It’s Gonna Be A Good Day!

Don’t let your worries get the best of you; remember, Moses started as a basket case.

Just too funny to pass up!

Wow!  I finally made it out of bed at 7:17 AM, six and one-half hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep and no coughing, yet!  It’s a miracle!  I now know what happy feels like, and it better stay this way most of the day.  Now, it is time for the tummy to clear up and all those nasty meds to go away!

Glancing out the window, the frog has gone, and it appears to be a beautiful Fall day with a high of 76 degrees.  Now the only thing to worry about is Jon and how his surgery went.  He is a strong boy and will be just fine, but we love him so much, just like Zachary!

Random Memories” We took Jon and Zachary to Alaska with us many years ago and had two weeks of the most fun.  Poor Grandma learned more about natural sounds (and parts) that she would ever learn in med school.  She introduced us to fellow travelers as”my three sons” because I joined right into the teenage behavior patterns.  It was terrific and remain fantastic to this very day!

The year was 2002; Jon is now happily married and planning a family next year, and Zack (on the right) is the proud papa of two of our Great Grandchildren!  Love you guys!

And Jon and Zachary have such incredible partners in life.  Go, Sarah!  Go, Becca!  We were blessed to have them around us as they grew up, and they are special to us.

No much for selecting a new hat, but it is functional! (This is Jon… Te kid on the left from the picture above)

Jon is out, and in recovery about 11:30 AM our time, so that is a significant relief.  We decided to have lunch and watch some TV as I decided I was going to rest and do a thing! We did two of our regular episodes awaiting the PT to arrive.

Buy and expensive stove, and you get costly maintenance.  It’s worth it.  We have had a fully functional stive again, thanks to the replacement of two burner modules ($ 770).  It’s now safe, and Grandma can have her tookies tonight!  But, the old’ stove is 20 years old, and by Viking standards, that’s young.  So $40/year maintenance is not too bad!

Now it is time for the movies, and the first Christmas movie was “Christmas In The Heartland.”  Kara and Jessie are two teenager girls from very different worlds, but with a little Christmas magic, they find they have much more in common than they ever imagined.

Little out of the ordinary but heartwarming

We then followed that movie with several of our standard episodes before crashing at 11:00 PM.  Finally, a day mostly without coughing.  I had to get a new type of tookie today as the Tollhouse cookies were still not available.

Before going to be tonight, I saw on FoxNews that the Pillsbury Tollhouse tookies were withdrawn from sale across the US due to contamination!  Nestlé has announced a voluntary recall of a number of their raw cookie dough products over fears they may be contaminated with traces of rubber. The company announced that the recall includes individual ready-to-bake refrigerated Nestlé Toll House Cookie Dough bars, tubs, and tube-shaped “chubs,” which were distributed across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

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