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Irish Adventure Day 1 – Plans Change! A Full Day Of Travel!

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We are off to Ireland to attend the wedding of Mary’s youngest daughter, Becky. We decided to go early to acclimate to the changes in time and weather, and we get to sightsee in Dublin and Kilkenny.

2:45 am came early!  Our driver has been with us for almost thirty years.  He put us right at the entrance to AA.

Before boarding the plane, we enjoyed a juicy banana to keep hunger at bay.   Our AA flight was canceled courtesy of Boeing; bad fuel shutoff valve!    The rebooking was fairly painless, even though we had to stand in line for quite a while.  Now we are going to Boston and then on to Dublin via Air Lingus, the Irish National Airlines.

We popped onto Jet Blue at 10:00 am for a five-hour flight to Boston.  The flight was easy.  We landed at 6:00 pm and walked to Aer Lingus, which was nearby.   At 8:30 pm, we took off for Ireland, not knowing what food would be available on Aer Lingus.

The airplane food was quite good.  We didn’t land in Dublin until 8:00 am Wednesday!

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