Another Busy Day

So, it is time to celebrate Jan’s birthday so we found a restaurant in Anaheim just a few miles from the Finch’s called “Tempo Urban Kitchen”.  Orange County is now home to Tempo Urban Kitchen, a Chef-driven, farm-to-table dining experience unlike any other in the region. With a menu of fresh, sustainable ingredients presented in one-of-a-kind dishes, the new Brea restaurant brings a modern American dining experience to the region’s vast culinary landscape.

The mastermind behind Tempo Urban Kitchen is seasoned restaurant veteran Jorge Cueva, who has opened numerous concepts across the country. From busboy to business owner, Cueva has worked every position in the restaurant industry, giving him the experience and knowledge necessary to own and operate his own. Having served as a top executive for Daphne’s Greek Café and Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill, he helped companies grow to hundreds of locations. Now, as President of the Lascari’s Restaurant Group and Cibo Fresh Catering, he is focusing on his passion project, Tempo Urban Kitchen, which combines his love for hospitality with an enticing menu that is meant to attract diners from around the world. He worked feverishly to seek out fresh, hot talent of the culinary world to bring his dream to life.

Enjoying friends and celebrating Jan’s birthday!

Good wine – Good groceries!

Funny because Brian said “Hans is right up the street” so we called Hans and he joined us for a drink and an appetizer before he had to return home to make dinner for “the boss”.

We drove home, did some chores around the neighborhood, dropped the “leftovers” at home and headed to Old Ranch to kill some time while our house cleaning staff finished their work.  The time was moving along so we departed Old Ranch and went back to Anaheim (actually Villa Park) for the annual Starlighters In & Out Dinner… It’s where the old officers and new officers have a dinner… This year, no one changed so it was fun to get together.  Oh, we did a short board meeting but it was fast thanks to Bob Z’s leadership!

After getting home we watched NCIS and our new series before crashing!

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