I have been listening to that program since it began forty years ago!

Did You Know?  In 1978, Art Bell created and hosted West Coast AM, a late-night political talk/call-in show on Las Vegas radio station KDWN.  In 1988, Bell and Alan Corberth renamed the show Coast to Coast AM and moved its studios from the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas to Bell’s home in Pahrump. After Bell’s retirements, the show was hosted by various personalities, including Mike Siegel, George Noory, and others. According to estimates by Talkers Magazine, Coast to Coast AM has a cumulative weekly audience of around 2.75 million unique listeners listening for at least five minutes, making it the most listened-to program in its time slot. The show is estimated to be carried by over 600 US affiliates plus a limited number of FM stations, as well as many Canadian affiliates, several of which stream the show on their station’s website. The affiliate group is fronted by 12 clear-channel stations, among them WBT in Charlotte, WHO in Des Moines, WWL in New Orleans, WOR in New York City, KFBK in Sacramento, and KFI in Los Angeles.

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Friday Is Here, FInally!

You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it.

Most people are glad I have a bad memory!

Sue is now in the convalescent facility so I can relax a bit. I finished off the Toppers Newsletter this morning, printing it and doing the envelopes, stamps, and return labels. They hit the mailbox at 10:00 AM.

Before departing for the facility, the orthopedic doctor, Dr. Millard, who I asked for a second opinion called and pretty much confirmed that the SI joints were shot and that additional pain injections may work but not likely. He confirmed the operation to fix the SI joints (called SI Fusion) was non-evasive and, in fact, was about 30-45 minutes each (left and then right six weeks apart). For younger people, it is considered out-patient. Sue will likely stay over-night. Further, he works with Dr. Yuan quite often and values Dr. Juan’s opinion.

The two videos assisted me in understanding the SI joint and what the operation involved.

I headed to the facility at 10:45 AM, stopping by the local Mexican restaurant to get a bean/cheese enchilada. Sue downed most of the enchilada.

Etymology. The Real Academia Española defines the word enchilada, as used in Mexico, as a rolled maize tortilla stuffed with meat and covered with a tomato and chili sauce. Enchilada is the past participle of Spanish enchilar, “to add chili pepper to”, literally to “season (or decorate) with chili”.

She got up and sat in a wheelchair and I gave her a tour of the facility. We visited until about 4:00 PM when I headed for home to take a nap before returning with dinner. For dinner, CPK provided pea/barley soup which she did not eat. I brought it home. She did her third bottle of Ensure.

Her gots some orchids!

Returning at 6:00 PM I stayed until 7:45 PM at which time I went to GG Elks to visit the gang. A G&T and two dances did me in as the silver ghost and I went home at 9:00 PM.

I was so tired, I crashed and listened to George Nori, Coast To Coaast AM, on KFI 640 until midnight!

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TGIT? That Goodness It’s Thursday!

Whenever someone calls me ugly, I get super sad and hug them, because I know how tough life is for the visually impaired.

If all goes well, Sue will get out of the hospital today! Off to a local rehab center!  I was over at the hospital bright and early to verify the MRI and fancy blood tests had been scheduled before she departed.  They were on the schedule, so all was well.  Mexican food was on the plate for today!

After knowing she was going and scheduled at 1:30 PM, I called the convalescent facility to verify all was well.  They said, “Pack enough of her clothes for five days,”  OMG, EEK, HELP, NO-WAY, ME, HUH?  I panicked!  I have never packed her suitcase and more-over my ability to match colors is slightly worse than a blind person! I re-panicked!

Beware, when opening, stand back!

Dutifully, I found a suitcase, tossed it on the washing machine in the master bathroom, and began the process of sealing my fate!  I checked, cross-checked, attempted to recall what she wears, and finally packed everything neatly in the suitcase.  OK, I cheated, I did pack several sets of black sweats with black socks and black shoes to be safe.

Back to the hospital and I found out the ambulance scheduled for 4:30 PM.  When they showed up, I departed to make a fly-by at home before meeting them at the new facility.

Sue got in her room just after the sunset, so I estimated it at 5:22 PM.  Irene came by, and we visited with Sue until 8:00 PM.

I was beaten and decided to go to Patty’s Place for a drink, but I found out my bartender was not there, so I went VFR to home.

My calendar said it was time for the Toppers Newsletter, so I finished that off, printed the labels, and crashed.

Immediately I began the night-time test procedure.  What procedure do you ask?  The process involves closing my eyes and checking for light-leaks.  I did not even turn on the TV tonight.  I was tired and lonely,

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The Week Is Half Gone And I Am Weak!

The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm. Florence Nightingale

I just missed my bride, so I was up in the hospital at 6:40 AM, and the Sun was coming up. She has to get better faster because I am lonely sitting in this big house alone. Our kids, grandkids, and dear friends are always on the phone with me and stopping by to see how we are doing.

It was just plain cold this morning, the car’s temperature indicator was 36 when I left the house and 37 as I drove toward the hospital

It’s a very short drive to the hospital, and there was plenty of parking!

I got the worm!!!

Sue was so sleepy that I stayed just long enough to say hi, plant a kiss, and check-in with the night shift nurse before returning home.

Back home again, I researched some convalescent facilities and decided on one ion Long Beach that rated *****’s.   We are hoping 3-4 days in there with plenty of PT will get her walking again.

She is doing well except for the back pain, but that means another two surgeries!

I will be glad to stop collecting these things.  Sue has been in the hospital for seven days now, and it’s wearing on both of us!

What color will tomorrow bring???

For lunch, we had a veggie enchilada, but Sue was not too interested in that, so Ensure was the meal of choice.  We visited most of the afternoon, and about 3:30 PM, I headed home for a nap and to check on the mail and house-cleaning people.  All was well plus we have the last of the tax documents so later on this evening I shall put the whole mess together!

Dinner time and CPK to the rescue!  She finished about half a cup, which is OK since she did an Ensure also.   Ensure Plus Nutrition Shakes provide complete balanced nutrition to help you gain and maintain a healthy weight. Each shake has 13 grams of protein and 27 essential vitamins and minerals.

Ensure making life a little easier!

So it appears that Sue will be moving to the convalescent facility tomorrow.  The Justus band, Brad and Susie-Q, found out about Sue, and they may arrange a mini-concert at the facility when Sue gets there.  That will certainly cheer her up!

Dear Mom,

It took half a century and now can appreciate what you were going through when Dad was so ill.  Back and forth to the hospital, different doctors with differing opinions, and so many decisions to make.  Then there is the second-guessing yourself, did I make the right decision.  What if?

If that weren’t enough, you had to run a household by yourself and keep yourself well.   I do not know how you did it! Well, I know now because you were an amazing woman.  You were strong, you listened well, and you were smart!

Sue and I are blessed having a close-knit family with Colleen, Joe, Michele, Robin, and certainly Diane, Sue’s Sister.  We are also blessed with many close friends who are there in a heartbeat when we need help!  There are times I need to sit and talk; these fantastic people are there for me.  They provide sage advice and an occasional giggle, and a friendly face and warm heart.

Now I understand how vital “Uncle” Otis, Aunt Kaye, Aunt Edit, and Aunt Opal were to you when Dad was in the hospital, and you needed support.

Knowing what I know now, I wish I had been of more help back in 1970, but what do kids know?  In retrospect, we did pretty well!

I love you, Mom!


It’s 8:33 PM and I am tuckered-out, and I know tomorrow will be difficult getting Sue moved into a new facility.  I must explain what is happening and I am sure she will understand and go along with what has to be done.

I saw this on Facebook and could not resist posting it.  Looks like Nancy has Mad Cow Disease!

Explains a lot!

Nancy chewing her cud.

Posted by Nancy Pelosi is Insane on Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Hey Tuesday, Ya ready To Rumble??

 “I wake up every morning at nine and grab for the morning paper. Then I look at the obituary page. If my name is not on it, I get up.” – Benjamin Franklin

Today I mounted my trusty steed, the Siver Ghost, and headed to the battlefield on Atlantic Blvd to get the manufacturers part number of the wire used in the coiling operation. It’s been almost a month without any progress so I am visiting the office of the surgeon and plan a “sit-in”  until I get the data I need!  Without this information, the MRI companies will not do a procedure! The doctor is an Interventional radiologist.

Did You Know? Interventional radiology (IR) is a group of techniques where medical imaging guidance, such as x-ray fluoroscopy, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, or ultrasound, are used to precisely guide medical therapies to the internal structures of the body through very small incisions or body orifices.

Anyway, I got it! The Holy Grail! In my hands, the magical part number of the wire used!

So off to the Hospital I go for a visit with Sue.  She was in good spirits and was excited to see Lisa when she arrived from San Diego!

I went back home for a bit to rest as Lisa was spelling me for a bit.  Attempting a little nap was too much to ask for because Lisa called at the doctors began showing up.  I raced to the ice cream store, got Sue’s favorites. ad returned to the hospital.  Lisa was a life-saver because she recorded the first doctor, put me on the phone with Dr. Rucker, and had the third doctor call me for specifics.

Resting after the ice cream!

Lisa and I had a small dinner at CPK before I returned to the hospital with CPK’s famous split-pea soup.

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And It Starts Again! Another Week Another Dollar!

“Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. It’s not me; it’s you.”

I went over early (4 AM), but she was in a deep sleep!

After returning home from my early morning visit, I spent an hour updating our “roadmaps.”  Every year I update a series of PowerPoint charts that define our financial position, identify key personnel and organizations, identify essential legal documents, identify financial accounts, update username/passwords to critical on-line activities (SS,  Medicare, banks, medical information, etc.), and update the essential medical information. Certain people in the family know where the roadmaps are should something happen to us, and at our age, that could be anytime!

Our youngest is in Hawaii again, and she keeps sending pictures of paradise; all I can send her are pictures of the inside or outside of a hospital!  It does not seem fair!

Trip number two to the hospital was at 9:30 AM, where I attempted to feed her breakfast but was not interested.  Michele came by to visit, so I departed and did battle with God’s Of MRI.  Long story!

I returned about 3:30 PM, bringing her nibs two of her favorite ice cream flavors, and I’ll be darned if she didn’t eat both of them!

One more pass at home when I took a short nap before returning to the scene of the crime with veggie enchiladas with rice and beans, all in separate containers so she could eat them herself.

Down the hatch!

After seeing what the hospital offered her as a vegetarian, I was happily making the extra effort!

I looked for ten minutes and did not find a single protein in the potatoes and carrot delight!

Back home at 9:38 PM and beat! I watched part of another goofy science fiction movie and crashed! Perhaps tomorrow she will return home!

Before crashing, I did get calls from Colleen, Joe, Robin, and Michele plus as a bonus, Lisa is driving up from San Diego to visit Sue and stay with me for a while.  My grandsons and their wives both called, plus we got notes/emails from many friends! You can’t beat that for family bonds!

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Ground Hog Day And A Football Game

Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows fall behind you. ~Maori Proverb

Happy Palindrome Day also! The next numerical palindrome after then will be March 3, 3030, 110 years from now, and the last one was 909 years ago!

I had an enjoyable morning as Zack called, and we decided to have breakfast together. He helped me with a little project, and we went around the corner and devoured the world’s most gigantic burrito!  That sucker was huge, and we had to devise a plan of attack even to get started!

After Zack departed, I brought Sue a Denver Omelet sans the ham, which turned out to be an excellent breakfast for her.

Did You Know? The history of the Denver omelet is smothered in ham, cheese, green peppers, onions – and maybe even a little egg foo yung. When Denver City was founded in November 1858, there was no mention of the Denver omelet in the annals of the day. There would be no journalistic record of this delectable treat or anything resembling it until perhaps 50 years later – and then in the context of “the western sandwich,” which was probably served on bread or a sourdough roll.

Some food historians suggest the western sandwich was a favorite among cowboys out on the trail, as it was easy to prepare, and they would have had access to most of the ingredients, causing it to become a staple on their cattle drives. No doubt, these cowpokes requested similar culinary fare when they stopped in the larger western cities, the biggest of which was Denver. When eastern visitors to the Mile High City were exposed to this unfamiliar menu item, they advised cooks to hold the bread. They also gave it a name that would place it in their memory – and in some eastern cookbooks.

Writer/editor Kyle Wagner has advanced a theory that the Denver omelet evolved from a western-style sandwich created by Chinese cooks working in railroad and logging camps.

Wagner cites noted chef and food writer James Beard for backup of this theory, and alludes to the prominent influence the railroads had on the movement of food throughout the west. Wagner quotes Beard as saying, “It seems to have been called the Western until the railroads made it to Utah, and then folks in Utah renamed it the Denver.” A wise choice, as it’s hard to imagine a Salt Lake City omelet

I returned home and added a new shelf to my office closet, so now all my camera gear has a shelf of its own!  The floor level now contains two weeks of water bottles, a month’s emergency food supplies, two cases of other food supplies, emergency radio, first aid kit,  as well as our shotguns!

It’s now afternoon, and Robin called as she left her MRI appointment.  So. Robin, Bob, and I headed to Old Ranch to watch the game.  After the first quarter, I brought Sue lunch from Old Ranch, but she was tired and just wanted to sleep.  I returned to Old Ranch and finished 95% of the game with Robin and Bob.

Fun with Robin and Bob

With ten minutes to go, I departed and went to CPK for Sue’s favorite soup and then to the hospital for her dinner.  She finished about 3/4’s of the soup, so that was good news.

I returned home at about 8:30 PM and watched a little TV before crashing. It’s so hard to sleep without my bride around!

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We Hade It! Saturday Has Arrived!

Keep in mind that to avoid loneliness, many people need both a social circle and an intimate attachment. Having just one of two may still leave you feeling lonely. —Gretchen Rubin

Sue is still in the hospital, so I was up at 4:38 AM ready to go but no place to go!  Poo!  So, I continued working on my office, and by tomorrow it will be available for inspection! OK, no examination, but things are ready for 2020 and, in some cases, 2021.  Older files now live in a beautiful plastic file box in the closet.

While working in the closet, I threw out a lot of “stuff.”  Things you keep around but never use.  Well, I decided, if I needed it, I would repurchase it.  Then I got to thinking about “garbage trucks” and growing up. We had “garbage trucks” but not trash trucks as we had an incinerator in the back yard in Los Angeles!

Incinerator burning was banned within the Los Angeles basin since Sept. 30, 1957, so you know approximately the date of this picture!

The iron door would almost glow after burning the trash!

Dear Dad,

As I am sure you know now, I took my chore of burning the trash quite seriously.  My kids and grandkids today have no idea what that means since trash burning was outlawed before they were born.

I told them that in the “olden days” we put our garbage in a pail and guys in a truck would come by an take the garbage.  Those old trucks would be buzzing with flies as they came down the street.  The advent of the garbage disposal eliminated the garbage men!

Then I told them that our trash, which was anything that could burn, was put into a large cement incinerator which we would use in our back yards.  They didn’t believe me.  The garbage truck was replaced with the trash truck!

I remember you showing me how to start the fire at the bottom of “Old Burnie”  and that I should carefully add the trash through the lift-up lid just a little at a time.  You would come out and watch we do the burning many times until you knew the house and I were both safe.

Well, I have to admit now I did get a little overzealous, and after a few months, it was my goal to have flames shooting out of the top of “Old Bernie.”  Since you can now see all and know all, were you surprised that on days we had little trash, I would occasionally go into the garage and fill a paper cup with any volatile liquid I could find?  Yes, indeed, I did that and always stood back amazed when “Old Bernie” would spit flames out the top of the smoke stack!

I even loaded “Old Bernie” with trash and soaked the contents in his belly with paint thinner and then threw a match into the bottom of that old concrete incinerator.  The sound was amazing, something like “WHOOOOOOOSH” and then flames would come out the top, the bottom, and even the iron door where I was supposed to load the trash.  Great fun!

While I am admitting what I did, I should explain the rest!  When the burning was done, I often hit “Old Bernie” with the stream from the garden hose to cool him down.  You taught me to have the water nearby, just in case.  I could not resist! Squirting “Old Bernie” with cold water was like sending smoke signals into the sky.  Bob Coolmer, the neighbor across the street, came over after seeing the enormous white puffs of smoke coming from our house.

So Dad, on the positive side, burning the trash was one chore you did not have to hassle me about as I was already ready to help.  Plus, I never burnt down our house, the neighbors, or blew up the incinerator (although I came close).

I love you, Dad!

After thinking about garbage trucks, the following image explains the difference between 1950 and today! (Don’t worry Dad, I will tell you what a CNN is later)!

The real truth

Because of all the medical activities, I forgot it was LA or OC property tax day.  I panicked and quickly wrote out the checks and hand-carried them to the Post Office, making sure they were postmarked today!  I could have waited until April without a fine, but when it is due, it is due.

Then it was off to the hospital about 9:30 AM and fed Sue breakfast.  The eggs were pretty good.  We visited for a while, and then I did my chores, which filled up several hours.

I got the “Silver Lady” smogged, and she passed with flying colors.  I was embarrassed because the “Silver Ghost” and I went to the smog place first and presented our papers.  The nice man said, “How did you make a Toyota Avalon look like a Honda Odessey?”  I had brought the wrong car! I took a page our of the “Dumb and Dumber” script!

We returned home, exchanged cars, and went back to the Smog Station. While I was bringing the proper car,   I got a call from Vicky, our next-door neighbor.  She came to our house to hide from her family and do her bills in quiet.  When she went to the door, there were keys already in the door.  I had left my keys in the door when I exchanged cars.   Geez, what next.

After passing her exam, the “Silver Lady” wanted her tags, and she wanted them NOW!  I took her to the local AAA, which is right around the corner,  to get her new tags.

After all of that, CVS was calling me to get two prescriptions and then back around the Staples for some binder clips and finally back home. I was tired.

It was nap time for about an hour.  At 3:00 PM, we took a ride to Coldstone Creamery and got Sue’s favorite!  Yeah, she downed it in a flash with a smile on her face.  We again visited for a while.

Good Medicine!

I was asked by the gang to come to GG tonight, but I was tired, and the old back was giving me fits, so I decided to visit CPK and get soup for my bride.  Returning to the hospital, she downed the bowl of soup, leaving none for the mouse!  She is returning to normal as she was joking.  Now it is time to do some PT and get ready to come home.  Monday is the current target.

Bob Z sent a picture of the gang!

Needing to relax, I sat and watched another goofy science fiction movie about a blob from space.  I had a small glass of Odessey_1908 before retiring at 11:00 PM. I only lasted until 4:30 AM when the neighborhood rooster and I took turns letting people know we were up!

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What A Week! Come On Saturday!

Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you can see farther!

It’s hard to describe how lonely one can get when your other half is away, even though she is only two short miles! I can’t seem to sleep, so I toss and turn all night long and pray for the first crack of dawn so that I can get up.

I was off to the hospital around 9:00 AM, where I fed her breakfast. She polished off two eggs and some toast.  Things are looking up!  I returned home and worked in the office, transferring old files into the closet and setting up new folders for this year’s bills and documents. I think I have this down to a science since I took things over in 2017.

Zachary showed me a new “toy,” which I ran out and got. It’s a laser leveling device. Features Bosch’s Visimax technology to deliver maximum line laser visibility up to 50 feet in standard working conditions. It includes Smart Pendulum System that allows laser tool to self-level while also indicating out of level condition to help ensure accurate measuring.  I used it for the first time today when I hung two pictures on our dining room wall.  The laser was set up on the kitchen counter and lased across the dining room onto the wall. Made the hanging effort easy!

It works like a champ!  Thank you, Zack!

The Silver Ghost and I made a “Coldstone Creamery Run” meaning over to Los Alamitos Race Course we went.  After getting Sue’s favorite ice cream, we returned to the hospital, and she downed a “Like-It” in a “Love It” cup.  She was still quite tired, so I returned home and did some additional chores.

I found two old; we are talking 50 years old, pictures which were quite faded.  I ran them through my new Epson V600 Photo Scanner using its enhance-color-mode of operation.  They came out well for being this old. The faded picture was restored through the magic of digital enhancements!

The first picture, below, was taken in the den (which was a one-car garage) at Aunt Opal’s home in Paramount, California.  Our family used to love to get together and talk.  Mom is wearing the green dress (which she made).  Aunt Alma was in the rocker, so she had a super view of everyone.  I was wearing a brown sweater and light brown pants with black socks.  I was not, still am not, someone who pays attention to colors.  Thank goodness, Sue does!

Mom. Aunt Alma, and me around 1970 in Aunt Opal’s den

The second picture if of Cousin Kat, my Dad, and my Aunt Edith.  When I knew Mom and Dad were going to be in Paramount, I would find a way to go over and visit with them since my ex-wife would not join me, nor did she ever like the get-togethers.   Fortunately, I worked only two miles from Aunt Opal’s house, so I visited quite often, especially for lunch!

Sue is like me and loved those special moments together, and beginning in 1987, we spent many many hours visiting my family in this little room.  Dad passed about six months after this picture was taken.  I do miss him after half a century!

Dad carrying on a conversation with his sister

When Aunt Opal moved to California from Arkansas in 1929, they bought a little house (500 square feet) in paramount on a rather large lot.  By 1950, they decided to build a larger home as their daughter was living with them and grown-up, Cousin Kat.  I have a slip of paper showing that Dad loaned them the money to buy a kit house.  It was large, probably 1000 square feet and contained a built-in one-car garage,  That was quickly converted into a den. Dad loaned Aunt Opal $3000, and that was enough to build the house. Wow!  BTW, the house is still standing as is the older house form the 1930s.

Street View of 8060 Alhambra taken recently (The one on the left was Aunt Opal’s home, and the one on the right was Aunt Edith’s home!

Did You Know? Kit houses, also known as mill-cut houses, pre-cut houses, ready-cut houses, mail order homes, or catalog homes, were a type of housing that was popular in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere in the first half of the 20th century. Kit house manufacturers sold houses in many different plans and styles, from simple bungalows to imposing Colonials, and supplied at a fixed price all materials needed for construction of a particular home, but typically excluding brick, concrete, or masonry (such as would be necessary for laying a foundation, which the customer would have to arrange to have done locally).

Robin called about 4:00 PM as she was working late and wanted to visit Sue. I suggested she and I go to eat at CPK and bring Sue some soup and mac-n-cheese.  Into the Silver Ghost and away carrying the CPK goodies.

The traffic was as usual, but thank goodness we live only two miles from the hospital!

We got to the hospital around 5:15 PM, just as the sun was setting.  Sue downed that soup like there was no tomorrow!  We visited until 6:00 PM and then departed as Sue was falling into and out of sleep. The meds made her pretty groggy. Leaving the hospital, it was dark.

Today’s temperature his 82 degrees!

I returned home for a half-hour and then decided to go to the GG Elks as I was missing “the gang.”  I received this lovely message last night.  Bob is my brother from another mother.  I did call him this morning and gave him and Donna the particulars.

I felt quite special after receiving this note

I planned to dance with Irene, but alas, my back was giving me fits.  I got three Advils from Irene and began fetting a little better as I departed for home about 9:15 PM.

At home, I turned on the boob-tube and watched part of a goofy science-fiction movie before crashing at 11:00 PM.  I can’t even remember what it was bout, but it was indeed goofy!

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