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Day 18 – Lookout Tracy Tennessee!

We are on the road again!

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We are off and running.  We departed Soddy-Daisy at 10:00 am after a great visit.  Tracy City is about an hour away, and we took several highways to get there.

Tracy City is a town in Grundy County, Tennessee, United States.  Incorporated in 1915, it had a population of 1,481 at the 2010 census. Named after financier Samuel Franklin Tracy, the city developed out of railroad and mining interests after coal was found in 1840.

The highways were in excellent condition.

We said goodbye, then jumped into the car and headed west!

“Marilyn, Peter, and Mary are saying goodbye.”

The community was amazing, high on a mountain overlooking the surroundings.

And just like that, we’re on our way to everywhere.

We weaved around several miles before getting onto the state highway system.

We encountered some rain, but a couple of hours later, the weather turned bright and sunny, reaching 68 degrees!

As we approached Beck’s home, the surroundings became more rural.  It reminded us of an old joke!

We came up the road, and their home was at the top of the rise; magnificent rural living was at its best!

The roads were nice to drive.

When we arrived at 2:00 p.m., we were greeted by Becky and Art.

Becky did the landscaping.

Mary raced to see the fishies.

The fish are a cross between a goldfish and a koi.

Becky was pleased to see us.  They were roommates back at Pacific Union College.

Hello Girl!!!

We went inside, and Becky had prepared some photo albums from yesteryear. They were joyous to see, as they reminded us of everything that happened in the Dark Ages.

Studying as usual!

Same beautiful smile!

A little help from AI!

Mary and Becky at a college party!

Always funny!

Mary is at a costume party and going to a belly dancer.

Mary’s first car.

For lunch, we went to Southern University, which was terrific.  It was all-you-can-eat for $13!

The University of the South, known as Sewanee, is a private Episcopal liberal arts college in Sewanee, Tennessee. It is supported by 28 southern dioceses of the Episcopal Church, and its School of Theology is an official church seminary.

Dogwood trees are in full bloom!

Did You Know Cornus florida, the flowering dogwood, is a species of flowering tree in the family Cornaceae native to eastern North America and northern Mexico?  An endemic population once spanned from southernmost coastal Maine south to northern Florida and west to the Mississippi River.

Mary had to get up close to hear them bark!

Inside the cafeteria, we dined and shared stories.  Although new, the cafeteria is built in the same style as the rest of the campus.

Generallycafeteria food is OK if you are a bug!

This school cafeteria offers various food options, making it an excellent choice for students, even picky eaters!

Good food; fantastic company!

After lunch, we walked through the chapel.

The stained glass work told the university’s story from its inception until today!

There were terrific details in the stained glass work.

The facilities were made of locally mined stone.  All Saints’ Chapel, located at the center of the campus, offers students a variety of programs for exploring religious faith and serving others.

It was built in the 1800s.

We went to the viewpoint 180 feet above sea level, and the valley opened below.

We could see for miles in today’s cloudless sky!

The cross was directly behind the viewpoint and could be seen for miles.

You are overlooking the valley!

We returned home and went for a tour of the back forty!  They have a massive yard with loads of berries, and an orchard is underway!

We were visiting the greenhouse.  Becky and Art gave us the grand tour!

The greenhouse was working as it was 100 degrees inside when it opened.  The tomatoes were going wild.

The summer garden is in!

We decided dinner was next and went to “Top Of The Rock.”

One thousand eight hundred eighty feet above the valley!

The Tennessee River is below in the valley!  Look carefully, and you will see a TVA Dam.

On top of the rock!

Becky was enjoying her dessert! We turned off the audio because the “slurping” sounds frightened the small children!

The dessert was yummy!

The moon was out and bright as a star!  The outside patio was beautiful

The moon was out and about.

Tomorrow is the Chattanooga ChooChoo!

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