The Week Is Half Gone And I Am Weak!

The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm. Florence Nightingale

I just missed my bride, so I was up in the hospital at 6:40 AM, and the Sun was coming up. She has to get better faster because I am lonely sitting in this big house alone. Our kids, grandkids, and dear friends are always on the phone with me and stopping by to see how we are doing.

It was just plain cold this morning, the car’s temperature indicator was 36 when I left the house and 37 as I drove toward the hospital

It’s a very short drive to the hospital, and there was plenty of parking!

I got the worm!!!

Sue was so sleepy that I stayed just long enough to say hi, plant a kiss, and check-in with the night shift nurse before returning home.

Back home again, I researched some convalescent facilities and decided on one ion Long Beach that rated *****’s.   We are hoping 3-4 days in there with plenty of PT will get her walking again.

She is doing well except for the back pain, but that means another two surgeries!

I will be glad to stop collecting these things.  Sue has been in the hospital for seven days now, and it’s wearing on both of us!

What color will tomorrow bring???

For lunch, we had a veggie enchilada, but Sue was not too interested in that, so Ensure was the meal of choice.  We visited most of the afternoon, and about 3:30 PM, I headed home for a nap and to check on the mail and house-cleaning people.  All was well plus we have the last of the tax documents so later on this evening I shall put the whole mess together!

Dinner time and CPK to the rescue!  She finished about half a cup, which is OK since she did an Ensure also.   Ensure Plus Nutrition Shakes provide complete balanced nutrition to help you gain and maintain a healthy weight. Each shake has 13 grams of protein and 27 essential vitamins and minerals.

Ensure making life a little easier!

So it appears that Sue will be moving to the convalescent facility tomorrow.  The Justus band, Brad and Susie-Q, found out about Sue, and they may arrange a mini-concert at the facility when Sue gets there.  That will certainly cheer her up!

Dear Mom,

It took half a century and now can appreciate what you were going through when Dad was so ill.  Back and forth to the hospital, different doctors with differing opinions, and so many decisions to make.  Then there is the second-guessing yourself, did I make the right decision.  What if?

If that weren’t enough, you had to run a household by yourself and keep yourself well.   I do not know how you did it! Well, I know now because you were an amazing woman.  You were strong, you listened well, and you were smart!

Sue and I are blessed having a close-knit family with Colleen, Joe, Michele, Robin, and certainly Diane, Sue’s Sister.  We are also blessed with many close friends who are there in a heartbeat when we need help!  There are times I need to sit and talk; these fantastic people are there for me.  They provide sage advice and an occasional giggle, and a friendly face and warm heart.

Now I understand how vital “Uncle” Otis, Aunt Kaye, Aunt Edit, and Aunt Opal were to you when Dad was in the hospital, and you needed support.

Knowing what I know now, I wish I had been of more help back in 1970, but what do kids know?  In retrospect, we did pretty well!

I love you, Mom!


It’s 8:33 PM and I am tuckered-out, and I know tomorrow will be difficult getting Sue moved into a new facility.  I must explain what is happening and I am sure she will understand and go along with what has to be done.

I saw this on Facebook and could not resist posting it.  Looks like Nancy has Mad Cow Disease!

Explains a lot!

Nancy chewing her cud.

Posted by Nancy Pelosi is Insane on Saturday, May 25, 2019

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