The Week Starts Again!

What did the alien say to the pitcher of water? Take me to your liter.

It’s Monday and I am ready to face the music.  Wandering around the house, I watered the orchids and talked to them about blossoming. I did some catch-up on the Daily Diary as I found a few more pictures in the camera roll.

I got a text from Mary asking me if I knew where her glasses were.  We figured out they were probably outside as we were doctoring Scouts’ bad ear in the afternoon.  She looked before going to work and did locate them! She texted back a few minutes later asking if we baked bread yesterday! I had to think hard, we may have!

Found them!!

Our bartender and his bride are now patients of Miss Mary and they are coming into her office this fine day.  Oh dear, what if he can see again?  Will the drinks be the same?  Will he be able to see Mary and I in the booth from the bar?  Will he finally determine that Mary is the masked squeaker? These are future ponderings I must work on!

After looking at the kitchen and removing all science projects from the refrigerator, I decided it was time for a visit to Ralph’s Market with a flyby at CVS to pick up some meds.  I filled the basket and am now ready to prepare a meal for myself.

What a collection of stuff!

In the afternoon I worked around the house and then got ready for the sewer district monthly meeting of which I am one of the directors.  I mentioned to Mary that I would come over if I got out of the meeting early enough.  Well, I pushed the agenda and escaped by 7:20 PM.  To Mary’s I go for a short visit.

I was so starved, I drooled all the way to her house. She told me her dinner was outstanding as she gobbled up the second steak from the Elks Lodge from last week.  My expectations suddenly dropped as I thought to myself, “She ate MY steak?”  Well, my disappointment was short-lived.  Mary’s said, “Are you hungry?” and I replied, “Yes!!”  I had visions of steak sizzling on a plate with potatoes and broccoli.

She ran right over the refrigerator and pulled out a tin of sardines and a half-eaten plastic cup of coleslaw, offering it to me unopened and not even a paper plate.  Crushed, I was crushed.  Holding back my tears and attempting to keep my growling stomach from being heard, I smiled and said, “Just what I wanted!”

Note to self:  Next time you bring two steaks home, have them branded HIS and HERS.

On the bright side, they were packed in oil so I will not squeak tonight!

I thought to myself if I had a piece of bread I could have a sardine and coleslaw po’boy sandwich.

Apparently, this is a favorite of New Yorkers, that explains a lot!

After my exquisite meal, we talked for a while, me crying internally as I had cut myself in the tin while opening my main course. I smiled holding back the urge a scream with pain from the massive eighth-inch wound and wondering when I had my last tetanus shot.

Mary works tomorrow so The Silver Fox and I headed out about 10:00 PM and got home a half-hour later.  I did a load of wash and fell asleep listening to the melodic sounds of the washing machine. Why can’t the washing machine make noises like The Bolero instead of sounding like three cats fighting inside a fifty-five-gallon steel drum!?


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