Girls Night Out! Yeah!

Want to hear a joke about paper? Nevermind, it’s tearable.

The ol’ man is up and at ’em bright and early.  I looked at the bathroom scale and immediately changed into my walking thongs and took off at 100 MPH down the sidewalk.  I must lose at least four pounds before I get back.  Three days of no walking and dining did me in, so the calories must go!

The sun was hidden again, but I walked anyway!

It was dark out, but I walked anyway!

I was zooming along for three and a half miles. I worry about the vacuum I leave behind as I zip through the neighborhood.

Three and a half miles!

The flowers are still beautiful and ask for someone to stick their nose out to smell them.  Then, via a contract with the local bee union, you get a bite on the tip of your nose.

Walking and flowers, they go together!

I returned by 10:30 AM and cleaned up for a visit to “Girls Night Out”.  We were inside today.  I found out to ratted MAry and I out on Sunday; it was Pat.  She meant well, and the ER apologized.  It was OK as we did not know the dancing rules.

Inside at the Elks!

No Zaitz, what’s going on?  I called, and I forgot they are in Tahoe for a week, not just the weekend.  You see a screen capture of a live video.  Bob and Donna are out walking, and we are out drinking.  I think we won!

Bob was not with us!

We giggled and laughed for ninety minutes!  Great fun!

The Gang Of Four, cavorting in a most delightful way!

I ordered the special of the day which was Rainbow Trout and it was excellent.

Rainbow trout? It was pretty good.

Mike just got a new hair doo and we thought it was…well, it kind of… but…ah… Hey, mom always said, “If you can’t say anything nice, do not say anything!”. We didn’t say a word, clammed up totally!

Old Curley Joe!

High five, or is that a high ten?  Guess it depends upon how many fingers you count.  John and Bill are having a good time.

More laughs and giggles

Me, I just enjoyed the visit with the guys.  I get an hour to unwind and attempt to my witty self, sometimes it works and other times it definitely does not!!

Today the order was placed for a “Surprise Me”.  We, Linda brought me a “Skip And Go Naked On The Beach” but, being quite alert, John got a “Skip And Stay Clothed On The Beach”.  The ingredients are: 2?3 cup cold beer,  2?3 cup frozen pink lemonade concentrate, and 1?4 cup vodka.

I had to have my serious drinking shirt on today!

In the afternoon, I worked around the house doing the chores.  It is possible I could be the world’s most extraordinary laundry person. I have not made pink underwear in at least a month.

I was thinking about Mary working all day and got a thought, why not tell her I will bring Fish Company’s Rainbow Trout to her for dinner.  She gets to rest, we get to eat, and we both get to visit — smart idea!  I did call, she did accept, and we dined together and visited while watching “Two And A Half Men”, a series I had never seen before.

While I was there, I trimmed her tree that was blocking her kitchen window.  My power shears made quick work of the tree limbs/branches.  I put them in a contractors trash bag, and the job was done in fifteen minutes,

I could see Mary was tired, so at 8:30 PM, I hurried out, and the Ghost and I headed West on the 22 Freeway.  But, the Ghost turned left at Seal Beach Blvd, and I got the hint, we were off to see Chuck.

Raspberry Delight and an Empress_1908 was my dessert tonight… I will have to walk tomorrow!

When I got home, I looked at the lovely gift Miss Mary gave me. It was a small book of daily Devotionals, which was very thoughtful of her. The purpose of devotionals is to take a step away from the daily routine and focus on spiritual matters for a while.  In today’s world, that is NOT a bad idea.

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