Ground Hog Day And A Football Game

Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows fall behind you. ~Maori Proverb

Happy Palindrome Day also! The next numerical palindrome after then will be March 3, 3030, 110 years from now, and the last one was 909 years ago!

I had an enjoyable morning as Zack called, and we decided to have breakfast together. He helped me with a little project, and we went around the corner and devoured the world’s most gigantic burrito!  That sucker was huge, and we had to devise a plan of attack even to get started!

After Zack departed, I brought Sue a Denver Omelet sans the ham, which turned out to be an excellent breakfast for her.

Did You Know? The history of the Denver omelet is smothered in ham, cheese, green peppers, onions – and maybe even a little egg foo yung. When Denver City was founded in November 1858, there was no mention of the Denver omelet in the annals of the day. There would be no journalistic record of this delectable treat or anything resembling it until perhaps 50 years later – and then in the context of “the western sandwich,” which was probably served on bread or a sourdough roll.

Some food historians suggest the western sandwich was a favorite among cowboys out on the trail, as it was easy to prepare, and they would have had access to most of the ingredients, causing it to become a staple on their cattle drives. No doubt, these cowpokes requested similar culinary fare when they stopped in the larger western cities, the biggest of which was Denver. When eastern visitors to the Mile High City were exposed to this unfamiliar menu item, they advised cooks to hold the bread. They also gave it a name that would place it in their memory – and in some eastern cookbooks.

Writer/editor Kyle Wagner has advanced a theory that the Denver omelet evolved from a western-style sandwich created by Chinese cooks working in railroad and logging camps.

Wagner cites noted chef and food writer James Beard for backup of this theory, and alludes to the prominent influence the railroads had on the movement of food throughout the west. Wagner quotes Beard as saying, “It seems to have been called the Western until the railroads made it to Utah, and then folks in Utah renamed it the Denver.” A wise choice, as it’s hard to imagine a Salt Lake City omelet

I returned home and added a new shelf to my office closet, so now all my camera gear has a shelf of its own!  The floor level now contains two weeks of water bottles, a month’s emergency food supplies, two cases of other food supplies, emergency radio, first aid kit,  as well as our shotguns!

It’s now afternoon, and Robin called as she left her MRI appointment.  So. Robin, Bob, and I headed to Old Ranch to watch the game.  After the first quarter, I brought Sue lunch from Old Ranch, but she was tired and just wanted to sleep.  I returned to Old Ranch and finished 95% of the game with Robin and Bob.

Fun with Robin and Bob

With ten minutes to go, I departed and went to CPK for Sue’s favorite soup and then to the hospital for her dinner.  She finished about 3/4’s of the soup, so that was good news.

I returned home at about 8:30 PM and watched a little TV before crashing. It’s so hard to sleep without my bride around!

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