Pre-Rain Golf And Dancing

We went to ORCC for breakfast because there is rain coming Friday,  We played 18 holes, 9 with Bunnaford. The morning was not too bad but things deteriorated quickly as evening approached.  While having breakfast a beautiful golden eagle landed in the teree outside out window and was eyeing the coots perhaps for a breakfast.

We were having breakfast and the golden eagle was looking for breakfast

We had a couple of drinks and then we headed for Khoury’s to dance for two hours.  As we departed a C-17 flew over Old Ranch.


The C-17 is a beautiful macine. We wondered where it was going?

The sky was alerting us to an oncoming rain.  The view out the window while dancing was giving us a message…. No golf on Friday.

Here comes the rain

We left Khoury’s about 7:00 and headed for the Phoenix Club in Anaheim.

Another evening of fine big band music

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