Sue's Celebration Of Life

An amazing woman who everybody loved.

In The Morning Her Ashes Were Scattered At Sea With The Chihuahuas!

We were married exactly 31 years, 11 months, 1 day when Sue passed on. Her passing shocked the entire family but true to Sue's character, she did not want attention brought to her so we had to wait 2 years, 7 months, 6 days to perform the ceremony.

We went to Newport Harbor and met up with Orca Too, the ship chartered via the Neptune Society.  It was located at the docks just behind the Bluewater Grille,  The family gathered at 9:30 AM and we boarded the vessel just before 10:00 AM.

The entire family was here for the services.

Zachary and Becca brought the kids and they were perfect little lady and gentleman.

9:55 Am we boarded and the grandsons helped me get on/off due to me heel and having to use a cane.

The ship could handle forty people so we had a lot of room as we had twenty-four.

The room was quite comfortable

The lounge was quite comfortable.

We listened carefully!

We got our safety briefing and soon thereafter we were off.

I managed to listen to the entire briefing.

Bob and Donna are family; the brother I never had.

Alex, Connor and Colleen were ready to go.

Lily and Remi were taking everything in.

Pete, Hannah and Pat made sure they heard all the safety information.

We had a leisurely 30 minute ride to the designated spot.

It was pleasant outside on the deck.

Paul took a stroll with Mary's help!

Of course the boys went forward to see the sights.

We stayed out of the sun!

There are a lot of boats in Newport

I limped along taking care of my heel so it will get better fore out Detroit trip.

The day was magnificent.

The channel was just ahead; we were picking up speed.

The ocean is so peaceful.

Another 1/2 mile and we will be in the open sea.

I remembered Sue and I dancing here many moons ago.

The houses were really built close together.

The Pavilion 1906!

Did You Know? - The Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach, Orange County, California, is a California Historical Landmark and a National Historic Place. Established on July 1, 1906, the Balboa Pavilion played a prominent role in the development of Newport Beach by attracting real estate buyers to an area formerly designated as "swamp and overflow" land. The Balboa Pavilion is one of California's last surviving waterfront recreational pavilions from the turn of the century. The Pavilion continues to serve the public today as a marine recreational facility and is Newport Beach's most famous landmark, as well as its oldest standing building.

Quite a change from a hundred and twenty years ago!

We are picking up speed.

Camera number two arrives on scene.

Amy and Robin converse about the world.

Everyone got roses or star gazers; we were ready!

Lilly followed suit.

The Second Mate dropped the ashes for us into the open sea.

It was a beautiful send off.

You were indeed loved by all!

The star gazers looked wonderful in the blue water.

Valentine, Mickey, Sarge, Flower, and Pinky plus Tia came next.

We circled the spot once and headed back inside the safety of the channel.

Hannah, Lisa, and Diane had their moments.

Goodbye my dear until we meet again!


Now We Are Off To The Santa Ana Elks Lodge

We had 80+ friends join us at the Elks for a celebration of life.  It was followed by music provided by good friend Ronnie Harrell.

We did not take a lot of pictures but we did capture some videos.

The video we showed at the ceremony ran about 24 minutes.