Sue, The Light In Paul's Life!

She is Perfection!

Cancer Struck October 23, 1997!

Why?  Why when all is going well does the boom fall? We were doing just fine but after a business trip to Colorade, Sue complained about her neck hurting. She thought it was because she tried to put a bag into the overheads and she strained her neck.

We went to the doctor and sure enough, her lymph nodes (A small bean-shaped structure that is part of the body's immune system. Lymph nodes filter substances that travel through the lymphatic fluid, and they contain lymphocytes (white blood cells) that help the body fight infection and disease.) were swollen.

After underdoing several X-ray's on a Friday, we went home. Coming back on Monday morning Sue's doctor (who had been her doctor since she was twelve) did NOT show up. Instead, we got a young doctor (Dr. Deborah Pauer) who diagnosed Sue with small cell lung cancer in October 23th 1997. 

Devastating Was An Understatement! 

Were we surprised.... we had smoked over 60 years between us so I guess it wasn't totally a surprise!

Status Through The Years

Year # Date Comments
22 10/23/2019 The Lind's, Liles', Duda's all joined us to celebrate #22
21 10/23/2018  
20 10/23/2017  
19 10/23/2016  
18 10/23/2015  
17 10/23/2014  
16 10/23/2013  
15 10/23/2012  
14 10/23/2011  
13 10/23/2010 The Duda's join us for the celebration and keep joining us for years to come
12 10/23/2009  
11 10/23/2008 Just us and a wonderful day at Disneyland
10 10/23/2007 Out tenth year of going to Dienyland to celebrate.
9 10/23/2006 Going strong!  We golf every week, dance three times a week, and are going going going! We are retired now so life is even better! Disneyland again, yeah!
8 10/23/2005 And we are off to Disneyland as we always do!
7 10/23/2004 Disneyland again, yeah!
6 10/23/2003 We are battling the back these days but we still made it to Disneyland again, yeah! This time in a wheel chair as the spinal column is not functioning properly... so we opted for the spinal operation to correct the condition
5 10/23/2002 We went to Disneyland and celebrated! 
4 10/23/2001 We went to Disneyland and celebrated! 
3 10/23/2000 We went to Disneyland and celebrated! 
2 10/23/1999 We went to Disneyland and celebrated! 
1 10/23/1998 The first anniversary of Sue and Paul finding out about the cancer!  We have made it one year.... now it's one at a time!!  Disneyland was our place to visit so we bought yearly passes knowing we would be going for many many years.
0 10/23/1997 Cancer found and confirmed by Dr. Mark Janis!


Smoking Is For Suckers!

If YOU are reading this and you smoke.... stop, cease, desist! Don't be stupid! We had been warned, science has told us, common sense dictates putting smoke into our bodies is NOT natural.

The Simonton Center

We have taken drastic steps to change our lives.  In January '98 we attended Dr. Simonton's cancer retreat in Santa Barbara. Dr. Simonton's cancer retreat evolved from the concept that beliefs, feelings, attitudes and lifestyle are important factors affecting health. The program is a 5-day educational and psychotherapeutic session for cancer patients and their support person, during which these concepts are explored in a safe, supportive atmosphere conducive to learning and a positive change. Attitude is everything!!!

The program focuses on the influence of beliefs and belief systems.  It starts on a Sunday afternoon and end the next Friday at noon.  He takes only a maximum of 10 patients at each session along with each persons "support person", who is a spouse, family member or close friend.  Living quarters are spartan without TV (no great loss!!), radio or phones.  Meals are simple but nutritious.  The sessions are intense.  It is something very worthwhile for anyone fighting cancer.

To get a better understanding of the power of meditation and imagery, we suggest reading "Getting Well Again" by O.Carl Simonton, MD. Look at on the Internet for additional information!