Life Day # 20… Twenty Years Since We Found Out Sue Had Cancer!

So, if you do not know, we celebrate “Life Day” every October 23rd at Disneyland.  Life Day is the anniversary of Sue being cancer free for a year.  This year it is number twenty!

Must watchout for that pesky alcohol!

Of the nation’s more than 10 million cancer survivors, more than six million have survived beyond five years, reports the National Cancer Institute. And some 14 percent, or more than 1.4 million, have lived more than 20 years beyond diagnosis.

Twenty great years!

Did You Kmow? Although small cell lung cancer usually responds very well initially to treatment, long-term survival remains low. Survival rates for small cell lung cancer are different for different stages of the disease. Currently, the 5-year survival rate for stage 1 is 31 percent, for stage 2, 19 percent, for stage 3 it is 8 percent and only 2 percent for stage 4 disease. The median survival with treatment (that is, the time at which half of people are still living with the disease and half have died) is 18 to 24 months for people with early stage (limited) small cell lung cancer.

We celebrate every year at Disneyland and this year is no different! We have been celebrating with the Duda’s since 2012 and we did it again… But hold on! This year, like last year, we only made it to Downtown Disney,  Last year it was raining and today it was 104 degrees! So we stayed at Catal before going home.  When we departed at 7:30 PM it was 97 degrees outside!

The Duda’s and Liles

Nick had a burger about the same size as himself!

Grandson (and college man) Nick

Robin agreed, today we stay indoors as the heat outside was vicious!

Robin and Bob at Catal

We we left, we stopped at the Uva bar to say good night to Renee and he said his family was there…  They were!  Nicole and he brother (plus family) was there so we visited for a bit.  Christian was a happy boy tonight!

We ran into Nicole and Christian at the Uva Bar on our way home!

Home away home we go, We watched Hallmark’s “Falling For Vermont”.  ABout: When a best-selling author decides to escape the media frenzy, her plan goes awry when a she’s caught in a thunderstorm and crashes her car. Found wandering with no memory and no ID, the town doctor (and a single dad) offers up his guest house until her memory returns. But as she blends seamlessly into their family life, she must decide if the life she’s been living is the life she wants. Stars Julie Gonzalo and Benjamin Ayres.

Sit back and watch life… Hallmark movies are the greatest!

We did NCIS and then several Friends before crashing!  Tomorrow is going to another hot one!

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