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It Was A Slow Day By Our Standards.

Fact: Sue would have been seventy-one today. Happy birthday!

Thank you family and friends for calling today and checking up on me!

We were up with the roosters this morning and decided no swim spa for a few more days because of the procedure. However, we went to the firepit, had our coffee, and watched the sky toss off the blanket of fog that came in last night. The parrots were out in full force.

They make loud squeals and are the same color as the trees; they are difficult to see!

Did You Know? Feral parrots are common in California’s other major cities. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego all have populations of Red-masked Parakeets, Yellow-chevroned Parakeets, Blue-crowned Parakeets, and Rose-ringed Parakeets, among others.

We worked in the garage for a good hour, and it looks great! I moved the portable rack in front of my car to the patio and put the contents into the He-Shed. We will do the same with Mary’s car this week!

We then turned our attention to the backyard, where I watered everything with Miracle Grow while Mary trimmed and hauled some of the upright stands over to the He-Shed.

Another whirlygig was put to work!

The fog was gone at the day ended up being 86 degrees; time to go to the beach!

It was a beautiful day.

We watched In-Touch Ministries and then headed to Roger’s Gardens to pick up some plants we want to use to replace the ones in our front yard tomorrow. Roger’s had beautiful plants, but they did not have anything we wanted, so tomorrow, we will go to Home Depot and finish off the front yard.

We strolled around Roger’s GArdens for an hour.

It was late afternoon, and we were both hungry, so we stopped at Aces. When we got to the bar and sat down, Adam had our wine poured and ordered lunch for us. They have a magnificent dinner salad, and they throw a large steak on top, which makes for a super meal. Of course, we hijacked the jukebox and played our favorites.

We had an early dinner at Aces Bar & Grill.

At home, we watched a movie because while we wanted to go dancing, the doctor said to stay off the feet for a few days and no exercise.

At the end of the first movie, Bob came over; He is our neighbor from down the street. He was working in his yard a few weeks ago with a pick, and I brought my little rototiller down to him. He has had it for the last month, saving him a lot of work. We showed him our project in the yard and gave him a load of tomatoes.

At 8:00 PM, we went outside and sat by the fire for a good hour before crashing.


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