Thursday And We Are Off And Running

There’s a new type of broom out; it’s sweeping the nation.

Oops!  When I attempted to text “Good Morning” to Miss Mary, no phone?  I must have left it in the car.  After a thorough search, it was AWOL.  Then I remembered, I put the phone on the coffee table at Mary’s last night because of my best buddy, Mr. Scout, popping up on my lap, and I did not want to phone falling out of my pocket bopping him on the head.

Using the iMac, I texted Mary, and sure enough, she found it.  She suggested I go over the VA and get it from her.  Holly Mackrel Andy!  The VA is enormous; I had only seen it from the street.  I made my way to her office with help from several people.  Luckily I had bread crumbs with me, or I might still be there!  Phone in hand, all is well!

I did it without getting lost forever!

After arriving back home, armed with my iPhone, I called the OC Courts and verified my need not to go to jury duty.  Then it was back to chores and get ready for this evening.

On the way to the Elks, I listened to the new car’s radio, and I drove five miles past my turnoff.  It was kind of funny.  I ended up using the iPhone’s GPS to get me back on track.

We were all collected by the watering hole and began our typical banter and solving the problems of the world.  Bob was getting a little frisky. I think it was the iced tea.

Girls’ Night Out was fun!

The special was a roast-beast sandwich, and I selected coleslaw, one of my favorites.  The food at the Elks Lodge is quite good.

A healthy lunch selection.

After lunch, the guilty get their picture taken.  I noticed that the waitress was counting the silverware and dishes; what could that mean?  I did sneak a peek into Bob’s bag, but it only had “Donna food” in it!

It was a lineup! We heard two waiters talking and pointing at us! I am innocent!

Back home, I was preparing to drive to Mary’s and pick her up, but the text device went into convulsions, danced the iPhone across the table, did a double back-flip.  Quickly I grabbed it before it committed suicide by going off the table and hitting the floor.  It was Mary, and she was in my driveway! Cool!

She asked a neighbor to watch Scout, and she didn’t want me driving back and forth to her home twice this evening; she is a thoughtful person.  We sat at the table and did our “how did YOUR day go thing,” sipping a glass of wine as we proceeded.  That little ritual makes me happy, sharing is a good thing.

Dr. Mary did me a favor and went through my collection of pills.  While I only take two prescriptions, she did go through the supplements and suggested I drop two as the others in the pile had the same ingredients.  That was super; my pill container now fits everything inside again.

We are examining the meds!

The plan was for me to make dinner, but we decided to try The Fish Company instead. Well, it was at least a thirty-minute wait, so we looked at each other and said, at the same time, “Patty’s?”   Duh!

I wore the shirt was we planned to swim, but it also goes with Patty’s fish tank!  Chuck took our picture, and we look pretty good together!

Paul tells a story.

Then it happened. Simultaneous puckering began, the heart rate increases, eyes flutter, the blink, the slow-lean and BAM, the kiss.  Now it is time to get serious and eat!  Salmon for Miss Mary, and I went for the Shrimp Scampi.

Something is fishy here!

We headed home to my place and went swimming. We made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for some necessary supplies for dessert, if we have time!

The three of us swam for about an hour.  Oh, I should mention, Alexa now joins us while we swim to play 1950s music, waltzes, and we can ask her the time or other silly questions we may need the answered as we swim.

Curfew was 9:00 PM this evening as Miss Mary needed to drive home tonight and she works tomorrow!  We only had one glass of wine while swimming and we just had dinner, so Miss Mary was okay to drive home.

Mary called when she got home, just like I asked!  Silly me cleaned up after Mary departed and put the large pool towels on top of the iPhone so I did not hear it go off.  I was so relaxed that I crashed. I responded at 12:30 AM and Mary was up waiting.

The pool was perfect this evening, a balmy 92 degrees.

What a beautiful day.  I said goodnight to Miss Sue, which I always do. New to me but I am saying my prayers before bedtime.  It feels pretty good.

Always beautiful.

Tomorrow is a slow day as I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning, and Mary and I will meet up after her work, arrangements are TBD.  I may do some gardening as Fall has arrived, and we do not expect any more heat spells this year.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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