No Big Plans; Just Avoid The Heat!

A relief map shows where the restrooms are.

If the predictions are correct, we are in for another hot one!  You know some like it hot! At least, I have been told that!  I took an hour’s walk early and then watered my garden, especially the fruit trees.  As my mom would have said, “It’s hotter than a fart on a hot griddle!”

Late in the afternoon, I will be found in front of an air conditioner!

When I got home last night, Santa had been here disguised as an Amazon delivery man.  I was too tired to open the box up, but this morning I discovered it was my new pair of dancing shoes!  Cry your eyes out, Bob Z!  I intend to put these to work soon!

…and they fit perfectly!!

Mary and I had some plans for later today.  When I arrived, she was fixing breakfast, and then we watched Charles Stanley. The day is off to a good start.  He is a Southern Baptist preacher who believes in the basics and has the right message every week. Very refreshing and good to watch.

Down to basics, my kind of guy!

On the way to Mary’s, I talked to Diane, Sue’s sister.  She is a delightful lady and keeps me grounded.  We talked for about thirty minutes while the Grey Ghost dashed down the 22 Freeway toward Mary’s.  Diane has been one of my most incredible supporters and my sounding board in moving on with my life.  I thank her for her observations and advice over the past year and especially these last several months! She has made a tremendous difference. I thank the good Lord for Diane’s presence in my life!

Mary knows I like bacon and eggs, so she prepared turkey bacon and eggs, a healthy (and excellent) option.  We had toast and fruit with a hot cup of coffee.  She, like Sue, listens to and responds in kind.  The morning takes on a special meaning when you are treated so nicely.  I do enjoy working with Mary in the kitchen, and I am getting to know where everything goes.

Sunday morning breakfast, A la Mary!

Diane, Mary’s friend for thirty years, found some red shoes last week and sent an APB to Mary to see them. We popped by the mall, and size 7 1/2 was available, yes!  I asked if she would click the heals, but she was a little leary of what could happen. We decided we would wait for the clicking ceremony!

Click those shoes, and we are off to The Land Of Oz!

We left the shopping center and headed west to Corona Del Mar and visited Roger’s Gardens. The annual Halloween Boutique was open for business!  I was not afraid as Miss Mary was close by as we perused the decorations. The skeleton was on the operating table; I did ask Mary what kind of operation did she propose doing.  We decided a price-tag-ectomy would be appropriate.

We entered carefully and was wondering why the skeleton did not have a mask?  We should have reported him to the captain!

Well, tickle me timbers!

No one gets away without wearing a mask!

They did a lot of work this year to make it enjoyable.

“Come In For A Spell” is that a play on words or what? Since it had just opened Friday, the shelves were well stocked with goodies.

We were being watched!

We got sort of a picture of us together.  Thanks to the camera position, the lens was saved! Notice the shirt; it was an offering to the heat.  BTW it was 100 degrees when we entered the boutique.

It was time to leave when Mary began naming the bones on the skeletons!

We attempted to go to the Farmhouse at Rogers, but there was a one hour wait time.  Miss Mary had not seen the new Santa Ana Elks, so I suggested a fly by! I was a little worried about sitting outside on the patio, but that fear was soon quelled.

Mary suggested I do my “Vanna White look-alike pose.”

Stopping at the Elks was a great choice as we had a glass of wine inside where it was cold and we danced in the corner of the lodge to the live music. Some old biddy walked over and told us it was illegal to dance.

We fixed her because, as we departed, we bought her a double beer, and we danced together across the floor right past her, out the ballroom doors, through the reception area, and out the front door. We were laughing so hard I nearly fell over. Mary and I think a lot alike… poor Mary!

Santa Ana Elks to the rescue!

On our way home, Mary suggested a “rib joint” so Scout could have a bone to pick.  Well, we stopped, and Mary knew the owner, a vet, and we talked for quite a while.  As I would expect, Mary is known by the locals as a caring member of the Armed Forces and an excellent customer.  We brought the ribs home and cannibalized five of the little critters before declaring victory!

Arriving home, we fed Scout, gave him a big huggle, and watched a movie called “Send Me No Flowers.”

After the movie, I declared victory; another day is written in the annals of history. Mary crashed, and I headed home for my cup of coffee.  It was still in the 80s when I arrived home, but the house was a pleasant 78 degrees.

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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  1. Hi, Paul. So glad you are making a new life, full of life. It’s great you have found a place for you and Mary to dance. Life must be lived. I seem to remember seeing Mary in the past. Lovely lady. You must bake her some of the bread you were making. I am very happy you are happy.
    Lots of love,

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