Monday Begins Another Week And A Temecula Run

Did you ever notice: The Roman Numerals for forty (40) are XL

As a group, we go to Temecula about once a month or did until Sue fell ill. We are on the recovery wave now so we decided we needed to go. We popped by Donna and Bob’s place and got them while Ed and Kathy went directly from La Mirada. They live close to our son and in fact their daughter knows Amy form High School…small world.

Into the Silver Ghost and away. We arrived about 11:00 AM and it was already hot.

The girls get down to business while the guys shop and kibitz in the background

After a small tasting and awaiting for the Roberts, we head to lunch. Avensole Winery is an excellent location to dine…outside and fantastic food. I tried the shrimp tamale and stuffed mushroom…excellent!

It was a tad warm but the breeze made it just fine! We all sat around and laughed and giggled for a long time!

Love be in the air
Bob and Donna…We are a great match!
Did we say warm???

Departing lunch, we returned to Avensole to finish the tasting before winging our way to South Coast Winery to taste and do a pickup! The guys do some tasting but mostly Bob and I goof off in the background because we are the designated drivers.

After South Coast we headed for Europa Winery where we are also members. It was approaching 100 degrees and the misters were going full blast…cooling things down quite a bit actually.

As the song says “Hot Hot Hot”

It was getting to be about 3:30 PM so we headed home as we needed to be at Melanies about 6:00 PM for “problem solving”. The traffic was just fine only a few stops and that was where freeways join up. I did glance at the dashboard as soon as we got on the freeway and…

Some people are nuts to live in that heat!

We got home about 5:00 PM and I had to decide if Melanies was in the cars after driving all day but alas, we took a vote and Sue’s slight edge pushed us over the fininsh line…the Silver Ghost was off again!

We met Irene there and actually we did want to visit her as her sister-in0law just passed so we wanted to make sure Irene was OK. She is a dear friend and a special person to us.

he sun did NOT disappoint us this evening!

We finally made it home about 8:30 PM so we cold watch of TV shows and crash. On the way home I did have to stop at Ralph’s and get tookie dough…thanks to Alexa’s shopping list!

A thought for today!

It’s a lot easier asking for forgiveness!!!

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