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It’s Wonderful To Have A Son and Grandsons!

Amen; I used to love Disneyland, but no longer; I won’t go on a bet!  Now they removed Zip-E-Tee-Doo-Dah from the parade music.

I headed to the backyard and began moving 100-pound bags of amendments for the soil.  After about an hour, Joe and the boys showed up with twenty-four bags of composted steer manure!   It was time for the rototiller!

Work awaits!  Six hundred pounds of amendment cometh!

Jor brought an additional twenty-four bags of steer, which we placed into the beds and rototilled in so we could plant all the tomatoes Mary procured yesterday.  The little Black and Decker tiller has been a godsend for many years and has rototilled many gardens since I got it in 2014.

Joe used the mighty rototiller while Alex held the underground drip line away from the blades.

The black and decker 8.3-amp front tine tiller has an instant start lever that eliminates the hassle of pulling cords and mixing fuel.  It also has a removable ballast tank so users can customize the weight for different depths of tilling tasks.  It has a quiet 8.3-amp motor with 96-foot pounds of torque that tackles tough tilling jobs.  The 3-position tine depth is perfect for shallow or deep tilling.  Tines can be adjusted from 6 to 10 inches wide for even more versatile tiller tasks.  The adjustable handle height allows users to adjust the cultivator for maximum comfort, and the soft grip handle provides added comfort during use.

I bought it on Amazon October 2014, and it is still going strong!

There is a secret to planting tomatoes, so I  showed Charlie how it was done; he is a quick learner.   We ensured the stalks were buried deep so the little “hairs” would become roots.

Charlie learns how to plant baby tomatoes.

We were 90% planted two hours later, and the big bed was rototilled.  Now we water and sit back and wait.

You are looking good!

The tomato cages are all in use, and the nametags of the tomatoes are attached via a steel wire.

The garden looks quite lovely!

The whirlygigs were rotating, keeping our feathered friends at bay.

I am spinning away all day!

Our interior decorator from Lz-Boy showed up at 3:00 pm and spent about 30 minutes taking measurements and bringing some samples.  We picked out the material for the family room but need to see the leather for the TV/Living Room.

At 4:30 pm, I departed for the local CVS to renew some prescriptions.  I had to go in person as I now have United Health Care and needed to show them the new cards.   Mary was not up to speed, so I suggested we get a superb, superlative, first-rate, first-class, superior, outstanding, remarkable, dazzling, marvelous, magnificent, wonderful, splendid burrito from Del Taco for dinner.   She also wanted licorice vines, so I was on a quest.

Licorice for the baby!

Did You Know?  There are many other names for licorice, including black sugar, licorice root, liquorice, sweetroot, and sweetwood.

Licorice is a type of flowering plant that is native to southern Europe and Asia.

If you were to find the licorice plant in the wild, it would stand about 1.5m (5 ft) tall and have small purple and blue flowers.

Glycyrrhizin is what gives licorice its sweet flavor…. And glycyrrhizin is 50 times sweeter than sugar!  That’s a whole lot of sweetness!

When I got home, I checked on her and asked, “Would you like a piece of candy, little girl?”

It took over an hour to complete my errands, but I did it unscathed!  I fixed dinner Mary, a gourmet Mexican feast, and spared no expense!

I warmed up the super duper el grande guacamole burrito, including chicken, sliced it in thirds, and brought it to the bedroom.  I even got her special hot tea with a cup for the tea bag and white napkins.

I even put on my baby-doll jammies as I served the meal on a TV tray, complete with a bunny dip, to spice things up a little.  Then, she asked for a barf bag.  Was it my baby dolls or the burrito?  We may never know!

Yummy for the tummy!

Mary watched TV for the rest of the evening.  I joined her occasionally, having little chores to do around the house!

We were supposed to go dancing, but I called the Elks and told them who was sitting at our table to avoid confusion.

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