New Car Day, I Am Getting Excited!

Why did the octopus beat the shark in a fight? Because it was well-armed.

So the day started great!  Mary called, and she talked to Jan and Jan we will visit Jan on Saturday and get a dance refresher, yeah!  We will stay and visit Jan, which ought to be just fantastic.  Then the car guys called and said the car is ready for pickup, so I headed out at 10:00 AM to go to Tustin and sign the papers. They will deliver the car this afternoon.

Dear Dad,

First of all, Happy Birthday!  Even though you left this world fifty years ago, I still miss you every day!

You are NOT going to believe this, but your son just bought a hybrid electric car, battery-powered! We only used to dream about these things, and now they are real.  When I start it, meaning connect the battery, there is zero noise.  It gets 43 miles to a gallon of gas, and it has goodies on it we could only dream about in the 1960s. That is going to take some getting used to, but all new things do.  It runs smoothly and is so quiet, like floating on a cloud.  I wish you could be here to see it and be my first passenger, but Mary will beat you to that honor this evening.

We are going to dinner with your great-grandson, Zachary, as is bride, Becca, to meet Mary before the big 30th birthday party for Zach, which is coming up.

I have thought about you a lot these past few weeks, more than usual, because of the values you instilled in me and the ability to be strong yet share feelings.  You were a wise man, and I am so very proud to have had you as a man to look up to and try to emulate.

Well, wish me luck and hope that I do not electrocute myself in this battery-powered contraption.

I love you, Dad!


Lexus ES 300h Luxury

Dinner was at Patty’s, and as usual, it was super.  Zack and Becca and Mary hit it off just fine, as I would have expected. We talked for almost two hours.  Afterward, Mary confided in me she was quite relieved as Zack and Becca were “just like real people.”  Becca confided in me, saying, “Grandpa, you picked a real winner!  She is beautiful, smart, and she likes you a lot!”  How do girls know these things? It is another one of those mysteries of life.

It was my plan to take pictures but we were having so much fun that the camera stayed laying face-down in the table the entire time.

I drove Mary home, and we watched the tail end of a movie we have seen before.  Good thing because all we did was talk about the evening.  I had a cup of coffee before returning home to begin the long read of the instruction manuals on this fancy new car.

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