Tuesday Was Zoom Zoom Day!

None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm

It’s 8:00 Am and I am in the car heading to Huntington Beach to get a crown replaced.  The old one broke off before the holidays and the holidays delayed the replacement so, here we are.  You know. I like going to the dentist.  No, I am NOT a masochist I just really like my dentist.  We are the same age, have similar senses of humor and take 60 minutes to do a 30-minute procedure because we laugh so much!

OK, the toof is replaced and I can smile again! I fixed Sue lunch and I had some old-folks food, soup, to make sure the crown didn’t come out before the glue dried!

I had an ortho doctor’s appointment at 1:30 PM and at 1:00 PM his office called delaying the meet-up, something about emergency surgery,  OK, that gives me time to go more errands. What were they? Well, feast your eyes on my successes today:

  • Mail a goose-down jacket to our granddaughter in New Hampshire,
  • Return two pairs of sweat pants back to Amazon (I bought the wrong things for Sue)
  • Shop for petite small sweat pants at Kohl’s (see the note below), no success
  • Wonder over to Burlington to look for petite ladies sweat pants (see note below), success
  • Pick up a scanner manual at Staples
  • Go to the neurologist’s office and drop off a letter
  • Go to the dermatologist’s office and make an appointment, and finally
  • Go see the ortho doc!

NOTE: While at Kohl’s I felt every ladies’ pants leg in the sports department, women now wear “leggings” and the damn things are see-through!  OK, I begged for help from the staff.  The pointed to the Petites department so I wondered over there clutching onto a pair of Sue’s sweat pants for a comparison.  Alas, petite of today is NOT what a petite of 30 years ago was!  OMG, today petite pants are small car covers!

I asked another sales lady explaining my dilemma.  She pointed me to the “teens section”, good lord it looked like an explosion had occurred.  I can accept teens are sloppy having raided three kids.  Well, I proceeded to feel the pant legs of the sweat pants in the teens’ section until I observed two teenage girls giggling at each other pointing in my direction.  OMG,  I am a pre-vert!  I quickly exited the store and headed to Burlington! I was only slightly embarrassed!

At Burlington, I hit the jackpot in the men’s section.  I bought two Men’s small sweat pants and they are going to be just fine.  $15/pant marked down to $9, such a deal!!

What did I have to wait 75 years to get these???

I then flew to the ortho doctor’s office and got the work! Good news, the doc said I had stiff calves that were pulling on the Achilles’ tendons and that a little exercise would fix the problem! He said everyone has bone spurs and mine are nothing to worry about. Yeah, no surgery!  BYW, the doc is a neighbor of ours and we have talked in the past while he was walking his two dogs.  Small world it is!

I liked the way he talked, no-nonsense plus he is a USC grad!!

So I returned home a conquering hero.  Errands accomplished, sweat pants in-hand (without being arrested),  and a good diagnosis from the doctor.

We called Colleen on the Bat Phone and talked to her for an hour and a half, a lot of time spent on family tree and relationships.  She is into the genealogy and actually, it is fun (especially finding out the skeletons in the closet)!

We celebrated by watching JAG until 11:00 AM at which time Sue crashed and I retired to the office to get my label printer to work. Success and it does everything I wanted! I labeled some of my hard plastic storage boxes and the labels were perfect!

Now I can label everything!

I came to bed at 12:30 AM ready to sleep!!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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