Another Day On The Road!

Fact: The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924 featured animals from the Central Park Zoo.  Though the parade stretched just two blocks, New York City went all out for what newspapers called “a marathon of mirth.” Notably, however, there were none of the balloons the parade is known for today.  Instead, there were live bears, elephants, camels, and monkeys from the Central Park Zoo.  There were also floats with puppets, celebrities, bands, costumed Macy’s employees, and of course, Santa Claus.

We walked the garden in our jammies (and robes, it was in the high 40s).  We watered the new plants we plan to get into the ground later in the day.

Doctors to the left of me, Doctors to the right of me, I am infested with Doctors!  I have a good idea, let’s visit some doctors today!

First, we were off to Long Beach to get a reading on the drain removal; we got a “go!”.  I was happy; I no longer needed “Herman The Bag” tied to me!   Now, we needed a time and a place to sever the connection.  I also got an order for a PSA blood test!

I see another blood tresst in the near future!

After the appointment, we went to Alcapulco; no, not the city, the restaurant.  We had a delightful meal, and I went off-roading and had a spinach enchilada!   Mary did the chicken tortilla soup and a chicken quesadilla.

Soups on!!

She looked around and waited for the others in the restaurant to be looking in another direction.  I was awaiting the loud slurrrrp sound, but alas, she used a spoon!  I was ready to put my napkin over my head and hinder!

A beautiful lady who loves Mexican food is known as a Taco Belle.

No, no, Mary!  We use a spoon in the restaurant!!

My spinach enchilada was terrific.   We are talking seriously about excellent groceries—sautéed creamy spinach in garlic butter, mushrooms, corn relish, rice, and charro beans.  I could do this every day!


After the last bite, I decided all Mexican chefs live their lives only by seasoning the moment.

After lunch, we got a call saying if we skedaddle to the hospital, the nice man with an MD costume would remove the drain if we got there by 1:00 PM.   We flew like the wind, checked into radiology, and the doctor suddenly appeared.

He began the short procedure, and Mary assisted.  He remembered Mary was also an MD and commented he had never had such a qualified assistant.  Like that, I was free from my buddy, “Herman, the bag.” I ran down the hospital corridor yelling, “I am free, I am free,” until the security guard tackled me.

It was 1:30 PM, and we were getting lonesome for a doctor’s office, so we went two buildings down and visited an excellent PA who looked at my knee, passed two dead chickens over it, said some words that neither of us could understand, and rattled some beads in a small jar.  She proclaimed to me, “Cured.” Great, we can go home.

The Silver Fox shot down the freeway at break-neck speeds; if that driver in front of me does not get out of the way, I will break his neck!

Arriving home just before sunset, we jumped into grubbies and worked in the front yard.  Mary planted some petunias, and I cleaned up my workbench.  I got to wear jeans for the first time since the operation; it felt so good.

Did You Know? The word ‘Petunia’ is from a native South American word ‘petun’, the name for ‘tobacco, of which it is a close relative.

We were tired, so we hit the sack at 6:30 PM and watched Yellowstone.  Neither of us was hungry because of the super lunch we had.  I got up at 9:00 PM and took the baby outside as his tiny bladder would not last all night long.

Alexa blurted out a warning as I returned to bed.  HIGH WIND WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 8 PM THIS EVENING TO 10 PM PST WEDNESDAY.”

Dang, a week early this year!

All I could think of was last Thanksgiving when we lost power while preparing dinner.  Thanks to Jan and her gas oven and the trusty 10KW generator I keep in the garage, we muddled through.

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On The Go Again!

Fact: Question: A Thanksgiving turkey mix-up inspired what popular meal trend? Answer: Frozen TV dinners

In 1953, a Swanson employee accidentally ordered a colossal shipment of Thanksgiving turkeys (260 tons, to be exact). To deal with the excess, salesman Gerry Thomas took inspiration from the prepared foods served on airplanes. He came up with the idea of filling 5,000 aluminum trays with the turkey – along with cornbread dressing, gravy, peas and sweet potatoes to complete the offering. The 98-cent meals were a hit, especially with kids and increasingly busy households.

I can’t remember if I told you or not, but I am home-schooling Scout, The Wonder Dog.  Today’s lesson was about how to tell the girl dog’s and the boy dog’s restroom apart when we go out to dinner.  It took quite a while, and I am not sure whether he got it.

“Dad. which one is me?”

Christmas seems to be everywhere. The Home Depot was playing Christmas music already.  We looked at the decorations, but we have so many already; another one would tilt the house over.

We did see Santa, and he seemed confused.

Santa is confused!

We departed for Los Alamitos a little early so we could stop by H&H and do some shopping; we needed Sweetpeas!

We saw doctor Rucker first, and since we were in Los Alamitos, the Fish Company seemed an excellent choice for lunch.  We both did Idaho Rainbow Trout Farm-Raised.

Lunchtime! But wait; Mickey lost an arm!  Mary explained the small arm was UNDER the big arm!

The Fish Company is about two blocks from the Los Alamitos Medical Center so it took us jew a few minutes.

The place was well decorated.

We are both suckers for bread, and they have the best-baked bread in town.  We devoured the bread almost instantly.  How does the bread court his sweetheart? With lots of flours.

Mary at the Fish Company, after a meal of Rainbow Trout!

I am addicted to Dr. Laura, and I was reading her book called “Care And Feeding Of a Marriage”   I had to snap a picture of this page; it is so true.  Mary just finished the book a bout two months ago!

Dr. Laura strikes again; she is so right on!!

Right after lunch, Mary took me to the Boot Barm, where she was looking for a duster for me.  I have always wanted one. She is always thinking of me; it is so very nice!

Since 1983, the Outback name has come to mean fine oilskin apparel. Using premium fabric and skillful craftsmanship, Outback offers the best waterproof oilskin apparel to fit any lifestyle. Oilskin is a cotton fabric that is infused with oil, thus leaving you with a durable material that repels water; “water and oil don’t mix!” Since the years of the Wild West, Outback Trading has evolved the oilskin fabric into fashion-forward garments without damaging the integrity of the fabric!

No! It is not me; I would be slightly more handsome than this guy (for those with terrible eyesight)

After Mary’s shopping spree, we headed to Huntington Beach, where Mary finally had a doctor’s appointment.  She has a dental implant that is acting up.   She was in the procedure room for almost two hours.  Every few minutes I would get a text something like, “They are about to do a CT Scan” or “They are doing another X-Ray.”

Within a few minutes after the text, the windows would rattle, the lights would go dim and flicker for a few seconds, and then everything would return to “normal.”  It was like being in a terror movie!

We then headed to Dianne and David’s to do a fly-by as we had some of David’s favorite clam chowder from the Fish Company.   When we got the chowder at lunchtime, they gave us a large bag of ice, and we put it in the insulated cold bag we keep in the trunk of the Silver Fox.  It was still very cold when we arrived at David and Dianne’s.

Yes… David is fron New England!

From there, we went home but only for five minutes; Scout needed to see us, and we needed to drop off our new veggies and pick up some Beef Stroganoff for Jan.  Off to Jan’s we went in a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo Silver!

We enjoyed a bottle of wine and visited for quite a while since we also brought her the fruitcake we got at the Christmas boutique.  The three of us killed the bottle of wine and one pound of fruitcake off!  BURP!!!  BELCH!!!

Our Friend Jan!

Finally, we arrived home and headed for the TV, where we enjoyed the first three episodes of Yellowstone.

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Fact: Alexis Bledel hates coffee; unfortunately for her, Rory loves it.  Since Rory chugs coffee in almost every show episode, so the props team substituted Coca-Cola. 

It has become obvious my sense of humor needs some adjustment!!

We were up early again as Scout, The Wonder Dog, was giving us the indication that he wanted out.  He wanted to water our new grass before the automated sprinkler did!

We walked the new Casa Valencia Gardens, now officially established.   I noticed I was a little slower than yesterday, so I checked my trusted iPhone.  Dang, almost 9,000 steps yesterday, and we hardly left the house.!

No wonder I was tired!

We got ready to go to the Elks and arrived at 10:45 AM.  We decided to have breakfast, and that was super.  At breakfast, my wife: Honey, you forgot the French toast.  Me: Oops. Sorry. *raising glass* VIVE LA FRANCE!

Mary usually has peanut butter toast for breakfast, but this morning we were out of bread, and she’s been grouchy all day.  I never knew she was lack-toast intolerant.

While almost done, Bob popped in with Donna, who was already walking around the boutique.  Mary, Bob, and I visited for a while.

Santa Ana Elks Christmas Botique

We walked the boutique and found nothing that hit the spot!  I picked up a new type of fruit cake that the seller said, “This is fruitcake for those that hate fruitcake!” I could not pass it up.

Returning home, Mary and I worked around the house, with Mary concentrating on the house and patio and me moving the leftover conduit and pipes from the garden to the side wall.

It was getting dark, and I decided the new sign had to go up!  Mary did the Vanna White thing; the garden is now open for business.

Casa Valencia Gardens is now open to the public; well, kind of, anyway!

I was thinking about my folks, and I ran into this picture Colleen had posted to Facebook.  This photo was taken in 1954 at a party thrown for my dad after twenty-five years with Ralph’s 5, 10, and 25 Cents Store.  Yes, that is me on the far right.   Everyone except me is gone now, and I am next to go, but I hope that is 20 years away!

I am waxing nostalgic.

Mary fixed dinner at 6:00 PM while we finished the last five episodes of 1883.   We now know how the family got to Yellowstone.  We talked to Colleen, and she said seeing Yellowstone was a must.

It was 10:15 PM when we finished episode ten!

Yellowstone is a series that follows the Dutton family, owners of the largest ranch in Montana, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, commonly called “the Yellowstone.” The plot revolves around family drama at the farm and the bordering Broken Rock Indian Reservation, national park, and developers.

We crashed at 10:30 PM; tomorrow is a long day!

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Another Busy Saturday!

Fact:  Liza Weil originally auditioned for the part of Rory.  Even though she didn’t get the role, the producers liked her so much they wrote a part for her: Rory’s arch-nemesis turned friend, Paris Gellar.

It’s a birthday day!  Cassandra, our granddaughter, is twenty-eight years young.  OMG, that makes me older than dirt!

Granddaughter Cassie with her hubby and my first two GREAT grandchildren.

Prepare to be scared!!

Calhan and Logann, our great-grandchildren!  (Yes, I said GREAT)

Oh, yeah, I forgot, they were young once upon a time.  That’s me below with my oldest grandson Jonathan with his sister Cassie.

See!  See!  Did you notice that once upon a time, I had hair!!!

We got up early, went down the road, and banged several trashcans together right in front of the chicken coop!  We scared the hell out of the rosters!  He darned near wet his feathers.  He came running out in his jammies; it was downright scary to behold!   Payback is always fun!

I had to ask Mary, “If chickens wake up when the Rooster crows, then when do ducks wake?” There was a bit of a pause, and Mary replied, “At the quack of dawn.” This chick is on top of her game.

Then, Mary laid it on me.  She went to Ikea and bought something for us to work on together!

Mary Bought Us A Log Cabin From Ikea!

Oh, dear!!  Where are the instructions?

We decided to go to breakfast to get a quick start to the day.  We went to Rockwell’s and got our coffee and a plate of delightful food.  The day can officially start now!

Home Depot, our favorite place, was on the agenda.  We got more iron fence posts, some other plants, and one more box to stow away the rest of Halloween.

We then stopped at Trader Joe’s and got supplies for the rest of the week!

Did You Know?  There are 559 Trader Joe’s retail stores in the United States as of October 17, 2022.  The state with the most Trader Joe’s locations in the U.S. is California, with 192 retail stores, about 34% of all Trader Joe’s retail stores in the U.S.

Returning home, I hit the garden whilst Mary worked in the house.  She did laundry, reset the table with Thanksgiving-colored tablecloths, and started what turned out to be a terrific dinner!  Mary whipped up a batch of Beef Stroganoff!

Did You Know?  Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish that became popular in the U.S. in the 1950s.  The dish was said to be created by a French chef who worked for a wealthy family in St. Petersburg; he entered it into a cooking contest in 1891 and named it Beef Stroganov.

Beef Stroganoff consists of pieces of beef fillet sautéed in sour cream sauce together with onions and mushrooms.  The dish was named after Count Alexander Grigorievich Stroganoff, who lived in the late 19th century in St. Petersburg.

Before going outside, I finished resetting the clocks to the new time.

It was NOT an easy task, but someone has to do it1

While Mary was being creative in the kitchen, I put up another net for Mary’s sweetpeas, planted about 100 onions, moved the remaining pipe and vertical supports to the back of the garden, and replanted about twenty small ferns under the trees along the back wall.

Mary loves the sweetpeas, and we found a perfect place for them!

Did You Know? English gardeners call sweet peas “the Queen of Annuals.” These charming annuals are unique among garden flowers with their vivid colors, fragrance, and length of bloom in the garden.  The flowers have an air of romance in their scent and appearance.  The sweet pea, Lathyrus odoratus, is a flowering plant in the genus Lathyrus in the family Fabaceae, native to Sicily, southern Italy, and the Aegean Islands.  It is an annual climbing plant, growing to a height of 3–6 feet where suitable support is available.

Then I attacked the patio, and I was moving things back to their pre-rainstorm positions.  It was dark when I finally came inside.

The net is up for Mary’s Sweetpeas!

Dinner was almost ready, and Scout and my noses were twitching at a much higher-than-normal rate.  Mary had been cooking up a storm.  Scout and I took a vote; we will rename dinner “Beef Côté,” a befitting name for such a delicious meal!

Again, taking my life into my hands, I asked Mary, “What happened to the lost beef shipment?” Quick as a bunny, she replied, “A: Nobody’s herd.”

The beef was ready, and the noodles (which turned out to be angel hair pasta) was three minutes away!

The Dutch Oven works well, and this one is special!  Tomorrow I plan to make bread in the put!

The mushrooms were perfect!

To the table, we went.  While Mary put on the finishing touches, I set the table, poured the wine, turned on the T.V., and turned down the lights.  We have another romantic dinner at Casa Valencia!

I died and went to heaven!!

Halfway through the meal, I noticed my feet were getting warm.  Hot flashes?  Nope, it was the doggie proper directly under me with his chest on my feet, waiting for any loose morsel to bound down my shirt, roll across my leg, and drop to his awaiting mouth1

Scout found a spot directly under the table, hoping I might drop some; silly dog!

We watched a movie, and then I started her on a series entitled 1883 with Sam Elliott.  1883 is an American Western drama television limited-run series created by Taylor Sheridan that premiered on December 19, 2021, on Paramount+.

The series stars Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, Isabel May, LaMonica Garrett, Marc Rissmann, Audie Rick, Eric Nelsen, and James Landry Hébert.

The series is a prequel to Sheridan’s Yellowstone series and follows the story of how the Duttons came to own the land that would become the Yellowstone Ranch.  The series consisted of ten episodes and concluded on February 27, 2022

We got to episode #3 before the eyes turned to lead, and we had to crash!

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Happy Vetrans Day!

Fact: There’s no apostrophe in Veterans Day.  The lack of an apostrophe in “Veterans Day” implies that the occasion doesn’t belong to veterans.  Rather, it’s a day that honors all soldiers who once served their country, both dead and alive.

I am happily married to a veteran.  Captain Mary A. Côté, MD.  I am so very happy she is on our side!

We were up early and heard the “crack” of dawn.  Why?  Who knows? We are just early birds.  Ah ha, maybe that’s why we go outside in the morning and attempt to catch the worms?

We walked out to the South 40 and walked the fences to make sure all was well.

Early morning visit to the garden.

We had a noon appointment with my doctor in Los Alamitos, so we decided to “Go To The Club” for breakfast.  The meal was fine, and we got to see Miss Charlotte, who was making the turn.

After breakfast, we went to H&H Nursery and went shopping for goodies.  Mary and I filled the cart with new veggies to plant this afternoon!!

Shopping we will go!

I got to pick out some veggies also!

A little of this and a little of that!

After arriving home, with a slight pause at Jan’s house to bring her sleeping socks, We loaded our new treasures into Daddy’s cart and went to work in the backyard; we planted the veggies, watered them, and then finished off the job with straw mulch.   We are finding some of the worms have moved quite a bit from their original location; this is good.

Very soon, we will be loaded with goodies!

Our two carts (two-wheeled wheelbarrows) are just right for the garden.   We are constantly watching out for weeds.  A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.

We will perfect our vegetable garden beds through a process of trowel and error!

We bring our carts to the garden!

We worked until it was getting dark.  Mary went inside to make dinner, and I finished cleaning up and bringing in the tools.

Farmer Paul is ready for dinner as the sun sets in the west.

We had a delightful dinner and watched a movie on the roll-around TV.  We finally crashed at about 8:00 PM after talking to Robin and arranging fSunday’sy’s putting.

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Thursday; Traveling The Freeways!

Fact:  Water makes different sounds depending on its temperature!  If you’ve listened to boiled water being poured, you’ll discover it makes a different sound to cold water as its energy molecules move around much faster.  Cold water has a lower-pitched tone and sounds heavier for some reason.

It was as cold as a well diggers butt this morning!  Thank goodness for the down comforter Mary found tucked away!

I love the iPhone as I can turn on the heat from my bed!!!

It is Thursday, and we were going to Girl’s Night Out, but a doctor’s appointment got in the way.  Luck have it; we were on the freeway bouncing along a 0.8 MPH when I called the doctor’s office and said we would be about 40 minutes late.  He did NOT want to miss his lunch, so we rescheduled.  Yeah, we did a 180-degree turn and headed to the Elks.  Sometimes traffic is OK!

We had a wonderful meal at the Elks! We brought Jan some “sleeping socks” on our way.  I bought Mary way too many, so she shared her warm feet with Jan.   We had a glass of wine with Jan and enjoyed her company!

Friends for twenty years!

After arriving home, we put out the trash cans for the Friday morning pickup and worked in the garden for a few minutes.  I found some wooden skewers, and carefully I cut a slit into the top of each one.  We then found the little plastic labels that identified our crops and slid them into the slot.  From there, a little super glue and some Krylon clear spray, and we have neat veggie identifiers.

We enjoyed a nice dinner and hit the sack at 6:30 PM.  Mary watched TV, and I watched the inside of my eyeballs.  Being attached to this bad is a pain in the rump!

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Here We Go Again!

Fact: In Rome, the first hospital was built in the 4th century AD by a wealthy penitent widow, Fabiola<.  In the early Middle Ages (6th to 10th century), under the influence of the Benedictine Order, an infirmary became an established part of every monastery.

Morning is lovely, and its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.  I told Mary, “Keep the dream alive: Hit the snooze button.”

We are getting to be farmers!  Up at 6:00 AM and working in the fields.  OK, up at 6:30 AM, coffee at 7:00 AM, and the garden soon after.

Every morning I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work in the garden.

We expected our house cleaners to arrive at 3:00 PM, but they surprised us at 8:30 AM.

We just started a garden tour to see what the rain had brought.  Everything looked so fresh and clean; the rain did quite a job!

After last night’s rain, the sky was beautiful, and everything was clean!

The garden beds were still quite damp, but the straw kept mud from getting onto the leaves.  Mulch is a good thing.

The straw served its purpose.

The strawberries are ready to get planted.  Looking carefully, you might see two worm containers, each housing about 300 worms.  Eisenia fetida, known under various common names such as manure worm, redworm, brandling worm, panfish worm, trout worm, tiger worm, red wiggler worm, etc., is a species of earthworm adapted to decaying organic material.  These worms thrive in rotting vegetation, compost, and manure.

Dig a small hole, drop one hundred in, and then yell, “Lunch time!”

These little guys will be sprouting berries in no time if the varmints do not get them first!  But we have a plan; bring in the chicken wire.

The worm containers were under the straw.

There was dew on the leaves from last night’s rain.  The straw supports the leaves and keeps them facing the sun!

There was dew on the leaves this morning.

The yard was a mess after the contractor departed, but with the help of Carlos and a few yards of excellent soil, the grass is starting to return to the area.  We will have weeds to deal with, but the grass should be solid in another month.  We will have a 40′ x 60′ plot of grass for Scout, The Wonder Dog, to water at his leisure.

The grass seed has germinated; the rain was perfectly timed.

OK, not quite a nudity butt close enough.  My wife was afraid of the dark… then she saw me naked, and now she’s afraid of the light.  I wore my robe to the garden because a) it was warm and b) I was too lazy to change.

I love this quote: “One morning, I shot an elephant in my pajamas.  I’ll never know how he got into my pajamas.” — Groucho Marx.

Gardening in my jammies!

We are going to plant peas, and they need to be able to climb.  Peas have both low-growing and vining cultivars.  The vining cultivars grow thin tendrils from leaves that coil around any available support and can climb from 3 ft 3  to 6 ft 7 in high.

Did You Know?  Peas are annual plants with a life cycle of one year.  They are a cool-season crop grown in many parts of the world; planting can take place from winter to early summer, depending on location.  The average pea weighs between 0.1 and 0.36 grams.   The immature peas (and in snow peas, the tender pod) are used as a vegetable, fresh, frozen, or canned; varieties of the species, typically called field peas, are grown to produce dry peas as the split pea shelled from a matured pod.

I used the 5 pounds shop hammer to drive the iron fence posts into the ground.  It looks like overkill but wait until the peas start to grow!!  They get heavy!

Up goes the wall!

The wall is up; let’s have a party!  In six weeks, the net will be full of pea and time to begin to harvest them.  We planted three kinds of peas, including Oregon Giant, Snowpeas, and Little Marvel.

The peas have a place to climb now.

It almost took the hands of a surgeon to tie off the tiny nylon strings, but I managed it anyway.

Some  Pea Trivia:

One serving of peas contains as much Vitamin C as two large apples, more fiber than a slice of wholemeal bread, and more thiamine than a pint of the whole meal.

It is estimated that over 9000 peas are eaten per person per year in Britain.

Seven thousand one hundred seventy-five peas were once eaten in a minute with chopsticks by Janet Harris of Sussex.  This was a world record!

The proper etiquette for eating peas is to squash them on the back of your fork.

Ready, set, go!!!!

We will have to measure the growth every day.

All the strawberries and peas are in; time to go to lunch!

Get going; it is almost 11:00 AM.

While I got cleaned up. Mary finished off the last flat of berries and took her wheelbarrow and the tools up to the patio and put them away.

We jumped in the car and were heading to the Elks when the darned phone rang, and it was the doctor’s office telling us that there was a 2:00 PM appointment for me to get another CT scan.  GREAT!!!  We had dentist appointments at 2:00 PM.  Mary made a command decision; we returned home.  Mary went to the dentist, and I headed for Los Alamitos.

I waited in the hospital lobby for nearly two hours before they took me at 3:45 PM for a 15-minute procedure.  I had nothing to eat since yesterday’s dinner and was famished!  I was so anxious to get back to Mary I didn’t even stop for a burger; I finally arrived home at 5:00, and it was getting dark.

We had a simple dinner and watched some TV.  By 6:00 PM, I was dozing off, so we went to bed.  By 7:00 PM, I was sawing logs sounding like a sawmill.  Mary watched two Hallmark movies.

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Today Was Busy!

Fact:  Goldfish lose their color if kept in dim light. Similar to humans, they need sunlight to keep their pigment.

The rain was coming down like a cow peeing on a flat rock!  We turned on the heat and had a hot cup of java to get our hearts started.  The rain measuring device was placed in its proper position so tomorrow we will see how much we got.

Before we cleaned up, we watched TV and had tea.  There is nothing like a spot of tea n the morning on a cold wet day!  This blend is from Robin.  I know a dentist who doesn’t like tea. His sign out front in the office reads, Denis.

Tea for Two!

The tea was outstanding.  I put honey in it and it even tasted better. As they say, “Sip sip hooray!”

It was excellent!

Mid-morning, we got cleaned up and headed to Irene’s house to drop off the van because Irene’s car had died.  While there, we decided to go to El Torito for lunch.  The restaurant was a little dingy, but the food was pretty good.  While we were inside, there was an amazing downpour!!

From Long Beach, we went to Los Alamitos and visited Dr. Rucker, where the local vampire took my blood sample to analyze the Creatinine levels.  From there, we went to the hospital and found a wonderful nurse who took us in, changed my dressings, gave us some supplies, and changed out the leaky bad.  Her name was Dianne, and she is getting flowers as soon as we go out tomorrow.

We got home, and it was dark, so we headed to the TV and The Hallmark Channel.

Mary found a great down blanket, and we put it on the bed.  We will sleep warm tonight!!

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Monday And All Is Well!

Fact: On Venus and other moons and planets, rain is made of sulfuric acid or methane. Even stranger: On a world 5,000 light years away, scientists found raindrops made of iron rather than water.

Monday was slow, and that was good. We are attempting to stop the draining, and resting may help!

We wandered outside between rain storms and visited our plants taking inventory of what else we needed.

Spin and scare the birds away!!

We want to get the peas in the ground, so we plan to visit Home Depot and get some iron fence posts. \

The mulch is in three of the beds now.

Around 11:00 AM, we took the van to the smog-measuring man, and he passed gas, waived some strange-looking feathers, and shouted long-lost South American war chants; he pronounced the van safe to drive.

While the smog was being checked, we crossed the street and went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. Breakfast was great, and we decided to take an order to Jan’s house, which was on our way to Home Depot.

My breakfast buddy!

We stopped at Home Depot and got the iron fence posts, strawberries, and several types of fertilizer. Then we went to Orange County Farmers Supply and got some goodies, including 600 red worms.

The most popular worm that’s used for wrapping gifts is the tapeworm.

Arriving home, my phone rang with an announcement that provided us with a memory of one year ago!

One year ago today, we had a small dinner party with Iris & Will, Sydney, and her folks!

When we finally got home, it was raining, so we left the goodies inside the van!

We had a nice dinner and watched The Hallmark Channel.

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A Day Of Rest; Yeah, Right!

Fact: Rest comes in four flavors:

  • Sensory rest: This refers to the state of giving your senses a rest from the experiences of the physical world, for example, closing your eyes for 1-2 minutes after sitting in front of a computer for long hours.
  • Emotional rest: This type of rest is often confused with mental rest.  Emotional rest refers to the state of denying oneself to be overwhelmed with the feelings of others and creating a space or balance.
  • Mental rest: This involves stopping the mind from thinking by creating space between one thought to another without overlapping them.
  • Physical rest: This type of rest involves the relaxation of the entire body.

We are happy to announce we didn’t get any rest today!  We are just too active.  The smell of that delicious elixir, coffee, wafted through the house at 6:30 AM, signaling we better get into gear.  We did our morning thing and sat at the breakfast table, discussing the plans for the day.

After a quick check of the calendar, it was obvious Halloween needed to be put away for another year.   We got the storage containers ready and merrily pranced around the house on a search and seizure mission.  By noon, 90% of Halloween was safely tucked away.

We finally sat down after our collecting-packing duties were completed!

Scout sniffed out the hard-to-find decorations and then sniffed every box several times, committing the contents to memory.

Scout, The Wonder Dog, assisted us!

We are ready for Thanksgiving now!

Bring it on!!  (BTW, Paul is now 196 pounds, on his way to 190!!)

Robin planned to come over at about noon.  While we were in the backyard placing mulch into the new garden, we got a call.  That little sweetheart stopped by Subway and asked what we wanted for lunch!  Mary got a turkey (NOT ME), and I did the veggie.  Robin brought Gatorade to ensure I was getting electrolytes as I was still draining.    We had a terrific lunch!

Robin joined us in the garden and got a worm’s eye view of the interworking of the watering system.

Next job, did in the perlite!

The south wall now had a layer of soil as we had too much for the garden itself.  It looks terrific, and even the deer approves; he decided to sit on the rock and NOT get his hoofs muddy!   What do you call an eyeless deer?  I have no eye-deer.   Where did the deer go to fix its tail?  The re-tail shop.

The south wall looks wonderful since the lower limbs have been trimmed and taken away!

The straw mulch keeps the soil, the, therefore, the roots of the little plants from drying out.  It also serves to keep the water from evaporating hence conserving water.

When we were done, we had to go to the garage and use the air compressor to remove the straw from our clothes.

Spreading the straw; is so easy with two doing the work!

The little plants we put into the group two weeks ago are growing.  We lost two strawberries, but that is not too bad.  We will replace them Monday if it is not raining too hard.  I asked Mary, “What do you call strawberry jam that plays the trumpet?”  While jogging back to the patio, I yelled, ” Tooty fruity.”  Something whizzed by my head immediately after that.

Beneath the straw is three watering lines for the little veggies.

Robin departed for home, and we looked at dinner options.  Prior to dinner, we completed the Halloween packing and watched a movie.

Dinnertime and Mary makes a fabulous dinner.

We needed straw, and Amazon has everything, so I ordered two bales of straw; it will be interesting to see how it gets delivered!  Mary said, “Don’t order hay for your horse off Amazon!  After a few days, they’ll ask for your feed back.”

The cost was a little high, but after factoring in the delivery to the driveway, it was worth it.  Two additional bales will last for the rest of this year!

We needed straw; we ordered from Amazon!!!

We had dinner and watched the Hallmark Channel and a movie entitled: “A Beautiful Place To Die.”  Summary: A retired Boston PD detective and the acting medical examiner at Martha’s Vineyard work together to solve the murder of a mysterious young man.

We watched a movie using our handy-dancy portable TV roll-around. 

It kept us awake for a while.  We had planned to go to the Skegg’s birthday party, but I was just not up to it because of the draining that was underway.  The energy level is about nil; time to talk to the doctor.

We crashed at 9:00 PM and awaited the arrival of the rain.

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