Birthday Month 2013

She is another year prettier this year...

It's That Time Of Year.... Birthday Month!

And we will continue to do our traditions starting with Catalina , the Huntington Library , the OC Fair , the Art Festivals and a load of dancing and cavorting. Join the fun!

The Huntington Library

We have been going to the Huntington Library and Gardens for over twenty-five years and enjoy it more and more every year!

Off to The Huntington with Greg and Gwen

Catalina - Lunch, Golf, Fun!

Twenty-six miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is the island for us! Paul remember going there in 1949 and even did the diving bell in the 1950's. Sue and her family used to go over and stay for a week every summer! We are indeed connected!

Join us in Catalina

The Fair Is A Mandatory Birthday Activity

Come join the fun!

Not A Birthday Without Laguna And Happy Hour!

We stopped at McKennas on the way home