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Day 7 – Another Day At Sea On Our Way To Costa Rica

We were up and ready to go to the gym by 8:00 am.  Off we went after a quick coffee delivered to our room.  Today is another day at sea, meaning we just went off and ran to different activities, and a few pictures were taken.  We were too busy!!

Mary kept up with the yoga activities at the gym, and I peddled about her 3.5 miles during the 35-minute trek across the desert; my bike had a video on it!

Look out, here I come!!

We missed the dining room breakfast activities and went to the trough, which was pretty good.   Many plump people make it a habit to stay at the buffet all day!

Hey Chubbs.

From breakfast, we headed to the theater to listen to the last half of the space presentation and the entire Panama Canal presentation.

We went to the theater for the lecture.

The slide that caught my eye was the Emerald Princess getting charged $480,000 to go through the locks, meaning everyone on board paid $171 to pass through the canal!

We pay a lot of money to go through the canal!

After the presentations, we decided to go to the dining room and have something small.  We both had their pumpkin soup, which was great, and we chased it with a mint julep.

After lunch, we went to our room and freshened up.  Then, we headed upstairs to the 18th floor, where we read books, worked on the needlepoint, and listened to music via our boom box.

Silver linings!

3:00 pm, we returned to our room, dressed in the tux and gown, and headed to get our pictures taken via the photographers scattered around the ship.

We returned to the 18th floor and awaited dancing.  Mary took me to the cleaners with her card savvy.

I think she counts cards.

We had a drink and a few snacks, which was dinner this evening for us.  I had my hands full being Mary’s arm candy!

She beat me three to one; she is a card shark!

She beat me again!6:00 pm

At 73:30 pm, we headed to the ballroom and danced until 9:00 pm.  We met our new friends at lunchtime and asked them to come down since they also loved dancing.  We had a great time.  Mary encouraged me to dance with the ladies who either didn’t have a partner or seemed to want to dance, but their husbands were sitting there.  Meeting new people and taking them for a spin on the dance floor is always exciting.

We returned to the cabin and crashed for another day at sea tomorrow, starting with a couples massage 8:00 am!

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