Visiting And Errands Day Is Here

Employment application blanks always ask who is to be called in case of an emergency. I think you should write, “An ambulance.”

While few days so we have to get back to normal and get our chores done.

It’s “The Old Guys” day which means we go to lunch at Taco Surf with a bunch from work…mostly people who worked for Sue plus Robin. Taco Surf in Sunset Beach is a great place…plently of excellent food and super service!

Located under the water tower in Sunset Beach
Sue, Robin and me at the end of the table!

We messed around the house and then I headed off to do battle with Spectrum. Doing the bills these days, I saw we were paying $140/month for cable TV and the past two months we have not watched it. We have Hulu Prime (commercial-less cable and local channels), Netflex family, Apple TV and CBS All Access…why spend $140 a month for nothing!

Fine! I went and conquered…cancelled them! But alas, they got even. With a smile I received a brand new modem. Super, I took it as I still have the internet. Well, after hooking it up nothing worked. I fussed and fumed until midnight. The internet was finally available after two calls and a modem reset from Spectrum but the Wifi was dead!

No big deal but I could not watched TV, could not see the security cams, the garage door had to be opened manually, and most of the lights in the house were off…geeze, lessons learned! I got up at 5:00 am Wednesday morning and called Apple and got everything running again.

Learned three tricks!

  1. When replacing a device in the digital stream, turn everything off and turn them back in the order of the stream. That is, modem first, switch second, router third and any other routers/extenders last.
  2. When you exchange for a new widget, ask how it is different than the old widget. The old “modem” was a modem AND a router! The new one was just a modem. The setting for the network has the apple routers in “bridge-mode”…there was nothing to bridge too as the new deice had no router.
  3. Keep all the manuals in one single place!

We crashed early today but yes, we did have our tooklies!

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