TGIT? That Goodness It’s Thursday!

Whenever someone calls me ugly, I get super sad and hug them, because I know how tough life is for the visually impaired.

If all goes well, Sue will get out of the hospital today! Off to a local rehab center!  I was over at the hospital bright and early to verify the MRI and fancy blood tests had been scheduled before she departed.  They were on the schedule, so all was well.  Mexican food was on the plate for today!

After knowing she was going and scheduled at 1:30 PM, I called the convalescent facility to verify all was well.  They said, “Pack enough of her clothes for five days,”  OMG, EEK, HELP, NO-WAY, ME, HUH?  I panicked!  I have never packed her suitcase and more-over my ability to match colors is slightly worse than a blind person! I re-panicked!

Beware, when opening, stand back!

Dutifully, I found a suitcase, tossed it on the washing machine in the master bathroom, and began the process of sealing my fate!  I checked, cross-checked, attempted to recall what she wears, and finally packed everything neatly in the suitcase.  OK, I cheated, I did pack several sets of black sweats with black socks and black shoes to be safe.

Back to the hospital and I found out the ambulance scheduled for 4:30 PM.  When they showed up, I departed to make a fly-by at home before meeting them at the new facility.

Sue got in her room just after the sunset, so I estimated it at 5:22 PM.  Irene came by, and we visited with Sue until 8:00 PM.

I was beaten and decided to go to Patty’s Place for a drink, but I found out my bartender was not there, so I went VFR to home.

My calendar said it was time for the Toppers Newsletter, so I finished that off, printed the labels, and crashed.

Immediately I began the night-time test procedure.  What procedure do you ask?  The process involves closing my eyes and checking for light-leaks.  I did not even turn on the TV tonight.  I was tired and lonely,

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