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Day 16 – Driving To Savannah Georgia, Yaw’ll!

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

We were up early as usual, but this time we missed the 8:00 am deadline to vacate the room. However, we made it downstairs by 8:30 am.

They called our number, Purple Seven, and we descended two more floors and exited without an issue. When we got to the baggage area, a nice man asked if we needed assistance. We both yelled, “YES!!!!!”

He took us through numerous checkpoints and right to a cab. We made him very happy as we gave him $40. The taxi took us two miles to Enterprise Rentals, where we got into our 1927 Model-T.

80 MPH all the way! 6 hr 23 min (465.7 mi) via I-95 N

We departed Ft Lauderdale at 9:30 am and arrived in Savannah at 5:30 pm.  On the way, we stopped several times at rest stops and for gas.

Goodbye Ft. Lauderdale!

I-95 serves as the principal road link between the major cities of the Eastern Seaboard. Major metropolitan areas along its route include Miami, Jacksonville, Savannah, and Richmond in the Southeast; Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington–Philadelphia, Newark, and New York City in the Mid-Atlantic; and New Haven, Providence, Boston, and Portland in New England.

We went over a load of bridges on our journey north!

One stop had an ice cream machine, which sounded interesting in the 92-degree heat!

It was not soft serve like the ship, but it was OK!

We called ahead using the trusty iPhone and arranged lodging at the Hampton Inn in Savannah.

The road was excellent, although traffic seemed to run at 80 MPH, including 18-wheelers!

After moving part of our luggage to our room on the 6th floor, we decided to go to Houlihan’s, a local hangout.

It was an easy walk, but we decided to drive anyway.

I was worried because loud music was coming from the restaurant, but as we walked up, it was from patio speakers. Inside, it was fine!

Our waitress was funny, and she and Mary shared that they were veterans together.

Mary did her salad with potato soup, and I just went for their special hamburger.

We had a glass of wine with dinner which made sure we would sleep tonight.

The soup was outstanding!!

Returning home, we barely made it long enough to open our bags and get our toothbrushes.  For some reason, we were pooped out!

Tomorrow, we are off to Soddy-Daily, Tennessee!

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