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About This Blog

I retired and thought it might be fun to keep a running blog on our activities so we can look back and share with some friends. I attempt to write the blog every morning to recant the previous day’s activities.

Life certainly changes as we move forward.  Sue and I were together for over three decades and I lost her in February 2020 after a long illness.

Us at Disneyland's fifthieth irthday

Us at Disneyland on their fiftieth birthday

My life has been blessed as I was remarried to a beautiful lady who Sue and I knew for over two decades.  Dr. Mary Côté and I joined together in July of 2021 and throughout this time I kept the blog going.  She proofreads it and giggles every morning at my poor attempt at truth and humor.

Starighter’s Tux & Tiara;s Dance

My plan is to keep it going because it is a reminder to me of where I have been and I frequently use it to find events in the past.