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Thursday And We Know What That Means!

It was a beautiful morning so we walked for an hour before getting ready for Girls Night Out at the Elks.  On our way to the Elks, we stopped and picked up/dropped off dray-cleaning garments. Finally, we are at the … Continue reading

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Mid Week Has Arrived!

I woke up early to go to the dermatologist.  Shootin’ Tilly Hickok got up with me and brought me coffee when I was in the shower; Shootin’ is very caring. The Silver Fox pulled into the parking lot at 6:55 … Continue reading

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Back To Normal!

We worked in the office all morning, and by noon, we decided we might stay with our current insurance as the company we were considering was not great!  I guess we are stuck with $7,000/year premiums. Life is!  The more … Continue reading

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A New Week Begins

“Sh-Boom” is an early doo-wop song by the R&B vocal group The Chords.  It was written by James Keyes, Claude Feaster, Carl Feaster, Floyd F. McRae, and William Edwards, members of The Chords, and published in 1954. The week begins … Continue reading

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Coming Home

We were up at the crack of 8:00 am!  We had a lot of fun last night.  Diane fixed a nice breakfast and we packed up and departed at 9:00 am sharp.  We zoomed out of town at 9:00 am, … Continue reading

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We Made It!

We had a good night’s sleep after visiting with Diane and Pat until 11:00 pm last night.   We had breakfast and continued visiting, waiting to see Patrick, Lisa, and Bennett around 10:30 am. Lisa’s first baby was wide awake and … Continue reading

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Off Like A Flash!

It’s 9:00 pm, and we’re on the road, taking the 55 to the 91 to the 57 to the 210 to the 5, and then we stopped for a gourmet brunch at McDonald’s in Gorman. The first sign we saw … Continue reading

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Prep To Go!

Damed that, Alexa!  She woke me up tight in the middle of a great dream!  I wanted to toss her out the window, but I refrained! We went into the garden and made a list of things we must do … Continue reading

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No Mid-Week Crisis This Week!

Fearless, Scout decided to prance around the bed at 5:00 am, announcing he was ready to “go.” Using the latest mountaineering devices, I attached my Black Diamond Venom Adze Ice Axe to the chair and pulled myself out of bed. … Continue reading

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Rainy Tuesday; Office Time!

We worked from 6:00 am until almost noon in the office going through paperwork.  We believe that paperwork multiplies overnight, so you will always have a four-inch stack to go through!  We are now 95% complete with the future travel … Continue reading

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