Thirty-Seven Days Until Christmas!

What is the best Christmas present ever? A broken drum – you can’t beat it!

Top of the mornin’ to you all! Today is going to be a good day!

Time is flying so very fast it seems like the calendar pages are falling off the wall like leaves from the local trees!

The Leo LaPort computing radio show was on yesterday, and they recommended “Dark Sky” as a weather forecasting piece of software for the iPhone.  Here it was it forecasts for today!  Eighty-six?  The interesting thing is by Wednesday the temperature drops significantly (25 degrees), and rain is in the forecast!

So my task today is to assure we are ready for rain, meaning I have to prop up the orange trees as they are loaded, and a heavy rain could break the limbs off.  I have a supply of 2×2’s in the garage, and my trusty Makita circular saw it fully charged.

In the middle of November???

Our RN/PA came at 2:00 PM.  Sue was not doing well today for several reasons.  We did proceed to Melanie’s and visited Irene.  We concocted a kitchen-sink pizza and enjoyed it.  The sunset was quite unusual, as was the cloud formations.

Ka-plop, right into the ocean again!

It’s impressive to watch the sequence of events.  Once the Sun has set, it is still putting on quite a show in the sky above where it went down! Amazing colors!

Once the Sun was in the water, it lit up the entire sky!

So tomorrow we get a twenty-five-degree temperature drop.  The extra-thick tarp came today, meaning I will be wrapping up the lawn swing in the morning.  Our patio furniture is almost ten years old, and because we have carefully covered the chairs and tables, they are like brand new.  The chair covers are three years old and are being replaced tomorrow.   High-quality table/chair covers are worth their cost!

They will protect the chairs for another three years!

We watched TV for a while and headed to bed around 10:30 PM.  Sue’s next surgery is at 7:00 AM Wednesday, so we plan to rest all day tomorrow,

It’s becoming OK to listen to Christmas music as the weather cools down.  We have Siris-XM and these channels are online now:

Lot’s of sounds to choose from!

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