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Water Water Everywhere!

We got started on the re-plumbing of the front yard today.  We had a significant water leak for two months. Nothing we could see except on the bill at the end of the month!  The leak was slow and we could not find it.

We called the Family Plumber of Los Alamitos and these guys are wonderful.  The showed up right on time and began the project Monday morning.  It took some serious digging to get the one inch copper pipe from the front parkway into the house as evidenced by these pictures.

Actually no Rolls, two large vans!

They started out front and found PVC in the ground which is not very strong when it comes to roots and things! The water pressure in Los Alamitos is about 90 pounds which is rather high so between the PVC joints and tree caused movement, the leak was born.

It all started here when the meter kept running

Under the sidewalk was “easy” with the hydraulic drill.  They used a bit tied to one-inch copper pipe and that was connected to a large hand held 90-degree drill via a device that allowed water, from a hose, to go into the pipe as it was turning! They had to dig five feet down because of the garden wall we have out front.

We had to go five feet deep

Once under the sidewalk, they had to go under the six-foot garden wall and drill down so the pipe would hit the bottom of the hole.

Through the wall

It was pretty easy to get under the walkway as the walkway was only three feet wide.  Now, they had to trench behind the fruit trees and that is where they found wet and mucky dirt about two feet down. The leak showed itself!  Note the standing water in the trench!

Down by the back of the four fruit trees

The work took two full days and by Tuesday evening the plumbing was done. We expect to be back to normal by Wednesday after the trenches are closed up and some serious washing down occurs!  No more water main pipe problems for another fifty years!

Our son, Mitch, came over to help.  We decided it was too much work so we all went to lunch.

The Seal Beach Italian Kitchen has great dining!

Mitch is a wizard around the home so his advice and observations were appreciated!

Mitch approves

Spumoni… Tons of spumoni!  The calorie-meter went crazy when this was served1

Nummy nummy dessert1

We had to do some chores, pickup things at the pharmacy and then we retreated to Malarkey’s for dinner and drinks with Irene, Luisa, and Connor.  Connor is about to make a big decision in his life and Sue and Paul were so very happy he consulted us about it…. Made us feel very very special.  At Malarkey’s we discussed the decision and had Irene give her view ans the “elder statesman” and she indeed had a new take on the possibilities and considerations.  We are indeed lucky to have such friends!

A typical Connor dinner

After Malarkey’s we headed for home and some TV before crashing!

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