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Just Monday!

Fact: Lion roars are the loudest of any other big cat.  Their roars can reach 114 decibels (the same loudness as a chainsaw) and be heard from as far as five miles away.  This is because lions have a square and flat-shaped voice box, whereas other big cats in the pack have a triangle-shaped voice box.

The first thought of the day: I thought growing old would take longer.

We had to get up early today and Cook because Zachary is coming over around noon to help us move some furniture.  Mary found a recipe for eggplant lasagna.  Kelvin, our next-door neighbor, brought us over some beautiful eggplant, and we want to ensure we used it.

What is a huge henhouse called? An Eggplant.

Eggplant lasagne is being prepared.

Once the eggplant is cut up and breaded, it has to be baked on one side and then on the other before the other ingredients are added.  It took Mary most of the morning to get all the components together and ready to do the final baking.

Loads of steps on the way to becoming a meal!

Well, Mary was baking, I did some odd jobs around the house, including putting batteries in a couple of our outdoor clocks and planting the new mint, which will replace the old mint that grew too big and too leggy.

Cook baby cook!

The meal looked beautiful, so we put it in at 11:30, thinking Zack would be here at noon.  Around noon Zack called and said he would be tied up at work for a little bit, so we did not see him until almost 1 o’clock.

By 1:00 PM, Zack didn’t have time to sit and have lunch because he had to be at the bank at three over near his work, so he just popped into the car and drove to Jan’s house directly.  Zack knew the way because he and Becca took dance lessons from Jan prior to their wedding.

Into the oven one more time.

The construction project is still underway.  We have at least four more trenches to go back to front and then to trenches across the front but not quite as deep.  We are beginning to see the rock that I predicted would be there because this property used to be on a riverbed many years ago.

A jellyfish has existed as a species for 500 million years, surviving just fine without a brain. That gives hope to quite a few people.

The excavation is still underway.

The trencher does a great job, but some of these rocks must be dug out by hand and moved away from the trenches.  Dan, a friend of Gary, does the heavy work.  Dan is a very nice young man.  I say young, he is 50 years old, but he’s an extreme conservative like us; good guy.

The riverbed rocks are starting to show up.

Zack and I went over to pick up the portable bar at Jan’s house.  Zach knew where the house was because that’s where he and Rebecca took dance lessons for the wedding.  The bar is solid wood and very heavy.  Mary and I applied furniture oil to most of it.  You can see in the bottom left-hand corner the before and after results.

The bar is on rollers, and it’s relatively easy to move, but wait until you see it open up.

Jan gave us her patio bar!

With it opened up, it’s a full bar with a marble top.  I ordered a waterproof cover for it made out of the same material we use for our outdoor furniture.  Remember, Measure once, cuss twice!

It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that Jim and Jan used for parties at their house for many years; we will put it to good use in our new home.


The day was in the high 80s, so in the afternoon, the breeze started to develop; Mary, Scout, and I went to the fire pit and enjoyed a glass of wine while the sun took its nightly dive into the Western Ocean.

Mary, Scout, and I sat by the fire for hours.

Scout asked the question: “I think the reason you are born with two hands is so you can pet my head and my butt simultaneously!”

The world’s best antidepressant has four legs and a wagging tail and comes with unconditional love.

We sit outside long enough for The Moon trips across the sky.  Well, we set out there while  Mary made several phone calls to old friends from her work, and we’re going to set up a party to celebrate Mary’s retirement.

The moon was rising; so was are wine content!

We were looking at the moon, so I pulled up the iPhone and selected the night sky app.  If the atmosphere were removed, this would be our view of the moon, and notice the satellite is almost in the line of sight.

I was using my iPhone to see what was behind the moon this evening.

At 9 PM, we crashed and burned.  We didn’t even turn on the TV.

Tomorrow is more medical procedures.  I don’t mind getting old, but my body is having a significant fit.

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