Ronnie Said, “Venus What??”

A BIG amen to that one!

We walked to the garden, but the patio flowers made us stop and admire them.  They are enjoying all this wet weather.  One of them took a lot of punishment as it blew over three times with all the wind we had.   I had to ask myself, “What is a gust of wind’s favorite color? Blew.”

Our vines are doing great!

As we passed the lemon tree, we heard a croaking sound.  When we looked down, we spotted a foggy looking at us.  He seemed happy being surrounded by lemons.

I stooped down and whispered in his ear, “What is green and loud?  A frogorn”.

We are being watched.

As we walked to the back of the yard, 120 feet from the back of the house, we spotted a beautiful Lilly.  Lilies are perennial plants, meaning they can survive (and grow!) in nature without much human intervention.  He bloomed just in the nick of time and will be bright and shiny until April the 9th, Easter!

Lilies flower during the spring and summer and go dormant during the winter.  Liles are quite resourceful: they can develop from both a bulb and a seed and grow anywhere from two to six feet in height, depending on the species.

Lilies are ready for Easter.

We left the house at 11:00 am and stopped by Home Depot, next to the Elks Lodge.  I went in to get the Venus Flytrap.  Well, it was not there, so I asked the garden center manager.  He knew where they were, the operative word, WERE!

He was told they were trashed because it was too cold for them to survive. He went to the back of the store, dug through the trash, and gave me two of the best-looking plants.  Nothing but the best for Ronnie, he he he.

The girls had the  Venus Flytaps in their hands when Ronnie’phone rang, and he answered it.  They waited silently behind him, ready to pounce!

Ronnie said he fell asleep on his smartphone the other day.  He had downloaded a nap by mistake!

The girls await Ronnie to get off the phone.

Ronnie was surprised by the beautiful gift; he was indeed amazed.  Our table busted up laughing. Ronnie, return appreciation for the flowers you have given us.

Mary made the announcement, “We wanted to give you a flower that reminded us of you, and the Venus Flytrap came to mind!”  Ronnie said they would get a good home in his south-facing kitchen, therefore, warm!  Now we need to bring him a bag of flies every week!”  What can I say?” Everyone had a good laugh, especially Ronnie!

Now Ronnie can explain why he draws flies!

Sydney and her folks joined us today, and Sydney brought the tax paperwork I needed for the rental properties.  She is a lovely lady and a good friend.

We had a full house today.

Bob Carlson got his motorcycle shirt finally.  He showed it to everyone.

We are equal opportunity teasers!

We all jabbered for an hour and a half, telling stories and swapping new tails of growing old.

All had fun.

We headed home at about 1:30 pm and worked in the yard for an hour, including taking out the trash; Friday was pickup day.  The day was beginning to show signs of sunshine, a much-needed event after days of rain and drizzle. Tomorrow we are going to plant grapes, but we still do not know where!

The rain is nearby, but it stayed in the clouds except for a few drizzles!

We strolled the front yard and looked at the bulbs coming up.  They are beautiful flowers.  We are missing about 15 bulbs, so we will wait a week and do an autopsy.  If they do not make it, we will revamp the soil in the front yard beds using the power roto-tiller and add steer manure as well as additional mulch and peat moss.  Eventually, we will get all our gardens up to snuff.

OK, you two. I want my bed changed, new dirt, and throw in some fertilizer; I wanna be pretty!

I got a job cleaning horse manure out of a barn one summer.  Well, the ad promises a stable income.

What happens when you run out of manure on a farm?  You have to make doo.

We love the flowers in our front yard.

Mary made another delicious dinner by modifying the Elks Stroganoff with mushrooms, onions from the garden, sour cream, chives, and many different spices.  She added the Elks Stogonoff to that mix, and we had a winner!  Then she went to the garden and got string beans, peas, and potatoes and put them in a small brown, covering them with cheese, and nuking that creation; it was amazing!

What do you call a giant mushroom?  Hu-fungus.

We watched TCM this evening while having dinner.  TCM has the”old movies,” and this evening, we watched the “Easter Parade.”   We even sang along with some of the old songs!  Scout departed the kitchen hiding his head in the couch pillows.

We crashed at 8:30 pm, just after Scout and I did a pee-pee run to the backyard.  He was amazed; the grass was dry!  I was out like a light; Mary watched another movie, but I was off to dreamland!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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