Two More Days To Relax!

I am now taking reservations for midnight kisses on Friday night. Sign up below.

Have a great day!!!

I beautiful morning it is, the birds are even flying backwards to see where they have been. Up at 7:00 AM and almost zero coughing fits other than the regular morning adjustments. A day without coughing is a miracle! Perhaps I can again enjoy my cereal!

I ran across an old picture from 1966 while cleaning out some old mail folders.  Mom and Dad came to my college graduation in 1966 at USC.  Little did I know I had only four more years with my father before he passed near Thanksgiving 1970.  He was a great man and a proud father.  Love you, Dad!

They looked pretty serious standing outside Von Kliman Center for International Affairs

An adventure is planned this morning as Home Depot, and I have a scheduled meeting where I plan to procure a small white PVC porch railing to assist Sue getting in/out of the front door.  Somewhere in that cavernous building, I have spotted such an animal, and today, the hunt will begin!

The adventure began, but I ran out of gas!  I saw what I needed but didn’t have the energy to take it to the car.  A job for the weekend, perhaps!

I tried to get the supplies needed but could not muster the energy to fight the ten-foot railing that they had

We did lunch and then watched three episodes of “Royal Pains” before Juan (the car wah king) showed up!

Ah, getting old makes one look forward to the beautiful things in life.  Today, Juan is coming by to wash our cars!  Life is good!  By 2:00 PM, the vehicles will be clean, and we still have no place to go.


We decided to stay home Friday and Saturday to make sure this bug stays dead, but Sunday, we will spring forth and celebrate at Old Ranch at the monthly dinner dance.

We had a small dinner and then on to the nightly Christmas movie watch.  Tonight it was “Christmas Crush,” a 2010 movie about a who woman learns of her high school reunion a week before Christmas, and she’s ecstatic to finally have her chance to win back the one “that got away.”

OK, but not one I would care to watch again, somewhat dull!

Then we turned our sights on “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.”  A year after helping Richard get to the throne, Amber is about to become his wife. But is she made to be queen?

Familiar storyline but well done with some intrigue wrapped in for interest.

We watched some Boston Legal (The Boston law firm Crane, Poole, and Schmidt deals in the often high-priced world of civil litigation, where smarmy Alan Shore feels at home. Loose cannon Denny Crane has the run of the place, while other members of the firm try — with often dismal results — to keep him in check.).  It’s funny and probably close to being spot-on!

We did our substitute tookies, which were yucky.  If Toolhouse doesn’t have their supplies to the market yet, we are heading to the Great Danish BAkery for the real stuff.

I ran across another oldie on Facebook today.  They sometimes go back in time and show something you have posted.  This one was good.  From nine years ago!

Just little old’ us!

Time to crash as it is midnight. See you tomorrow!

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