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Day 15 – Our Last Day At Sea; The Sea Trip Comes To An End!

Great idea!

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

We saw a lot of gators on our travels, and perhaps we should bring them to the US!

We were up bright and early and headed to the gym so Ms. Yoga could do her thing, and I attempted to do my best on the bike.  We succeeded in both efforts.  Mary found out her yoga friend was a yoga instructor.

It works with chardonnay also!

We got instructions on the Heat Room so that we could head to the Sauna/Heat Spa after Mary’s optional classified secret procedure (It is so secret I do not even know what it is!)

While Mary was busy, I returned to the room and watched Fox News to see how the world was going. It is not going well! Meanwhile, we are cruising around the western half of Cuba, and then we will head east-northeast to Florida, arriving there tomorrow morning.

Click the photo to see a larger map!

We joined forces and headed to the Heat Room (that’s not what it is called), which is a steam sauna or a “dry heat” sauna.  We cooked ourselves and then promptly fell asleep on the heater lounge chairs.  After drying off, we headed to the hot tub in the “adults only” area of the ship. There was no noise, no kids, and it was just quiet!

As seasoned members of the Princess Family and Suite folks, we get to Sanctuary, a place to escape the noisy crowds.

Quiet, soothing, and relaxing!

If I ever lose Mary on the ship, I will go to the Spa, where she will be sitting, awaiting my arrival.

Mary’s favorite spot on the ship!

We just finished a steam bath, and my little drowned rat comes home to Papa!

Caution: here she comes!

The bar, bless the designers of this ship, is no more than 40 feet from the spa, so that was our first stop!

We enjoyed a Greyhound before hitting the trough for lunch!

One last gulp before brunch!

Outside the spa is our favorite watering hole where we go to fill up after working out!

Paul’s favorite spot on the ship!!

Slurp, gurgle, burp!  OK, let’s go to lunch!!

OMG, Mary drank water! This is worrisome!

We wandered down to the trough and had a nice lunch.  The place was loaded with goodbye cakes. We tried them.

It was the last day at sea, so cake was served!

The green cake came to the table with us, and we did him in!

Calories float, so I had several pieces just in case!

We now had to work for the first time in two weeks, packing. The suit bag contained everything we did not need for the next week, such as suits, tuxes, gowns, high heels, and other dress up goodies. He also got the boombox and tennis shoes.

We began packing around 3:00 pm.

We had a dinner appointment at 5:00 p.m. at the Crown Grill, so Mary got ready while I finished some last-minute packing.

Mary gets ready for dinner at the Crown Grill.

We went to the Grill and had a delightful dinner with David.  Mary and David did the Filet Mignon, and we enjoyed wine and MaiTai’s.

I went for the lamb chops!

We will miss our new friend as he is flying back tomorrow afternoon to San Diego.

We say goodbye to David for now; we will see him in two weeks as he lives near Oceanside!

We returned to the room and finished packing, placing our three bags outside the room at 8:00 p.m. We had already taken Mary’s four steamer trunks into the hold for safekeeping.

We watched TV for a few minutes but were tired and crashed quickly.  Tomorrow, we have to leave the room at 8:00 am and wait for the lounge to be called.  We plan to get a taxi to take the two miles to the car rental facility.  Then we are off for week three, the land cruise!

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