Just Sittin’ And Waitin’

A couple years ago my therapist told me I had problems letting go of the past!

When will this cold be over I asked myself and myself said “Never”!  I don’t feel bad but the lingering cough is driving me nuts which is not a long drive!

Sue was feeling better, all the bandages are now gone and things are healing up.  

I spent an hour battling with Alexa as she will not open the garage door all the time. I think the problem is the command is “Nexx Garage, so something” and she (Alexa) hears “NEXT garage, …”  So I wrote the app manufacturer about the issue and we will see if that fixes it.

The mailman is now asking how Sue is doing as he delivered so many cards he feels part of the family.  He asked if he could collect limes from under our tree and I told him “Pick all the limes you want…we planted it for our son the Marine and Peter doesn’t hardly drink anymore so we have more than we need” .  He is Pilipino and his wife has many receipts that require limes!

What are they going to make out of me??

Sue and I have been having dessert after lunch, something new for us!  The problem we run out of custard bowls in about four days and have to either wash them by hand or put them in the dish washer.   I came to the rescue, with the help of Amazon!  I placed an order!

I ordered two sets of eight…we now have the world supply and can go 8 days without having to wash dishes…clever,,,until I had to find a place for them!

For some reason, I could not get the memory about the first color TV out of my head.  Many stories came to mind but most vividly were Mom moving the TV and the frat house!

Random Memories:  So I was thinking about the first color TV’s and I distinctly remember when they came to deliver it a technician came to “set it up”. The setup included “degaussing” As the repairman does it, it looks really cool…especially   while the CRT is powered. Kids loved the color effects (but then lock your degaussing coil safely away so they don’t try it on every TV and monitor in the house!).  The technician told Mom, “You should NOT move the TV once this procedure is dine”…that was like a red flag to a bull!

Within a week, Mom had moved the TV all over the Den (we are lucky it was so heavy as we never saw her try to move it up the stairs in the ot the living room! 

With fond memories, I recall the many times I took all the tubes out of the set, labeled them and off to Thrifty Drug Store with burnt fingers to buy a replacement tube (or two).

When I moved into the Chi Phi Fraternity house at USC, I took that old TV…which was still working…and we had the only color TV on Greek Row.

KIds would have no idea what this thing did!  It sure made people buy a lot of tubes…many they probably really didn;t need!

We stayed around the house today just doing piddly little jobs that needed doin’. Tomorrow the vascular surgeon should give her the OK to proceed to the next procedure!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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