A Little Golf… Some Happy Hour, and Dancing Twice…

We began the day in the garden, always work to do! We had brunch at Old Ranch. Then we played golf with Tesshanna Berry, our friend from Catal Restaurant.  She was great fun enjoying the course and visiting with some of our friends.  We met up with Bunnaford and James and Ernie at the turn…. Our friends are so caring and understanding the loss of our baby Sarge!  We did a little happy hour before Tess had to leave and head to school!

The ball never knew what hit it!

Sue and Tess met the babies and we visited for a while!

Next they will probably want dessert!

We did some happy hour before going home to check on Flower!  We then headed for Khoury’s were we met up with Monica and Mike and  Al and Margie.  This is Monica and Mike’s first week of jointly being “semi-retired”….  Now it is time to dance!

Time to dance....

Al and Margie joined us and it was their first time in six plus months as Margie has been doing battle with the doctors but she looked her old self this evening!  Al and Margie are celebrating their 60th anniversary June 8th! Looks impossible!

Margie was looking great!

We then head for the Phoenix Club where we continued carrying on…. Paul was asked what dance would he like and of course, he says “Hokey Pokey”…  The floor was full!

Don't ask... Don't tell... Herbie and Paul demonstrate how to do it!

Sue jumped up and captured the event!  We had quite a crowd!  Fun times!

"Old People" have loads of fun!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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