No Labor On Labor Day! Just Fun!

There was a big paddle sale at the boat store. It was quite an oar deal.

Guess who was two today? Remington is getting to be an old man.  His big sister watches out for him. The grandkids and great-grandkids, Zachary & Becca with Lilly & Remy,  spent their weekend in the local mountains with family.

Guess who was two years old today?

I went to Mary’s, and we rode out to the Banning area as Mary wanted to check up on old friends, Annie, and her husband, Virgil.  Annie has not been feeling well, and Virgil just had a pacemaker installed. They are lucky to have Dr. Mary as a friend.

We stopped at The Corner Bakery close to the old Foxfire Restaurant and got two avocado, and cheese egg wraps to go, plus I got a cup of coffee.  We dined as the Grey Ghost made his way out the 91 Freeway through Riverside to Banning. It’s about an hour trip each way.

Sun Lakes Country Club opened in 1987 and features 3,327 homes and condos and offers prestigious resort-style living. It is located 30 miles west of Palm Springs and just south of the ten freeway on Highland Springs Road and Sun Lakes Blvd.

We went shopping for them at Albertsons.  We picked up some goodies for us so I filled the ice chest I keep in the Ghost.

After returning home, our challenge was to get Scout into his new pool. Mary enticed him by standing in the pool and giving him his cookies. That approach did not work totally, so I went up behind Scout, picked him up, and gently lowered him into the water.  He trusts me, so he was not spooked.  His Mommy encouraged him.

Mommy had to get into the pool with Scout.

I did get the evil eye, but we think he will not be afraid of the pool any longer.  When it gets to be another hot day, he might want to use the pool to cool off.

What did you do to me?

After his bath, we went into the swim spa for an hour and talked.  We got out just before turning into prunes.  The 94-degree water was just right.  It was one of those days where you get into the hot tub to cool off.  Time passes quickly when you are with someone you enjoy!

Mary wanted to try the bread machine that Jan sent over, so she made a one pound load of raisin-cherry bread complete with chopped nuts.  We were worried at first, but it came out just right.

Pre-baking cycle

We turned on the movie “Don’t Send Me Any Flowers,” and this time, we watched it to the end, laughing throughout.  While watching the movie, Mary’s whipped up dinner with spaghetti, and I had two large beef ribs.  The perfect meal for the end of a warm day.  We had a glass of wine, and the curfew alarm sounded off at 9:30 PM as Mary works tomorrow.

Off to Jan’s house flew the Grey Ghost, where I dropped off some bread.  Jan and I talked for about fifteen minutes before I had to scoot up the 22-Freeway home.  The bread looked so good that mine never made it all the home unless inside my tummy counts.

Quite a selection!

I was home before 10:00 PM and crashed quickly.  I did not even have a cup of coffee. Tomorrow I am going out with another beautiful lady.  Miss Irene and I are doing Greek tomorrow!  Robin is coming over a little later and will be staying the night.

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