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Prep To Go!

Damed that, Alexa!  She woke me up tight in the middle of a great dream!  I wanted to toss her out the window, but I refrained!

We went into the garden and made a list of things we must do next week, and before our trip through the Panama Canal, we had a lot of work ahead of us.

We got ready to go to the Elks for Girls’ Night Out and departed at 11:30 am, arriving at noon on the button.

From Girl’s Night Out, we went to the seamstress we use to get Mary’s new Mother-Of-The-Bride gown shortened.   I suggested getting a leg stretcher, but my idea was summarily tossed out!

I came in just in case she needed assistance, but all went well.

Behind Dorr #1 is…

Mary just needed it shortened a bit.

No need here!

Wow!  The dress she picked is elegant and simple enough not to outshine the bride.

They are making it straight!

Again, I will enjoy being at a function with the prettiest lady in the house!  Lookout, Ireland, here we come.

Dang, she looks good!

We went to Trader Joe’s afterward and resupplied our wine cabinet.  We will start taking our wine to the Elks as their selection has dwindled, and the good stuff is on backorder.  They cannot buy from a liquor store according to the state rules.  Interested, I looked up the California regulations, and there are 107 pages of rules and regulations.

Further interested, I looked up restaurant closures in OC.  There is a website that lists those closed in the last 60 days.  Wow, Antenello’s was on the list!

Returning home, Mary fixed an excellent baked brie, and we had two large artichokes; life is good.

Dang, that woman can make a beautiful meal.

We got two extra cheesecakes at the Elks today for our friends.  They were gone but texted us they would be home later on.  We drove them to Dianne and David’s around 8:00 pm; we did a “fly-by.”  In exchange, we got several stuffed peppers á lá, Dianne!

We finished packing around 10:00 pm and hit the sack early as we wanted to be on the road early.  Robin will stay at the house over the weekend, and grandson Nick will join her.

Mary keeps me going!


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