Ouch! Ma Toof Hurts

Class Reunion: A gathering where you come to the conclusion that most of the people your own age are a lot older than you are!

Yep!  Paul waited too long as the tooth is really hurting him!  He was popping aspirin like they were M&M’s today!  Paul didn’t even feel like walking this morning so we again stayed home.  Paul puttered in the garage and wished he had the ability to see like he was a kid!  Truing to make out the bit sizes on twist bits is getting harder and harder every year.  Oh, I know…Amazon to the rescue!

One click and Paul fixed the problem

UPS delivered the item right too the door!  Brightech LightView PRO LED 2.25x Magnifying Glass Clamp Lamp: Daylight Bright Lighted Lens – Dimmable, Adjustable Color Temperature Utility Light for Desk, Table, Task, Craft, Workbench –White.  Ordered yesterday and arrived today!  Yeah! 

Paul checked it our…just what the eye doctor ordered!

Made “the call” and got into see the orthodontist tomorrow, Tuesday,  at 10:00 AM (he had a cancellation).   My mouth was hurting so bad I was using Q-Tips dipped in Gentlemen Jack to keep the gums soaked…between that and the aspirin Paul got the pain under control.

Paul thought about tomorrow most of the night…
Thank-goodness the appointment was at 10:45 AM

We watched some NCIS in the afternoon and then headed for Malarkey’s for our weekly meet-up with Irene.

The sunset was “OK” but nothing spectacular this evening

Because it was the finale of the “Story Telling” Oscar decided to make it a buffet so that destroyed Paul’s planned diet.  With extreme self control, Paul managed only two plate of selection…all quite small individual selections!

Food food everywhere!

We sat and gabbed sharing our innermost secrets which by now are not secrets!  We love Irene, a good friend and rusted confidant!  

Paul does beer (O’Doul’s), Sue does St. Regis wine and Irene does Pomegranate juice!

Paul took some more meds and we watched TV…tomorrow cannot come too soon!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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