Back To Work!

The song is ended, but the melody lingers on! – Irving Berlin

My bride always had great ideas, and when she found out her reunion committee for her 50th anniversary was having financial issues and was considering a DJ, she offered our favorite band, Justus, as a gift/donation to the class reunion.   Fifty years after graduating, we had a load of fun and fantastic music.

Sue was always very generous and smart! Arranging for the band was brilliant; we got fantastic music that was utterly danceable.  Being married to this lady was a challenge because she was always (at least) two steps ahead of me, but I watched, admired, and listened. I thank her for that every day.  I love you, Sue.

Western High School Reunion Class Of 1969 8/3/2019 at Navy Golf Course in Los Alamitos

Back to work?  What does that mean?  Well, I meant “paper-WORK.”  I had calls to make and things to do, so I got right on it, after a cup of coffee and changing into my typical daytime clothes. I had to take a picture of the “new closet” as I can now see all 121 shirts and my wardrobe was spread out all over the fourteen-foot long closet.

A quarter-century of collecting shirts!

First, I talked to Social Security, and we have all the adjustments accomplished, so beginning next month, I will be on an even keel. The SSA check will be in one name, mine, and stay on the same schedule.  The SSA person was excellent, I was pleasantly surprised.

Then the AAA inspector came by, virtually via the web, and took a look at the house taking pictures of each room to support the insurance changes I made mast week.

By the time at was 12:30 PM, my voice was failing, and I was hungry, so I hurried to the refrigerator and got a bag of mixed salad mix and added some blue cheese dressing.  Then, I gave the stove had a turn when I plopped on a New York Strip steak into my cast iron grill pan.

How easy, salad, and steak in minutes and a lot better than going out!

While having lunch, the news reported that Ken Osmond (a.k.a.  Eddie Haskell) had passed away.  He was “the bad boy” from “Leave It To Beaver.”  He was, as reported by his family, “a wonderful father and husband”.  I am saddened to see another great leave us.  He was 76 years old, which is a little close to home.

Ken Osmand was the famous Eddie Haskell.

From almost 60 years ago!

As I worked in the garage, I went through some books before I gave them away, and I discovered a treasure.  Ready for this?  The picture below is of my mother and her friend Irene Tucker circa 1938, taken in Venice, California.  I was taken back as this was before I was born. Amazing!  If Mom knew I was showing this, I am sure I would catch heck, but Mom probably does not care as she would be 113 years old today!

Kind of daring for 1938, but Mom was always daring! The other person is Irene Tucker, a long time friend of the family married to Otis (who I called Uncle).

If that wasn’t enough, this is the first picture of my Dad I ever saw at the beach.  He, like me, tended to sunburn within 15 minutes of being outside!

Otis must have taken the picture since Dad is the “chair.”

How about some music to go along with the late 1930s!  This is what Mom and Dad were listening to on the way to the beach (if the had a radio in the car).

So, it was mid-afternoon, and I needed to walk, so I added two more miles to today’s walking, and that makes me about 8,000 steps for the day.  I expect that diet and walking will have my solidly in the 194 range by the end of the week!

By 7:00 PM I was planted in front of the TV watching some of FoxNews and then I moved on to “Being Erica” for one episode.  8:00 PM I was in the shower and jumped into my jammies! I was relaxed and hit the sack by 9:00 PM after a few minutes on the computer researching biscuits and gravy recipes.   When I get the urge, I generally go to YouTube and find one that is interesting.

I get company tomorrow as Robin is coming over to stay overnight so I want to make some bread.  Since she is starting her diet on Thursday, I plan a big breakfast on Wednesday morning and I am thinking homemade biscuits and gravy plus southern fried apples along with bacon and eggs. Yummy!

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