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Day 10 – Exploring And The BBQ

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Later in the day, we’re going to 1757 for a farewell BBQ, so we lounged around this morning and did a bit of packing.

We had breakfast in the main dining room (Lady Helen), and it was pretty good.

Mary had the famous Irish Boxty Potatoes and said they were excellent.  We both had tea, you know, when in Paris….

Did You Know? Boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake. The dish is mostly associated with the north midlands, north Connacht, and southern Ulster, in particular the counties of Leitrim, Mayo, Sligo, Fermanagh, Longford, and Cavan. There are many recipes, but all contain finely grated, raw potatoes and are served fried.

An old Irish rhyme is: “Boxty on the griddle; boxty on the pan. If you can’t make boxty, you’ll never get a man!”

I chose the traditional kippers with eggs.

Smoked kipper brunch with scrambled egg and tomatoes

Did You Know? A kipper is a whole herring, a small, oily fish that has been split in a butterfly fashion from tail to head along the dorsal ridge, gutted, salted, or pickled, and cold-smoked over smoldering wood chips.

We then went for a wee walk, looking for the wee people.  After two cups of coffee and two glasses of orange juice, I had to wee-wee.  We followed the wee signs.  They write pretty big for the creators, who are so wee.

The Wee Folk of Ireland came about when the Milesians attacked and won a war against the Tuatha de Danann, eventually driving them underground. The Tuatha de Danann used their innate magic to become the Sidhe (pronounced Shee) – today is known as the “fairies,” “little people,” or the “wee folk.”

This way!

The thistles were in full blossom. In Celtic countries, the associations are positive, and the flower symbolizes resilience, strength, determination, protection, and pride. The flower’s purple and pink colors represent royalty. In Victorian England, the thistle signified pain, aggression, and intrusion.

The wildflowers were most beautiful.

The Queen Anne’s Lace grew wild all over the country, especially by the side of the roads.

Queen Anne’s Lace was all about.

The lacey white umbel of a Queen Anne’s lace flower usually has a dark purple spot in the center, purportedly representing the drop of blood that fell when the queen, an accomplished lace-maker, pricked her finger!

We found the village.

With humans coming to Ireland, these magical beings retreated underground to another realm, residing in mounds and fairy forts around the island. They wished to keep to themselves and watch over the land and animals.

But they are also well known for playing tricks on humans who cross their path for fun, sport, or even to show their superiority.

Who lives there?

The fairies were sleeping, and we let them rest.  There is no use asking for trouble.

Friendly little folks

The grounds are divided into areas separated by walls, and then there is a wall; there has to be a gate.

The gate guards kept the place lit at night.

We saw this gate from the wedding tent yesterday.  Becky walked through it to get to the tent.

Mary’s version of mooning.

We had yet to learn how Becky got through the gate carrying flowers and wearing a long dress, but she did it.

The Moon Wall, we meet again.

It was a good adventure so now we will go back to the hotel and rest for the BBQ this afternoon.

After our walk we went to the room and rested.  The stairway had a magnificent sitting area half way up.  The flowers are real!

Back to the hotel to rest before the BBQ.

We got dressed a little early and headed downstairs to Club 1757 where we had a greyhound using grapefruit soda instead of regular grapefruit.  It worked out just fine.

The recently refurbished, 1757 bar is located in the original cellar of Manor House. We enjoyed the sense of history as we relaxed amongst the vaulted ceilings, thick stone walls and atmospheric black and white photographs. The elegant 1757 bar, located down one level,  enjoys a private terrace overlooking the River Nore and Ballylinch Stud.

The patio was covered in white roses and the weather held.  The people gathered both inside and outside as the breeze began to get stronger around 5:00 pm.  Many people opted to dine inside due to the cold.

The wedding flowers decorated the patio.

After dinner we visited outside until the wind came up.  Mary got to see the family and old friends she had known since they went to school with Becky.

It was beginning to get cold.

Since we have to pack tonight, we selected weak greyhounds and an occasional wine.  There was a nice fireplace to warm us up.

Mary visits with Geoff.

We found the nearest fireplace to othe bar and stayed close warming ourselves up.

Fireplaces existed in almost every room in the manor.

The 1757 Lounge was a long facility complete with a small theater, a fishing room, and several nicely padded dining areas.  Either end of the hallway opens onto a great patio with a river view.

The BBQ was at the end of this passage.

The flags were flapping in the stiff breeze.

We loved seeing the American  flag flying.

The grandkids were so cute, we enjoyed visiting with them.

Katy and the grandsons.

The BBQ and had many delicious choices but Mary and I, being traditionalists, went for the hamburder along with a huge baked potato.  The head chef was serving and we commented on how delicious the food was during is last several days.  He also noticed by themed shirt.

Enjoying the BBQ.

I allowed myself to rest me eyes and Mary accused me of napping.

Notice I was dressed for the occasion?

We could see rain clouds coming our direction and within five minutes it was pouring.  There is no wonder why they call it the Emerald Isle as it rains quite often and this is the dry season.

The weather was great until 6:00 pm when it rained.

The boys performed on the grass just for us.

We see show business in their future.

We headed upstairs around 6:30 pm and began packing as we are heading to Dublin at 11:00 am tomorrow.  We heard noise from the window and the kids were running around having a ball.  The pathway had dried and the Sun was trying to peak out.

They are bundles of energy!

Oh Dear!

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