Saturday Has Arrived And Now We Get Busy!

How do you organize an outer space party? You planet.

Housework, OMG, it multiplies overnight.  Was and dry, that’s all I seem to do these days!  Now that the complaining is over, back to business.  Tonight is a dance night so I planned to head to Mary’s about 4:00 PM so we could go to dinner before the dance starts.

Mary’s good friends, an elderly couple, were in need of assistance So I offered to drive Mary to Banning so she could check up on them. We arrived in Banning at 11:00 AM and she proceeded to get them back on track while I walked around WalMart. That store was humungus!

After returning to Mary’s about 2:00 PM I headed home to finish getting ready for dancing tonight.  I needed to get cleaned up and change clothes. The round trip was quite fast.  I was back at Mary’s about 5:00 PM and then we headed for Chino to dance the night away!

Bob and Donna stayed in this evening as Donna’s sinuses were giving her fits because of all the fires.  They spent the week in Lake Tahoe and got a double dose of smoke.

We dined at the Vintner’s Tavern where we are now regulars!

Dinner was quite good as Mary ordered the fried chicken and I had the steak.  We shared our meals so we had a poor man’s surf and turf.

Lookin’ Good!

We danced from 7:15 PM until 10:15 PM almost non-stop.  Notice my new dancing shoes!  As we departed, Mary took a picture of Mike and I confused about how to wear the masks.  They looked like Yamaka’s.

Mike and I are looking pretty sharp!

We departed the dance about 10:15 PM and I did a fly-by at Mary’s and I was home about 11:00 PM where I crashed.   After driving almost 250 miles I was done for, kaput! Loads of dancing this evening did me in!

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It’s Friday, Yeah! Wait! I Am Retired?

Why did the cookie cry? Because his father was a wafer so long!

What happened to this day, it flew by so quickly.  I know why and that’s because Miss Mary is going to come over and we are going to be doing hamburgers.  So, what’s all the fuss.  It’s about “science projects”, you know, those creatures that live in the frig, toward the back, and come out at the most inopportune times.  So, I cleaned the frig out and restocked it with yellow cheese (no more green stuff), crispy lettuce (I know what limp lettuce looks like), and a fresh jar os Valsic hamburger pickles (the jar I found had one pickle in it and it looks like it had drowned weeks ago).

I had visions of opening the frig and “things” coming out!

After the science project search was done, I went to the Himalayan Grill and spoke to the owner about a future dance with Nine Carat Gold.  Mike Henscell and I had a glass of wine and I thing we have the plan back in the box.

In the afternoon I worked around the house and awaited Mary to call.  When she called, she sounded beat so I suggested I pick her up and we go to Patty’s Place for dinner. No hamburgers tonight!

We laughed and giggled and talked about stuff for a couple of hours but it was take to take her home and make sure she crashed early.  The nineteen miles passed instantly.  We said goodnight at the door and I was off like a shot returning home.

The night was warm and the pool looked inviting but swimming alon is a no-no so I brewed up some coffee and read a little bit with Clive Cussler before crashing.

It was a great dinner with Chuck being right on his game!

The new lights are amazing, almost memorizing.

After getting home early, I had my pre-bedtime coffee and watched the pool change colors.

Lights out, I needs my beauty rest!

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Girls Night Out! Yeah!

Want to hear a joke about paper? Nevermind, it’s tearable.

The ol’ man is up and at ’em bright and early.  I looked at the bathroom scale and immediately changed into my walking thongs and took off at 100 MPH down the sidewalk.  I must lose at least four pounds before I get back.  Three days of no walking and dining did me in, so the calories must go!

The sun was hidden again, but I walked anyway!

It was dark out, but I walked anyway!

I was zooming along for three and a half miles. I worry about the vacuum I leave behind as I zip through the neighborhood.

Three and a half miles!

The flowers are still beautiful and ask for someone to stick their nose out to smell them.  Then, via a contract with the local bee union, you get a bite on the tip of your nose.

Walking and flowers, they go together!

I returned by 10:30 AM and cleaned up for a visit to “Girls Night Out”.  We were inside today.  I found out to ratted MAry and I out on Sunday; it was Pat.  She meant well, and the ER apologized.  It was OK as we did not know the dancing rules.

Inside at the Elks!

No Zaitz, what’s going on?  I called, and I forgot they are in Tahoe for a week, not just the weekend.  You see a screen capture of a live video.  Bob and Donna are out walking, and we are out drinking.  I think we won!

Bob was not with us!

We giggled and laughed for ninety minutes!  Great fun!

The Gang Of Four, cavorting in a most delightful way!

I ordered the special of the day which was Rainbow Trout and it was excellent.

Rainbow trout? It was pretty good.

Mike just got a new hair doo and we thought it was…well, it kind of… but…ah… Hey, mom always said, “If you can’t say anything nice, do not say anything!”. We didn’t say a word, clammed up totally!

Old Curley Joe!

High five, or is that a high ten?  Guess it depends upon how many fingers you count.  John and Bill are having a good time.

More laughs and giggles

Me, I just enjoyed the visit with the guys.  I get an hour to unwind and attempt to my witty self, sometimes it works and other times it definitely does not!!

Today the order was placed for a “Surprise Me”.  We, Linda brought me a “Skip And Go Naked On The Beach” but, being quite alert, John got a “Skip And Stay Clothed On The Beach”.  The ingredients are: 2?3 cup cold beer,  2?3 cup frozen pink lemonade concentrate, and 1?4 cup vodka.

I had to have my serious drinking shirt on today!

In the afternoon, I worked around the house doing the chores.  It is possible I could be the world’s most extraordinary laundry person. I have not made pink underwear in at least a month.

I was thinking about Mary working all day and got a thought, why not tell her I will bring Fish Company’s Rainbow Trout to her for dinner.  She gets to rest, we get to eat, and we both get to visit — smart idea!  I did call, she did accept, and we dined together and visited while watching “Two And A Half Men”, a series I had never seen before.

While I was there, I trimmed her tree that was blocking her kitchen window.  My power shears made quick work of the tree limbs/branches.  I put them in a contractors trash bag, and the job was done in fifteen minutes,

I could see Mary was tired, so at 8:30 PM, I hurried out, and the Ghost and I headed West on the 22 Freeway.  But, the Ghost turned left at Seal Beach Blvd, and I got the hint, we were off to see Chuck.

Raspberry Delight and an Empress_1908 was my dessert tonight… I will have to walk tomorrow!

When I got home, I looked at the lovely gift Miss Mary gave me. It was a small book of daily Devotionals, which was very thoughtful of her. The purpose of devotionals is to take a step away from the daily routine and focus on spiritual matters for a while.  In today’s world, that is NOT a bad idea.

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Mid-Week And All Is Well

What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta.

I was up at 5:00 AM because the watch was found; it’s a long story.  As I passed into the dining room, I noticed the floor was orange?  Oops, did I spill something last night? What is happening?

Nope, Paul is innocent for once.  The fires were spreading the photo-chemical-aerosols all over the area, and Mr. Sun was having a problem peaking though!  I had plans to walk but decided with the air quality so bad; I would work around the house instead.

At 6:30 AM, looking East from my house. (That tomato bush is now history)

The wash got done, and I made a short wine run up the 605 as I was tired of buying a bottle at a time.  Two cases ought to handle things nicely. Today a visit to the Two-Buck-Chuck-Store is in the plans.

Luisa came over and then Robin.  While they discussed curtain rods and stuff, I watched in amazement.  How do they know all this information?   We jointly selected rods. We have the material and the sheer fabric chosen.  Luisa is going to calculate the damages, and then we will get started.

We decided to go to lunch at Taco Surf as Robin wanted to stay away from Seal Beach! They had a dining room set up outside. It was quite pleasant. Knowing I was going to have dinner tonight, I did the crispy two taco dish as it is mostly grass.

Taco Surf, you have met your match!

The three of us sat and talked for a good hour, checking up on everybody. Luisa and Robin have known each other for quite a while now.  I wish Lisa had been here to join in.

Always a smile!

After lunch, Robin stayed with me, and she watched her General Hospital while I worked in the back yard, taking out tomatoes and getting ready for the weekend.  I had a tiny helper, Mr. Lizard, who was no more than an inch long.  He got a ride on the top of the trash can from where he was in the back yard to the front yard, a real adventure for the little guy.

My little helper.

Around 4:30 PM, I headed to Mary’s to pick her up for dinner at Patty’s Place.  After working all day, I did not want her to be driving after a big dinner and a glass of wine; besides, she would have time to visit Mr. Scout.   The view from her home was like mine, orangy, and loaded with ash.

We met Robin at Patty’s and had a great seat in front of the fish tank. The sky was looking pretty worse for wear.  On the way to Patty’s, I referred to the bright spot in the sky as the moon by accident; perhaps a Halloween Moon?

At 5:00 PM from Mary’s house looking West

Robin joined us about ten minutes after we arrived. The three of us sat and talked for quite a while, probably 7:30 PM. We are beginning to plan out the holidays and Robin, of course, takes care of the “old man”!

Robin arrives at Patty’s.

The girls were having a wonderful time talking about “stuff”; I enjoyed listening to the banter.  Dinner was outstanding. Mary fits right in with her marvelous sense of humor.

Robin and Mary get along wonderfully!

It happened again, we match.  I know Mary loves green, so I took a chance.  Robin had a prime seat tonight with a view of the fish tank.

Thanks, Robin!

It was time to go, so we put on our masks and headed out.  The Ghost was fired up and ready to hit the freeway.  He is on automatic these days and had the route firmly ingrained in his head.

On our way out, I forgot how to wear the mask. I got some IMMEDIATE help!

I had asked Chuck to sing Amazing Grace, and he said he would, and he did.  He popped into the window and delivered a spectacular rendition of Amazing Grace using curbside service.  Mary, who has a beautiful voice,  sang along with him.  Dinner and a floor show!  Can’t beat that!

Chuck came to the car and sang for us! Mary chimed right in.

The Ghost lurched into the parking lot, did a 720-degree turn (he is such a show-off), and then zipped down the freeway, with complete abandon, for the next 19 miles trip to Miss Mary’s abode.  I visited with Scout for a few minutes and then headed back home.

The pool looked inviting, but alas, I don’t want to swim alone, so I had my cup of coffee and crashed.  Tomorrow I must walk as I have put on a couple of pounds this last week with all the dining out activities.

The pool was beautiful this evening.

Tomorrow I am going to “Girls Night Out” at the Elks, set up some appointments, and perhaps go to the nursery to see what I should be planting.  It is September, and the winter garden needs some attention.

It was a great day!

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I Had A Hot Lunch Date!

I lost my job at the bank on my very first day. A woman asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over!

The sky was dark today as the smoke from the fire was coming in this direction.  Mary and I ran into the smoke yesterday returning from Banning.   Today there was no sun, just a yellowish overcast.

I popped over to Irene’s and we went to George’s Greek Cafe on Pine Street Long Beach.

Pine Street was closed to automobile traffic and all the restaurants had outdoor seating available.

We ordered saganaki to begin with which is  flaming hard cheese and it was perfect!

We had saganaki to start.

Irene has a good time as indicated below.  We talked for an hour and a half catching up on things.  Irene tried a very lite Strawberry Martini while I did a Dirty Martini.  We are getting risque in our middle age.

Someone was happy to be out and about.

I did the stuffed steak and the stuffing was spinach and feta cheese.  The diet took a hit today!  The skirt steak was stuffed with feta cheese and spinach combination, absolutely terrific!  To top that off, a small Greek salad with rice pilaf was added.

Stuffed steak, fantastic.

I was in uniform for this afternoon’s lunch!  The wait staff really liked the shirt a lot.

I simply had fun!

After returning home I crashed for about an hour, a much-needed rest.  The afternoon was a wash day for me and I worked in the garden cleaning out the last of the tomatoes.  This may call for a visit to the nursery this weekend.

Then Mary texted and said she got off work a little early.  She planned Veal Picatta for dinner and would I like some. Well, that answer took 1.5 microseconds to answer. The Ghost and I set sail or her home.

We prepared dinner and then watched a movie called “Holiday In The Wild”. Jilted by her husband on the eve of embarking on an African safari, a woman travels to the continent alone where she meets an elephant conservationist.

Another movie we both really enjoyed.

It was a work night for Mary so I departed about 9:00 PM and headed home.  Great evening with a great lady!

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No Labor On Labor Day! Just Fun!

There was a big paddle sale at the boat store. It was quite an oar deal.

Guess who was two today? Remington is getting to be an old man.  His big sister watches out for him. The grandkids and great-grandkids, Zachary & Becca with Lilly & Remy,  spent their weekend in the local mountains with family.

Guess who was two years old today?

I went to Mary’s, and we rode out to the Banning area as Mary wanted to check up on old friends, Annie, and her husband, Virgil.  Annie has not been feeling well, and Virgil just had a pacemaker installed. They are lucky to have Dr. Mary as a friend.

We stopped at The Corner Bakery close to the old Foxfire Restaurant and got two avocado, and cheese egg wraps to go, plus I got a cup of coffee.  We dined as the Grey Ghost made his way out the 91 Freeway through Riverside to Banning. It’s about an hour trip each way.

Sun Lakes Country Club opened in 1987 and features 3,327 homes and condos and offers prestigious resort-style living. It is located 30 miles west of Palm Springs and just south of the ten freeway on Highland Springs Road and Sun Lakes Blvd.

We went shopping for them at Albertsons.  We picked up some goodies for us so I filled the ice chest I keep in the Ghost.

After returning home, our challenge was to get Scout into his new pool. Mary enticed him by standing in the pool and giving him his cookies. That approach did not work totally, so I went up behind Scout, picked him up, and gently lowered him into the water.  He trusts me, so he was not spooked.  His Mommy encouraged him.

Mommy had to get into the pool with Scout.

I did get the evil eye, but we think he will not be afraid of the pool any longer.  When it gets to be another hot day, he might want to use the pool to cool off.

What did you do to me?

After his bath, we went into the swim spa for an hour and talked.  We got out just before turning into prunes.  The 94-degree water was just right.  It was one of those days where you get into the hot tub to cool off.  Time passes quickly when you are with someone you enjoy!

Mary wanted to try the bread machine that Jan sent over, so she made a one pound load of raisin-cherry bread complete with chopped nuts.  We were worried at first, but it came out just right.

Pre-baking cycle

We turned on the movie “Don’t Send Me Any Flowers,” and this time, we watched it to the end, laughing throughout.  While watching the movie, Mary’s whipped up dinner with spaghetti, and I had two large beef ribs.  The perfect meal for the end of a warm day.  We had a glass of wine, and the curfew alarm sounded off at 9:30 PM as Mary works tomorrow.

Off to Jan’s house flew the Grey Ghost, where I dropped off some bread.  Jan and I talked for about fifteen minutes before I had to scoot up the 22-Freeway home.  The bread looked so good that mine never made it all the home unless inside my tummy counts.

Quite a selection!

I was home before 10:00 PM and crashed quickly.  I did not even have a cup of coffee. Tomorrow I am going out with another beautiful lady.  Miss Irene and I are doing Greek tomorrow!  Robin is coming over a little later and will be staying the night.

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No Big Plans; Just Avoid The Heat!

A relief map shows where the restrooms are.

If the predictions are correct, we are in for another hot one!  You know some like it hot! At least, I have been told that!  I took an hour’s walk early and then watered my garden, especially the fruit trees.  As my mom would have said, “It’s hotter than a fart on a hot griddle!”

Late in the afternoon, I will be found in front of an air conditioner!

When I got home last night, Santa had been here disguised as an Amazon delivery man.  I was too tired to open the box up, but this morning I discovered it was my new pair of dancing shoes!  Cry your eyes out, Bob Z!  I intend to put these to work soon!

…and they fit perfectly!!

Mary and I had some plans for later today.  When I arrived, she was fixing breakfast, and then we watched Charles Stanley. The day is off to a good start.  He is a Southern Baptist preacher who believes in the basics and has the right message every week. Very refreshing and good to watch.

Down to basics, my kind of guy!

On the way to Mary’s, I talked to Diane, Sue’s sister.  She is a delightful lady and keeps me grounded.  We talked for about thirty minutes while the Grey Ghost dashed down the 22 Freeway toward Mary’s.  Diane has been one of my most incredible supporters and my sounding board in moving on with my life.  I thank her for her observations and advice over the past year and especially these last several months! She has made a tremendous difference. I thank the good Lord for Diane’s presence in my life!

Mary knows I like bacon and eggs, so she prepared turkey bacon and eggs, a healthy (and excellent) option.  We had toast and fruit with a hot cup of coffee.  She, like Sue, listens to and responds in kind.  The morning takes on a special meaning when you are treated so nicely.  I do enjoy working with Mary in the kitchen, and I am getting to know where everything goes.

Sunday morning breakfast, A la Mary!

Diane, Mary’s friend for thirty years, found some red shoes last week and sent an APB to Mary to see them. We popped by the mall, and size 7 1/2 was available, yes!  I asked if she would click the heals, but she was a little leary of what could happen. We decided we would wait for the clicking ceremony!

Click those shoes, and we are off to The Land Of Oz!

We left the shopping center and headed west to Corona Del Mar and visited Roger’s Gardens. The annual Halloween Boutique was open for business!  I was not afraid as Miss Mary was close by as we perused the decorations. The skeleton was on the operating table; I did ask Mary what kind of operation did she propose doing.  We decided a price-tag-ectomy would be appropriate.

We entered carefully and was wondering why the skeleton did not have a mask?  We should have reported him to the captain!

Well, tickle me timbers!

No one gets away without wearing a mask!

They did a lot of work this year to make it enjoyable.

“Come In For A Spell” is that a play on words or what? Since it had just opened Friday, the shelves were well stocked with goodies.

We were being watched!

We got sort of a picture of us together.  Thanks to the camera position, the lens was saved! Notice the shirt; it was an offering to the heat.  BTW it was 100 degrees when we entered the boutique.

It was time to leave when Mary began naming the bones on the skeletons!

We attempted to go to the Farmhouse at Rogers, but there was a one hour wait time.  Miss Mary had not seen the new Santa Ana Elks, so I suggested a fly by! I was a little worried about sitting outside on the patio, but that fear was soon quelled.

Mary suggested I do my “Vanna White look-alike pose.”

Stopping at the Elks was a great choice as we had a glass of wine inside where it was cold and we danced in the corner of the lodge to the live music. Some old biddy walked over and told us it was illegal to dance.

We fixed her because, as we departed, we bought her a double beer, and we danced together across the floor right past her, out the ballroom doors, through the reception area, and out the front door. We were laughing so hard I nearly fell over. Mary and I think a lot alike… poor Mary!

Santa Ana Elks to the rescue!

On our way home, Mary suggested a “rib joint” so Scout could have a bone to pick.  Well, we stopped, and Mary knew the owner, a vet, and we talked for quite a while.  As I would expect, Mary is known by the locals as a caring member of the Armed Forces and an excellent customer.  We brought the ribs home and cannibalized five of the little critters before declaring victory!

Arriving home, we fed Scout, gave him a big huggle, and watched a movie called “Send Me No Flowers.”

After the movie, I declared victory; another day is written in the annals of history. Mary crashed, and I headed home for my cup of coffee.  It was still in the 80s when I arrived home, but the house was a pleasant 78 degrees.

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Saturday Was So Relaxing…

There was a big paddle sale at the boat store. It was quite an oar deal.

Today was a time to rest and relax as the temperature soared into the 100s almost everywhere.  I spent the day with Mary, and we stayed inside and binge-watched old Doris Day and Clint Eastwood movies. She paid her bills, and I just vegged out. I had not seen “The Touch Of Mink” for half a century.  What happened to the movie industry in that period of time.  No swearing, no gore, no explicit sex, just a feel-good movie with a little spice thrown in here and there.

We were supposed to go to dinner in Chino at the Vintner’s Tavern at 6:00 PM, but when the temperature predictor said it would be 116 in Chino, Mary found some fabulous food in the freezer, and we stayed put.  We called and canceled the reservations and they pretty much said it was a “take-out” only evening.  When we arrived there were a couple of hearty souls dining outside.

We did decide to go dancing as the studio was air conditioned, and we danced from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  We waltzed and did the cha-cha until we were tired.  Mike A. brought water-melon which was appreciated.  Mary suggested the next time we go we bring grapes!  Excellent idea.

The lighting in the studio is for dancing, which means good photos, without a flash, are hard to get, especially when we both wore red!  I am so happy I am tilting the scales at 185 now… at 230 pounds it would have been hard to dance for three hours!

We danced for hours!

It is nice to be dancing with someone you have known for a long time.  When I miss a step, we both giggle.  Some steps are coming back it just takes time.  I actually watched YouTube this morning to see some of the waltz steps I used to do.

Marcin has a connection to the internet, and he has every song ever written available to us.   During the evening, he played The Tennessee Waltz three times just for us.   At the end of the dance, Marcin turned on the regular lights, and finally, I could capture a shot of Mary with good lighting.

Mary was tired by the time we got home, so I had a cup of coffee and was home before 11:00 PM!

I visited with Mary about fifteen minutes finishing off a cup of coffee and then heading out.  The thermometer in the Ghost indicated 92 degrees as I pulled away from the curb.

It was still in the mid-80s when I got home, but I had the house at 78, so crashing was pretty easy to do.  There was an Amazon package at the door but I did not open it, tomorrow will be soon enough. Alexa played some lullaby tunes and I was out like a light!!

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The Week Is Now History! What A Week It Was!

A relief map shows where the restrooms are.

My day is free except for a few chores and I began bright and early with a walk up to Imperial Jewelers to get batteries for two watches which I have not worn in years.  Killing two stones with one bird, I got some investment paperwork notarized and sent them on their way to Charlene – something I should have done two weeks ago but I have been otherwise occupied.

8,000+ steps and 3.5 miles later I was ready to sit.  I also use the time to make my phone calls.  Irene and I talked for probably thirty minutes and I have a date on Tuesday at 11:00 AM with Irene.  We are going to dine at George’s Greek Restaurant.  I can see the flaming cheese now!

Exercise and errands at the same time – whodda thunk?

The parkway at the house of the artist was studied carefully.  The alligators are just so clever and they are made of the roots from the tree in the parkway!

Be careful, they look hungry!

Now that I am home, the long-distance errands begin.  I need to pick up my shoes and then drop by the market to get milk and some other essentials.  While at the market they had cherries on sale and I saw a package of “baby kale”.  They will be on their way to Mary’s this evening.

I piddled around the house doing things on my never-ending list until about 5:15 PM when Mary called and said she was heading home. She was going to meet me at Patty’s but I did not want her driving across town after dinner so the Grey Ghost and I high-tailed it to her home, visited the puppy, and then headed back to Seal Beach as we have an official dinner-date at Patty’s Place.

We pulled up at 6:29 PM which was exactly one minute before our reservation.  We needed our glass of wine to wind down and, of course, we shared each others day.  I should mention that I surprised Mary by loading my phone with a playlist of waltzes.  We both love to waltz and I figured out how to Bluetooth my iPhone into the audio system on the van!  I believe she was pleased.  Mary’s love the Tennessee Waltz while I always liked “The Sweetheart Tree” from the movie “The Great Race”.


Mary said she is now going out of her comfort zone by trying new things with me and I like that a lot.  I shared my “Try it and see what happens” philosophy.  The fish head staring at her took some getting used too but, hey, she is a doctor – she has seen it all!

Again, I had the best seat in the house!

Did You Know? The European bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is a primarily ocean-going fish native to the waters off Europe’s western and southern and Africa’s northern coasts, though it can also be found in shallow coastal waters and river mouths during the summer months. It is one of only six species in its family, Moronidae, collectively called the temperate basses.

It is both fished and raised commercially, and is considered to be the most important fish currently cultured in the Mediterranean. In Ireland and the United Kingdom, the popular restaurant fish sold and consumed as sea bass is exclusively the European bass.[2] In North America it is widely known by its Italian name, branzino.

European bass are a slow-growing species that takes several years to reach full adulthood. An adult European seabass usually weighs around 11 pounds. European bass can reach sizes of up to 1 m (3.3 ft) in length and 12 kg (26 lb) in weight, though the most common size is only about half of that at 0.5 m (1.6 ft). Individuals are silvery grey in color and sometimes a dark-bluish color on the back.The old man hit 185 this afternoon so I attempted to eat healthy!

We chatted with one of the local couples for a while. I have not seen them for probably six months. The four of us laughed, shared jokes, and giggled for quite a while. Mary, like me, enjoys meeting new folks!

Penny for my thoughts? Nope, I demand a higher price!

Since we were so close to my home, I asked Mary if she would like to see where I hang out.  We did a fly-by so she could see I a) was NOT homeless, and b) was not too messy!  She got the grand tour including the garden which had its share of spider this evening.  I turned on the patriotic theme on the pool light – red, white, and blue.  We stayed for about fifteen minutes as she was interested in the pictures of the family I have all over.

Returning to her home, I suggested an old movie to watch.  It was Doris Day and Clark Gable so it had to be good.  I hoped she didn’t mind black and white.  Lord love a duck, we laughed and laughed and giggled like kids – what a super movie.  What happened to the movie industry, we need a lot more like this one and a lot less of the violence and perversion.

It was getting late so the Grey Ghost and I headed back to Rossmoor for my nightly cup of coffee.  This evening was really special as I am beginning to feel “normal” whatever that is!  I miss Sue very much and talk of her all the time which is expected after thirty-five years of being joined at the hip.

We await our wine at George’s Greek Cafe.

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Pot Roast Tonight; I Can’t Wait!

What is a thesaurus’s favorite dessert? Synonym buns.

Goodbye stitches because at 9:00 AM, this beautiful face was returned to normal, stitches out, and more bandages on!   Just before pulling up and parking, I spotted a dog and decided to stop and try to get him home.  Well, as the car slowed down, I realized it was a coyote, and, being not nearly as dumb as I look, I continued driving.

He kept on walking, and I went the other direction!

I met up with the coordinator of surgeries, Gloria, and she wants to get back to dancing.  Last week we talked about dancing, and somehow the blue gin got into the conversation.  She said it was terrific, but when she went to the market and found out the cost, it was a little rich for my blood”.  Well, this morning, I found a liquor bag and shoved in a new bottle of 1908 and delivered it to her.  I got a double elbow bump!  She was delighted, and that made me smile.  It’s fun to brighten up someone’s day even when you do not know them!

Greg was called when I departed from the doctor’s office, and he met me at home. Time to walk!

What name should we give the new machine?

Before walking, I chatted with Colleen on the Bat Phone.  I shared the plans for the weekend with her.  Right now, I plan to spend time with Mary, go dancing, see Roger’s Gardens, and relax.

We walked about 35 minutes as this was his first time walking for exercise.  We may be doing this again.

Not too bad for Greg’s first time out!

We did visit the neighborhood artist!

Ferocious beasts!

When we got back, it was 11:00 AM, so I asked if he wanted to go to “Girls Night Out.”  He said, “OK,” and we did.  We spent ninety minutes visiting with Capps, Anderson, and Tielrony.  My “surprise” was a Tequila Sunset.

The waitress is challenged by bringing a “surprise”… So far, she has done well!

The five of us were there for ninety minutes just laughing ourselves silly about nothing!  We missed Bob Z, who was on vacation with Donna this week.

I am happy to call Mike, a good friend!

The afternoon was filled with little chores! Finally, I canceled my insurance policies with Liberty Mutual as I have the Auto Club now. My driver’s license is now good for another year, thanks to the pandemic.  The garden got a good bath, which was needed before this weekend’s predicted heatwave.

Around 4:00 PM, I got cleaned up and ready to leave for Mary’s as we are having pot roast, my favorite.  She heard me mention my favorite dish and prepared it just for me (…and Jan).

She had patients until almost 5:00 PM, so I made a command decision to get some artichokes from Ralph’s.  As I walked in the door at the market, Mary called and was leaving work.  Perfect timing.

Mary had the pot roast going in the slow cooker all day, and I got a sample went I arrived, perfect!  We decided to sit for a few minutes before dinner and share our day, an activity which I enjoy. Having someone to share things with must be built into my DNA.   The dinner was perfect!

We dined outside, and Mr. Scout was happy to see us.

I chowed down on the dinner; it was just like I wanted it to be. I may have been a little over-zealous, as indicated below.

Oh dear, perhaps I was over-anxious!

“Work? Who, me??”

We sat outside and talked until 8:45 PM when my curfew alarm went off.  The lady has to work tomorrow, so I got the “Meals On Wheels” delivery ready, and off I went to see Jan.  By the time I got to Seal Beach Blvd, it was 9:45 PM, so I made a pass by Patty’s and shot the bull with John and Chuck until about 10:15 PM.

It was a full moon, so I could not resist a quick picture.

It was a beautiful Moon this evening.

I had my evening cup of coffee and thought about the past thirty-plus years, and although I admit to some tears, I felt blessed that we had all that time together.  But, as they say, life must go on, and I am moving forward.

The love of my life for thirty-five beautiful years!

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