Hump Day Has Arrived! Yeah!

Sausage puns are the wurst.

OMG, it’s the day of the cleaners!  I must arise early and clean the house before the house cleaners get here! I worked hard because I also told Mary I would come and take her to work to spend some extra time with her.  This working thing has got to go!    That means I must be at Mary’s by 7:30 AM so Scout and I could go for a walk before having to leave!

ZOT, I am out the door in a flash and heading east on the twenty-two! Arriving at 7:30 AM sharp, I knocked on the door, and there is Scout with his harness in his hand, pointing to his watch. “One minute late, and you are mad?” I inquired.  I got a short lecture about tardiness, and then we were off!

He was ready to walk!  I was ready to sit!  We compromised; we walked!

Almost 0.6 miles, we walked and talked and met all the neighborhood doggies on their walks!

After the walk, I drove Miss Mary to work, which is only about five miles from my house. With two of us in the car, we can use the carpool lane and hum along at break-neck speeds.  I did notice Mary has a new toy!  It is a long pole which she used to push my right foot down on the accelerator.  She is going to get me over the speed limit one way for another.

Here comes Mary! Zooooooom would be an understatement!

Returning home, I continued getting the house ready for the cleaning people, paid some bills, got the sheets out, and got my pillbox organized.

Suddenly it is 10:30 AM, which is defined as “Robin Time.”  Quick like a flash, I dawned my hot chili pepper shirt and zipped out the door.  The Yucatan Grill was awaiting my arrival.  At 10:58 AM, the head waiter, Juan, slipped me a margarita early through the front door.  He knows what I like.

My daughter, Robin, joined me soon thereafter, and we jabbered for an hour about stuff of vital importance to no one ever!  It is very nice to have such wonderful daughters with who I can talk to and share things with.  Thank you, Colleen and Robin; thank you so very much!

Lunch is our favorite meal!

After lunch, I headed home and rested awhile, awaiting Mary’s call from work.

Getting home, I decided to make sure Vicky knew the two motorcycle officers at Del’s parade were Claudia kids (my cousin).  Vicky did no know that, and I have her Claudia’s home cell number so they could talk!  What a small world!

Vicky (and Del)  and I have been neighbors for over thirty years, finer friends you would never meet. She is so creative and funny, a joy to be around.

Deciding she had a full day of work, I drove to the VA and parked outside her building.  When she finally called, I was ready to go! Curb to door service with a smile.  We sat on the patio and talked for a while before deciding on dinner.

When we get together after work, we sit and talk about the day for a while before doing anything else.

It was decided, comfort food was needed this evening.  Mac and Cheese was the choice.  Mary slaved over the preparations for hours.  Removing the plastic covering was very difficult, and punching in 5:00 minutes into the microwave was a chore, but we got through it.  Hey, at least I am not having sardines again tonight!

We called Colleen and then Robin, checking in via Alexa.  We also called Pete and Lisa and arranged to have lunch with them on Sunday.  They had met Mary but not under the current circumstances.

We called Robin and Colleen on Alexa to check in with them!

We watched “Two And A Half Men” before it was my self-imposed curfew, after all, Mary must work tomorrow.   The Silver Fox and I bailed about 9:00 PM and headed home to face the empty house and the TV.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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