I Showed Up Alone!

I was the chef again today!

I tippy-toed around the house this morning as Sleeping Beauty was sawing logs.  Scout slipped out of the master bedroom and joined me in watering the grass.  When you are sick, sleep is a good thing.

Coffee was needed this morning, so I made two cups and put one by her bed.  After a few minutes, I heard her moving; my coffee must be strong.

Breakfast was fixed, and we dined in the kitchen and talked to Colleen, filling her in on the past two days’ activities.  Alexa does a good job keeping us communicating!

The Alexa machine announced that something had arrived, so I raced to the door to see if I could spot the reindeer.  Alas, the only thing there was a small cardboard box.  It was opened with Mary watching in anticipation of a new supply of bonbons.  Nope, I contained two jars of mincemeat filling and a bag of???  What, OMG, call the police.  The third jar was smashed and leaking mincemeat guts all over the bottom of the box.

It was smashed; the autopsy revealed it was traumatized by a blunt instrument, probably a cement floor!

While Mary is quite polite and never says anything bad, she did insist that I go to Girl’s Night Out at the Elks.  Ah ha, I thought to myself.  She wants lunch from somewhere other than out of a Lipton or Campbell’s container.  As I departed, I heard her say…” If it is easy, can I have some salmon with vegetables?”

The Silver fox and I raced down the freeway passing several snails and sloths.  I hit a maximum of 54 miles per hour with my hands holding onto the steering wheel with a death grip.

George and I were the first ones there today, and our waitress brought me my regular drink, which was a “surprise”/I surprised her and told her I was on the wagon!  She went into convulsions, did a double backflip, and called for the management to recheck my ID!  I explained that alcohol was interfering with my blood pressure meds!  I thought they liked me, but they brought me two doubles!  Just kidding!

Did You Know? Originally on the water wagon or on the water cart, referring to carts used to hose down dusty roads. The suggestion is that a person who is “on the wagon” is drinking water rather than alcoholic beverages. The term may have been used by the early 20th-century temperance movement in the United States; for instance, William Hamilton Anderson (1874 – c. 1959), the superintendent of the New York Anti-Saloon League, is said to have made the following remark about Prohibition: “Be a good sport about it. No more falling off the water wagon. Uncle Sam will help you keep your pledge.”


I ended up with iced tea and ordered CB&C since it was close to St. Patrick’s Day!

I ordered it to know how much better Mary’s will be next week!

The ladies were wearing their head coverings, and they were elegant!  Did you know the most famous Indian politician and activist who loves wearing hats is probably Ma – hat – ma Gandhi?

Linda was with the hat!

Two hats are on a hat rack.  One hat looks at the other and says, “You stay here, and I’ll go on a-head.”

Iris was all ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

An elegant outfit, indeed!

The usual suspects were there, and the first thing out of their mouths was, “Where is Mary?, What happened to Mary?”

The gang was here.

I dined rapidly because if I did not return home quickly, I would be upbraided, be scolded, get a scolding, be admonished, be reprimanded, be rebuked, be chastised, be censured, be criticized severely, be taken to task, get into trouble, be hauled over the coals for not getting back fast enough!  The Bonbon Lady does not like to eat lunch late!

I did a fly-by at Jan’s, dropping off lunch.  She said she had already finished off two more pieces of the minced meat pie, one for breakfast and one for lunch!

Jan liked the salmon fly-by.

Returning home, it was still warm outside, and after the salmon disappeared, Mary and I took a walk in the garden, ensuring all was ready for tomorrow’s expected rainstorm.

We had to get ready for St. Partick’s Day, and there had been no corned beef in the markets.  Albertson was loaded, so I picked up twelve pounds and will get another six pounds from Ralphs; that ought to do it.  We are going to cook it five different ways like last year.

Dinner was a snap as Mary had stuffed mushrooms, Le Seur peas, raspberries with whipped cream, and toast served with orange juice and hot tea.  While I have no problem serving it to her in bed, I can’t get used to getting my butt pinched as I return to the kitchen.

The next time I came into the bedroom, I wore my pin.

We watched “Fraser” until about 10:00 pm, and then the Sandman visited me; I was out like a light.  The good news, my blood pressure was 120/75!  Nite nite.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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