It’s A New Week And Busy Already

Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.

Cafe Jardin and the Sherman Gardens in Corona Del Mar 1/22/2015

If I said, “Sherman Gardens,”  Sue would jump in the car and be waiting!  We walked several hundred miles around that tiny garden and enjoyed every second of it.

Up at 6:30 AM and it was dark, I almost went back to bed, and then I remembered the time change!   I looked out the back window and saw the last two days’ work, and I was happy!

Mulched and ready to grow!

The berries are starting to grow like mad, another 90 days, and we will have fresh fruit for breakfast!

Black, rasp, and Boysen all coming up at the same time!

The nectarine tree is growing wild, so I am going to have to take off some of the blossoms to improve the size of the fruit!

The nectarine and peach are neck and neck in terms of blossom count!

When I looked out the front door, the trimming was pretty brutal, but that means the blossoms will be heavy when they come out in a few weeks!

No fruit is sitting on the roof anymore!

We probably pulled 200 lemons off the tree so far, and it is still loaded to the brim!

Lemonade anyone?

I worked in the kitchen for quite a while and then decided I would get our marriage certificate and Jaqueline’s birth certificate.  The Grey Ghost and I  headed to Disneyland, hung a left, and went to the North OC Recorders office.   Partial success, I got the birth certificate.

It seems the marriage certificate comes from the county you got the marriage license; I thought it was the county where you were married.  So, off to Norwalk and I stood in a long line.  Paid the fee and found out we have been married too long, they had to send people down into the dungeon to retrieve the paper, and it will take 20 days! So, we headed home!

We put a notice on the local website for the neighborhood, and all of these disappeared within about 30 minutes!

The fruit all vanished in a matter of two hours.

I continued to work and get things cleaned up before the big rainstorm that’s coming tonight.

Joe and Jon both called while I was cleaning up everything. It was great to sit down and get a break!

My stove doctor returned to fix the burner igniters.  Not I can cook without hearing that annoying clicking sound of the burner ignitors that did not shut off.  Just in time because this week I am cooking Chicken Sausage & Spinach Ravioli, Cherry Balsamic Pork Chops
with Broccoli & Thyme-Roasted Potatoes, and Steak au Poivre & Garlic Herb Shrimp
with Garlic Bread & Lemony Green Beans.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will be cooking up a storm!

I will likely have Crazy Greg over for dinner!

I love pork chops, and I can add Sue’s secret ingredient into the recipe to make it unique.

I headed for the shower to get ready to go to Melanie’s for the Monday afternoon cocktail hour.  Today I met with Greg, Robin, and Irene.  We had an enjoyable visit, and I discussed how I felt about dancing with the ladies last night. It was strange, but it was OK.  Irene, who was one of the partners, said it was quite alright.

We laughed and giggled for quite a while

Robin and I did their soup of the day and a small salad.  I delivered the “book check” to Jenny’s daughter.  She was delighted and came by the table crying, which, of course, made me cry also.

We headed for home. I took the side streets, and Robin took the freeway. She beat me, getting home!

We called Colleen and finalized the Celebration of Life announcement.  Collen and Robin have been so fantastic in helping me through this tough time!

Robin and I watched “The Ranch,” and Robin hit the hay about 9:30 PM as she goes in extra early.  I completed the daily diary and went to bed at 10:30 PM.

Here comes the rain!


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