It’s Already Tuesday And I Wasn’t Done With Monday Yet!

What happens when you eat too many spaghettiOs? You have a vowel movement.

As I woke up, I asked Alexa what day and time it was.  I thought she was teasing me!  Where did Monday go?  My body was up to the task as it moved to the vertical position with only a minor amount of pain.  Of course, the overhead crane helped a lot.

The morning call to Colleen was placed, and we chatted for a while.

My cleaning people are coming tomorrow, so I worked around the house getting it ready!

The new glasses, per Mary’s prescription, are great.  I can actually see now at night.  There was one little problem, however.

I am not sure whether I am standard or Phillips?

There were chores to get done!  The Silver Fox and I got into gear.  First was the carotid artery ultra-sound at 12:30 AM in the red brick building.  I studied for the test ahead of time to make sure I passed.  The left-hand side is still stopped up, but everything else seems to be working just fine.

Next was a trip to Home Depot to get some foam for Mary’s fancy eye instrument.  The foam in the box was a tad old and needed to be replaced.  With the Exacto knife at hand, I whittled a replacement for the instrument’s box.

The new foam is off-white but seems to work just fine!

As the search was on for the foam, it seems Christmas has arrived.  Before Halloween?  This is new!

I broke out in a thunderous chorus of Jingle Bells and was asked to leave the store, quietly!

Then to the cleaners to drop off and pick up!  Done in a flash, errands are complete.

Then I thought to myself, self, why not ask Mary out for dinner. In my head, I heard her say, “Why yes, you handsome devil!”  OK, then reality set it…such a spoiler.  After all, she is an eye doctor, so her response was, “OK, but we need the corner booth, and you have to sit away from the lights!” I was crushed, thinking perhaps I have single-handily brought ugly to a new level!

Here is what she really said, “OK, if you must, but you have to promise to behave!”  Me, not behave.  I was born behaved!

I was not expecting this response!

We met at Patty’s Place, where else.  Chuck had our favorite table ready to go, and it was newly de-squeaked!

My “purple gin drink” came automatically from Chuck, and Mary wanted to try it.  I mentioned it was a “man’s drink,” but she took a swallow anyway.  As I want to stay on Mary’s good side, I burnt the two photos of her reaction to the drink, and for good measure, I buried the ashes in the back yard.

“How could such a pretty drink taste so bad?”

We sat and talked for quite a while with Mary trying the Roasted Branzino while I was given another can of sardines?  What gives, two nights in a row? So, Branzino is the Italian name for this silver-skinned fish, which is most prized in the Mediterranean cuisine for its lean, firm, white and delicate flesh.

Complete with the head and fins!

I was going to show my meal, but I was asked by the staff not to raise my tin of sardines into the light for fear it could blind someone from the reflective qualities of the tin can.

With Mary’s surgical skills, I was afraid to watch what came next!

The staff and customers felt sorry for me and took up a collection.  My plates were passed from customer to customer, and they added things to my once empty (except for the sardine can) plate.

We enjoyed dinner and each other.

Mary’s Branzino and my “catch of the day” looked pretty good.

After dinner, and by surprise, in walks an old friend (old meaning we have known each other for a quarter-century), Miss Lori Coates.  She knew Sue quite well, so it was comfortable.  I was happy to have a close work friend to meet Miss Mary.

Lori and I worked together since the 1990s. She was a Configuration Management Specialist!

We stayed another half-hour and had one of the locals join us for a small drink. Well, actually, we shared a chocolate martini before leaving!

My friends rescued me from a fate worse than death; sardines and coleslaw!

We departed about 8:30 PM and headed south to Mary’s home. Arriving at Mary’s place, Scout The Wonderdog was waiting at the front door. “Where, Pray Tell, have you two been this evening??” he asked in a voice which made me shiver!

I explained that Chuck was at fault, Scout immediately forgave us (he knows Chuck)!  Scout did wonder if the holiday flavored toilet water was being served yet?

Scout has a way with words!

We watched “Two and a Half Men” for a bit before I headed for home.  I wonderful evening with a wonderful lady!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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